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Reaction to bounty systems in NFL during media round table

Mar 6, 2012|

D&C react to NFL analysts' comments on the New Orleans Saints bounty system and what the NFL has to do to get these systems out of the way.

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Come on this edition of Dennis and Callahan Brian Billick the former coach will join us at 820 Michael Lombardi our pal from the NFL network at 905 -- has a big. Big announcement at eight all along ball issue our movement yes there are -- everybody's all your all the ball. Straight don't -- -- -- President Bush legacy has nothing to hide I just want I don't and I think it's going to be some story can no middle and let's go -- your connection all the rockets streak -- delivered this morning that because on the mental development thirty or eleven. Yeah. You can pull off. Let's stop to. Charles and Hyde Park before we get to some of this NFL found from mum. Former players have differing opinions on this Charles is in Hyde Park that morning -- Very cool little look look the bottom of the property you are expendable ward and other inappropriate right. But the -- look at comic. -- -- -- It is. Oh good all all in general. Well -- school we would always -- to double its complete if you go to Moscow bureau let them back but of course about the look of the Barack. The look too loose bolt hit what we -- The bigger than in the well repeat that they should go -- complain Obama on the table. All the great -- the capital -- you know get over that Rodgers and all the other. This is the modern day version put a skirt on Jerry when I was in high school we did a lot of stupid things that doesn't justify them and we we played one game. We counted how many kids and the -- team either limped off for carried off. And we and we thought it was great you know that we were knocking them out I mean they were told there was nobody on a stretcher I don't think anybody was paralyzed or dead. But we will beat -- -- to. Why do you think this is such a hot button item for Roger Goodell on the National Football League if they're going to bring the wrath of god done on the New Orleans Saints and Gregg Williams in particular to make sure this never ever happens again. Well look at the open is the real important. Part act like that duke credible the president -- to whip it into the game. You know they don't because it's not all the you would literally on the could be a little locking a little. It's hard in the guard -- Or does the family that so we try to win big today. In the -- listened to -- -- -- that that could apply to look up about what they want in his career. They want to but -- over the intensity only the or it's only optical audio also. In that aren't -- Charles you're wrong you're wrong there are intentionally trying to hurt trying to knock out like literally knock out. The opposing star player. That's not about -- gold -- off of these put on a stretcher or on that card that motorized cart. It's extra money if he's knocked out cold that they get extra money. -- an Olympic trails. The court could read -- on -- help and ESPN's Mike goalie comes down on Charles aside a little bit in terms of what defensive coaches coach and how they each technique and that adding money goal when you what his point of view is steel. There's not a defensive coordinator probably gone down through high school who hasn't uttered that word who has instead let's be vicious let's be fearless let's make the other teams fear us. That's part of football that midcourt put on store was just cleaning his could beat. And I know he feels bad because he heard Stuart I can't just stop it Jeff hostetler with a clean hit. They took them off on a carton was off for six weeks. That's the way it goes you know I I was raised by my father who played football. He said we tackle somebody you run through them it's hard you can like they're not there if it's a clean hit that -- commended for that if they get up great if they don't get up it's not your fault you're playing the game of football. What -- what we're. Focusing on here is the word -- what are we did this and this happens around the league. What happens is is you put money on touchdowns big plays big hits and then added money gets if that person doesn't come back but the that's not to say that players go off and say I'm trying to Maine that person look at porn set and it was a fantastic -- straight up record for a I understand what he's saying we shouldn't be rewarding the -- -- point was a great yet. It was a great hit and that's how you need to plan on the football field. And I we're getting caught up in the word -- by saying. Where -- I think people get the impression were going on the field only with the intent of hurting that person had taken a lot of the game. I can't speak for every player not every is is clean like mortgages but for the most part they are. Because there were games we had bounties on players Bob and we never collected because we never got that good hard clean shot -- did anything so I knew you could have a dirty hit you hit like a play out of the game is. Usually if you want to knock a player out of the game but it was about going out playing good hard -- football and it for you had a guy he didn't return that's the way about. Mike Mike Mike the reason the National Football League the reason the media the reason that the fans are caught up in the word bounty. Is because it's separates and crosses the line from what you described as the way you were taught to play the game playing hard with intensity. Is one thing driving your shoulder -- the guy as you said like he's not even there is one thing. When you add an incentive to try to injure the guy and get him out of the game and that's a whole other thing I I why we are focusing on the work. I I wanna commend goal for being the voice of reason I've heard so many people are against. Good clean football team I -- good intense football I don't want that's just like just wave of people sick. We don't like could claim for religious it's a red entering the canard of course. Everybody's in feet. Or a good football. Mike goalies so in response if it responsibly gold call comes Tedy Bruschi who tried to discern and describe the difference between good. Hard clean football and a -- to give you extra incentive an extra money for trying to injure somebody. I have an injury and then be rewarded for it because you caused bit. I got a problem with that one got a problem -- because then you're thinking about I get paid more because I heard -- and don't say nothing all of that changed it's still at the end of the popular -- Yeah definitely -- know I've heard people in my now if you've ever had in my include Bryant never thought about the money -- about a mound -- and want you guys are just not this guy out. So he gets shouted down by the likes of goal lick and Marcellus Wiley wiley is just so wrong yet he says it doesn't change anything. Here's myself quietly on them the wrong on the motivation situation. You don't make it's a win could this all in but it's not causality we know that -- -- we call it every night when I got everything -- clean game. I cannot say would be any guarantee I would hurt so my. Was there any motivation to get Favre out of that -- FC championship game yes did look different yes Favre said it felt different. How many games that far play in his life he said this. Felt different because he knew there was a round and help him. It was funny because Peter King breaks it down again great show -- and Monday Morning Quarterback making the case that you casino and video. It's different but everybody who remembers that -- They would chase and -- now written a -- economic call false long gone there web kill penalties. I'm not sure do you collect the Bonnie if you heard him on a penalty yet to be news about it a -- fine. Saw that works but -- Marcellus Wiley is. Wrong it changed the way they play it changed their focus. And that's okay -- Williams because it's really important to hurt the other quarterback that pretty much went to the game and if if you knocked out Tom Brady. You win the game if you knocked out Peyton Manning you think Curtis -- has come and and beaten it now knows that. He put that in their mind if they get a penalty so be -- if they. May be missed an assignment or -- so -- it's more important to her the other quarterback and you can see it when you look at these games. From them from that this -- Williams coming in in Washington in in in Houston. Well the Oilers did disguised as a whole career win. Tech titans to when it comes to insight from a four NFL player who returned to gently for the voice of reason gently bring him in -- Moved from the title Romanowski. And accord element of that list I think Ron Amadon. It lends some. Perspective Davis. They have the -- down hard because it needs to leave the game it can't. Be even talked about anymore because what happens here happens in college campuses and high school have been Peewee ball. And so it's gonna be a blitz the league won't make sure that what happens here gets rid of it. For ever -- the intent was institutional from the locker room. From the coaches on the organization. It makes it a blood sport and it changes the whole nature. Of every aspect of what we're talking about. Not hunger games is there's not a blood sport. And and it it don't and it is about intent. And institutional intend to pay people to hurt each other so it makes each hit even though legal. Did -- look completely different -- with now an institutional intent why hurt some quiet so I think it that's why they happen calmed down. Hard because it needs to leave the game it can't. Be even talked about anymore because what happens here happens in college campuses and high school have been Peewee ball and so it's going to be a blip it. The league won't make sure that what happens here gets rid of it for ever. And so that's why they're talk about such severity because. It's not a blood sport if it was headed that way. The league is now pulling it back the other way because they got a market it to the masses so I don't care how do you think of football you can dictate our. It is not a blood sport it's a gentleman's game within the rules and anyone outside the rules you know might as well anybody that second. Somebody does open up fraction of a second late that makes it cheap. Every lineman will laughter every defense -- -- immediately. To defend the quarterback the running back for that cheap shot I didn't get self police but I'm -- if the intent was institutional from the locker room. From the coaches -- the organization. It makes it a blood sport and it changes the whole nature. Up every aspect of what we're talking about. It seems to me the one thing that everybody can agree on Marcellus Wiley is the Bob and the yet Michael looks on one side and in the Tedy Bruschi is in the Steve young's on the other. One thing that everybody seems to agree on is the severity is going to be harsh is going to be. -- prohibitive and is going to be -- eye opening that this is not coming up at gonna leave a mark yet and I'd still look at anybody. Who's ready to jump to Greg Williams defense and aliens lawyers and we have somebody. You know advocating for him but I'm not sure who would his former players like him. But I don't think the renewed about premises out rates -- a year. I love Ron Amadon he is a Smart guy. But it gentlemen yeah that's some little annihilation Coleman's poignancy serious little sport it is a blood sport but. If I stood up in I still think mark muscles while in Angola. Are completely off base here. It took what what Williams did changes the way you played the game in if if he thinks it's OK to have guys. Trying to hurt the other quarterback the stars of the gain trying to hurt the very guys. That could bill is trying to protect. If they think that's just part of the game -- -- -- defense and I can understand this this you know this is that kind of players that might -- his or her summit and replace that to inflict pain to take their heart away that it didn't make them not what's the latest so if you as a linebacker. Go after the quarterback and they did this he handed the ball off Favre and the ball off and they went after him. And the running back goes for like thirty yards and a touchdown targets for a is that what you're supposed to do marshals want to go after the quarterback after he hands the ball -- It was a if if Favre gets rattled and be a good thing if Favre gets injured it's a gripping a Favre can't function very well the second half of the game. About doctor Carlos Kevin Doug -- shot. Brian Billick eight I'm sorry 905. -- Brian -- 820 Mike Lombardi 905. -- big announcement just a little bit entry.

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