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Danny Ainge with the Big Show

Mar 1, 2012|

Danny Ainge joined the Big Show and quickly shot down the rumors that Rajon Rondo is on the trading block, and that Rondo and Doc River's relationship is becoming worse than it ever was.

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Some of the rumors are just silly you know -- get into what the rumor was there was a rumor. 34 weeks ago that I can tell you it was never talked about and all -- Sony's PU and I heard people talk him out of -- questions about those that while. It's amazing. I can guarantee you. It had been approached no one talked about it and our organization yet. It's new rules now that it's a treat we're considering and I thought that that was completely -- Doc Rivers talking last night about a mover that was out there a couple weeks ago that you just heard that he squashed. Last and on the pregame show. -- time for our weekly get together would be any age is brought to you by IRS restoration specialists call 8774611111. Or -- serve dot com mr. Angel waited. I already today Danny and doing pretty well -- let's get right to it we talked to Chris Broussard here in the last hour he as you probably know by now -- -- know you. You you do read these things. Our claim but the Celtics were aggressively shopping Rajon Rondo any truth to. A true. I've had -- -- head -- trade conversations about Rajon Rondo. Well first of all let me just say this a case that. -- of these things get out of control the premiere. And I think the you guys logically. No. That we are not actively trying to -- run that we talked about this summer before the season started involving Chris Paul situation. -- says no we're not actively trying to trade Rondo. And that's still the case brought that was our best player he's our most important piece. Of our future. There's no way that we are accurately. Trying to trade on. That makes no sense that's better logical sense -- the difference between I mean -- somebody like some great thing that we can't -- because somebody's desperate. Trying to acquire Rondo put somebody called me it's as and we want Rhonda we're gonna debut. Acts but that's not happening we are not looking betrayed him. I've -- zero calls. To try to trade him. What did you think you'd think because and doc says today he says. I'm tired of this stuff it's not fair. And he says he's tired of this stuff because we've all heard and we actually had a a I got our efforts were facing earlier this is like the fourth or fifth time they -- I'm glad and Danny just go ahead and doing you know I didn't make this straight. He says that because these -- these rumors come come up a lot with a Rondo. These rumors come up a lot because that is it irresponsible reporting is it another GM moves out to get the Celtics well why didn't -- this comes out so office. Because I think it's the world we live and I can I mean you guys see this all the time the it's like so going back a few months. It's reported that on those you know being. Actively trying to be treated which wasn't true which I said at a press conference at seven your show many times that said the individual reporters that it's not true but yet there -- still. Lingering out there that is true. The run Lucas and Rondo Gasol things tournament. Now our democracy all well for Saul OK but there were the -- Gasol that would be my guess that's would Doc Rivers are talking about right. Right the -- salt -- ones out around the purposeful and you know there's not the troops and that that's never even been discussed so there's no truth in any of that and then. But because reporters are looking for something they they find they think that that's true and insult somebody says that Cambodia. The Celtics are trying to do that. It just keeps lingering until the court action isn't that we're trying to because there's been two or three things reported. Everybody thinks so listen you know we we know what goes on in the media world I mean yet Ian has. Pardon the interruption. And you know all all the panels chill -- it's a hot topic. And they gotta have something to report on and I don't think the -- it nobody called check with me on whether that was true or not. And I'm not sure they care. But if they did why would -- be your best interest to sale were aggressively even if you were. Shopping him around you don't wanna expose the fact that. You may be trying to treaty player because it gets back to the the player what what's his reaction going to be exposed the deal falls apart. Arnold I mean that's right why they don't come back and call you up and say Danny. And I understand they probably should have -- if they did I'm not sure you're necessarily going to be totally honest about it. Okay so that's a legitimate that's a legitimate point by during which traditionally. People at least chuck. Sent her -- -- an -- and I could be relations at all. I have to deal with the media constantly. I mean I'd like you want and tonight something then you know the next time that -- markets are you the truth. You gonna stay in the media you wanted to do this big time job remember what you're doing it was an a plus so I -- in its argument that and is wonder with with all of these rumors. That are out here. Do you know. Doc both of you feel they need each time the rumor comes out you approach Rondo have a conversation with them war. Does one conversation. Do the job a conversation they have with them maybe November December and -- -- now we feel and no matter what you hear. This is how we feel -- utterly different -- do you approach that. No I a couple of Rondo regularly. Has -- So we have yet continual conversation and conversations with them. So. I don't run to him every time there's something being set or something be done better. I'm very confident that Rondo knows what I think you know what I feel you know as a player what how he has to our team. I feel like Rondo is making. Incredible strides as the player. As the leader as he made player in every way offense defense and you know it's it's almost instantly comedians when the patriots lose two games and people want you know blame Tom Brady. And you know we hear the best player on it on a team that's not living here expectations there's gonna be your hot topic. And I think that that a lot of stop stems from we talk about that but the old news I mean the stuff about. Russia on and -- I mean that's old news to everybody in Austin. But that maybe you know more new news to people nationally. But we don't know that they've got -- wrote that you don't -- was getting better at that he said it best here. On the court and off the court and so that it makes no sense at this stage -- and that's what we discussed. I know I understand I understand your reaction to the terminology that restart. Aggressively shopping rush on Rhonda. We talked last week about and you admitted there were many different directions you could go. With the future of the Boston Celtics to get them back to the next level -- championship contender he won a championship became very close to winning a second one. Who knows maybe that window was closed right now but it'll be gauged your job as you said. You've got to think of the future -- you now come to the conclusion. That the future. Represents Rajon Rondo as the player of the temperament to be your superstar in which you build around. The first of all pay eight that terminology that we all use. You know to build a right now -- -- purse well nobody is that it. The built around I mean you've got -- building blocks you gotta have a twelve man team have a starting line if you got -- pieces. No player can do it on the -- so my job is to loosen everything. I'm listening to everything I haven't I that'll come to conclusions. Until. Except that you know LeBron James and Kevin Durant are the two best players in the league concluded -- But other than that I really don't make those conclusions I got to be ready to react. We have a plan we have an idea of what is the most likely scenario to have -- And we react we got to be ready to react to put ourselves in position. To have things go our way. You should you have a plan you're down to one plan now -- last week you said there are. On don't know there's there's sweet we have an idea that but yet there's plant eight -- being -- and and and you have to be able to react there is no one plant. Nobody has one planned in the NBA it's too complex it's too complicated. And you can sit around and try to get one planned you know the odds of that happening are very very slip. A facility and a plan I mean you can get to that plan as time goes -- -- -- closer to quick plan. I mean I know that there's a few teams in the league they have a plan because that's where they are. That's the weather team. They're one little piece away at one. Or they have this plan to get this you know top notch player -- their -- -- in the pursuit go for a couple of years. But that doesn't happen like that would normally it is there's there's many options you have to be ready to react but yet to be disciplined. We're talking earlier Danny. About some of the players. Who play who have a bit in this league some current players some former players and many of these guys great players have been described as stubborn and high maintenance and and it's fine they've won championships. And you may have played with a couple of them. Quit while we're at it but -- -- wet weather Rondo. Saying you're trying to trade him but the other part of the story is that he is stubborn anytime maintenance is that a fair. Characterization. Of this -- No I don't think that's fair I think that he's stubborn and he's intelligent. I think it's fair assessment. And so we at -- There's higher maintenance but I don't know a quality player that I've played. That wasn't hire me. Then your average players. And I -- wonder how does how does studying and I've taught them before I agree is an intelligent guy. With with stubborn as any coach ability that using doesn't go hand in how does that work where you have a stubborn guy who is bright. But he's also coach to vote because a lot of those guys are stubborn and they're bright and is very difficult to coach them because of those first two traits. Right that isn't an interest in that there were no Rondo rumors over the last. Few years we were winning. And he's actually improving. On all the things that you talk about. His coaching ability his leadership he's improving and -- there -- Why are you surprised though that there are rumors now when if you look at your roster and you try to figure out a way in which. Danny Ainge can put together the next winning team. That Rondo and Paul Pierce right now may be the two biggest commodities. To be able to get something in return I mean what does that surprise you. I'm not surprised. OK I mean I know I know what world we live in and I'm not surprised. I'm surprised that you guys. Like talk to every week I'll -- -- dot. I have been you guys more credit hey hang -- I LL tell you something this is day one this is march 1 -- the trading deadline closes on the fifteenth. Get used to waited another fifteen days of of this crap you really don't. I understand I know that. And -- -- and it's been going on for a couple weeks and you have to go on for another couple weeks I get it but I -- I'm not surprised that there are rumors out there. And it will be a lot more I'm just I think you guys have a better feel for the Celtics. War you know what what makes sense and what doesn't accept. Yeah right if you're giving us that compliment and I think Michael I would it would take it is is -- were also looking at how you build. The next championship contending team and I know it's not easy and I've given you. Many compliments about what you did in 2008. Because to me that was a nearly impossible situation you got a championship and close to a a second one out of that it was phenomenal so yeah weren't looking at that like most people aren't. And that's why you try to figure out. The heck -- Danny -- put this thing together. And is Rondo going to be the peace going forward is he going to be the guy. Right so you know those are these these similar questions that we had in 2000 or 20052006. I understand that I know that that there's gonna -- -- also are fair questions. But it is a process it takes time and there's always things that come across a table here these decisions but you gotta be creating. And you also have to be disciplined in your approach and I mean that's. That's all you can say you really have to make wise decisions with the -- agency. App availability flexibility so. When the right opportunities come along that came along for us with ray and KG. Nobody could have predicted that a two month before and actually became an opportunity and an option. But we created those opportunities and we're ready to pounce on him an opportunity came. The -- in this league sometimes you have to have yet to be in the right place the right time it's not about. Intelligence. Or it's about discipline. And then you -- -- -- decisions which approach so in the position. A -- have to take some risk sometimes that you took clear in the past. Yes I'm not afraid to take risks. And that's why I love working for the Celtics to have great ownership. That they're not afraid to take risks they know that you have to take risks in the and that you're not getting hit a home run on every one of some time you get a strike out the Pentagon in its single and and they're building pieces along the way but you know we. We the great. Systematic great group of people that have worked together and have a -- trust and I love the -- a -- on the scene at some point. As wanna go back to you said you set it undocks attitude that. And some version of this that the communication with Rondo has never been better. And this year he's got a lot better. Then he was in the past that what area have you seen that the most in and when did it change was that this year was late last year. How did it happen and when did it happen. You know I just feel my sister's not. A lightning bolt that hits somebody that it's been incrementally getting better. He's gotten just a little better over time and this year even better I think that he came in after the locked up this year and he was little more mature I think he handled everything really well. You know I don't I think that. The little. Two game suspension that it went through recently where YouTube the popular social I think it was a learning process for young players and I think she'll learn from -- in growth from Matt. And you know I think it's just all part of the process with British -- on -- I think he's getting better incremental. I Denny we'll talk to you next week maybe they'll be a rumor -- we can talk about again I thought it would have a good -- -- you you can what was so that we can. Well that's what you can cut throat that I didn't actually charges the Atlanta any age right here and eviction.

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