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Andrew Ference talks cars and hockey

Mar 2, 2012|

The guys talk with Andrew about the moves the Bruins made at the trade deadline, Claude changing up the lines a bit and whether there might be more changes to come as they head into the homestretch of the season.

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Our Friday conversation with Andrew Ference has brought to you by Verizon files that network ahead and -- subway eat fresh Andy joins us on the AT&T hot lied. AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times after the three GAT and T rethink possible. -- and how hockey players are how we know hockey players -- tougher -- Even football players the patriot gets hurt they won't come on the air the next day now if LeBron gets hurt right on time of mourning in. How are you. But it hurt. Police now know there and you talk much about your injury right. -- you. Are our works pretty cryptic I guess -- especially important. So so who tells you what you're allowed to say Amy does does does the coach say something to you or what the rules -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the rules -- -- -- -- and -- -- get -- They are. All -- about set. It it you know if you're gonna miss any games. -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't sound like you're in a lot of pain your I'll sell you Michael drugged up. Well on the street -- hurt mean it's it's slick or saying the means editor. Is it was as if they earn. It back out there. So I mean I don't know I've let that -- -- a deal and it sucks and you know we're a better. You know yesterday was the sort -- -- not a bad one. Yesterday was the -- coast to victory for the Bruins. In -- It was Justin Bieber eighteenth birthday no no. You watch or not new to daughter you know what he got for his birthday. So I that the world record at the world yesterday. I got my interest here order interior. The major fiscal karma. Six -- her. Well of course it is certainly. But public brown degree or. Flashy -- gray. -- Market that's part of. So this is an electric sports card you plug in. How long is the court I mean do you get to drive like they're farm with a. -- -- it is that it operating. You're from. That is itself some is it's it's it's a bigger view of earth from promote unity. Was there a waiting list to get this car. Yeah I let Carter go for your hero -- you get it. Or go home and do you use it isn't like your primary vehicle. Guess renewed every day of it and today I think I'm getting as a prior -- -- think -- particular groups that are. And and how long to get to go on the charge. Probably the first fifty miles. Is all lecture and then after that there's definitely. Well after that used that destroying the earth. -- popularity even that the captain and look at the -- 35 or block -- got. And how fast -- ago. -- 125 -- Is that a little pick up to it. -- it goes salt for food electric engines it it it's got a lot of -- How many doors how many seats. Four course. Forceful about both cursed that are in its inaugural school. So it's it's actually exit it felt like -- all the front wheels a rear wheel -- -- leader Mir will. You don't think unless we went crappy day. I think that our alt rocker -- and there is silent when you when you lost a lot when you're an electric mode. Yeah award for -- are what they did was put some extra little external speaker because Lanka. Pedestrians or order. Q pumped about it. Also Europe people or with an apparent so -- -- acutely little external speakers that they -- this almost Tron Star Trek. You're gonna -- garlic. The trees that are important. And how much the coast. A guy you got me interest and I'm thinking of picking up a couple. My Andrews. Who were burned and is a fully loaded. -- older -- pretty much yeah laments. Rusty rusty Jones and decoding. Not those you know I actually order. It's useful -- is environmentalists. And -- so those orderly and so those it was crucial central Arctic resources public float as possible. Any of looking at a picture of it -- -- it looks like across between eight Corvette a a a firebird and the bat mobile. Is that pretty accurate would you say. Well look first -- and actually I'm not on the road and goes and an -- you culture and we have in terms but what is that. That all the love that you open up and two hours ago. -- the designer. And the transfer customer. Year. Over a lot of. You know who else owns one of these. Actual picture. I think he has -- due to hike that the first one he beat you by four years where our program knows everything about this as an. Now Toronto or whether recur he doesn't -- -- does. Yes the last night's game a bit of a roller coaster ride I've watched the first heard them say this could be over one more past Brodeur three nothing this could be over. And in the second period not so much. Yeah. Or liberal or any aero a little off from the first a little bit in the first period -- -- -- and I think there are stroll in the second. And then. You know people that -- to -- it is our secret which. It looks huge. And certainly Puerto federal coaster were both in terms of they're down moments but as -- -- it's tough for me and especially looking into that have lost a couple of those. It's coming in this cluster in Harlem. There's -- only per -- -- well it'll also. You know we're we're at that -- -- regain his. Far from there is going to be -- That's literally went. This is just a wild guess but I'm thinking quote keep that trait she line intact for the next game at least. Or are you take your guess is because Lambert it's pretty tough to break up -- and I think if they put that in them. Up -- -- anybody here scoring missiles on -- Especially they have nominees. Is a completely different player ones feeling because at that conference scoring is. It transformed the -- -- As frustrated score. Another -- -- of them for the year maybe you can answer this has has brought his game changed. Or diminished in the last couple of years. Or maybe those true. Regular. If it does change as well in let's performing getting older. And you're courses here is in -- we're. I think he's still makes some pretty pretty you Mark Wilson also. -- too much work like. You guys are or Tim thomas'. XX and grown over time you guys are. 2426. And know when you have -- when you score four or more. Is that just good goaltending good defense or you guys clutch. I'm. For -- it's Eric combination anger mean. I -- it's -- -- last jurors are to vote you know both winning and it's. No one guy -- one of the other. -- country's military policy and it was gently -- -- solar system also. And we would play. You know little wind and vice Versa I think you know we cannot agree sister although all of that. That was -- -- finally he does she you know we don't get it so I waited to tell those things that it's it's almost impossible doctors say which more or. Don't have what happens after. The new guys get here immediately we can you sit back. I don't following in this on the computer trade -- And -- and oh good I like him I don't like him so much and know him I don't know him and I'm sorry to see him go I mean what is it what is a veteran like you go through. Emotionally as the trade deadline comes and goes. I think I just kind of looked at the computer around 5 o'clock I got here -- -- they -- culture and as I circular form and and earned all league you're not Smart and and then the circle and has just -- -- -- -- And you know basically -- -- it was -- -- -- Mostly -- to them -- fight him. You know let -- hear your new teammates. -- Earlier it that's human you're -- vehicle. That through graduate you can see that's I mean there's a couple for sure if -- -- -- little awkward but let's. Leave most I mean. -- -- matter if laws and -- -- here so I like leaders and others here. You know you can see you know others injured this hearing is indeed those. Experience that sentence answers or. You know -- -- of the oldest ever player or an expert but -- were -- and -- careers itself. Andy and get the islanders' first ups tomorrow and -- the Rangers on the network NBC on Sunday. If some day with -- first game of a seven game series between the Bruins and the islanders with the quality of play. I'm sorry Rangers. With the quality of play that playoff game be better that it will be down the road when you guys get worn out a lot more just to get to the playoffs. -- I don't know why I think this purpose of the voters. You know classes. Cities find. I think -- -- -- match very take a couple of extra user or the or parks or whatever it is. You know theater group very contained this year. You know the good genes of -- -- because it's immensely blocked oh. Those aches and pains and all -- and and you really feel it appeared on. But. Innocent about it but but I think that the sooner or in the answers answers. Sixteen inches and absolutely right. I don't that are happening to -- dollars and cents but it but I think the quality was receptive to. Because it's such a war of attrition the by the time we get to the postseason everybody's limping around. Yes overture and it's it's it's it's not. The a certain number of things just. You know the short term of Reston. -- a little little something and there's just. Never any chance for its you know hurt -- is. To get better so I think or that. Just to transfer. All of the ideal number of -- commissioner how many games would you play how many regular season games. Money had no yes. There. -- rules would change if you were Gary Bettman for a day. -- -- You know I don't mind -- the ruler. I think -- let people come -- -- that. You know allow them to that -- little traffic -- -- -- insist. Quote fuel. You know they're they're they're too so. I don't mind them a little. She that are -- gentle that was -- It was like you like overtime -- the four on foreign and shoot out. I do yeah and you know policy playoffs from the of course is so -- so obviously that is. I think it's much of -- The bit shootouts you don't get the play I mean do you. Do you feel deprived. Now had gotten up it -- because opera much rather. But -- prices this year. But. Everything and slap shot from the Blue Line and tuna. From the Blue Line now. -- it's the technical by surprise -- McChrystal is a little closer right. -- AM did you get did you get tired -- important and -- go fifteen rounds yesterday. You know at at while a and the they're the -- -- I think no longer great goes through it you know especially those -- they're they're both pretty source greater than and so I think. The longer goes to go to tired and the -- can make a really bad mistake and and when you go -- deduct it on the other end here. You Nazis are cringing you know with almost every country. You know -- -- sloppy so. Or they think they're ridiculous. -- We're going to the sort of a job. How for the ratings for beyond the pot and they renewed our or canceled yet. -- I'm not sure actually -- -- there are they in the -- happy so. Actually have no idea. The advantage on networks picked it up so. So popular. Is the -- are going to be a part of a future be on the puck -- it should be shouldn't. It they came into the they -- -- Okay got hooked around. You're emotional for to see what an earth colored car looks like yeah you know this is equities early present Green Green -- he said. Mean you know I wrote her -- anger -- gray. Yeah well you'd better brownie grain and silent that sounds like a killing machine if you -- -- pedestrian. -- In the interior looked at was -- with the because you -- square it at a. You're a bicycle -- suit don't you feel like those premises those all in the hybrid is news. Scary I mean you ride your bike and it's right there next and -- hear sound. You're and you Sam -- -- the -- like turn my way and be dead. Analysts are summary of the people in the electric currently in every exit with a -- chewed deadlock over there. But yeah. It obnoxious ones. I'm -- I'm just afraid about -- are currently. Incredibly Prius driver whose texting and her boyfriend since nineteen year old group texting and home a minute show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you log -- and among and it ActiveX feet. -- -- -- -- other team owner here who are the team has the biggest most obnoxious gas guzzler in the parking lot. -- -- Well -- record how to -- Sure. And her picture are big -- Diesel. -- little -- archer what you can hear it it's diesel beat yet it's a it's a Cisco. Truck yeah. All right Andrew we should point out that Andrew. Is a very much affiliated with the yeah patients in the families it's balding. Are you a young professional looking to get involved balding as a young professional group of volunteers at Spaulding provides networking. And social activities find out how to get involved that Spalding network dot org Andrew good talking to you by the way -- called. Your find. 101000 dollars. Earned are yes because you eliminating your voice boxes being injured so you're not even -- they were not injured on your body. Well. -- To encrypt and we'll talk next week get a get well suitable talking. That Andrew Ference and Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GLT brought to you by Verizon -- network head and by subway. Eat -- -- sound hurt I think I think he's in trouble the Jesus revealed the deep dark secrets on things were like yeah like today does voice box is fine he's fine and -- -- -- announced it would be coming up next. On the other side none of title five --

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