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Don Banks discusses the Bounty situation in the NFL

Mar 5, 2012|

They guys talk with Don about the story surrounding the New Orleans Saints putting bounties on opposing players and how it affects the leagues rules on legal and illegal hits and eliminating them from the game.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan as we continue our discussion of Bob -- -- which I think is gonna get much bigger before it gets a much smaller joining us on the AT&T hot line. Don banks from Sports Illustrated AT&T forgy LTE was -- up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible good morning mr. B how are you today. Well -- would you agree as a jumping off point here on bounty gate that when Bill Polian and David deal one NFL network and and and pretend to be stunned and shocked and amazed. The bounty system existed in the National Football League. They are not exactly being truthful. Yeah I would say they're they're they're being a little. Disingenuous. I was stunned or shocked I thought the -- in the Brett in this it was surprising and about the fact that it was. They went on as long as it did it was so established that a coach would be is great and that's great Williams was. In the strange. Shattered in great defensive meetings because there's so much you know there's there's some movement and player movement -- these days politics. It warned end up on -- on -- it's -- about opponent and then talk conducts. That's what surprised me that it would be so organized. I saw a lot of teams probably have something loosely based on this idea well -- think that he went further. Maybe -- it was casual and brazen because he got to -- with -- along in buffalo and Washington and New Orleans and was probably going to implement it in saint louis' well. Didn't get caught that draw you will casual because they have been doing this for years nobody said a word. Yeah absolutely huge start to believe that the rules don't apply to you in the Q and you'll -- caught because you never have gotten caught and I think. That and think I used to work hubris on Twitter is a -- to describe it does seem to be. Certainly an element of that because I think Brentwood and they're convinced himself this is -- animal obviously his programs so to speak. And he had its successfully transported out through four different for -- as the. Would that give us your guests. And on on on punishment for patent. Williams and Loomis do you think Loomis survives the day. I'd Friday it would. Story broke -- -- Loomis was in the most trouble because he's she's atop the chain of command and then and he'd basically lied to -- owner that he would fix that he'd like to delete initially that it existed. I told by somebody in the lead Lumix. Is likely to get religion and -- read that is he's likely to basically. Own up to it apologize for Leslie has just done I think in elite guys stonewalling is going to make this worse. My sense is that Sean Payton is actually. Holding out the largest in terms as the stonewalling. And I think Williams is still in line for the -- the most severe penalty I would not be surprised to see isn't. In suspension for -- I think after the little mission patent com. Q3. It's a mortar and who really could depend on how they respond. To delete. Has as the body of evidence and if they continued to deny I think it's going to be worse. About players will Vilma. Get suspended. He's in line for something because he seems to group. And become the player first of volatile notable -- just. And Roger Goodell ceased to be against. Players' safety in any way or wrong the wrong time to -- the wrong side of that issue. Is there any doubt in your mind that this is such a hot button topic for the National Football League and Roger Goodell. But the full weight and and and and impact of his Amber's gonna come -- I -- worst spy gate and Bill Belichick in the finding of an -- the patriots. I think it's going to be worse problem I think again because of the players' safety issue it flies in the face so that makes a mockery of that. He doesn't have to be consistent to the change your sense of the world. They're watching plus there's so much litigation guys against simply right now in terms of former players. And the concussion issue. They can't afford to go soft on this issue that it will look. You know and in total contradiction to what he said about the emphasis on -- -- -- lot of -- a lot of moving -- involved in the story. We're talking -- Don banks from Sports Illustrated gone as far as you know as of this morning what had Sean Payton popped to. As far as I know I don't think you can't get any. I. Got the sense on Friday that. Is is. And denials were pretty steady. To I hate. That's -- I don't think he's worried about this but I think you beat them degree. More so than he is now. I think quicker wouldn't do it mitigates. Some of the impact and considering didn't they knew it was wrong even as they were doing it tensions have been disk and it. I think Mickey -- probably gonna come out. Because at some point and say something like -- you know mr. mentioned was who was really working for a lost track of that. And I didn't do my duty. I'm anxious to see you wouldn't want shot patent filing makes a statement or it's gonna sound like. You know. As far as taken draft actually we know the patriots fans -- little paranoid to think everyone's out to get them in the league. So that they -- they'll take the saints' first round pick away even though -- the patriots. Will they also picked the second third -- us. I don't know and I think it's a really it's a it's a pop matrix that they're probably gonna put together on the on the penalty front. -- -- decent -- which could definitely involved. -- in particular patriots. First round pick there's no way they're -- question other team besides New Orleans. They'll find a way to our New Orleans is an interesting thing here guys and now that. Other teams -- surfaced that workers weren't as bad. How do you punish teams you know where he had a retroactive situation yours and yours back that's going to be a really tricky slippery slope. They can't there's -- -- climbed on the tiger better right where it goes but they can't. Com -- -- ridiculous contract the panel to analyze you know that the titans Oilers organization from the late ninety's as something that's -- -- it's a little greatly. Our dollar retro active punishment aside should other team's current teams in the National Football League and their coaches be sweating profusely about this that they've had one of these in place. Again I think. They are saying let them -- buffalo players came out said that it would content that sir there. Organizations are probably where the players loosely something organized. I don't know that there's going to be a lot of instances where thirteen at the saints had which has. And a program put in place but one highly paid high profile defensive coordinator here and known about by the had coached the general manager and covered up by just think she just didn't it. The patriots case and as spike anywhere that everybody doesn't everybody get. But some teams might do about it. I don't know but England took it to the extent that New England did in our case and I would doubt in military took excepted or overstated his case. We'll probably just the team's Gregg Williams coach and which is like half the teams in the league. But then Washington disbanded there's afterward and left because they're -- -- new defense coordinator didn't care for the program so I mean I think it. Really here's a remnant -- would Buddy Ryan aero which greatly changed clearly that -- -- Turks. Brought into the league as well and I think there are other teams are probably had. Example of this I just don't know the police gonna find any thing that at this. This type of organization to the New Orleans. I guess if I -- coach or defensive coordinator for another team and I've got a loosely based maybe not with the infrastructure that the world zen thing in place. -- -- open Roger Goodell what -- what what will really satisfy human terms of a pound of flesh will be getting out in front of justice Gregg Williams thing and making such an example of him and in Orleans saints. But that's enough from PR standpoint that that's -- the National Football League is looking for do you think they -- -- what I think they wanna expose I don't -- number seven other teams that are doing this decide Gregg Williams team. I don't think they were pulled. Her ego but I think he realized that they have to be applicable here and they can't just turn a blind side. So did the two older developed and often enough and find out about it I think that's part of the privileges back in New York today before interest of the commissioner. I think some some way either eating -- clean and say. I did this in other cities because he thought perhaps no need to go there until challenged on that or they'd. Some well unbelievably didn't say is that six and a -- did you start this sort of sitting. They wanna find out I think how organized perhaps it was an industry cities -- -- I've before -- we look to go Don a quick patriot question here give us a name was most likely to be there outside receiver if they go. To replace -- on to replace you know Taekwondo under Underwood. They need a guy we know the list is long we know this stars on the greasy as the best fit here. -- I think he's I think Brandon Lloyd makes the most sense. I mean he is he's obviously -- the track record with Josh McDaniels I still think. Look for also hadn't done even though the rams have interest in retaining him. Com he's the patriot by the end of the option. At -- questions -- on speaking of a price Tapeh. Who do you think is willing to mortgage the farm to get RG three who's who who has the most -- will do it. Cleveland has the most. Cachet to get it done the most political candidate most capital go to spend mr. happen. I'll bet you Washington is the most motivated. Because most desperate because she can handle -- to win. And I think they'll probably end up giving the biggest package and cleat on a book conservatively. Don't start and put it in Washington it. The number six going up to number two. Excellent the a fun to watch this thing play out -- banks from Sports Illustrated thanks for the time thanks for the race always a pleasure Don. Don banks who doesn't Callahan on AT&T -- AT&T Ford GL TE speeds up to ten times after the three G. AT&T rethink possible about. Back to your phone calls -- imports were built in Rhode Island and Pete Kendall will join us at nine all five.

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