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FULL COURT PRESS - Robert Flores of ESPN, Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell

Mar 6, 2012|

Robert Flores of ESPN, Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell talk to tonight's Full Court Press

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Robert floors of ESPN as we've been promoting all a Twitter is gonna join. And normally do we would -- the statement we would talk to Robert and -- stay here yeah we've talked about it here's a talk about the you know what. Were all friends were all buddies roberts' pro stars were -- we're -- on the headsets are out of like it's gonna join us later this quarter -- it make. What I assume -- -- going to be your NBA debut right as -- analyst and -- -- sneak it around you know practicing. -- Although I have. In you know doing play by play while the game's going on in my house really had a lot of really good gap if I catch -- You know I'm not really. Is a couple are all the salt will still remain at I don't know what. It's you don't wanna have become the catch phrase guy who you know you don't well you know what you want your colleagues is that that the me. And that is cool that deal with -- it at Wentworth has -- with god made this thing in the fit. And I saw one day at a game here. A sell me a look here you can't -- -- but in my give me the correct information nothing we you know while while I think that was good because that they not only does he give you those catch phrases. But it gives you the correct information. That's the thing. By how much fun -- it to be. Outside in the outside world -- be at a real idea about it people don't realize I you know it. -- espionage becomes the center of the world. It is still at the end of the day it's Bristol Connecticut and how often do you get a chance as. One of the top bankers Fortson to see -- real lives in beating you you know it's few and far between when I where did and other places where the local news in Austin and Waco Texas. I went to a lot of -- lot of football -- body -- University of Texas football amusement but you're right I mean it's. Where were mostly at least my job description mostly in studio and hold it with that they -- the bright -- As I don't think they let them go -- -- don't go FR a wrestler I think if I -- Don't know but it it's great to to be here and the fact that. You know being from Houston I am a rocket and I grew rock grew up a rocket and I've -- I'm river Macs here and -- me and he port eighty why you don't you know it put Billy Paul's not right that's why it was why not -- whopper at. I'm not a big whopper that whopper and anybody else who wanted to go to. But it tougher for me coming to a place like this. It is great because I grew up seeing this place only on TV. And now granted this is and the new Boston and I was never around we're pretty old Boston Garden where when -- and on the other great legends play. But to come here and just be around this this history and in its franchise. It's definitely cool and now living here up in the northeast you're you're immersed in and Celtics knicks this silly it is definitely treat for me. Can -- it is do people what you worked at ESPN worker Bristol. Really comprehend the degree to which for an entire generation of kids sports fans -- ago. It is now it's not just the center of the sports universe I've seen. Kids were in terms of production assistants now I could out of Bristol and they walked the floors as if they made it to the White House. I mean yes it's remarked -- there is that that's that's that's really sink -- when you're sort of you know you're just doing the same job date antivirus to a particular thing that the whole world is going their first there was there will be times. My very first sports that are in in 2006. I remember. I would -- And I was nervous and I you know I had been in the business quote unquote for awhile but. You're right any sport there is or. Or generation is the most iconic sports show on right now just to be a part of that. To be among. Outstanding group of professionals it's it's not digital because if you think that's -- -- always -- -- fifty. My TV sports of that Bertha apparently wanted to make you get hit lap of what's going on so I on this thing now you talk about all the personality the output it to be around the person you know it it's great I mean there'll be times where you. While you're walking down the hall in OK there's Jerry Rice or while there's. There's Larry there's Chris -- there's there's Magic Johnson though in a lot of ways sometimes it is like those this -- sports and commercial art really imitated life that it and you know we we don't often have the mascot roaming around like we have the commercial but. It is an outstanding place and I have learned so much not just about my craft and in my profession but just about sports in general just from. Picking the brains of guys like him flagler like Chris -- and just. And Magic Johnson just. Just learning what they go through what what it's like some of the ins and outs of the game they played we gotta get Mexican D'Amico the color scheme that's -- big celebrity -- -- If first off there there wasn't there that it -- science up there yet only task force in a vacuum -- but it started me 56 years earlier now you. But it's them. Our Robert floors will join us in the second quarter you'll. You -- -- it's we're trying to keep tax break if it's free nights fresh. They see -- -- season we got to be Smart with our veterans -- -- player like -- not yeah you gotta keep those veterans rested we don't we don't -- like -- -- be like. She's will be like Casey. Every five every five minutes to sit this -- about being out. Our -- -- it's great CEO we -- we're fortunate to be fun likewise appreciate Robert floor from ESPN's sports center you know him well. And you'll get to know him better tonight during the second quarter when he slides -- for Cedric Maxwell still to come on the Celtics tonight. Presented by Lexus our conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers when we return with triple NBA all had to for the Celtics and the rockets on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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