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Doc Rivers talks about the loss last night to the 76ers and his relationship with Rajon Rondo

Mar 8, 2012|

Doc Rivers, Celtics head coach, joins Dale Arnold and Gerry to discuss the 103-71 loss to the 76ers last night. Doc also talks about his relationship with Rajon Rondo and how involved he is with Danny Ainge involving trade rumors.

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Our weekly conversation with the head coach of the Boston celtics' Doc Rivers sponsored by ARS restoration specialists at your property your facilities manager. Or an insurance pro make sure you have a disaster game plan in place at -- RS serve. Dot com -- Dale Arnold in for John Dennis -- here as well how aria. Good morning as well you. Morning on -- I've heard stories of football coaches taking game film and burying it in the middle of the football field as a way of saying we're moving past that. Have you got a whole already dug behind health point for the film of last night's game. But I just didn't watch it which is good. No one -- that could. People were door to the Portland then we can do -- tomorrow. Do you do you know going into that game than it was going to be a tough one -- -- Ray Allen. Implied that you know there's a few games each year we just know that the stars are lined up in your favor was that one of them last night. Well but you know the coach is still open and you're hoping you know my thought going into the demo isolated. I hope you get to the fourth quarter and we know that was the thought you could -- it in the locker room you can -- little to no good if you -- but it's just. And the played -- quiet. You know that the data that -- You were you upset angry at their effort. The budget -- -- -- and let's move we can do you know bad. Let the good equipment and cut the lead. But you could do what's gonna happen. There was. A stat that jumped out and everybody probably jumped out at you with the Celtics all for eight. From the three point arc other I've never -- frighten your coaching era here at the could you even picture your team not hitting a single three pointer -- game. Well approved that's really who that don't -- -- and you have been good period. Double bottom and I don't remember a couple -- -- in the post up. And until I was concerned and we didn't rude it's. Didn't go out and then it was front rim so you just blew going to be one of the night. A -- to -- one week ago to trade deadline. Are you involved in all the scenarios Danny's got going all the possibilities and -- you expecting something to come down in the next seven days. Well I don't think it's but the thing bid to come would be up beside the messenger and down to be this and and -- have to wouldn't know didn't bring it to win it. At a point where it can be discussed and -- about the ability. I really don't wanna be involved -- all of this and scenarios you know what tomorrow will come in and they listened. This thing that happened but there's such as we can do this. We can go further with this. And and what what are you generally say the epic has I gotta be honest with the dark after last night it doesn't feel like you have a a title contender on your hands this year so. I -- and if from Danny Ainge and taken you know by the fifteenth I I gotta do something because now we're not when at all with this team. Well less -- go wrong Lugo. If you're going to contribute. But it worked side. So it's -- -- -- -- -- to try to do. And I think it's still really doesn't have beaten. The amount of billions I don't think. You see the best quality everybody. I've been put out. Look let's go -- -- more in some ways because very -- we are. But we also know you go to the playoffs and then you're helping. And read -- be completed -- The way it also our local better put -- -- everybody. Quote out of William Broad. -- -- -- -- -- -- we knew going into this lockout shortened season that the schedule was going to be tough for a lot of teams are gonna play three games in four nights you're gonna play a lot of two games in two nights. Did you think based on the age and veteran status of your roster it was going to be harder on your team than some other teams in the NBA. I probably wouldn't drove. Been stripped its. And we use look at the schedule and then look when they're good -- then go to -- dissident. We're gonna -- have a pin. But I bet you -- For us to endorse somebody stretches. I do two estimated. A couple good animal on the market prior to start another I don't look at -- -- in every game and you'll want to win didn't do it some kind of well good -- just came into the beginning of -- in great shape. There I thought. Well when your own team and you're not in great shape and you don't have a lot of time to get in shape but there really a threat to the. Where did it. Did you have a problem what that did you ever some days where you were yell and scream and say you guys should have come in here right now. You can do about it. You know resident with a -- -- -- union and -- and everyone else that it's important. Well let the lockout would go a little longer. Oh no absolute one -- You know also I'd love dad looked I don't know probably better and so they woke up -- working out great didn't. Then when that this certification that a little overwhelming to decide what to look for in Baghdad we've been. And it didn't look it's there's improved -- students will -- to you can do about. Is that is the safe game trip -- up and gentlemen Monica elect a black cloud over -- for awhile you'll little concern -- how -- -- Veteran you're aging team is gonna handle this is grind you -- coming up in the next couple weeks. I'm really not. And no it did enter. I'm can -- looking forward to it. But I don't know how are distributed. I didn't do it took him it was far worse. This is. -- -- resolved is the toughest part of the strip are the first two days and because of the lack of you know you played Friday night. And inflate its Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock. -- attitude you lose another hour. Because of the when whatever it is Bill -- -- and so that and included nick Madigan the clippers. Same building -- You get to stay in the same building -- have easily. Just like this stuff -- -- the good stuff in the locker. We'll do exactly that we should do. -- we've heard and read reports from I think pretty respected NBA reporters out there Chris Broussard and others that that there has been. Personality clashes between you and Irish on Rondo how would you characterize your relationship with the -- on this year. I've -- -- burger -- and we had arguments. So look taller and Doug I hope you understand. Sports we don't know you do. You have dual mode. But it's it's it wouldn't become -- smoke is what I did you have a personality class. Ignore them. And our personal relationship is really good. So. We know. It is please come and help them I guess it will I don't know large. Brother who sometimes we all know what disturbs me it couldn't have been better than nothing you can do about it. Dock -- Rondo as we all know is really good on the big stage she likes the challenge -- only plays against real good point guards. I thinks thirteen of seventeen triple doubles on national TV. It's not a good thing that he just plays better in the big games or should he play that -- all the time. What you wanna play that well look. And Jerusalem would be more consistent. But he's he's no I can go back to that she's become more consistent each year. And that's what you want before so. You know our if I had my choice I'd rather report from the duke William -- and -- -- But do you want them do know. Great great great great players agreed all the talk. Did in your opinion did all the trade rumors trade talk him anything to do with the whatever that tripled that that that historic triple double against chairman -- the next. No I don't could it have anything to do it honestly I think discipline -- -- relive -- -- There was a lot of talk. There and I thought to -- to the knicks were. Kind of didn't -- -- A little bit because you make of it and and intelligent and so I thought is the perfect storm tomorrow in what and the book Portland. You have to look at things like possible play up. Playoff matchups when you're coaching your team in the regular season. It is it possible that that you know you got to play your starters more than you might like because he -- -- you'd rather finish sixth and seventh. Or did you just let all of that stuff just go to the wayside and whatever happens happens. Google wouldn't for the most are between one day you know and so. -- -- look at the matchups -- -- doesn't know yet -- -- but. -- So you just want to win today and -- the bat. Whatever happened happened. But yeah I think everybody would like billboard go to Butler could -- your. But I didn't -- Are you talking amongst yourselves about winning the division. How much that would help. Ball movement you know why I'm more concerned about when they did they right now. You know you can do that division will we couldn't do. We used to talked about that the only people they remember it was in the division was like divisions were. This antiquated thing and now all of a sudden it kind of matters. Well this proposed settlement and -- well for us that and there's been a challenge. You know obviously tonight gluten have been glad you told you have to -- -- -- could -- -- -- -- in our division. I don't even look at it it's no it's a lot of different than like football you know you kind of know -- your division. But yes this is important you know what the rule change obviously if you win -- division. Computers no worse that could -- -- That to rue didn't even know about. No. I know about it but it wasn't anything to -- of the group. You -- locker rooms on teams that have been I assume a little nervous at trade deadline and -- little anxious. Is this one of those teams they look at around the rooms and who's going to be here next week and who is not going to be. I don't think so you know you don't know much about it. You know -- know random stuff lived up. There was a lot of talk obviously. But probably -- you know -- guys who did did note some good guys and people were talking about veterans. You know you -- -- -- debut -- you know appalled million. I was little to deal that'll happen. So they didn't reduce your career. So look at -- probably -- -- left -- it would from the younger players. I eight game road trip how many suits do you bring. You haven't you Rahal how many times. -- -- I don't know a lot. You know over the outlet that was good just bring this important day in and I do is -- literally like I just scored in the -- You open matches. Do you have like do you do like Rick Pitino you have that one game once and while we just get real G -- mean you don't Wear a white soup but do you know them -- some weird one of these days you don't LA. You ever consider the Stan Van Gundy look. You know. And to those who love of god. It and Melbourne who do not know who want to well if I lose a couple days and -- it's the same time that that Abdullah. What do you do with the. I didn't get my assistant. -- didn't have been allowed to -- Richard good. Describe the way through that. You know we should do spill some Gatorade will auction not a threat. At Sebring eight suits and what three pairs of underwear sound works. You go back above right. Time now for the Mercedes-Benz question for the coach question today is brought to you by your local Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers in the complete lineup of Mercedes-Benz. For Mac all wheel drive vehicles visit MB usaid dot com to schedule a test drive today. Dot do you think there is an advantage to making a trade at the deadline just for the sake. A building up your team and and showing them that management is in their corner and trying to help. Well I couldn't -- the very it's a brutal wind that could make a trend said that there have been. You know from time. Just didn't smoke. No. Sometimes. You don't Detroit you -- bill -- that. When that tournament doing in this is the way you think this team is good enough to win it. -- -- -- still sometimes turned instead to -- I've been met or. All the food and let them there's a lot of wins you've. Where do you think Peyton Manning's gonna go -- I don't know it's been. You lived there at all -- also. Australia select who blew it's load your football fan and I don't. I was able to build a just little. Moment to watch that. -- don't mention you bears seminal couples could please know Peyton Manning. But. I didn't do that but no. -- side. You know fortunately this but I didn't go will be good. They got several techsters have suggested to try to Craig Sager look sum game yeah. Well whoop -- Well at boot up the good -- bad but the rest with noticeably more. Than a little bit though admitted yesterday. -- doc thanks as always we appreciate. And enjoy the trip. That is Celtics head coach Doc Rivers when he says he couldn't believe these aides whose pain. Dale dale would do in the play by play -- on the road links leg -- would ram it would bring one I would relate to rotate anytime -- hey guys a little later shirt size on the brink I wore suits. Break game for a drink and different chairs of retirement. And and sometimes on the long road -- you do that it's -- -- didn't have a bag that holds eight suits all. -- -- -- Ever I don't need suits I don't either meego and we can -- we can access -- has more taxes -- tracks it's -- -- has more suits then -- the lower suits still now he has an asterisk. In Boston media typically hang on -- when their child size they're cheaper that's true you get like two for one specials and he can mix and match or it. You -- grills that formal way. At the rapid time to. Do the Stan Van Gundy thing that just now now you like that Craig then it's easy enough at that time. -- Craig Sager and I'd hate it up quick. Here. -- -- -- That's this and I am this is an Ambien on TV and do unit but -- of the stuff like in the hotel in the restaurant the camps which can be my team -- -- -- say it's Craig Sager. Some guy you know some. Sloppy dirty cabdriver who looks at junior who is this -- this slow post in the I thought she was dead who is it -- -- feeling and -- I mean it when it buys them. You wanted to body. Would you not. Restore all don't have that some oil now I'm mean there's got to be places teachers. Their thoughts on line just online this week that if you penalty gives. Public notice as a hockey dad if you need -- laser to blind the other goalie getting in line to get by those anywhere you know we just might bring up.

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