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Broncos and Cardinals favorites to land Peyton Manning

Mar 12, 2012|

Mut and Lou recap a bust weekend in the NFL which included Peyton Manning meeting with two teams.

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I can have your -- chapters. Chris mortenson. Your -- Clark judges of the world. The only NFL expert Wheaties -- -- -- -- I tell you have been flat variety why how the jets on our poll question in my office the Broncos but I -- lawn. Epic match. -- actually complain you complain make it happen where the Broncos on the list they make much sense. -- Tebow. Turns out you're right we -- sources weak demand to know your sources are Denver. You work for tip -- thought process the PR move. That apps that -- effort John Elway of course you want to make it happen and when you sit there in your team that's what as a rate today the numbers that we have 44 point seven million. Under the cap. Absolutely. About the way it was the worst team right now as of today. Arizona Cardinals yes sixteen point four all over. Is get this thing done move on move people you want whatever it is but again. An absolute world -- weekend in the National Football League made from what we thought we knew Friday. What we think we know today. Worlds are colliding everything upside down and you started the idea we got the year 2 o'clock and Friday it was a lock it was they locked. Peyton -- is gonna Miami. Ross is gonna overpay -- they have the ability that got Brandon Marshall had a good defense last year he goes to the AFC Reggie Bush running back. Offensive line with long and pals to everything -- cents. Get up this morning. I'm not sure Peyton Manning's gonna take a meeting with the Miami Dolphins. Like -- all there at all. -- what out of the National Football League. No I mean how can he not maybe Miami Sidney -- the reports here like the media frenzy like all the media there is plane landing there okay. -- to make you feel a little bit better we won't want to this this privately. We won't even went exactly anyone know we're meeting with the got a couple anyways right. Include your house. Which is meat which is what sets up go to that docked jump on a boat will -- -- out -- key somewhere I don't know. Let's sit down and do this quietly that's what's it like. Peyton Manning I don't like media attention but what do you expect. I mean really what are you -- the -- I asked -- much media frenzy for me I can't handle this. C'mon we've heard a few people sitting -- note Peyton Manning is gonna go from city to city because that's up and he does enjoy it the recruiting trip he likes that so. This all media frenzy thing in Miami. You really think that's something that's. Anything to do with that it all it can't be because it's gonna be as much media tent goes in Denver as there's going to be -- Miami made is going to be just as much attention you're -- have a team. And -- Arizona but the ads up in Denver will get Arizona your second. But the ends up of the Denver Broncos. He's going to be. Eight compared to John Elway and what John Elway did there John always already there. You know offense it's going to be -- turn the keys -- Peyton Manning it's a you know what Peyton do whatever you wanna do it all by the way. As we talked about a little bit -- -- the Broncos came up. Reports are admitting doesn't up there Tim Tebow is going to be trade. -- think there's gonna be just as much media attention. And just as much hoopla around Manning to Denver. Is there was this last couple days it will Manning Miami it's going to be where every goal is it's going to be. Everywhere can be cover of SI it's gonna be all over ESPN it's gonna be the talk of the least and it -- of the doubt if he's creating a media frenzy period. Only here on it like that down Miami I'm not buying it. -- if he goes to Denver get -- eighteen are you retired -- so -- -- the -- -- different number eighteen not go to Denver some other number it's gonna go there. I just don't I don't buy I think Miami's gonna try to keep this low low profile. They obviously want him don't they mean everything you've heard coming up to -- there's been no interest at all Matt Flynn why well because of Peyton Manning Ross wants Peyton Manning and Elvis and it might not even that might not even have a meeting. You'd admit that that's if -- of Miami fan that he thought Peyton Manning was a lot for your -- question it would clearly against -- value that he's not yet convinced that he wants to have an official. Meeting now does that mean they haven't -- like you said. There's no there's no doubt in my mind as he's been some conversation. At the formal meeting process to not involve them. I thought this is going to be for the just sort of he raised the bounty for every thought Peyton Manning was gonna make it it would go to Denver you'd go to Arizona you'd collect the offer sheets. You find out how much they these teams wanted to. Look at him medically how deep that thing was cool when ago. And go back to Miami say here's my best offer match at LB there. As the cards all lined -- but now. Make Chris mortenson join us last week he is tied into this is anyone days. He's very close and eight and Peyton Manning family the Manning family general when he talks I listen. When he says this morning there are two front runners Arizona and Denver. I would think that Miami should be a little bit concerned right now. That we've been through this before though. Area there's always front runners right free agents trades is always front runners and you know what that the mystery eighteen there'll be a mystery team involved in Peyton Manning and nobody really know -- -- is. The owners can make a phone call. Well you wanna come in you don't have the command we just want to get the money I mean he's got he's not showing me the medical I'm working out for these teams. To a -- meeting for. Austin reported use that was -- probably the front runner on that report -- over the weekend. Are they -- it we don't know mortenson and by the way all your. -- by the way. We re interested in new okay aren't so I I don't buy any of this all week last week everybody's speculating nobody really knows damn thing out of and Peyton Manning himself. Maybe Archie Manning maybe Eli Manning maybe they got a pretty good idea what he wants. That nobody knows who's gonna settle here a few days probably won't be tomorrow politic a little bit longer. But it wouldn't surprise me. Because if it's not like always got to go be with them he's got to work -- with them and got a look at his medical now. They don't do anything -- it -- pick up the phone supports it and we don't the parameters of a contract are you wanna come here are meant. I'm ready to see the work -- facility that we group. Probably be all white cities why would go to Denver and Arizona then if you don't -- think he wants to see. What does comfort level locals back to get what Chris mortenson said you lost. Upper levels -- at least part of the equation here and I think he ends up in Miami they'll be an official visit. It goes with that I truly believe that it's not going to be a Amber's gonna talk to Philbin talked to Ross and -- in. I think they'll be an official visit there not been one already and they're very good as is their chance he's like you know. I wanna go hero here team a thirteen B but -- -- kind of in Arizona kind of intrigue me wanna -- they have to say. It what their future is even -- I edit these tumors -- back burner over I don't wanna go here but these -- interest me a little -- I want -- What they're played on building what -- Arizona or find out you fourteen million and cap if by -- -- -- kind of team in my left with. -- -- -- 45 million dollars or currently over over a cattle rather regularly yeah -- they get a cleared that up what second look like. Denver 45 million under than what kind of players you gonna surround me with they treat me so I -- go and actually listen to Sampras 66 and a half hours. It is indeed that of -- teams -- models sell -- Miami herald this morning says the following. Reported over the weekend Miami's in lockdown mode on information an informed sources there are two ways to look at its approach. It's either good news because that means the dolphins are shutting it down as to not hurt any possibility of getting Peyton Manning. A possibility it's still exists in his -- all part. It means the club is locked down because beheading his swat -- them aside again. And the dolphins are simply trying to mask the embarrassment. Some girls said that his source tells them that they feel like he's still having shot. Even though the trip this happened double the Miami in the -- Arizona and at Denver. It doesn't mean the dolphins will officially get nanny or getting meeting with Manning. And they arise there's still hope. While other question would be is there an issue with the ownership group here this is not the first. Time that you've had problems with the front office there Miami Jim Harbaugh. I had a look here right -- ball sniffed around Miami Dolphins ended up with the zip it's a forty -- Listen now Peyton Manning and sniffing around and did he find out something about its ownership grouper Stephen Ross the direction the -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My bigs where there's smoke there's fire concern not the first time a free agent coach your players on in May -- -- -- RI CL -- -- how shopping BC -- the market to go and we'll go we got some problems here we got to keep looking. Politics one think he'd be a comfortable and we about the choices you -- one that's yet. Except one thing buy a house -- parlance look close and done I don't care much like it see that's it's always innocent you don't know. He's been in the league a long long time you know what he's -- maybe at next player. I got he really liked totally certain organization. And -- problem with Ross had a problem with a different owner. Maybe that guy it's -- -- what Denver it was it was a blast I love playing -- you'd you'd love it no attention to patent you know going down the road of you know surgeries on his neck and possibly leaving just I really loved it -- development time. You don't know his personal experiences you don't know all all the stories we've heard about certain cities. Wanting to know what he does sign hopefully we'll get and that's why why did choose displaced. As far as media friends friends he goes. Arizona is there one. -- there and Jones Scottsdale. Cardinals huge fan baseball -- hold that thought because you bring even its attention transition point be comfortable. Well hold on there are. In a more obstacle just keep listing does. It does this seem like there are as of this morning is we've found -- thank you -- These things change a little bit but as of this morning there are two favored Denver and Arizona additionally your phone calls when we come back in ninety seconds. What's the better spot for Peyton Manning. -- or cardinals. Odds -- here's your question and the question can change because the scenario is a teacher last 48 hours or so your Peyton Manning. You -- down to Arizona and Denver. What's the better spot for the future hall of Famer Peyton Manning which you're spot. And Weis again. Well welcome OK let's let's go back in okayed Denver for the surge you speak about how great Arizona wants for ten minutes of the break up. Coming from big break for him money is quite some are we talking about as far as the team goes what's the benefit. Or -- doubtful pay me going to sort of quietly and his career without. Any kind of commotion and kind of -- you are Peyton Manning what's the better spot for you forget the team perceptible yet -- -- -- teams you're patent dollar rally to close the team itself now a well widely to go off in the sunset Arizona. Hang on a desert. -- -- Home hang out. How much media attention. I don't think they're gonna compete even with treatment and ethic they'll be relevant. That's were talking about now we're starting iron it down to certain teens were Peyton Manning goes an -- in not suitable favorites. Irrelevant their possible playoff teams. Left in Denver playoff team Miami playoff team Arizona playoff picture. But no favors to winning the conference's. Let's say Arizona just go there and just a throw a ball at the benefits and bring a boy Reggie Wayne with -- few years on Denver you what you but the COLT. John Elway and hall of Famer your boss. I don't know I think more comfortable owners -- -- -- Manning I go to Denver I got Elway got -- back there they're gonna trade -- kibo which I told -- Friday apparently you or doesn't have his back. -- -- It's it's a hall of fame quarterback it's he's in the club. Did it is is it did well in Arizona on the club even the always in the club -- men both guys -- In a whole -- club that I know what is what Kobe wanna play for Michael Jordan. Not -- OK so you think Manning's gotten out again Michigan he's got a I come pot raid EU and in Elway. I know John fox and comfortable with him I like the play calling and the gonna hand the keys to me as a Whisenhunt Arizona so no big difference there. They got a situation of the -- kind of funny of the cap the gonna trade Tim Tebow I'm going to be away from the NFC. Which is what or poorly I wanna be a one of dubious merit will play by my brother in the NFC's not really plays -- -- go right now. And amid divisions up for good Catholic have a chance to win and I argued against Denver on Friday. If you're gonna trade Tebow. Denver's a better spot for him I think Bob Peyton Manning I want to go to Denver. Yeah I'm gonna be outside yet that might be some cold weather games there. Applied at the -- Thomas we saw last year with Tebow is quarterback was a standout wide receiver knows what this again dale would get an actual quarterback draw on the ball. I had a Denver team that I know like gold -- the salary cap issues are nowhere near as bad as the art Arizona right now we got a ton of money to spend without having to scrap everything else. And I get sick. Go to what organization that there is more applause than Arizona -- -- -- go there and -- Denver they'll expect him to win. And they'll be football crazy form of a man came from Andy or is like that and I want that same thing go to Arizona. Got -- much spring training baseball Peter King. A man my last three or four years me comfortable volatile winning get a real football experience on go to Denver -- men he's gonna play for. Coach in John Fox that will be extremely uncomfortable -- team plays football. John Fox wants the -- defense and run the football. And mean isn't that why I love Tebow wouldn't run the football number one in the league in Russia and run the hell out of the now might affect you get past. I don't mean you know I was in Carolina at Jake DelHomme to the Super Bowl we ran it -- the two headed monster out there it's Stewart DeAngelo Williams. Got a great wide receiver Steve Smith but. I may run the football kind of guy. Now I'm gonna bring it Peyton Manning and I'm gonna throw that hell -- of. -- makes John Fox more uncomfortable one dimensional quarterback like Tebow we know schemes are gonna be able adjusting. -- future hall of Famer in Manning yen eighty pros what I what Iraq. My team is more balanced and we are much better football team. Would Manning at the Helm as quarterback and. Tim Tebow -- traded. -- box -- biggest nightmare is over the headache is gone. This is that the best serving a bad bill -- -- can get. Tim Tebow it out while I see yeah. Reports are -- and portrait and and based on -- out -- what the football like a normal appellate courts then it's last week when you don't believe me. -- you your argument was you would keep cable on the roster but as -- insulting on this as trading Tebow is a major. Major upgrade for Denver dale again about the roster altogether and Jackson go -- -- the only an opportunity going what you get for him. We gonna get the Tim Tebow dale said today for uttered -- level this yesterday with Kirk that they -- Gerri first round pick away. Absolutely no shot at Jacksonville act crazy first round and it out -- 30. -- -- gridlock to wherever he goes I get to Jacksonville is the only place seeking gold because of the love for Tim Tebow in the state of Florida. That is -- on a first round pick who they gonna be competing with -- Miami. Matt more so much better than Tim Tebow what are we talking sells tickets but it's so you are also -- to sell some tickets braving wind. So tickets win nets who did you Jackson goes the only place bingo ticket for -- topic maybe -- fourth. See what is Tim Tebow was like I held the guy. I almost a year and -- gave me maybe a -- -- mainly because nobody thought I can win while he's winning right in front of their faces so make a lot of people look stupid. All the ESPN NFL network guys look stupid. But didn't wanna give in they'd skip -- in a -- law agrees when it knocked it -- -- game playoff to win a gimmick play to win a playoff to win a Super Bowl. He you don't is to get -- a bad -- a great guy had -- not root for. Right you don't like his fans that want the nets find stand -- Really the reality is moving forward it's a PR nightmare for Denver you can't bring -- anybody. And take place at Tim Tebow he can bring a Peyton Manning so makes all the sense the world -- organization. But reality. Other organizations look at Tebow and they probably respect the hell out of what he's done it for all party works person that he is but is anybody one animal -- with him as your quarterback. God forbid give up a first round or second round effort Tim Tebow. Well here's the -- Jacksonville they say no they spent a first round pick on Blaine Gabbert last year and do you wanna put it to his said the you're gonna go trade a second third or fourth whatever it ends up being. -- Tim Tebow off a year one of the Blaine Gabbert experience when he spending first round pick. Wanna screw up this learning curve. Wanna screw up his competence level heading in the year two I don't know what team or get them by no in this league. Quarterbacks are -- -- get anything for. C'mon I mean really Tim Tebow keep winning ticket -- -- woody and get form -- organization picture quarterback. And Denver's did you know he wants in games sports they view as a quarterback they view it and it's Jackson might -- The fifth rocket seller third quarterbacks don't expect utility guy can mix and giving a couple of vodka non. Whatsoever. -- I don't think. Jacksonville maybe fifth may be. -- -- -- You're going to Arizona because -- execute it to the PRD and nightmare that puts you bring a guy and get tiger for Denver that you sell seats you -- that it is -- -- first round you bring them to sell seats to -- seat he's on the bench so what you gonna do -- create another. And even worse situation you had in Denver. With a guy like Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow. Again -- and Tim Tebow everybody huge due to pick them up so we could start -- started it's an absolute nightmares and I got to play the guy anyway right. Where -- your Manning you choose Arizona. Quiet go away I Tuesday and here. Football better chance to win and in the AFC east they were marvelous ball there 6177790852. All 38885250. To put that down the list. The patent doesn't want to be cold as balls where he goes according to -- I like that breakdown -- villains side. I'll -- Walpole joins us what's up -- Guys Saito and rugs -- they -- talk about men and best of luck to you but are not on -- -- -- you couldn't -- got to make a run. So best luck to -- -- you -- you. I'm -- all agreed that we would move. I think it's gonna end up in Arizona because I don't think he has the ball to go to work in those who hit it dead it's gonna be ready to win. But the question is gonna be on hand I have more respect for his brother played in New York connected to this guy never got the ball. Well and it was not not. Willing to go that far these extremely competitive guy but I think when you look at it notices. Am going to Miami. Denver Arizona which team is automatically that much better it's -- all kind of thrown in the same group it's not like. I would say that Russ if Houston -- of right doesn't go there I would say that San Fran Watson any doesn't go there. But those other three teams that same group Eagles they're there -- their playoff. -- -- -- -- I guess it goes to Miami Miami can really push the patriots a little bit I think they are. They're ready they're more ready than the other two in my opinion because of that that these bet that the event would yet. In Miami Heat goes they have Reggie Bush. They have Brandon Marshall. They are not doubt far off he goes to Arizona. What do they have of course they have like the -- but they're not ready to compete. Denver is not ready to compete even if you go to Miami the place that you would want to compete but he won't do it. That's interest the I acts or put those teams all the same group that -- does -- reshape the full call and the insight here this morning. But eagle back in Miami gets a give them a little bit of a bump vividly played so hard. For Tony Soprano last year they played their asses off for that guy. And he was dead coach walking and a feeling it was gonna be out -- -- went -- much open -- winning too much. As it's Leo they continue we want we don't want this guy here. If we leave them in this seat to continue to way to play well when -- -- the end of the year. So before at that point they are -- of yeah. -- and he still played hard down the stretch that. That's interesting rot amid -- to give the patriots Iran does Manning make them a contender right away I don't know. Makes it more interest in makes -- division more interest and the jets should -- Iran but we know what they did this weekend. It does it make some frisky and it -- Manning in the division but I view Miami Denver Arizona all the tier two. Behind separate Cisco and behind Houston post one of those two teams automatic contender not just for division and it copper place Super Bowl. Other three teams get a -- from. The outside looking in question mark two if he's healthy. Automatically in the policies -- part I didn't. 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. Verizon cellphone pound WEEI to -- call it text that's. On the ATT text line at 85850. We start with the football what an amazing week it was in the NFL offseason. Where is Peyton Manning going to end up back after.

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