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Ross Tucker on the Saints bounty scandal

Mar 6, 2012|

Ross Tucker played on the Bills and Redskins while Gregg Williams was a coach and talks about the bounty scandal and if he ever knew about it while he was playing.

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They have the calm down. Hard because it needs to leave the game it can't. We even talked about anymore because what happens here happens in college campuses and high school happens in Peewee ball and so it's going to be a blip. The league won't make sure that what happens here gets rid of it forever if the intent was institutional from the locker room. From the coaches on the organization. It makes it a blood sport and it changes the whole nature. Of every aspect of what we're talking about. That was Ron Amadon yesterday part of an hourlong ESPN. NFL live breaking down when you write what you are Colin you said Downey scandal. You shot about negate by scandal. But what about the bounty ultimatum to bounty despite everything that's going on -- New Orleans yet we're Gagarin the word gay guys earnings -- out Ross Tucker you hear him on NFL radio you read him stop any here money SPN dot com he joins us on the eighteenth the outline -- four GL TE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible he's been did join us throughout the NFL year. -- -- -- -- -- You don't. We are excellent now just is a background. You were in buffalo when Gregg Williams the head coach there you were in Washington and what is the defense the coordinators of the question that most people -- will look askew is. Are you aware of anything that Gregg Williams did on those two teams similar to what he's being reportedly done -- that Orleans saints team the last couple years. No I -- I knew about the upgrade it never heard of it now. Both places whether -- well below the ball will news or Washington. You know all -- report did come out multiple players. You know some anonymous double director Richard it -- happenings so I'm not -- with those guys that I'm just saying. -- -- all but the guy that we reward and on it we didn't know about it. Because I've never heard I never heard. During my seven year pro career. And you -- the opposite that you guys out or injury guy except for maybe. A player I can't remember who might have been but want to play impacting. A player who may be hated that guy here that he might have been like. That I -- that you can wherever kicked him out and we kind of laugh I I don't know -- It certainly makes -- event. Let's that they have repeatedly talked about gold -- the -- talk here's the other NFC championship game and -- night with Brett Favre wearing. I have apparently got some of the audio always got players who were fired up screaming you know coming up the silent giving back -- Beckett back being the money. For for hitting a guy other guys some Brett Favre looked like he's out of the game -- -- pay me my money. And that's the thing I would think that he'll pump Drew Brees walk around here are some public defenders walk up this -- you would pay me my money on wonder what's going on. But I understand a different street -- at different guys don't really notes goal of the Whitney kind of a sense maybe that you said you don't believe it. Not I didn't do it for sure now Washington 2007 I was on injured reserve but. Consultant to an awful lot of elements in the whole year has started about two -- big part. I believe a word about it and our guys. Saying what you're Robert yeah I think the broader point. Is that what -- of the border here. Undoubtedly the I don't particularly about c'mon guys I read about it about the -- about the mindset we are Kobe ball drive. Well now that will deal. I really thought that I was the biggest I mean this guy out there. And I know I think you're deep down that I definitely know now. I absolutely would not. I gave -- those upload. It definitely made me look auditors mobile material or whatever I got my mind to the point. Or I really felt that way and I think that's what. The value you're all about it about out of the box. Are a few hundred dollar into doubt we're paid each other to take I doubt look at the look at these guys out. It's about the edge. And the mentality the mind -- that it losses in the locker room it's like -- looked up without feeding frenzy because. It gives big guys back -- in particular maybe he would have otherwise been here we're we're net to a page that knocked regain. And it doesn't promote dirty play -- be conducting guy out on a clean hit I mean it happens should defenders that's a lot of their goals is to affect the game and a certain way. But doesn't -- promoted got to be going over the edge being motivated wanting to win the competition it's not about money. I think that there's there's the possibility of that but yeah I mean there's no question what. I did not -- -- about that though it. There's no special on the field I mean you know you look at them with a -- -- -- by in the -- Brandon meriwether. Org -- directly involved there Robinson what does that apply -- -- by the quality Ford proposed dirty. Had nothing to do. Would any type of bounty at least. Now we're aware of them duplicate those guys you know -- I -- I know -- -- The integrity of the game I mean obviously. It's reprehensible it detestable you can't have. Guys getting payments to knock guys had a game. Yeah I think what really bothered me one word get a card draw it wanted to knock it -- -- -- -- Cornered off giving money record at all. -- -- kinda makes me cringe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And will be following a lot more will be penalized because the -- despite a lot more readily get. With a bounty payment and the -- the legal I didn't care. I believe that it had any impact. All of our competitive edge or I don't look them cheating I would look at is something that they didn't get rid of it it is the black guy in the league. Beg your column today yesterday you'd be Ross about it's not cheating you know we talked about that a little bit earlier and -- Understand it's not spy gate etiquette patriot fans -- locally would understand okay. Spy gate was cheating this is not cheating but it is it's always -- the institutionalized. Green light set up from a coaching staff. Who tried to injure players and I again I I get the players try to do that in every sport. But now I got late payment process in place that rewards these guys for certain things. Even -- it's penalized on the field. Above and beyond a coaching staff that he's using it to motivate that's what bothers me that -- coach was involved taken money out of his own pocket the players weren't -- Indicates a job that bill reportedly putting ten grand that table in that playoff game against the vikings that that's a really bothers me about this that it was such eight. A structured thing that was a okayed by coaching staff there in a war. Well that and the well they but I think -- that they reviewed 181000. Documents in like 50000 pages that I never had a palpable I mean. He even attempt reluctant to have going. Without I've been around eight notebook Paper reported that the good a lot of typical woman's system among players whether to buy into them or capable -- with them but that among players -- not -- organized. Have -- everything that you have a baby up on the chalkboard to -- here it would it would be document to whatever might give it. It must be -- at at a much. Good highly organized I'm assuming by Gregg Williams and that's a concern remained concerned Drupal one that the coach -- an audit. And the coach who offered up money that part of it because that is our commitments to our cap. -- and number nerd -- is there a danger I only have a problem. If guys you don't pay out to reach other amongst their own money for big plays going to a -- you mean. -- team you know where our quarterback used to do part of -- dollar cash -- linemen. It would give up any tax or and and really think about it guys you know it -- -- guy had. For Patrick Chung -- -- and -- huge hit. Against the ravens and yet -- the -- to get elected -- one problem knocked. A global bat of the game don't you again. You didn't gamble. I mean you would get rewarded. I. Student or more monetary value so to me that that the bears are that the much -- bounty because they're different does it get the county's. Are premeditated. You know the value. You -- it that thought process that at a time as opposed dep data will be great hit -- rewards you with a helmet sticker or game ball whatever. Now you played and I watched you with -- coordinator again -- coach and buffalo lot of people talked about Gregg Williams talked about the man himself. How does this change your opinion be disappointed is the still the same man you played with played -- rather. Well it did that it can Gregg Williams I'm until you Greg. You know RBIs you know is on with a currency that's where I went you know we've we will talk well got to the lead. You know he's helped me get my opportunity again in 2007. With the Redskins. Not really you kind of always had this mindset and this mentality. -- I got to say I'm not I'm not shocked by that. What what what surprised you give me at that it it was so organized and what would -- shall remain in the united knowing about it. And I'm here I'm I'm surprised I didn't somehow hear about it in 2002 Maria buffalo. Or 2007 Washington. If you're really what's going on him. Might let the bad enough to really escalated once they got to normal. We're talking to Ross Tucker now you talk about the escalation of it and the NFL's findings on Friday. As you look at the list public -- guilty parties in this case who's gonna get. The biggest -- is Gregg Williams that guy that is going to get the biggest hammer Roger Goodell the NFL Ross. Without question. Is it because he's the one that they've already gotten a statement from his -- apologized for it all those type of things. I would not be surprised that he expected for the entire season. That would divide bill I don't know what you do the players. We have you know the involvement of specific players -- Maybe I know guys like by grass I don't know I don't know what you do the players and I think the -- and they -- organization. Will be buying and they'll lose to afterward as well. Which reminds me that they can trade picture were trapped for a bit return as soon as possible. Can -- But Drew Brees key member of the union -- one of the big reps for this league was cut that come into question at all how much did you know what was going on. Yeah I think I needed to their question that if you remember of the union. On the executive committee but. Like guys that if I didn't know about it I can do true. Not knowing about it but it does it it would. You know the quote that you mention that I have heard about that but the quote lay on the sideline. And about the business but he document. My guess is. In some ways you perform he probably didn't know about it but though the though did -- know that. It was more enduring got educated them out forwarded it that you would for a big hit that caused the award could make it clear. Here's the thing that shocks me -- Gregg Gregg Williams tried to me it's arrogance because of the thought turnover in the NFL eagle from team to team with this would have a free agent -- New Orleans. -- initiated you know St. Louis Rams play into all these guys know that the rams probably gonna bodies out on Drew Brees. I -- get a win that. And that's -- that's where that's where these things all come crashing down and like one managing you went to yet. You know where do you think made you need to develop check. I know what you do it's fine you don't want to make. I Belichick did that and that and then all of the -- amid GDP at the somebody taped up I got bill and it took me an immediate bowed out about it. Did you want to try to round out this fit in amid he would try to do that he wouldn't try to get a stop from them actually noted that day. I didn't hear guys security guy go over to stop the guys from doing it. And ultimately what happened was -- there they got the media they're gonna blow up. Well the other report here for your chatting here Ross is the idea that 2009. They the NFL news has gone on they went to the saints and asked them to stop I -- use as a as an offensive linemen said -- are really deals is going on. On the defense side of the football. You know one FL locker rooms a coaching -- pretty well is there any chance in your mind that Sean Payton. Did not know this is going on under Gregg Williams there and warlords. Well I think there is some chance because you know Greg -- has come out very strongly and as have others saying. You know Joseph Gibbs had no idea what was going on in Washington. But I think the report Julia well indicate that Sean Payton was aware of it. I was not involved. But was aware of it and -- -- a big stop which to me. Probably sounds about right -- you don't realize that you know. -- deep into -- recorded in gently but a lot of freedom it's not like. They are running their own division of the company you know their own. -- owned subsidiary. And a lot that those guys are given tremendous amount of autonomy to do what basically what their side of the ball. It's an interesting story and you've been talked about it ESPN NFL radio we urge you to follow Ross Ross -- NFL. Inject him out at -- big recruiting dot com Ross great inside appreciate the time today in -- the rescue week. There are -- Ross Tucker played for the pats and Redskins and bills joining us here on the eighteenth the hotline -- TT -- LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible so that's an offensive player offered to -- who said. I've no idea to stop was going on and in my -- seven years in and out of the league. Never heard of a bounty system in the NF really separate themselves so much it's still the head coach. It's got to get a pretty good handle on both sides of the ball and as an emailed links painting this stuff as well. Our quick not a second break Jason and Jon all your phone calls at 6177790850. We'll get your phone calls in here and kind of a big day for the patriots yesterday as looks like Wes Welker. Be around for another year mix that in his -- placing a personal. Tim at crack.

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