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It Is What It Is Cast: Recapping the NFL combine and who could be perfect for the Patriots

Mar 8, 2012|

The latest edition of the "It Is What It Is" podcast features WEEI.com's Christopher Price and D.J. Bean going in-depth with their thoughts on the NFL scouting combine, who impressed them and who didn't and some guys who could be perfect Patriots when draft weekend rolls around.

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Are you ready for some football football. As would any newscasts. Solo at all. He is what you need is we Christopher price. -- -- -- -- Welcome to the latest edition of heated when it is podcast we are very excited this week to be joined by. Full time hockey writer and part time draft grew DJ being DJ and -- I'm doing that pretty excellent dialogue do in the hockey thing but. You arm of the on the draft guy at heart so glad to do it you are your draft guy and we look forward and that's why we -- have you on as often as possible specially. In the time leading up to the NFL draft wanna talk about some of the stuff we saw. Late last month. Out of the government out near Indianapolis and I wrote this column basically saying they're five guys are five or six guys who help themselves and lieutenant boosted their stock with a performance out there there. Probably four -- five guys at least in my guys who really didn't help themselves now. You have one of the guys on your list Julius -- drafted WEEI dot com I'll -- on Jeffrey. As going to the patriots -- he was one of those guys who I thought. Really didn't help themselves because basically in my mind he showed up -- -- come -- in and said look I'm not fat. And then didn't do any. Well that that's that's a big thing for him I mean you couldn't help would be happy we're joking before you know he got. He got the pin striped under -- drive -- it was all very slimming and you know. Didn't really answer questions from the media -- kind of stepped down gave us that the profiles. Is sort of the back and everything else any idea right he's he's he came out there is that you know Billy Beane would have been furious because house on Jeffrey look like he was trying to sell jeans but. You know I. I agree that the idea of him feeling content with I'm go to the come under several I've got what I've got is an Icelander body. Okay you're an NFL you're you're supposed to be an NFL wide receiver we wanna see you who -- fast you are you trying to prove that you're not Mike Williams which is. A big fat and slow guy. Yeah I you're no longer that there were rumors that he ballooned to something like two -- fifty pounds. But we wanna see if you can run me wanna CO fast you are we wanna see if you can separate well. In were kind of overplaying the idea became oh like drawing attention to themselves say and that's him right and that's what you do it's it's it's not that but in this is at least in my mind. Fundamentally. All this guy did which opens it look I'm not I don't think this is the kind of guy who could afford not to work on that IE you if this was Justin Blackmon would be different story right I I agree with you one 1000000% and and and like I said it's not like he was saying. -- I'm here just to show you that I am not -- that's it but. Really that that's all that he did -- he needed to run and he didn't I still think though that he did improve his stock. Just by answering the number one question. But he answered kind of half the number one question -- that like I said the number one question is is this guy the next Mike Williams. In the key is that he's probably not go until maybe the third round he showed that he's not that he hasn't shown how fast he -- so people patiently or people eagerly. Await his Prodi to CO fast is because if this guy is fast Chris if this guy can run. A 4445. Or something. He helps his stock may be as much as George -- Stephen held that because this guy. Has the hands he showed in college she can't separate he has a lot less once he answers the question. A vote the the size speed ratio. That he's really cemented himself as potentially. A top maybe even a top point picket these fast enough -- don't -- in -- but again. If he isn't and then he's in that class of you know the may -- that the Kendall writes the Rubin Randall's who are. Stay at the very least the second half of the the first round probably looking at the late first round mix where you can go to say the Texans. The the patriots were picking 27 and 31 the 49ers so right now just with the way that the tears appear to be. Jefferies and that may be that third group behind. That the first group of Justin Blackmon is in his own class and you have. Michael Floyd in May be Kendall Wright who are maybe in that next year and then from there it opens up and it goes to the Rubin Randall's in the the also on -- the world and you know it even maybe Steven Hill even worked his way into that group but right now what he has to gain by by a good forty time. Is jumping out of that group and being in that mix to maybe even -- before Floyd. While the dead know that's that's that's that's a -- -- decide Jeffrey for me. Did not do anything to really help himself and now. Like. Kendall -- -- Baylor. He's probably put a lot more on his pro day the you know he's just a very small margin for are really at this point -- it as opposed to being your always gonna cost himself. A couple of million dollars if he shows up in his pro Dave Bush intend to write his wealth if those scheduled -- Prodi Elaine -- fundamental -- you know. What happens if if house on -- working out. Any messes up his ankle yes and when and he was fine to run the forty at the calm mind that he's gonna go down. With that -- analysts look fevers of the world of the of the people who just obsolete him the Columbine. As bad as they could possibly do it -- you could be in. With like I said with little fevers -- -- -- world and who when you look back -- -- in hindsight just bombs the Columbine when they had every opportunity to really impress. Now I wanna move on to another guy do you have in this is just if you haven't heard this is your latest mock draft it's up right now. As WEEI dot com or go fast it is what it is blog it's great I love it too because you're more tuned in. Honestly as as as a draft I grew more tuned in to this stuff that I amateurs wanna ask you another one. About the patriots in you have the PP it's going way of mark -- and -- safety out of Alabama at number 27 others is a really interesting your in my mind. -- d.s out there because it's not a great market in if your team like the patriots who at least on the surface is in the market for safety. Gotta be some slim Pickens this year but you think that the connection. You know there of the of the Nick Saban Bill Belichick connection effective he appears to be to Tennessee to that the patriots would be able to slide in you'll be able to -- It pretty good fit even as a rookie here in the New England says do you think don't make a lot of Cintron went 120 so. Yeah he's he's a hard hitter -- got a good body for the position and really as you said before if they wanna safety. The -- looking at the first round second round -- after that it gets ripped it drops off significantly Harrison Smith easier to. Right out there who I've heard more. As a possible number water first round a second round guy. It was funny cup people on Twitter kind of set don't know you know and even knowing none of their own -- received DO thinking of Sergio -- mind. -- these two guys who really don't appear to be a whole lot of light. But talking -- -- Brian Harrison Smith break but first for small give me a little bit of a breakdown on beer and and then that's going to Smith and and we -- up. Put those guys up against what's available in free agency. Well -- -- as I said before he's these the hard hitting guy in key lake Smith. Can play strong safety or free safety little both at Alabama and he's after the patriots. You just look at all you'd need to do is look at where you went to college you look at. You look at Alabama you look at nick -- you look at. 34 and obviously the patriots are gonna. Peter it's a little bit of both that really doesn't apply to much to to -- it but I mean when you look at how depleted their safety got there it's the that when you look at how depleted they were at safety late last year. That's a bigger need in quarterback and defensive backfield my mind so they can get a guy like -- who as good as you're saying. It goes from. It goes Baring it goes Harrison Smith and it goes George -- go to Boise State and then it goes nowhere them so if they can get a guy like. Like there in a number 271. Of all of Albion at a really good value because. The top safety generally doesn't fall that far and he's better than then guys who've gone and earlier in the draft in years past so. And then that gets it to Smith that I think he's I think he's a little smaller. Then. The beer companies and other personal items -- strong and free safety so there needs. If they're gonna look at that that if they're gonna go to this draft and think of their needs think and what is its safeties got to be one or two that they need help. They can use a defensive -- -- the past Russia they could use help a receiver but. When you look at their need safety they met a bigger priority on it just because it's such a weak draft -- -- safeties it's -- its safety its week for tide and other than that it's a pretty strong draft class all around but it didn't want to address safety they're -- -- -- early on. Some jumps out for me about the safety position first of all and we talked a little bit about this of the Columbine I talked with -- we -- self critical films and -- that the Patriots offense in those big tight ends in -- -- Hernandez in you can look across the board it guys like Jimmy Graham and Jason Witten. In the guys that are really changing the game Vernon Davis you know those -- Fast physical strong tight ends. In you need a counterpoint to them if you're on the defensive side of the football in the smallish guys. Are not gonna get the job done and more against these big tight -- against guys are -- -- because it just that that the physical matchup is just gonna be overwhelming so these. Safeties really need to get bigger the need to be brilliant affect smaller linebackers in again you look at this group received d.s this year. It least and in the draft anyway. You really don't see anyone other than bearing -- -- I I knew we tossed -- we'll look at them the yeah the state can a couple of times as maybe being. Close to that new prototypical safety there were gonna -- more the other thing particularly for the patriots is. I think they have to decide what to do with different according going forward no more -- is going to be able to do. A little bit of both I think I think he's still going to be able to are gonna ping pong back and forth between corner and safety in place. You know -- more safety in -- devote those sub defense is in those third almost passing situations he's gonna be debt free seat -- a little bit more. This coming season in 2012 and was in 2011. But I think that once they decide really what to do with him there. I think that will you have been created domino effect in in really take care of a lot of things you wanna do with that at the safety position going forward the other thing is. We talked about it's not a great group in free agency this reader a guy that stands out to me is Richard Marshall. A guy out of Arizona relatively low cost play both corner and safety last year has that position of versatility -- into the -- like a relatively good locker room guy. Wouldn't be all that expensive I think he might be an interest in guys go but it is it's an interesting spot for the patriots there are some options there. But to be appear to be limited to -- this season. Yeah and Marshall guy I think when he came mode and it was easy to 1005 or 2006 and Fresno state. He's a guy that you look at with the in you'd think Pat Hill and you look at that patriots connection with and so. Ruby and -- if if a they had their eye on him in the first place and be that kind of kept it on them over the years it just from his days in and Carolina and then. Last year with the the cardinals but getting back to that the safety position and really the way it's developing your obsolete right when you have a Gallic Rob Gronkowski. Or Aaron Hernandez. It's a matter of you can't put linebacker on him because he won't be fast enough and you can't put a safety on him because it won't be big enough so. The risen so what you need as he says it is you need basically the -- stated to become bigger and faster. And when you look at this draft I mean really a low -- he can run if he can run well enough then maybe he's a guy like that. But that's also yet to be something our guys at college -- make you want to. To. To put themselves now mold as opposed to playing other positions because there's going to be a premium placed on the opposition. Going for but right now it's like this group doesn't exist. You really is in adding to the new interest in the sea of college players college coaches whatever start. Molding guys yet. Burger early in their college careers whether they take an oversized linebacker in -- shrink him down a little bit or the trying to bulk up the defense of back. We sought in New England here window Bruschi both Bruschi Vrabel. We're down linemen in their college careers and then become a transition to linebacker role. Leader in their careers here I also wanna talk about some of the stuff that that nick is serious said. When we when we were together with him out of the -- -- out in Indianapolis he said this is a really good draft for the front seven. Be offensive line in the wide receiver position of those two positions -- necessarily. -- it's you know the big areas of lawyers of weakness for New England. But it would seem to need that that they would at least address a couple of those don't wanna start off -- you on the offensive line. In ending that we heard a lot connected with the New England out there and that was Georgia senator Ben Jones -- some position of versatility and if the patriots lose. Either being commonly being coping. Or Brian Waters decides to retire they're gonna need some help on that insure their offensive line. It would seem to need to Jones fits in very well with that group would suit him very well with a group knowing. Right -- you know he's he's kind of shorten that. Which if -- senator that's not too bad that any moves his body pretty well so. If you're the patriots in you're thinking. We have all these needs we need help. And they do and did you do need help and the interior offensive -- so they need help on the defensive line that need help on the interior offensive line -- -- wide receiver the deceive. You have four picks in the first two rounds to in the first round. You can't address all those positions with. These big marquee names and that's where a guy like Ben Jones becomes perfect. Because if you can grab him at the end of the second rounder maybe even with that the first of their two sector round picks. And that's a great that's solid pick for them has. You know. Jones is -- on that level with the that the Peter Collins is or even the David Castro's the the Ziegler out of Wisconsin. In this league again this is a good year for for setters in for guards handled both and all those guys can play both positions so if you can get. A guy like Ben Jones who like I said is and Peter Collins Peter Collins is one of the best -- your senators to come -- in recent years. If you can get Ben Jones in the second round and that's agreed values so I think it's and they might wanna do would also got to consider that one thing he spoke about the Carmine was how often. The they put they use the hurry up offense -- Georgia so huge that -- the senator yeah that's that's huge because that's that puts a lot more responsibility on the senator. And obviously your -- taking a lot more snaps so. Having that experience. That that should draw the patriots stand. I know the patriots -- no huddle about 25% of the time this year they didn't use it. You don't so much at the end of gamer the end of half situations but the use it as part of their regular often writes that keep teams in the -- exactly and that's such a huge thing I think that would Wayne jones' favor. Is that he has a tremendous amount of experience with -- -- -- -- anything that would be the kind of -- who ultimately -- him you know -- in favor of New England if they had to choose between them and another -- Like you said he's not in the lead sentry at least on Paper from where I've seen. If he doesn't appear to be the sort of guys that did it's gonna give -- a step going to be a Pro Bowl for the next eight years old when it comes to the overall context of that offensive line. You know you hear more and more people -- Those can be pretty good fit knowing yes it 11 -- the other areas here on board were just kind of skipping from position to position we talked about -- several little -- would Jeffrey. But there a couple of the really interesting names out there you know you referenced Stephen -- Georgia Tech who just blew up the common hitting Barack. From the -- -- -- the -- he killed he stressed he did yeah yeah like Maalox sounding cool you know that accelerate -- eleven right yeah only when you have Mike -- talk like that you know the councilman. Is a guy who really deal really popped out there at the -- might. There's another inning to do anything to -- really intriguing that a lot of people are pushing. In that's the wider Chirac directors and Robinson who know the patriots do have that raptors connection to get four Rutgers guys in the roster this year. Including Def recording community on Underwood. Greg she Otto who since moved on to coach the box. We know that he was very tight -- Belichick so you know you you do have a feeling at least to -- -- in. The -- on would be able to do views are straight dope not a guy I'd like Joseph knew whether or not he could survive with the NFL level. What are some of your impressions on still so new in maybe some other guys who might be available to the patriots out there. -- wide receivers. Well I'll start with bill and I'll say that he's a question mark into. A lot of guys who lot of comments on them the mock drafts in on anything that we write that just says. Why not why not salukis 27 went on the -- the patriots at 31 in my mind. The idea of Stephen hills a first round pick is -- little extreme for me but -- -- policy that he's Bernie he's he's the kind of guy and people out here. Who love the phrase he stretches the field you know right he's he's the guy you can take do you think the safety with a well I'll say that. He's fast all say that he's incredibly fast he's a burner. In the forty yard dash in college we seldom seen enough of him actually. Using this guy his separation skills knows one knock on him in colleges he couldn't separate. So if you're that fast why can't you separate from defensive backs is at the college level in if you couldn't do it there. Why I would make is -- yeah I've been united and be able to do it. With with better athletes at the at the professional so that's the biggest concern I have with that hill he's also guy who. Arnold his mind wanders or what but he drops -- pretty casual passes many Nixon and scene plays so he's a guy who is his skill set is there. But I don't think he's the complete package right now as a prospect and I know the when you look at the guy on Paper and listen there's no bigger. Come by and fan than me but you can't just completely run with everything the does the come by he's got a great body use something like Blix six foot five. Yes he grand of -- like a 431 in the forty year -- so -- -- the schism is there. His ball skills are there for the most part but if you can't separate at the college level. What makes us think he'll do it. At the at the NFL level. Another good thing that I will give him is he's that an exceptional blocker and that just comes from playing at George tech where like to Marius Thomas and Calvin Johnson in addition to. Having a hundred yards per catch -- also going to be blocking a lot because your an offense -- triple option so. That's hill and when you get to -- -- he's -- guy who I think that you know. He'll should be I think -- -- pick in my mind. Sandy should be second -- third round pick your mind and I think he will be unlike -- -- some team might fall in love with him and take a big risk on him in the first round. -- who didn't do particularly well Columbine he was slow. For at 62220. Pound guy three start to worry vote. Is -- big fat and slow he's not necessarily as is big is Gallic Stephen Hill. But he's got he's got good bulk. But he's just you know that speed factor really makes you wonder because speed isn't everything at the NFL level but if you can't separate at all. Then you're ineffective in ideological back to Mike Williams but teams. Ever since Mike Williams happened to the alliance teams have been very very cautious. Attitude right he -- he's a Costner's W don't want to take that guy. You know who you who looks great yeah but it's you know old. -- he can get it to the next level right but again there is the Schiavo connection. With Bill Belichick. And we've seen over the years that if one of Belichick's guys gives all these players a positive review who knows maybe Jermaine Cunningham can be sick around and took the do we think too much of that and -- -- -- too far off the point but do we need to I think sometimes that's a bit overblown I think the idea that. You know well he told viewing plea for Belichick a former Belichick assistant -- Pat Hill senator Nixon yeah I mean you know arrow buddy Belichick and Urban Meyer. I think that there is something -- to a lot of that you look at the Jermaine Cunningham situation Obama -- so mobile Cunningham very early age. I think that while it works sometimes. I think we grasp on to that a little bit too much do we do. And also do something to be said for. They'll check casts and know that not all these guys who've worked out so there's also -- the question of at some point will Belichick also kinda. Ease up on going after his guys in there's no denying that connections there just look at the 2010. Draft order. Worried that Cunningham spikes. Hernandez out of Florida. The draft it was very have and of the in the first round was wisdom -- yeah so so. That those third there's four or five guys right there in that draft who were all from bill checked at schools so to speak. But I mean there's going to be said for the fact that some of these guys that he's missed on some of these guys Cunningham he certainly missed on. The -- really it's crazy to think the jury might still be owed on demo accord even -- so. I think that at some point he eventually. Eases up on only -- going after. Guys players who played for his guys who played for the paddles of the world and tries to find the right fit. No we talked about wide receiver. We talked about offensive line and now we're gonna come to something that we seem to talk about every single year. Is this the year the Petrie to go out and draft the past structures is this near the teachers go out and trying get someone off the edge. There's an interesting possibilities for them in free agency do you bring back Andre Carter. It's certainly seems like that would be a good fit at least through New England for -- of the year or two. You bring back marking Anderson -- -- good production here especially toward the end of the season Rob Ninkovich was able to give you some good production at that spot as well. But ever own wants to know it really I mean I knew this is the question we ask every single year to the future's gonna go out. In get that guy coming off the edge who is going to give you. Nine or ten sacks -- nine -- -- quarterback pressures and in really kind of changed the look at that defense now. The other question is would go round around on this the other -- You were briefed definite physical body type the deposition they're looking for the Willie McGinest guys looking for someone who's longingly. First question for you is there's someone out there like that in second question is do you think the patriots would be so inclined to trying go out and get him in the draft. -- -- merciless certainly has the body for the position -- as the production last year. I asked them at that the come by and just you know. What do you think -- the idea being a one year wonder because right now that isn't so bad he was last year was his only years of starter but -- sixteen sacks and led the nation. And he had nine forced fumbles you know three years ago that. T teams look at that they think the guy's a one year wonder can do with the NFL level right now teams look at that they say. Look at -- Smith you only had one good year. Look at Jason -- -- only had one good year -- and they got so you just on him because I did they end up getting to us and we end up getting one of the best pass rushes in the league. And you you lead to GDP analogy -- we are out there that this guy could be the next. Jason -- Paul who you know in terms of being a pass rusher who could really change the look of a team if there's one guy out there like that he would seem to be commercial. Right in traditionally it this is unfair to the patriots and Peter Paul's case because you're fifteenth overall in the -- of -- of the 21 name with definitely times they always do. But. That's that's that's the type of guy that traditionally when you see that pass rusher he think this guy didn't go -- get to ten sacks like you said the season. That's that's a guy that the patriots traditionally pass on in it makes you wonder what bill Belichick's philosophy is with these guys does he think that pass threshers. Our disposable and you can to school and get a Mark Anderson who couldn't get you some sacks or you can. Go -- bring back cut Tully Banta-Cain for the 600 time in -- -- -- engaged in sex. If he feels that sacks are like six stolen bases where at some people fields and it's an overrated statistic. If he feels that position in that statistic is overrated he's not gonna spend a high pick on one in the fact that the highest. Think we've seen him so it's like to player with recently. At that position. Is Jermaine Cunningham speaks to that so. If there is a guy that's like that that would -- the patriots mold it will be when you're slows but it's just a question of whether the patriots really believe that that's worth spending a first round pick on. Is done Tariq hole. The real deal or is yet column buying in creation. Or is he the kind of guy who came in you know stepped in. We will talk with guys who can step in instantly and star in the National Football League and haven't impacted if you certainly appeared to be that kind of guy. Out of the com buying -- I asked this would be idea that. Maybe not this year but the patriots need to find ultimately in the next few years I would think. A replacement for Vince Wilfork so someone to could. You know that anchor in the middle of the defense of line because Wilfork is now over thirty and has played an awful lot of snaps in there are some -- certain -- -- stars -- talk with -- him -- and from pro football focus about that. In a previous podcasted. Mean you were getting toward the time where you need to start thinking about a guy who can come in and stepped in for Wilfork when he decides to move. Well that's that's a good point in -- might be guys it's like that just given that no matter how many different. Opinion you hear him that though he can do this seemed that he knew that when you can Vince Wilfork just like when you look at Don Terry oh it's again. That's a nose tackle. But -- showed the combined these fast enough and he moves that huge -- around well enough. That maybe he could -- some some defensive tackle and -- facility just right. We he moved to the Columbine was just. Just doesn't make sense for his body it doesn't and you look at a guy that size inside -- you he shouldn't be able move like that way. In he's still able to put together the forty time that he did he -- the -- of the local those -- it was just it was just awesome and in I wonder though how much of that not having seen a lot of during the regular season. How much of that is is it is like -- a much increase -- always easy to kind of guy who's gonna. You know come up out of nowhere in the you'll be the first round guide people -- form over the overcome by numbers like do we see the readers seemed to do every year Brees is this. Is he that guy or is he kind of guy who you know who can step in and be a probe. Well I think he's definitely slid aside his out of it habitable but it's been added there's no no middle ground there are two Democrats are -- -- -- quantify just -- into the black or white situation right. But Armenia we isn't what what do what is -- TU. I think that he's definitely solidified his status is the first round pick I don't think he gets by the Steelers. They have a need that. It nose tackle Casey Hampton. I think he's at the end of his deal and he's also pretty near the end of the road so. That's the situation your -- both sides with Wilfork eventually find that next guy. I think the Steelers are in more of an urgent situation regarding that. In getting back to which he said about the patriots invincible for getting up there -- age neat thing about getting the next guy. Consider that they didn't get him when Ted Washington was. Was getting near the end that got him after Ted Washington left in the you're able to spend a year with him in Keith Traylor. -- you know really just. Bring in this new dialogue on the fly and they won a Super Bowl that years older points so. I don't think it's necessarily vote them needing to bring a guy along slowly so we can -- place and because look the argument can be made. That's that is a few years ago with robberies and that didn't work out so. I think that. If a guy like people were available to them between seven -- in -- with -- would do but I think that. I don't know I think that. Given their need -- on the defensive line they'll be somewhat of a luxury panic. I like you guys like Fletcher Cox mobile better than dietary -- that's council ridiculous but. I think that. Cox is more of a sure thing as far as playing those multiple positions and being able to when the patriots switched between 34 in the fourth three to stay on the feel times. Like infertility and that's on the we've already touched on before as well that's a great point wanna ask your opinion. I'll organ accordion your one master. Hum the first guy who really intrigues me. It is Jim Norris Jenkins says the -- the cornerback at a at a north Alabama who had you know of -- But about -- rocky time with the University of Florida got kicked out of Florida and that are going to north Alabama and posting some really good numbers but he's a guy who there's some character questions. I -- him as well -- the the second guy is the defense of backed out of out of Montana. For mean Johnson and Diaz last name is little doubt that you guys from -- And we talked about defensive backs we talked but there and we talked about Smith but those are two other guys for me. -- intriguing possibilities are messing that there they might not being in -- -- be good -- for the patriots but did they seem to be. Interest. Yeah that also what Jimmie Johnson there is nobody whose opinion I respect more what comes it'll definitely make fun of them just because of his demeanor sometimes but. Mike may Iraq did the guys the best in the business he's the guy who in 2008. Said. You know look for the patriots to maybe go after Jerod Mayo. With the the 49ers pick which the idea -- -- being a top ten pick was absolutely absurd and then Enola. Peter it's moved out of ten signature on -- and -- history distraught man has been a great fit Mike Maalox sees things that the rest of us don't and Mike may knock. Is in love with Jermaine Johnson he thinks he's a first round pick which when I spoke to. Jimmie Johnson he was a guy who I was really intrigued by as a you know this is the -- guys at the patriots should go after in this -- Maybe he could reach form in the second rounder spend a third or fourth round pick on and that's all -- fixed date may York thinks that disguised. A first round pick -- he hasn't really explained why but I'm assuming it's because of the oppositional versatility. He's a big guy he's a hard hitter and he can play both safety and cornerback. What what team does that make you think of -- note though. That the patriots could definitely fall in love with him if he would take a guy who played again and Montana he only played one game against FBS competition. In it was a game in which they got killed. So. That's that's one very instinct player who the other oh imagine or due diligence and -- he's. A guy who. He's got I think he's got four kids he's at four kids in the last three years. He's gonna be in death at that at least -- And he's been arrested three times twice for marijuana once for a bar fight. He was kicked go to Florida and at Florida. He seemed like he was in the fast track to be. At the top ten pick and potentially one right now I'd say. It's down to him in Claiborne as far as who the best corner in this draft is but you know. George tickets could still end up being the sect that second third fourth quarter taken just because of all those off the field issues. He seemed like a genuine guy at the Columbine he seems really sorry for his mistakes. And you know. You kind of sympathize with him. To a degree. Because as someone who we've spoken about this as someone who I'd I'd never smoked pot before but I know -- guys doing college and it's just a case of this guy got busted. Twice for India when year. When you're the best corner on the team and you're gonna be such a high pick in the NFL draft yet maybe stick your body a little more seriously. But this is the guy who got busted for something that I'm sure a lot of other players could get busted for. Character wise he seems like a good enough guy put those concerns are there. If he has his head on straight that that. Really is a big gifts he could be one of the best corners in league with the next two years so right now I hadn't gone to the bills in the in the top ten. Well the bills take a risk on a guy with a top ten pick will see but I think that he can be one of the best corners in the league. Do you do has been fantastic I appreciate you joining us here we're gonna get into more more stuff as the draft gets closer going to be. Drop release water to more podcast between now and then draft specific podcast -- wanna get into some bigger picture stuff some national stuff. RG three in -- locked how RG three's performance of the common may have shaken up the top five and what we're gonna see there. But this has been great I really appreciate you coming on and -- investment thank you very much I need to thanks Chris.

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