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Jonathan Papelbon rips Red Sox fans

Mar 9, 2012|

One of the dumbest professional athletes in professional sports, Jonathan Papelbon, rips Red Sox fans on a Philadelphia radio station.

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Like sought the job the Papelbon. Not elude ID 37 WEEI. I love setting the old runners. I -- -- been wrong about how long would take Papelbon -- inferior Red Sox fans there Philadelphia. What was its its three trainees are realistic three weeks. -- said something really (%expletive) off Red Sox fans here today and let's separate -- off. I think you pissed off a lot of Red Sox fans when he says something like that absolutely. If you missed it viewers got the Papelbon a C spoke to a Philadelphia radio station these wild and crazy guys in Philly talking about the difference between Philadelphia fans in Boston. The difference I always say between Boston and Philadelphia is that you know. I think that you know the Boston fans there are a little bit more hysterical when it comes. They get a base -- Philly fans. You know they I think -- in the name of the game a little bit better -- nationally and the waiting game is played. You know the the Boston -- I mean I have had a guy take off his prosthetic leg embossed and go to the ball. That are real -- let's hold up a lot. You replace that laugh I just times over I just wanna hear the end as wanna hear the end of that against of people here that are real laughs he's Philadelphia supporters of played over and over again. You know that the Boston -- I mean I have had a guy take off his prosthetic leg mustn't go to the ball. You got your doctoring it will when you don't doctorate Joey it's it's a more embarrassing -- See that was a legit -- the first thought he played it and you asked the question those that he real lab we didn't doctor any innate sense that he for -- and hander rob Bradford. And those clowns -- in the background with these host but the first time you heard it. That is a legitimate Sports Radio host laugh you mustn't go to the ball. -- So that now that's the end doctored version that was the -- -- actually happen version and won't admit you know we have a guest on somebody's studio they say it's on the remotely funny. You play it up a little bit like watching Carlin in their prime. But. That is above and beyond embarrassing. By those Philadelphia hosts because that wasn't all that funny guy sending letters that bothers the protection of pretty pissed off overplay those tax every other number of people out there just -- it up beds. As such as pap I mean. You know. Never says some of the smaller things anyways. He's talking about that -- -- He's talking about Philly fans he's -- Clearwater for two and a half weeks. OK at the ready Philly fans that are down the other gonna go down they're gonna drive down -- to bring their kids. Or their you know their their people that retired in Clearwater nick come into the game -- -- more relaxed their older. Which you get with the which you get into the into -- you blow say beetle that Philly fans. Me hysterical and scream and yell at your. There's been no the fan base. Has nothing of what he's talking about it throws out try to compare Boston visit Philly fit and I bet there yet. I think it was distressed on that wanna say it. When you have a couple of experiences their -- a year trying to play up to that Philadelphia fitness that's part of apple bonds thing he was pretty good. With the media here he'd say stop -- the company would get too riled up a little bit. Automatic got to respect the Red Sox fans ought to wait until you blown one save in Philly. And they sort of one AAA batteries such -- coming off the mound there at the ballpark of fill it up work on the Smart fans. That's spam base does that they might be Smart. Are the guys talk about this morning the right is the worst fan base in all sports in North America. It's the worst fan base really worse than Montreal. And those fans of Philadelphia they boo Santa Claus lot of hate they cheer Michael Irvin. Or could have been -- in their minds watch of their mistake free Twitter they had no idea what they're watching the pick up there watching Michael Irvin get paralyzed -- up. It's a battery to J. D. Drew. The -- that the worst fans in in North America in my opinion and for no immediately called on the smartest fans out of the game. I think that is a bit of a back slap at Red Sox yes well here we go. -- culture here hook shot that commercial. But you're gonna -- got to this this this like our culture Arab guys and a team that that think that this is the -- difficult place and a negative place to play. Or fan bases hard call soft has this been based -- the last ten years. A major championship at the championship at. At the championship of the Bruins didn't win the Stanley Cup last year or that -- the Bruins fans be like right now which is it a little calmer. With the way they were playing yeah absolutely. Right now they act as they wanna cut. Just like. The Red Sox fans -- this is lot of hatred lot of passion for the way it ended last year. But you know two guys that know that you know just retired second what -- Though on that team from -- -- 9503. You know tech was given 97 to altering. When it -- seven gamely in July and it wasn't one reporter and down at -- can win it sure there's wait for the collapse. You know that's. That's a lot more negative than -- and what these guys have gone through that -- won the championship ever. I've heard Glenn say it and you around during these times set detectable on John -- to during the Jimmy Fund radio telethon. And he was right about this -- pre 2004. This was a different much angrier and -- You think about that -- with every single day someone called up to rip the man it was a a cottage industry. In this town -- rip the manager whoever the manager was at that time in the Red Sox for any little thing. And they win and it's different in fill out that their -- it's -- mean spirited group. Say what you want this too much for track record there in Luke Scott. Back crybaby come out planet about Red Sox Philly fans. We will see how it feels coming up the -- plane you're playing the Braves your fight for the -- at least it's late July. Papelbon goes back to back blown saves against the Braves -- -- Friday and Saturday night they're Philly -- new. Philadelphia and see if there's -- the smartest man in baseball as they're chuck at nine volts at your head a pap. And you wish you saw that byte by light box idea had cancer you check next to point out and slash Francona tires yet been appreciation that's what he says. That BA -- -- the story it's gotten I -- they are in the retelling even -- it -- it's a good oval -- that a good story that we don't try to faxed it waved good story cut. The Boston fans there are a little bit more hysterical when it comes. They get a base -- Philly fans. You know they I think faith in the know of the game a little bit better -- nationally and the waiting game is played. Double switches. Bitten the most part of fan base goes to -- switches. I I'll admit this Bobby if you Red Sox -- -- -- double -- they would know what the hell is going well wall way to many -- where eighth. So what does that do wipe your pitching -- was a player running undefeated that if you there's knowledgeable fans that know what that is emitted for American League their tireless. Like I could see that big Red Sox fans are familiar with yup salary structure baseball and they know who downplayed AAA in -- double -- and haven't the of how its played and I'd probably agree with. Tex wants correct Maine said it was the 81 through those the big dog used to have for -- boom boxes back in the day. What time yet about those. That's at -- thrown at guys. That's the Philly fails a Smart Philly fans app okay. Just give -- those radio guys the Papelbon July. July 14 -- back blown saves -- they lose the lead in the division I still Smart. Emotionally. That's good 6177790850. Told 38885250850. Nelson sits and thinks about the New York Yankees didn't. You hate it when you play -- between the lines there's there's a fine line here you eat. -- -- Hate and that passion to beat them was in between the lines and and now exists. So alone I'll have to say yes that would definitely entertain. -- This is near the Yankees if that was there but. -- obviously it wasn't in there for me being in Boston. You know it was just a situation where. The kind of the Red Sox kind of didn't really comment either way out is expecting them to come I mean this all season and I told my agent says that the first team that's. This shows me interest and says new multi elements of that right back to -- than -- Philadelphia. Yet John Burnett. Without. The only goal of the Yankees and router it's a transcript this stuff book that the I didn't know I guess that the idea that in the first in the chubby respect say you want the most money. I hate when athletes use the word respect when really they mean money they need. At that quote -- take the athletes speak out of it. -- income that -- would the most a political matter at all thank you. Anke they operated on for years and what again for 48 that would eventually got we know for three years yes that he was gonna walk. Right I told my agent the team that shows -- the growth respect at wrong it was about money I told my agent. Get me the biggest breaking contract you can get because as a closer -- -- is much guaranteed money is possible to Wear a volatile stock it were one here were all aboard the top of the world. The next you were mop it up for something that I'm in the post post season. It was the guy Brad Lidge in Philadelphia. Amazing grunting to -- all year next year I Sox get a body here. So -- that that painting here. Beckham after the bottom line Joseph respect yes Philly came out right out of the gate offered in that big deal he took it to audio out the fact that he wants to rule we -- It detained playing for the Yankees as a free agent that David coming out as a free agents then. I wanna put in Europe probably the Prius what are you -- and pick one of the biggest players out creates these teams gonna pay the most to you know which are playing there. Not gonna happen at texture brings up a very good point wasn't any Phillies fan who turned and puke on little girl. I believe yes it was puke on -- crime they're -- Smart and it's happening you're Christian or you are right Chris in Connecticut Chris what you have. Good morning guys. And what about the Philadelphia fans and and the -- in. Different perspective on paid man in. -- we -- in -- for number mediators in the right there were some like try to support you that would actually go on the road for hockey games football games so many hockey. And in the better on the block the and they Iran -- they were newscasters. Sports talk show host and so or they said we're. -- -- They were the most Philadelphia fans were the most I know this big bull. Obnoxious and rude. That. That -- that rubber -- absolutely despise going there you don't remember articulate one time they actually added you know. Down in the how you doubted that he also -- the whole stadium you remember them. And and then they -- go to New York was like a walk apart debate date back up your guys saying that they couldn't stand out Philadelphia in the stands and coach fights and they -- -- here people were -- yeah negotiate a political. The thing Payton man and -- -- think so because of Tibet in their automatically assume all but you know it doesn't all work out that way. I'm seeing her -- -- got to go your way secured you know. You know you got injuries aren't as part you've got -- to -- They -- or not he's getting older. And it old just like all this talk on him being an instant super. -- -- -- I'm not buying it. Trent Dilfer said he yesterday Joseph at the -- that the day you go. Every team gets Manny will be in the Super Bowl three years and Lou and I disagree big time because there are plenty team's champions up there is that -- -- go to those teams via. You know I think you have San Fran used and find out things and ghosting and he's gonna go to those teams and now going to be. Playoff contenders. To be relevant. Wherever it is. But I much -- It seems that he can possibly go to report Beckel and out and continue with your fault ball cause you guys are lined up get to those next an hour from now Tommy -- and coaching Harvard. Join -- keeping here.

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