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Joe Theismann, NFL Network, on Peyton Manning release and what teams should be interested

Mar 7, 2012|

Legendary NFL QB Joe Theismann joins Mut and Lou to discuss Manning and what he thinks of the Redskins being a possible suitor for #18.

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You'll hear the Peyton Manning Jim -- press conference live here at noon 937. WEEI. Peyton Manning will be somewhere next year and joining us on the eighteenth -- hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds. Up to ten times faster three GAT and T rethink possible former quarterback one of the greats still -- majorities here. On the program job like a little here Boston how you. Great are -- we are good we're trying to figure out where Peyton Manning's going to go but let's start with as a quarterback you know. It when he suffered injury the way patent does you know trying to fight back mentally getting to that spot what's the road ahead going to be like for patent trying to get back to a 100%. I think for pay its its gonna be. You know what happened after that first hit. And you know -- got through the injury that I went through it. A power generated through your leg archer. You know issues with the armed and dirt cheap regeneration process so. You know there's still uncertainty about how strong arm is going to be. Really can't try to do the things that I dongle or. What kind of learning process -- am I gonna have to go to go true when I joined a new football paint. He had -- -- to think he has to deal with at this point but I I think that physical aspect of the game will be the league took his concerns. Once you feel like keep you out on the field and go to work. Yeah I grip with a lot of guys and it's serious injuries when they come back they always questioned themselves you know whether. You know I used to be able to make that pass it seems that -- mental hurdle than anything. It really is an actor and an injury in patent case I know myself personally I became the age 35. That this difference between. Thirty and 32. Is not a difference between 34 and 36 -- at 37. You're just you're I tell you where you wanna go with the football. But this isn't quite apparent you all know that football really became -- -- -- just. And -- quarter inch has been able to get a chance and you know you can -- route you know we're supposed to go but the body is -- cooperating and it really becomes frustrating in that. Now we talk about it is concerned a patent and have to deal with as he prepares to join -- what ultimately it will. Joseph -- and NFL network analyst joining us is there any surprise joke that he looks like that today the announcement will be not retirement but he's gonna try to. Continue to play in the national for -- with this injury. Not via Yahoo! untrue you know like you could call one of the more. Injuries that occurred in football and you know I wanted to come back everybody chips and I'll tell you and everything -- outlook or -- game. You know those are people didn't understand. What tropea anyway I understand what -- eight. Does not wanna go out on anybody's terms but it'll. And that's basically what -- Begin that desire and it'll look look at the issue and problems that Freddie have. And healthy try and lead began. I admired like Barry Sanders walked away completely just about what. -- it's hard to do it in patent case to -- record burning desire. Not only to prove that he can still play but to prove to himself but he can stop. What does this nation the lot of people talking about this Washington Redskins. And in your opinion is that a good fit for him is that a good fit for the organization. No I felt too good at 321 up I think first of all you deal with -- Circuits and hoopla baloney -- and play your brother twice here who has two world championships you have want. I'll look actually at the players all in the Washington -- and in particular rebel wide receiver position you're able. You know it sort of would you go to the arrogant patent -- there. There are certain things that he has to look at number one obviously I felt okay ready to go number two. Quarterback position being the single most -- and his position on the field no matter who you are. What are the players around help go to peace and then the third factor is in Arizona which -- the place I think it's great -- If I play an adult. If you talk about Seattle you're talking about Miami you talk about watching those are the teams that have been mentioned. She held or should they Arizona. Makes the right kind of looked at an animal -- -- If I wanna go some place. Right here like I have a chance to win a wanna make a difference. But I have a chance to win and that particular place in my opinion would be Arizona I think with Jim there'd ever really great shot at winning the division. Yeah I'll -- -- that would be number one because even if he's gonna play 1034 years and he's going to be 36 years old. The money's gonna be there -- -- -- -- -- to be -- too much money but I would think that would be number my Brothers that rule I only got one. Well which should probably. Talk about that played eight at a minimum of eight games at home every year. Eight year old it's time they'll all distributed to become an outdoor quarterback Matt training camp but do we know how strong armed. -- detectable wherever he goes -- better have a good number two. There is period pedigree -- -- and certainly I mean I hear a listen to the radio this morning. I'm hearing guys say all the hate it when your Paper to note that all eight million. No treatment we don't know what to new version. The old version. Given anywhere he can win games or advocate a statistical analysis it could go to Washington -- from five to eleven to nine. Well that's the whole treatment. Any chance to. Stick it Washington per second though do you think Daniel Snyder Joseph knowing that program the way you do. It is he going to be is the private jet gonna be waiting for -- -- -- press conference -- of Daniel Snyder. I I I don't think so I really don't I think it's kinda Washington them. Stop with the jet georgians and that Donovan McNair and Peyton Manning it. It's not time to go get a 36 year old quarterback Graham into Washington for a couple years -- try it it I'm too embarrassed in the trap. Okay and Archie treat -- -- -- idea -- who's gonna wind possibly and Indianapolis and gore and -- our work. Internet -- towards one of the benefits that. -- -- this year. In looking at that position and given -- -- -- six under six under free agent this year so you can you can help your team. Pretty well and I can correct and -- pretty well under the cap to. So you can face a free agent -- decent money wide receiver at all that's a blind impeachment sublime. And it still get young quarterback and so I just don't seem to -- in Indianapolis at 1 o'clock this afternoon. Yeah if you deduct but the old Peyton Manning the new Peyton Manning that can't help but think that the team that does investors are so many teams and be involved. Probably -- overpaid immature might end up well for the team. Well you know it it's a great point and money is not an issue at the you know before things I mentioned you'll note I -- -- -- -- money right. But they get more money to -- ever gonna get stranded and flights. It's a great contribution to the city of Indianapolis I mean the Children's Hospital there and they -- go Lucas Oil all did everything is done. Com is just can't get bigger and -- -- where -- routine -- Jordan. Hill air act I think regal nature to it as well. I don't think it's a monetary aid to monetary factor I would -- -- -- -- -- in my hand making it go at it if it's all about money. They'll probably be a Miami call. It's it's about other things. And how much -- the pad to place or. Have you been around paid enough to go to -- he wants to you know be in the a situation where he's got to play his brother once a year twice a year does he wanna go. To a different conference any feeling there. On that match up of him and his brother having a plate at all in in his season. I haven't been around and I mean I've known 83 years but I happened -- around the cap back kind of discussion. I don't think he has as much to do with playing Ely as he has playing in the NFC. You imagine they. May not be the same as the old way notices NFL fans what you think of the drop all will be in his abilities if he's not the same guy. It'll be where the ball is placed as pro football and I you know okay. Willie it would be able to squeeze ball into the same holes that he did vote for. Again it's just to get into the injury SPH factor and an active Wear and tear on your body. Is -- arm in arm isn't a 100% yet by everybody's got a -- So how much work is eager to get in a new system and here's one other thing to consider it in this whole situation and scenario patent. What system it's gonna run. You're not getting just the quarterback. You're getting a quarterback -- offense support. So how much do you modify. What you have time to accommodate. What she has. Reverend every he had a pretty decent receiver Austin -- -- course on Reggie Wayne Dallas Clark being. Not a pretty formidable group of guys around. So no where you find Barack kind of comparable support. And do you modify the system to accommodate patent and -- remember -- over the marched. He's got April you know April through September you've got iPods. Your -- ready to go out and compete. Toward championship because when people go some place remembered is going to be an expectation that goes with. Eight is not what he conditions. Or would -- she did pretty sure -- incursion. Joseph what are your thoughts Republican as -- scandal going on with Gregg Williams on New Orleans and it to be the difference is this is -- that motivation. Day we talk about some injuries that happened you obviously had a Lawrence Taylor they hit. Breaking your leg. And the whole thing changed when he -- regulate Ron Clark still -- collected 2000 for doing it may what I thought it'll. Changed the world -- and lightweight I mean legal vacuum there were always down on market. I I made a comment did you know about. If you get bell county on your -- -- -- really think much. So you know it you're quarterback and -- got to somebody the other big big total electric usually game -- And then you're pretty significant to the success of the team that you play -- So it's flattering you -- record in the other regard. It's just an incentive. You know senate were given out and so Egypt Kuwait. Any and or they are trying to clarify for people we talk about this is never ever. What are malicious. War harmful the world like -- what guys. We're trying to accomplish all they want to do a little more did you know how important is key is to take him out he can make it different trust. But if you took a guy out illegally if you took a guy out and hurtled. A bad way -- get -- you're. -- -- didn't count in about the situation I really believed it greatly in the iceberg. Because probably more guys will come out now and say why -- we count all the. Well it's it it's an interesting conversation Joseph and we love your input on the NFL network on playbook of multiple that shows. Appreciate take his time this morning and enjoy the rest your week. Beckett -- -- but he appeared character they're going to listen in critiquing me a phone call about fifteen minutes CI get -- data thanks -- he did a great job they joked thank you. -- -- -- with some awesome insight as a former quarterback into. Got about their view of Peyton Manning and what might be different and the mechanics of it physically is gonna be 100% you can hear Joseph in his voice who has those questions. Is -- gonna be 100% how close to is that number. Will this god be next yeah I mean if is that art and it's perfect -- a part of it -- -- -- gonna have to overcome you know like. Said to connect burst yet know what that is -- fear of getting hit. Make it a few classes early on in in next season losing you know what normally I would put it right there -- managed don't have the -- -- to get in there anymore. It it's it's a is that before the ultimate risk reward. Whichever team goes -- gets them if they clear path like Houston what we're talking a border San Fran and get rid of quarterback it's working. Can you bring this guy and boy that's a lot of risk but do you think about it and get that the Peyton Manning of all which I think might be difficult to deal but if he can. That he just elevate your team to go one of the best quarterbacks in the game. Not all do this you're gonna hear the Peyton Manning press conference live at -- we come back get right back your phone calls John's -- tells banding. No way should go to Miami and all your other calls 617779. 0850 to all 38885250850. It is Mott and Maloney 937.

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