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Rob Bradford, WEEI.com, Joins Dale and Kirk to Talk About Bobby V's Philosophy on Setting the Lineup

Mar 4, 2012|

When the lineup was released for today's Grapefruit League opener against the Twins, Dale, Kirk and callers were a little confused about Pedroia leading off and Ellsbury batting second. Rob Bradford was at Bobby V's pregame presser, and the message was clear - get used to it. Rob discusses Valentine's philosophy on setting the daily lineup and how he is not afraid whatsoever about making constant changes depending on the opposition and the numbers.

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Let's let's go down to Fort Myers and a bring in rob Bradford from WEEI dot com -- I don't. Oh I get -- -- hold on rob don't go anywhere. On the right but hey rob I don't. Good great great Bobby bell contract are so look you guys earlier in the day in and I heard you but -- being lies. Pedroia might be hitting leadoff and Ellsbury at second but we have -- like. And I ultimately came up with he's just messing with me. I hope that that was -- did that and I think he used actually contemplating giving Pedroia for. Sitting Ellsbury second for the put a lot of thought today went as it is -- Carpenter and then one thing. Some away away is it not to be afraid to -- around the lineup. A lot depending on who they're facing him. You reference hitting hitting a lefty in the number two spot how that might work outs in the gut and dynamite like that a lot better. And you know obviously when you're talking about moving guys around a lot. One of the concerns you have it if you move Pedroia there if you start take. Taking market is very you'll basically I have no problem with that that the come down to communication. Having the players understand their role that they don't have to change. But he's not good sacrifice. Not having the best lineup to score runs against that particular competition that day event that the pro -- and don't be surprised if he. So when you say that though I mean is he saying that if there's anything close to a set lineup for this team and I understand he's saying this can be some some switching going around but there's a set. Close again to a set line -- as saying that's gonna be Detroit or first Ellsbury -- -- Detroit -- at first you know more games and not the season. No I don't think we'll let support amount -- very good if that lineup. Social debate all the pet to. -- depend on who they're facing every time. I read it really is and that's basically what you say. And and -- maybe you pay you know up starting and it could Droid lead I don't think it'll be up but by. Know I have to and the question. It -- you that he is they're all yeah I even think about why you that question might be. And obviously because you know -- ice that lead up and Pedroia effective the -- you're talking about last year. And so clearly looked at saying well that you don't understand it hasn't -- this is going to be the same opinion and it went on out lying about -- -- -- -- line -- and I get ready for the philosophy. He is that. You shouldn't have a lineup he can dissect it do or die in certain spot you should have a lot of formulated cook because of who to reclaim that -- what particular again. I think that there are some players that this doesn't matter elect to and I think Dustin Pedroia is one of them as he said I I heard Monday and see says I'll -- no matter where they have. I think there's some players this does matter to does Bobby think that's the case. While there are no question I have to because it was Pedroia earlier in his career didn't matter that you're never admit it by. When he Uga put in the three spot you tried to hit with more power we didn't put put the leadoff spot he tried to take more pitches. Now I think you get older players -- -- these openers and that you don't necessarily have to change that that didn't. But you're right I mean I picked it up and down in Bobby's done by communicating these guys -- Let's let me seeing the lineup you'll have to change and I if you go up and down a lot of it might affect the -- I couldn't tell you right now. About the elderly get up that old Barry hit it pretty much. It'll lead off. That are most of his career so if you hit him in the number news but we'll have to be conversation about rookie Jacoby. And Hilliard at number you mean you a lot of fitness buildup. Feel that mean you're out that -- doubt it out of bonds you just keep being in the players you have to be I think there will be some conversations like that that happened yet. Is this really in direct contrast shrub with Francona mean number one it is is. Sticking points all the time was our lives at its best winter Kobe -- -- effectively off. Yet on -- I apple and thinks don't come back let that worry that it right. There that would last year they didn't and I picked up an evil what he thought about it. You don't want that Baker's job is to make. Pick there's the uncomfortable people more comfortable in the comfortable people uncomfortable. And so I hate I don't think he -- into the hole hey you know a player helped him. It I really really like it inspires awe I really don't like it in the lead off spot. I think when it comes to what you going to do he's gonna sit down with -- explain why you want to do what you want to do. And then -- -- -- I hope they keep it away in the feeling much Franco. Given that the controversies too strong term but the little back and forth that you seen with Bobby Valentine Terry Francona and this and that. Is it possible that Bobby Valentine's trying too hard to separate. This year from last year that. That this is an instance where you don't really have to mess with Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia 'cause they're pretty good where they work but I'm gonna do it just 'cause it's not last year. Lottery what he says when he says things like. You'll that was last year clearly that. Didn't you veiled way of saying yeah we're turning the page and don't -- last year we don't do anything different. But in regards to going out of his way to be different from Terry Francona. I just think you different and Terry Francona I think he had different philosophy that they use different way of looking upping what did you see if that's the way it worked with this group. Or not we don't know that. But I don't think that it was this is a -- I think -- who yet been and that was why when he was hired a lot of people say hey you know I. It worked before with -- for a total watch do you feel like you have to change what is a completely different type of guys can go. Mean it it's about why that is practiced about. Philosophy about personnel to use bout approached about media out at. So this is yet another example how things are different and I didn't expect organically. Well I wonder how. Carl Crawford theory gets in the field. We'll think about this and he spent -- the first week of spring training kind of making his case why wants it higher in the order and I you've got Valentine saying well you know it's apparent on this this in this. So the keys and he moved around just like everybody Yeltsin and -- -- world and what are his reactions going to be. Yeah like cricket it and I think it does come down to communication that you have to sit down these guys. You have to say and you know you might not like you obviously but this was linemen do what we do. I remember Pierre drew barely. Charity thing that's where it went well and he went on and on about the value the numbers seventh spot. And we're thinking well he's indirectly talking about how crop he would do is sit down Carl Crawford is that this is why hitting seventh isn't all that that. And you know we came away from that we know what makes some sense you have to have those same conversations with the -- if -- Dustin Pedroia -- wanted to at least up. You know what this is why I want you to leave. Because I guess it is pretty obvious at this press conference he said -- what he's played it there and it didn't make some sense whether -- I don't know. But at least you can give the reason and then go from there. Well we all know what's step two was going to be in that'll happen after the exhibition game today you're gonna go to Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury and -- -- where you hit the lineup. There what do you think they'll say they're gonna say it doesn't matter to absolutely and that may not be true. Outlaw absolutely got picked up correctly I think with the draw it really doesn't matter a being he'd gotten older over. You know what at whatever insecurity there are alterations he's got to make about moving up that a lot of -- He's done so much out very. All we want to be -- now. It's been threatening because now that you -- little bit more power a little bit more punch will he be moved out will he would contemplate being moved down a little bit. Toward the middle the order I don't know -- get -- -- really -- -- them but it all up and down. You can get the Patriots of these guys that we don't care whatever is best with you about the impetus hole in your -- -- Is that -- were going to be on their best behavior and what -- vote and everywhere at the Buick you know whatever the top Bobby government wants to. -- we appreciate the update thanks for the info will be reading your stuff on WEEI dot com. Take Cairo rob Bradford reporting in from Fort -- so apparently. He's not just messing with a -- actually thinking about the possibility. Now we have -- say this -- now you have to say the pollen count times knots as you said it was -- Yeah I do think it's not I I don't ask -- I I understand in theory what he say. It's been my experience following players through the years this matters to them more than they will lead them then they will let more than it probably should you're right I mean Boy Scouts like him and -- them numbers and -- -- -- -- you have a higher OB PO PS is -- here they've -- -- that they -- -- -- Crawford doesn't wanna -- That last reaction agreed here. Hitting -- -- that these guys don't want to hear those things -- things -- get tough sell I agree. I think it did in -- Pedroia -- case it probably doesn't matter I really think he is wired a little differently than most. Yeah I think it Ellsbury is case it does matter. And I don't think you'll be happy hitting second. Those times when Bobby Valentine wants to hit him second he'll say all the right things he'll do all the right things. I think it'll affect him. And why would you take a chance on affecting you were to talk about first second mean you know who knows what will happen after that that's the other thing yeah.

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