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Adrian Wojnarowski talks about Rondo trade rumors

Mar 2, 2012|

The guys talk with Adrian about the trade rumors that have been surrounding the Celtics and Rajon Rondo. They discuss whether there will be any benefit to the Celtics if they trade Rondo or if it will be a move that will take the team a while to build back from.

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As though the NBA trading deadline approaches and as we introduced in the last time we spoke nobody has their finger on the pulse of what's going on in the NBA both on the court and behind. The scenes in the smoke filled rooms our friend from Yahoo.com. -- were to ask -- joins us on the AT&T -- good morning AW how are you. Got a -- questions for and this is an either or it's an extreme. Block the Celtics will they either do nothing. Before the trade deadline or do something large with one or some of the big four. I don't know what large thing is out there for them to do I think Andy's gonna try. In and you know he's. Ready with any debates 32. To make a move that you get them. You know maybe some fixed on the line of good young player for now maligned -- I just don't. Right now whatever that is I don't think it's shown itself and you know perhaps Iran though. I I don't see that happen. You know Danny hates the phrase build around player acts sees that it's a concerted effort to bring people in whatever but if you're gonna use that term build around. Is Rondo a guy that helps you as as as well as doc. Bring other high profile players in here and turn this around more quickly -- more slowly. Yeah like. The new Rondo news to me he'd -- accept that they will keep our hate that word. In the player that they keep. -- leader. -- separate players around them. Or use him he's got a very good contract he don't he doesn't. You know the salt that you re sign him in a terrible contract. That they're going to use at some point if you get your boss you're hoping. Her boss and -- use and at some point they are the package. The bringing and the a big star player whether that's. You know somebody who's trying to force his way out of another market but whether it's a Chris Paul Dwight Howard that guitar player. That Boston has pursued in trade in -- they'll war in hand. That's what makes sense and he's he's there to be part of bigger package for a superstar and franchise player. They're not going to trade Rajon Rondo. First -- hearts or would you get rid of him that that's not going to happen. And you don't. Well there's very few players in the league you want their treatment -- you guys are just mentioned and you know that's always been Boston's. Deal with Rondo and beard are going to trade him a -- they get superstar back. So that probably tell you they're not going to trade the index -- players not available to them right now. The data was on this radio station yesterday and what you just said confirms what he said yesterday take -- listen to Danny Ainge inaudible have you comment on this. Of these things get out of control this -- year end. I think the you guys logically. Go. That we are not actively trying to -- -- that we talked about this summer before this season started involving Chris Paul situation. We said no we're not actively trying to treat Rondo. And that's still the case. Rondo is our best player he's our most important piece. Of our future. There's no way that we are actually trying to trade on I feel like Rondo was making. Incredible strides as a player. As a leader as a teammate as players in every way offense defense and you know it's it's almost instantly to me is when the patriots lose two games and people want you know blame Tom Brady. And you know we hear the best player on it on -- team that's not living here expectations there's gonna be your hot topic. And I think that that's a a lot of stopped -- from. Now Adrian that sounds pretty definitive to me with the exception of the word we're not actively trying to trade John Rondo. Right in the they're going to listen and there's not a player in the league you're not going to listen well there's a couple of players. In the league that you're sure not going to listen. About -- -- -- or he's not one of them but that doesn't mean I didn't -- that doesn't mean you're out shopping. And saying hey what can we. Yeah -- always. Armed. You know they wanted to know what their players were -- insult. That they have conversations about what is. You know he might not actually being inside that I don't know Pete said the team but it might say who what is -- -- view. To gauge. How other people feel about him and what the market value is that doesn't mean that she's got to get credited outlook we get format that's two different things like. You know Minnesota's doing that would Michael Beasley right now they're shopping and they want a -- You know and that that they wanna get rid of all that that's different that's what they're doing auctions not doing Rwanda went and. Except Adrian is a flaw here they did it when and they thought they had a chance -- Chris Paul they did it when they thought the chance that Russell Westbrook. Why wouldn't they do it now with say Deron Williams if they've got the good upgrade the position. I would -- -- try to put a deal together trying to get some word from Deron Williams that he would sign that he would stay here and make that trade. Because box because securities act on trader in New Jersey. New Jersey is waiting to paired Deron Williams with Dwight Howard -- New Jersey not that there's no chance right now that security didn't dump. Aaron Williams all I mean like I I really conceivably if you actually -- -- community Deron Williams but he's not available. But so Deron Williams is not gonna sign he's gonna. Be a how's that gonna work if freeagent. Well she's good what what -- what he's going to do as a security. It's either New Jersey trait for Dwight Howard before the trade deadline. Or Dwight Howard stays Orlando becomes a free agent. Darryl is gonna do one -- two things either gonna restart or the next along with Dwight Howard to liberate put together their. Or if Dallas can get Shawn Marion contract off then Ian the -- Howard. Could go to Dallas. And and New Jersey new Jersey's left would not them. They'll be -- -- not by. New Jersey not going net New Jersey has put everything into. The oldest white Howard. Getting Dwight Howard they've made a big deal for -- blaster gave up a lot to get him. And they're not going to just give up on this. I guess until that there comes a point where they get shut out there and get nothing. But but I just don't think -- oriented around Alice or either side at five year 100 million dollar. In the end you have to go to -- over the net. You have said -- there is interest in pierce and I think that might have been a few days ago before pierce hit a wall. Indeed do you see him as the more likely. Gotta get dealt or you think -- and a deal -- neither are none of the above. Yeah I think when I was apps I think you got to get a little I I would doubt it TV show when I was asked was who do you think the most likely -- is traded and I said. But it was here speak arms. Because you don't want to going forward like and I and I and I wasn't trying to frame and I think there's a deal imminent war. Fourteen ABC wants them but I guess they. They bought some going to get anything in return -- -- just think as a right so I don't know how much they're gonna get for what is good Israel as he can really help achieve. Especially of a team trying to win now they've been at the play -- clippers or somebody who thinks they -- one play away from maybe. -- get into the finals. I just don't know if you're going to -- eighteen -- awful lot. Four guys who are gonna be rentals and I would thought because your parents but keep in -- for awhile. That might make him more likely candidate to go in your boss that you're looking to make -- deal here. I just think if you Gordon -- old and you're gonna let Kevin Garnett. And let's see what Garnett and Ray Allen -- soccer cap you don't do anything and the two of them leaving -- their money off. At that point you just go the rest of the way and pierce there is -- you kick it and without. You're contending now at that point you might have looked for the full rebuild and and who. -- -- about interest and reexamining stories from yesterday the day before that other people wrote but a lot of damage that it is finding out from an insider like Q what the inner workings of life as a general manager art when you read comments about let's save Rajon Rondo. That says his personality. Has them you know desperately trying to trade him he's high maintenance is classes -- -- all of which have been in some former fashion refuted Bible Ainge and doc today. What do you think that stuff is coming from I know for a fact it's not coming from if they are trying to trade him they're not gonna try to devalue their guy in -- those stories are those general managers who might be entrusted to think the price might be too high. They're trying to bring her shot -- is valued down. I don't know where anybody else reporting come on knock -- presume to know. We're somewhere else but the reporting I -- say this -- Seeing who talked with those and teens who considered. Trading around that would big deals. The Orleans Oklahoma City. You know and -- you know those kind of places where there has. You know working cap may be examined and I think some other places they look closely the other in order to do -- research. And they know that Rondo. Can be stubborn and they know that he had and always got along -- -- he -- you know what. There are a lot of great players in the league for like an in point guard Russell Westbrook there's the same knock on him in Oklahoma City. So some -- smaller guards there's a tenacity. A top that's what makes them difficult sometimes. Is what makes them great and you have to live with that. That's part of you know. For the -- that that part of managing and the leaders and there's been a lot of ups and downs. That there's no question when I talk to other executives and other coaches in the league it's a question they have about him and they all they all do their research on it. And there's no question it's back here. Well -- those power ultimately. Supersedes all that and and that's why. You know he's worked at the Boston key because for whatever issues crop all -- news and bad days they applicant. He's going out is dual -- triple double lot of the winning team for you and he's gonna lead your team and and so you've that would. Rocco mean Los Angeles Lakers forward from the trade deadline. Well. I think that LA certainly want to point guard there's no question I don't Colby. Well it's Rondo -- -- a lot of play bought. I've also been -- you know all the talk about -- this all. I think somebody reported under assault. Rondo deal at some point I'd been told the team never ever. Discussed -- never called -- and it never discussed that so I don't think it's anything that really. Basically any reality. Do you think and then in Orlando's candle on -- Dwight Howard and just hope for the best. But. It might they might think right now they're. I think Orlando senses just -- waffling. With power. To not give up on -- -- and would you I was writing something about this today. When you're talking you know guys in their locker room don't feel like. He's completely sold on wanting the date hard percent that he wants to go in and so I think they're holding on to that hole. That they can swing -- around they have. But they're going to stretch right now all of very tough game between now and the deadline they lock slot but the Oklahoma City. If they -- -- slide here they're not winning and they look at that feel like I think what they're doing now they're going out trying to find another player. They can bring in the -- -- -- to be made one more on that this year but they don't have anything to trade it will have anything. That anybody wants they have players and back on track. What -- what they're making so. And once you answered the need the other day they're going to reach that and which try to bring somebody in very quickly and probable and then they're gonna get two more realistic place of okay what you'll out there. With New Jersey without reaching a deal but major you'll help put together for them where they'll get a Brooke Lopez will -- -- maybe one other player and say. All right it's time the move Howard but they're not they have reached yet. Adrian final question for me why can't reason prevail in Orlando. Where Orlando says to Howard and his agent. Come join us look at that BI and tell us what you're going to do is it simply a case of Dwight doesn't wanna do that. Well he has done that and he says I want ago and I I'm not going to stay but the white guy who point and I know is -- It felt at some point. It would it's you know. If you went in Britain to trigger early in the year I think it's who -- Dwight Gooden and it is people are. Well at this point we can disclose aren't aware of free agent this summer we can do a signing trade on July 1 -- Like why eight. It -- wanna go to the next maybe we don't want the next ignited like they expect darted to become only a media room if you want to go there to win so. I think at this point the white -- probably okay with them just finishing the year with number two Orlando. It was normal it into -- trading gets on the war in July. They know how this is their last chance to get something back for him right now. What's your opinion of 10 -- Dell Stefan curry the second would. Is is seat. If if Rondo for recovery is that a bad deal for Boston I know there could be other components involved but. All we hear -- Curry's ankle but the guy you can shoot he can he can his free throws which is so we don't see from the point guard here in Boston. Would would they've beaten with a bigger deal. You know you you mentioned. You mentioned that in India ankle and that is that a problem for a player that young. At that my knee injuries. And that ended up the lineup was I don't I'm not an ark here I don't know. What I don't know what those I don't know what that looks like. But just from. The feeling around the -- Orlando -- questioned about it do you really want are you want -- -- a guy who's been injured that -- -- -- career. He's very good offensively scored the ball better than Rondo does but there's a lot -- Rondo. Rondo all around game is superior it is by. I don't see that is trying to dean changing trade that you that you make for -- no I don't see that for them. -- or -- always a pleasure talking basketball with you as -- at the some of our up more erudite guests we always feel smarter after we're done talking to you the before widgets thanks for the time major and we appreciate it. I'm got to appreciate it George oust Yahoo! Sports dot com with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline or GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster three G. AT&T. Rethink possible.

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