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Former Patriots TE Christian Fauria talks about Brandon Lloyd possibly joining the Pats

Mar 12, 2012|

Christian joins Dale and Gerry to talk about Brandon Lloyd and whether or not he would be a good fit in New England. Christian also discusses other offseason moves the Patriots could do if they miss out on Lloyd. Would Mike Wallace be the backup option?

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Free agency begins tomorrow in the NFL 4 o'clock tomorrow is the start of the new business year. One of the people that most patriots fans think will. It will make a play for a guy who's practically put out -- job application he practically got resonates in it Gillette Stadium is wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. There was great piece by Greg Bedard in the globe yesterday that talked about Lloyd and we wanted to talk with someone who had actually played with Lloyd. And it turns out that our good buddy from NFL Sunday Christian Fauria is one of those guys good morning Christian. -- went up -- and I know how are you now. I'm doing great Gerri what about. Sure what's happening thanks for going on in the spiral. -- America and let me ask a simple question and and maybe this'll salt all of our problems here are trying to figure this out. If you're Brandon Lloyd and you got a certain skill set that that included in 14148. Receiving yards and a single season to lead the league. How can you be playing for your sixth team in nine years. You know it's -- you can. Sit back and accept that question because if you're that good you're put into that productive. You must be really trying to. Sketchy -- those teams you're rated right. It's it's just not right yet it was my spirit to a somebody came over from. The 49ers to trade. And I just -- the picture in my first or -- and Al Saunders looked up at coordinator you know the market. And that NC chief France England France ran a lot. And for the most part. He was predicted it did need to catch the ball but there was there was always the hard relate there'd be a abnormal catch. -- an easy catch and eat up you know one in trying to Chip Beck and he kept it up on the ground it. All he turbulent why you see why this guy try to make it very routine -- -- Forward it would like you look at doing it and so trying to make up or by making agreed to set. In a -- locker room stopped. I'd become careful look -- because. He is a little up and down he is hot and cold you know it. Even though he won't put Josh again you look -- Tom Brady was so moved all I know that -- -- the same opt ski medically -- are the same plays they're calling him in the same. -- different you know he connects with people they're going in and not say that he would be it would work here but it's one of those things you can't happen. Be careful with that because. Where the value can be can you get the value out of somebody else who's got a Kodak question mark get in production problem -- I think it is probably yes. Well -- -- with a wide out you never know as you know a lot their most homered divas but the and and you have no doubt that that Brandon Lloyd would know the offense unlike Ochocinco. Unlike you know Doug Gabriel O'Donnell -- He would he would I get the the offense and adapt them and understand things correct. Again I wouldn't what I bet on it. I'm not sure I'd be iPad Kabila has the enemy because look he couldn't really figure out out our offense which. Was it was probably closest to what it has complicated as far as the route scheme in a heartbeat but it was it was top as far as where to line up. This system obviously -- sister transport -- obviously they're going. But more importantly. What your relationship is with -- -- what makes this offense so that's why it you know a guy like Chad Ochocinco Joey Galloway. And if you go back but I have my my my brother's note being Graham that Watson those guys. Did at all the skills but it could run the route because the passing trees and say no matter where you go. Didn't quite get the subtle nuances that Tom expects revealed that it becomes a competent they can I trust you are relying argue. And and that has to be built in have to -- -- be consistent. I don't care who the opposite corner isn't it if you agree disagree I would just began in November -- -- -- -- necessarily mean that you'll have the same except here. Especially with so many other weapons. And secure dot -- Wants the ball -- to demand the ball and how when he doesn't get the ball and then the next 22 -- -- into the side Yemen Libya and happy mood. A because it caught flat -- I think you'd be careful guy like that it's. You know if you he'll be great personality of the great smile for the easy -- has in the funny -- and I talk about -- -- -- Grab his Latin putter as my retold as it was funny. I'm you know he might be like use don't know what's gonna happen when he turned the corner you come back around it -- be somebody else. -- while that sounds like Greg and Greg Bedard it's column in the -- obvious that a Christian he he quotes a -- source. Who says some very similar pieces I know you've heard a Lloyd was good in the building. But he wasn't necessarily an Angel in the building he wasn't a good teammate during games he was asking beast that person the -- catches and yards he had. At that point in the game. -- he has that locker room lawyer type in them publicly say all the right things but in the locker room. -- voice his opinion is extremely intelligent articulate well read but there were times when people in the building. But he may be bipolar. Because he has days where he's up and ready to go and happy go lucky and he's like hey what's up what's going on. And there are other days when -- so early and moody and you just know it's not going to be good day to approach him. He's a different kind of cap I'll save that it's would you agree with this anonymous brought those sorts. It's what you like would be broad promote ignorance about the guy that only cheers and the coaches are looking his way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you know it's pretty closely I don't wanna be -- that bad but he is just inflate. He isn't consistent. You know -- personality is inconsistent and I looked like expect out of the house. I'm on album without I was funny you know same time -- weren't. Dysfunctional relationship with the Washington Redskins didn't know what was going so bad credit different type of player in general you also. Would want guys beat you put in a situation like that. Big center I guess you know do whatever they wanna do it under crucial while you saw a lot -- that the Denver. And he relative. But I did get nervous but -- Who's look at the most important thing at the locker room regardless of what anybody says you know it's going to be a locker room cool is going to be disruptive. Who was going to be the guy that's going to. Kind of poison the well and have other guys typically not because he tried to buy these they'll look at brand -- it would look at let me do this to you know I think. That kind of what you saw from law school of the towards the end. And what you see what a lot of big name players become a featured biblical 12 maybe three year window. You know of it's all the lines and in doing the right saying -- -- -- way that you hear so much about. But after that the local political hit ball as much neutered in gold -- they they still feel like they deserve more like they do when they were younger. Their attitude changes it happens with everybody. So you wanna find a guy that just is regardless of what score around it would be -- if he is there that he isn't catching the ball he's not gonna. Beat powering he's not going to be mad he's -- Just do something that disrupt everybody else. The patriots and Tom Brady threw for over 5000 yards the offense looked like it was clicking a historical levels most of the season. Did they need is there is there something missing from this offense is there an outside receiving threat a guy who can take the top off the defense. If it -- Brandon Lloyd maybe it's Mike Wallace maybe it's Vincent Jackson is there's something missing from this offense right now. No I don't keep reminding that they look teachers say it is deliberately you'll -- -- -- so much every year. There's different Belichick talks are all the time. When I was there we are it was caught Killen villain would no longer run the ball we had. I'm -- different than any kind of ball to. And 07 the way it was where. Look -- debris was all the Welker and it wasn't issues running threat not. -- the tight ends and they're really isn't really be foray quote unquote. Deep -- that it you know either seek he ought to cover two look and get behind them you know and I've been pretty to throw the ball there. It might is that pretty to pretty much adapt. Anybody in the EU makes the average guys but guys Cory great. What. -- By God's way of telling us it's time to to end the interview I'll put on hold you guys if it's if it signaled players up as. Well I'm. And faith and Brandon look it's a -- It's Greg he he said. Before you even read and try these anonymous source but the -- anonymous Broncos source in Christians they've pretty much the same thing in -- which you can again. It's not the last thing you want in a receiver and with Tom Brady's. -- That you which -- get David let me ask you Christian I mean a guy like Chad Ochocinco apparently was the model citizen in the room. With him on the no fracture has healed now and you and you know which you're gonna get. It didn't sound like there was any issues with Ochocinco fitting -- with this team it sounds like you think Brandon Lloyd might. Not. You know it I don't think like. Some players are are great when they're having success. And I think he's one of those guys I think its policy get the ball. But you're making -- focal point. You're great it's great Britain and if he's not the focal point if he's not is such -- I think you're gonna get dysfunctional. All -- kind of lawyers. That's sounds like Randy Moss take. Yet without the talent without you know -- -- got talent not rating mosque down I know he's not been. But it but it it -- You know and it it it did you never know you really never know and that's why you think listen though. I just recant -- hear back control of what he does and you're gonna get. -- to get the rule evaluation. Of what Britain avoid it because it's out of the corner of their what I'm. I Christian who would am I would assume -- they're gonna get a wild they're gonna get it outside receiver as a whole bunch to choose from would you do you see someone out there. That you would prefer over Lloyd if you the patriots bits do you invest in the Vincent Jackson do you trade for Mike Wallace. I mean do you do you Marcus Colston Reggie wait a minute when you would you like. You know look -- look at look at the list of more recent wide receivers and nobody. Nobody on that left sided look at anybody say this I can't it and you know tell a -- they alchemy different. They just can't because they take your skill set and date -- -- to the best of your ability. And and so it's so that's an issue for. But it's so it doesn't matter the most important thing I think the pictures look at is character. And the ability to come coexist with your Brothers in the locker room. That's the most important thing. And so you could take it that has more value speed. Maybe it may be a little older. But we couldn't I like big ticket Marcus Cole and I mean -- peer -- on the Braylon Edwards. I mean there's there's a cunning guys out there -- it -- to look the flashy guy. You lost me with the last one but that's Annika at. I know but -- -- you -- have a guy or you know you know nobody everybody says a lot of bad things about them. But that have a guy that's looking to prove people wrong it under the right circumstances. With the right coach of the right people around him. Will excel we'll look -- beyond belief regard should be if he catches. All you actually makes the choice this is this strictly up the Belichick or does. -- have some say in this. Yeah at this point. I don't know I thought I would like to say that they just celebrated its sister the -- what do you give me. Make it look pretty much what they've done I -- not like. The remark was a a stretch I think anybody really thought that. He was going to be the player he was and he when he left a local I -- mentally it seemed like artwork even -- but he -- -- more than ever. So. Idle idle -- doesn't do that day comes it okay at least on its objects and and he says no they're not gonna do now. Connecticut they get for the money you -- -- team bat and then there are -- could get on the ball and and you'll. Christian it's always fun to talk football with it thanks -- Take care. Former patriots are tied and Christian Fauria mine yeah NFL Sunday patriot now no movement on gag he -- sold us on Brandon Lloyd Nittany. It's. I know there but there are -- yesterday put up a few morning fly eggs yet -- but -- -- -- the -- throw mess elevations. I think Vincent Jackson and -- -- and that's when the -- Jackson's if he has. And drinking -- ideas other issues that you have the concern yourself when I don't know about mark disclosed I think shot I don't. Think the question with a guy like Ritalin does does this give him to he had problems and on bad teams. -- that quarterbacks. Don't how long. It was in he didn't make anything past fifty catches a year or have more than 750. It's receiving and -- -- eight. Season -- the last two years eight seasonally up eight years catches 14434823268. Until mid 77 when we Denver in 2010. And that's when he led the NFL in receiving yards. It's only time he's -- over and over 2000 yards in nine years he has he has net he has been very productive for ago that kind of talent. I mean he hasn't had good quarterback expensive Cisco Washington Chicago Denver Saint Louis. Does a guy like that when he gets would break. First good QB he's ever been I'm Sam Bradford pretty and really good quarter net does it change everything the way to a mosque must never was with a great quarterback. And he came here and he was great.

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