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Dale and Kirk React to "Bounty-Gate" -- What is a Suitable Punishment for Gregg Williams and the Saints?

Mar 4, 2012|

Dale and Kirk discuss the huge story/scandal that broke over the last few days regarding Gregg Williams and others taking part in paying players extra cash rewards in return for injuring opposing players. Their are obvious moral and health issues here, but Dale brings up the fact that it is also a huge salary cap issue. Does Gregg Williams get suspended...for a whole year? Dale and Kirk both think the Saints will also be fined and lose draft picks.

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Just real quickly the lay this out for you before we get right into the calls and I promise this segment we will get right to the calls. You've got a situation. Looming in the National Football League which is ugly right now but may get much uglier. This concerns an investigation by the National Football League into Gregg williams' defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints. And the saints program that they had in place in effect a bounty program. The reports are that the players on the team. Somewhere between 22 and 27 players on the team defensive players pulled a bunch of money. And in effect put a bounty out now some of it was was first simple things like interceptions. And you get an exception here will give you a thousand bucks. Not that big -- deal in those cases. But supposedly there was a bounty program in place for injuring opposing players. I you go to the playoff game Minnesota Vikings in the New Orleans Saints and some of the shots that Brett Favre took in that game and reportedly Brett Favre was. Target a player -- part of this bounty program that the National Football League -- put in place. At issue here is not hitting players in the NFL at issue here is not trying to injure players in the NFL because I gotta be honest with the I think that kind of do that every play and her. I mean. You may not going to that would be expressed intent of knocking a guy out of the game. But in effect that's what -- doing every play. Sure that's not that's not we're debating were debating years. Roger Goodell who has made player safety. His baby here from the start. Facing dozens of lawsuits here concussion related stuff we've learned over the past decade or so how. Rough these concussion effects on these guys. You have saints players basically with. The escorted Gregg Williams running running about the shipping in his own money. Trying to put players on stretchers and carried them out of the gains. It -- off what sounds like Washington. There's history and that's where right thing Gregg Williams has got issues -- or if this investigation. Was simply. New Orleans. Handle and and look they've talked Gregg Williams is part of this investigation and Gregg Williams either told them. You know this the only place ever -- and I did it here I was stupid I was wrong ansari and or he told them the truth. Which is that I -- did it in buffalo and oh by the way out into the Washington. What it would appear that he didn't say that. It would appear based on newspaper reports out of both the nation's capital and Buffalo, New York that he had the exact same programs in place. And didn't bothered -- held -- National Football League that when they were investigating his crimes in -- That's where Roger Goodell but he's gonna come down on the saints like a ton of bricks anyway Peter King has speculated on SI dot com. But the punishment will be at least equal to if not greater. And the punishment suffered by the patriots for -- Schechter said worse Morton said since it worse and -- chuckling it's worse and so are you looking at as bad or worse and should. If you absolutely should had no problem at all. He said willing should be suspended for a year well if -- in fact lied to the NFL during the course of the investigation Goodell gonna sit him out. I got to start lead after the start playing without shot -- about the news. His body steam it's -- -- -- 101000 dollars in court are on hold on any. About it. It's funny too because Sean Payton is pretty universally beloved among football fans in the NFL I don't I've never heard too much negative about Sean Payton and I don't know anything negative about John Payton right. But there's a certain perception of -- being good guy and he's kind of skating on this thing a little bit well I don't think his claims -- the -- -- the -- Elegantly Mickey Mickey Loomis general manager -- about it the owner reportedly told him to tell the coaches to stop at a stop to do that -- Bentsen. Allegedly. I mean you've got you've got a rash of things -- to meet. Looking at -- -- to say. The throat the punishment is top had six weeks at least a year and a Peyton we'll get suspended again -- multiple first tropics I think the fines are going to be at least equal. It to the patriots by at least the mean essentially get the scorching -- and have a death penalty the saints get the -- -- has to be consistent this has been his thing you have ownership. Coaches basically giving him in sync screw you -- though we're not -- phone's policy in their -- lies about Tim has got -- element you have to. And the reason he's gonna come down as hard as he is on the saints I'll give you two words that will tell you why. I'm just using this as an example James Harris. James Harrison who has been a multi time transcripts are in the eyes of the National Football League has been fine six figures at a time. He's gonna say it will -- I did things wrong and you and killed before. And you're gonna let Sean Payton Gregg Williams and Mickey Loomis Thomas spent -- you let them skate. He can. He he can't be the sheriff of the National Football League the way he as. Unless he comes down very hard on this team this is one of these moments recent press draw lines in the -- in DC this is. This is never gonna happen again you know why it's never happen again because I'm going -- saints publish them. The people who think it's should be punished like crazy it's worse than that set the line right there you destroy the -- that doesn't happen again. When the patriots got socked for spike. They got socked his heart as they did not because of the cameras on the sidelines pointing at the jets coaches. They got socked because they did it in the aftermath of the National Football League putting out a memo to every club saying you can't do this. And affect the patriots at screw you we're gonna do it anyway that's why they got clobbered. Same thing applies here -- Benson told -- can't do what anymore it didn't stop. Why do you think Benson told -- because Roger Goodell went to Thomas Benson the owner of the saint and said. This is over and this and they kept doing it anyway. I think Sean Payton may ultimately supper gamer too and I think he can get suspended for -- -- two -- you have to cast that have to do that no question. Now. They will not lose their first round pick this year. -- pages faster -- -- as you -- on their first round pick this year. So they aren't given up their first round pick from this year to the patriots. They're gonna lose their first round pick next year. And it may be more than that but they're gonna they're gonna dollar minimum no question. So this is gonna affect the New Orleans Saints for a significant amount of time. There's only one entity in this whole thing that I sort of feel sorry for the St. Louis Rams. Yet -- -- -- -- they hired this guy I will assume for the sake of our discussion that they didn't know what he'd been due wing. And how would that I'm gonna assume that they hired him you know with the best of faith and bring him in he's gonna run our defense to a great job like -- New Orleans all let's stop. And they're gonna pay a price here that they don't deserve to -- -- promises. Rick Williams and Jeff Fisher back they go back out of -- which other it's hard for me to believe dale. It the way players talk currently -- coaches talk currently it's hard for you -- Jeff Fisher did note Greg doings in three different feels he might if you're right eating and acquiring him likely. But out but I will say this. I think you're -- he gets suspended for a year they're gonna pay a price that they didn't do anything wrong that's fair yeah I agree that and it's gonna unfortunately affect them. For quite some time let's get calls -- -- 6177790850. Toll free 888. 5250850. Verizon cellphone users recall pound WEEI and you can text us. Whenever you like 85850 is the text on you guys have all lined up there as well. And in fact one of them says guys can someone please zoom out the webcam all I can see if half of -- space and the top of his computer. We actually did that on purpose it's to be honest with -- it was a bid gives up. That's in my culture well and it was kind of on a philosophical decision we may hear this you know we go sort of pop art. Let's get to the calls gyms in Richmond Virginia hey Jim I need to. They are going to guys doing great thanks. But yeah I know I'm really got it that'd do apple switch -- -- we're just laying out all the stuff. I -- go read the hockey at include built now because you're involved with the Bruins do you think that my question is with the rest going down. On the -- we don't know the injury. -- they seem start having a lot of injuries build up do you think that one is the most critical. Injury. -- made it a Kirk made a great point that that realistically once you've got the start of the playoffs you probably weren't gonna see much of Tuukka Rask anyway. So so it you know once you get to the playoffs not as big an issue. It's a huge issue for the month of march where -- games are coming fast and furious. You don't want Tim Thomas to play as much as he's now probably gonna have to play and it could affect the team in that regard. They don't have anybody for one. One I read they don't have anybody really in Providence that can even step. You know they did -- they do Anton -- Oden would be the guy who would be here now he's out at the moment with a wrist injury I mean night. I'm not involved with a program in Providence I don't know the extent of the injury I just nobody's out ironically when they played a couple of nights ago. Could -- without the wrist injury Hutchinson was out 'cause he was sick. They were in effect playing their third string goaltender in Providence in that game Hutchinson is fine he'll back up today but. I mean I'd be curious to see what -- bulletins injury situation as it was -- out a day or two is he out three weeks I don't know what it what it is. We don't really know what -- Within injury is to be beginning BO for a week two weeks three weeks right all right are you going collectors -- he. The and they've gone but you know if you visit -- and as you know as everybody said it was the best. One to pay them going through. Would goaltending. So I was curious told that Warren and then I'm I'm sure you got the touch pro touch party on the old baseball and the -- me. Adding a wild card person. He got there yet known -- that I I disagree with -- but I you know I I'd like. They hear you guys -- -- -- that I wanna hear more. Just golf thanks Jim I ask this for from Jamaica's -- if you look at the Bruins you -- I guarantee you completely healthy grass or complete the port. The season -- important. Mean I -- your wrist that he would be playing right going to grab these queries of injuries he would have to be. -- absolutely but I understand for the terms of the regular season -- is concerned but this is the -- concern that that's -- -- well in India's only if you have to play Thomas much more than you want to share this month so that he's not. At optimum strength going into the playoff run come April yeah.

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