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Peter King talks Bountygate and offseason moves in the NFL

Mar 5, 2012|

Mut and Lout talk with Peter and get his stance on Bountygate and what some of the punishments the NFL will hand out to Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints as well as other people involved. He also talks about what players could possibly end up with the Patriots this offseason as well as whether he expects to see Peyton Manning return to the Colts.

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Well -- you make your way through this bounty gate. Scandal that's going to rocked the National Football League make sure you go to. Sports Illustrated's website SI dot com Monday Morning Quarterback he read every week anyway but Peter -- got an extensive breakdown here this morning. With his thoughts on -- negate these -- up the join us here on the eight TT out like eighteenth tee four GL TE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible -- we talked and Red Sox fits starter right Peter -- about eight and in the states. Murder her. You what do -- thoughts and moderate you Monday Morning Quarterback it's in the -- happy bought all of us. But question is how far they go with that I mean this is just sucked that it wants us to deal with the -- Do we go back to Washington buffalo Tennessee -- the players involved that are currently NFL now face suspension. I think some guys on the saints some players are gonna get suspended yeah I think Jonathan -- very likely get suspended. You know for his role and its partners are confidential and -- document. That I took possession of that it basically says that. It'll walk for 101000 in cash. For anybody who would not let our -- -- And so I think. Basically. You know this thing not just -- and who is greatly action on take you. Out of those three guys Peter you looked at at the exclusive document the wrote about today it SI dot com you talked to your people is one of those three guys Williams Loomis or patent. In your mind the guy who is going to get at worst from Roger Goodell the National Football League. I'd be very surprised if Williams didn't get it the worst. I mean especially now that it's coming out that. In buffalo and Washington and for all we know -- -- replaces these coached easing through its search and found a system. Yeah he may have done it everywhere any name out Woolsey. But. I think. You know. On Saturday night. -- -- You know they've got that down south. Oh and I'm sure that you made it. To believe so I think that. He's probably going to get hit harder. Any of those three -- They are all going to be. They're all going to be under some. Under pressure from the only without question acting at all. Under goal. -- if not certainly not undergo they'll all be subject to severe penalty. What does Tom Benson do -- Mickey Loomis. Let the record. I don't know the answer that saints have been radio silent. Over the last three days a very short cryptic statement I thought -- -- -- There but clearly you have to wonder when these guys can take all. If you -- the right gut feeling here Lou I think he's not gonna fire eagle on. Because. I -- that -- believe. From what I am told. That it's as the work of one little football coach. And -- I should've had more institutional control arm and didn't and -- -- remembered it will. This should be like in 1967. And August -- talking about that that the Williams then. And Carl Yastrzemski were embroiled in a scandal -- he would say. I'm not doing anything with these guys as the first time I've been apparently haven't spot. And I think it's something that -- competent and he. It -- chocolate -- has gotten him. Two Super Bowl contention by eight. You eat you know -- -- putting Drew Brees in this in this great offense for him. And by building this terrific offense so. -- would be very surprised. -- of its own volition. He ends up decorator eager Peyton Portland in the shouldn't say very surprised I would be surprised. No one really knows how to read but I I I think that he probably will not vote. I think a lot of this sounds stupid to me as a as a fan Peter that view allows to go on for so long to Gregg Williams and not believe you gonna get caught but the part that. I can't get past is the report that two years ago essentially right that the league. Said two incidents over the same tape we know this is going on please stop it and I to believe that Williams was dumb and up after that point. Not to stop that practice the league was apparently hot on their tail for this. That it's. One of the things are really wonder at this point two. Output. Clearly the NFL after the 2009. Season. Felt that at some significant evidence. That I mean look quite fabric our current war. And that they were running as if that -- player who get paid off the books. In some cases the vehicle like in the thousands of dollars per make big plays in the game. And they went down or near the pill they're at it in defense of -- They went down in our great William they would damage interviewed. At least one player. And it would -- at night tonight -- at the -- a look solid. But they pull them from that we believe it should go on a stop to it. According to the and it felt that simple little doubt you'd better make sure it is going on. And according to -- and I felt it ever -- anything about it. -- Would happen again you're right you have to say. Why in the world. Aren't people paying enough attention because clearly. They -- all they want which is why me. It's always on Italy is basically the -- Benson. -- that they're basically saying that. Think about it for a second. In AL. I loved the opinion that I'm off the accompanying its its like it by -- or the ball sharply at all. Well if I'm on pay off. And at the net and put competent as. You know I can't patent -- I think could be -- A little bit more to blame and that's why I think that. You know it's also don't want competent or. You know that's that's I was asked you before what -- and -- relationship because if that's the case and he -- do anything with little missile patent. Kind of makes it look like he turned a blind eye to Alter or does -- do it in a Mickey -- to make these analysts and -- you know the same stuff I didn't. You can tell you that my impression from being I think -- lot. Really and -- out there I mean if you remember what they -- -- -- -- bush. Remember I would -- habitat for humanity -- -- -- month after Katrina. Habitat for humanity. Outlook on eight and George Bush in the -- the United States I mean. They're electing a lot in the last few years. And competent and it's not quite elderly as political it will what would go on in the in the media. I mean he'd have the president around the scene. That a guy like Bob Kraft as. -- -- you know that. If -- opt I think our team meeting that factored into either. I just simply to I do think that. That Benson who obviously -- gains it is in the building a lot and having him gone present that that a lot of owners. Peter for spy gate it was half million dollar fine for -- check quarter million dollars for the patriots and a draft pick should saints fans be prepared. Braced deeper. Penalty against their team for this. I believe Mike Ditka. You know I wrote this in the magazine first story that we -- I believe. This penalty. Is going to approximating. Cloture. The Alex care all -- Year long they can in 1960 treat for gambling. It is going to be quote to. You spiky penalties that the -- Our whole light Green looks nobody more people involved. And I think a lot more people are going to be penalized I don't know that any but he you're gonna get suspended per year. If anybody would be Williams right. Eat you know -- -- at this point. It's going to be -- let him -- severe fighting. How quickly do you think this'll come down Peter the ruling from the league. Two weeks of south that's correct call I would expect something. Before the NFL -- who league leading. Three weeks from yesterday. -- the league mess around anything -- say the draft -- refer you may take their franchise tag wait maybe cut their salary cap figure anything like that. I doubt it yet. I'm I think they see that the suspension. And draft choices and I didn't. Are going to be enough and I think they probably. Probably won't go beyond that but again. Lucas so unprecedented that I can't hurry I don't I don't know what I don't know doctors to go in a bit like a note that. I'm fairly sure it's going to be a lot worse for the saints despite seeing what the patriot. In your talks with people around the league Peter is -- a sense of shock or is it a sense of what some of the players took -- said Warner and Brett Favre. Hey I'm not surprised that the discos on NFL locker rooms. Not as the shock. At all -- by a tenth of that. That that a lot of a lot of people a lot of players. Feel like. People paid for the pro -- I mean it's so difficult to -- by one coach. Then look at clearly accepted practice. -- at a minimum salary special teams guy. Make -- -- -- hit and forced a fumble seventeen yard line. You don't that the -- out -- cut out that a lot of things have a system in place that. -- team meeting next week he's gonna get 250 care. And that clearly -- can violations with the NFL rules but I don't believe it at the kind of the the kind of thing that would've been engendered much outrage. You know it up. If it lets you walk and -- It you know 08 minute one -- he gets 250 dollar bonus for making a huge interception against the jets are -- I don't know that anybody can feel like that you know lock up the patriots have to -- -- But when you talk about offering somebody offered players 101000 dollar in net. Could not help legendary players like Kurt Warner brick. And two entry intentionally injure them. That is in everybody's. It just wondered today's the F franchise tag deadline I wonder if you've been surprised by it it's happened so far and you expect any surprises here today. What are you surprised by -- who sang. -- the eyes -- and 43 million because. They could have added him as very strict it create -- -- an unrestricted free agent next year. They couldn't they can protect them both sides and kept them. For a lot less money than what they an absence of guaranteed. -- -- -- twenty million bucks in the contract I think that if they tremendously. Positive side for sort of -- cohesion. And you know treating your players currently -- terrific who you know it basically averaged ninety Idearc rushing -- You know in -- -- it's 29 start. And and and really -- performed tremendously. He clearly one of the top 234 -- certainly. And -- protect and prepare now what that means -- mean is they clearly. Let Mario Williams takes action -- what everybody thinks he's gonna get. That means that Mario Williams and now going to be out on the market. I wrote this morning. In my opinion I think patriots thought he. As the absolute brilliantly particular financial tires on Mario Williams because. He can -- so many different places. I'm -- defense. I -- -- keep -- in very low the patriots. You can't see it and studio Peter but Lou just did a car Wilkes that's his guy we did the free agent stuff couple weeks ago he was let's get by Mario Williams might -- The only problem here. -- -- a look at and I -- ambulance from memory I think Julius Peppers like years and ninety yen the highest upper. If you look at that any movie he hasn't fully to that level will sell it fine Bill Belichick. And you know it Mario Williams. You have saint Peter Bill Belichick ought to mean I really didn't even know. It may be able to go to. Picnic scene you know it would -- eight and -- three million dollars -- -- -- if you're if you're if -- Mario Williams. And patriots are you a thirteen million a year. A long term deal with -- guarantees. You got an event I mean who wouldn't if you -- defensive player there wouldn't want Bill Belichick and not having any say. I'm. There's a little while he couldn't talk about Mario Williams. So I don't know what you think maybe they left country whoever signed. To make you relax if he -- -- to go to the patriots but. My feeling is if you're really -- defensive player and you'll wanna BP in the playoffs every year. What are your best chance right now my feeling -- your best chance right now it's go -- a -- Peter get John has come Thursday's Peyton Manning still at the -- I doubt it I mean. What is what's the change and the 15% I don't know if you're sick get emotional whatever but. I think meaning is really look -- toward the future because they get it because -- -- colts. That Ricky playing with a American at least I repealing. May not happy year curse on them may have to meet EU is. A budget newness they weren't BP goes let's say to Washington. To buy in mean maybe -- Seattle. All those places are very very open to re creating what the cat in Indianapolis. I think Reggie Wayne maybe even go after peer although in Miami are certainly that would happen. But so I mean if if -- if I mean inning I think you've got you as much chance to create. Something good for the next two or three years somewhere elsewhere Indianapolis. Peter is always great stuff we appreciate it we look for talking against him. You are the best irregular guide her football your nice enough to hop on. On a big football Monday's Peter King SI SI dot com is on the eighteenth -- hotline AT&T -- LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink Parnell and Williams.

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