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A tribute to Jason Varitek on the day of his retirement

Mar 1, 2012|

Listen to an audio montage paying tribute to the Sox captain. After Lou Merloni and Mut talk about Varitek and his career in Boston.

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When did it too -- don't even have what time -- and. Perhaps annual congress playing nice and Aaron back. Want to run a bomber and the bleachers -- Clinton and a Red Sox have time. Thing as far as that goes against. Come on up although that's not -- I loved work. And I -- I've never had a catcher for that I felt like to hear more about wanting me to be successful even before he -- -- He's giving us a lot of the clubhouse and it. They Varitek could get a whole more this thing could certainly hit very very interesting very effective by the left with a strikeout victim when. And Anaheim club while they -- right we know why it. -- -- that Palmer edits that hate my ballgame. From a argues everything he wanted to -- -- seen to be you know it is man's man. As a big hitter when needed youth leader of the things that -- do -- beat up Alex and it's all adds up. You know it was exactly what it is that he but you know. -- I'm happy to be struck by this looks out of the royal. Varitek to. NGOs want to make me feel comfortable it was oil and you know help me out stood up for me. A lot of times and you know I guess I can't thank them enough for -- -- record Varitek clapped his hands obsessed -- Shelling us then they yankees don't score after the first -- I think everyone's proud of them young that's unbelievable career from what he's did this team and in the city -- minutes. It's it's amazing so. You know we're all proud of -- -- -- It's okay. But the drive. The goal here. Even watched him from afar. You can see other guys from other teams they they have that respect for Jason. I think that's a great part of the way the way I'm playing -- land you know wanna be remembered when it plays respective spheres of -- take that as a huge honor. Little bit of a look back on the career the highlights one Jason Varitek. A retired about 530. Here today here here in 937. WEEI will be is emotional. Is Tim Wakefield retirement a couple weeks ago. Yeah if it is I I think it will be -- the that's always tough but it's always tough when you first it'll work right I -- I can talking can be composed and all of a sudden and that's the reason why I chose to walk away from the game today announced retirement going to be tough. If it is it'll be aside a pivotal seat Jason Burton. You know because -- even a guy like port side of the -- gets it for years you know lately that you would think he rival that there would. Those two would have that bond even pointed in the what I think of Jason this is always serious there's no joking around with -- Until you get him out after twenty get him on the plane until you you know you have dinner with the guy that's EC with the way this guy really isn't different type setting but we came down for game time. -- cracked smiles you've played the game heart but he played the game right huge you one last couple years. You know father time gets that everybody -- caught up with him so. It'll be interesting you know little considerably right here tune abusive home watching TV to trick or Comcast and we'll have a new -- but down. To be up -- emotional time protect. Other reported that the owners are in town again for the announcement here today -- a lot of Nevis. His old teammates show up because Obama guys on this team played with him but he had some history and other guys it's spring training but you wonder if you're not old. Red Sox -- shall because this guy meant so much for a long period of time for this Red Sox team and I can imagine that you for Jason Varitek was a tough decision Katherine Varitek is is white -- -- white like. His wife on Twitter you follow her she's been tweet about this all week and you know Jason excited for today in one next chapter -- life and it certainly met a lot to the Red Sox and and no bigger compliment. I go back to the days after the World Series and -- your curt -- say it'll leader of this team Jason Varitek. The leader of the team that won their first World Series in 86 years in the city. Jason Varitek that's pretty powerful and I believe that it's not emotionally -- worth if tuning into watch is to attack -- the state that he 530. I'm here on WEEI. -- give back your phone calls on all things baseball nick is in Boston what's up nick. Robinson not Chelsea erupt. Little little -- it is apparent that there are -- Red Sox financially to keeping grace it's in the minor -- for certain amount of time. Don't think you appreciate that minnesotans do that presidential Rihanna a couple of years ago Michael believing he he didn't make this about Iraq but and then they brought out sometime in May. Yeah that is benefits that get him legged tick away -- arbitration year but he is he signed a four year eight point 25 million dollar deal that runs on 2013. Now. When that deal is up if he's arbitration eligible you know then obviously -- if you keep down for certain period of time. He's at 29 days of Major League service. I don't think that they -- -- -- a guy if they need and -- and -- zero me nobody else donating pester ball chokes up like you can. There -- judiciously -- it could remember that what does that -- -- -- -- -- -- you know not a year ago about. Lot of lot of teams trivia our economy. A lot of teams do them much every year kind of cut off. Changes it's like you know whether it's mid may. It lets -- see a lot of animal and prospects are up in May because now it's you know the -- next year of arbitration eligibility out of them so but with him. There's that 29 days right now he's gonna have to come up for most of the year. Two I think I think the circuit timetable so becomes up for another 304050 days. Is still in losing the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and and I would I over the Yankees and I there. Rule against about politely -- -- -- but what definitely different I mean I portable that when an employee at the end you're going to be count against the Yankees. -- -- -- -- -- There you go to this particular. Don't appreciate stories guys working in nightclubs and tickets in goods and all that happens I'll try nick at Boston's CP there now hey nick. So our guy that's there now we figured it out of the it's such a -- a little bit. You know you're the data was in our set and see yourself in the pets and even. You wearing parents in the received an adolescent anywhere from Mecca. Too early area I think and the rockets over -- into the -- and I wanted to know. How much Lou you -- in Florida but I don't know really quite out of transition work -- going from -- soda. You know what if he wants and I think. But she could be maybe a little bit more Wear and tear when you're thrown every other day. You know and and you throw on the high pressure situations like he does -- are starting to command first inning it's Alec come in the seventh bases loaded nobody out. -- and how many times did -- get up in a command. I don't thinks you know I don't he said seventy innings last year any tense situation I came in is more is like 200. For a start on the certainly agree with that but I do think it down. I think it'll be fine I really do think that there will be point in the season with a gonna start talking about maybe taking him out of this rotation put him back in the -- just got to control the innings the this year. And it may -- the following year next year. Beat -- they start that he hoped to get 200 from. I mean -- he has some of the best that I would never ever seen but at least in the game right now I think is actually. You can I think I don't know how much -- with a layup that. -- its internal auditing -- that without work. That's why he's not the learn -- league camp. You know I think that was interesting because. Clay -- that she was Stockton. Two -- -- rob Bradford about. You know what what's expected of this rotation can -- and all the stars in a game approaching thirty innings which it takes a good thing last year. Beckett Daisuke led the way with 25 at third. Jon Lester threw sixteen innings in spring training last year's sixteen innings I think you have to give more and more innings at big -- it's important because. He needs to extend himself being quote -- camp at 02 with three exits five. What does -- have -- 06 in camp. Because I think it's a learning experience for him because come -- just throw the ball 97 miles an hour -- find in a third fourth innings got nothing left. We're gonna be learning process for him I think early on any attempt to -- where is his comfort zone. -- -- much more comfortable moving into the rotation and not a service -- I think that they need him and attention that -- is is compatible. Listen I agree and over what's -- from put in the rotation last year at. I -- affecting go to three innings out of the pen is extremely valuable it was really everybody was it Ortiz make -- look at the numbers you look at how well Lee pitched in the bullpen Burrell started overseas don't go there everybody. I don't I every call that we had every single person at. We talk about the Red Sox wanted to save us in the rotation -- David talked about it and it was crap that he talked about it when you say what everyone was thank -- Whether -- should -- whether or not but. I I don't nobody want I love them in the bullpen last year we maybe than you are the people -- -- against the but we looked at the ERA. Out of the -- members the ERA as a starter he was too valuable minutes with Swiss army knife. -- fact he gave them in any spot out of the bullpen they needed on. Is worth more than a fifth starters work he's great in the in the role that he has and you look at his career that's. He's he's an outstanding long relief pitcher out of the bullpen when he's a starter run of the mill. Korea shows run of the -- star. I'd rather have them. The you know be the role that he's that is -- and prefer to. Beats you and go back to the -- thing eight year college interest X I would think maybe he's a guy that wouldn't get the thirty innings because. You do you think at the end of the the season he'll be a pitcher they wanna watch in terms of innings and I thought they wanna go easy on you think it's a good idea. If he gets more innings here early on if he needs to find out what he was got left in the fifth than. Uniqueness. Need to find that out. Now 97999. Miles an -- the bullpen. You know we comes out his first start maybe those 9798. As a starter. But he needs to find out he can still do that. You know in the sixth in the seventh. New Jersey galaxy -- Verlander that come out early in games 9394. And by the eighth merlot is still -- announced on 9899. -- that's amazing but it took him awhile to figure that out -- So you know but -- -- got a lot of searching to do in spring training to figure out how long golf and -- open aired out. 61777. -- here early fifty still free 8885250850. We get to what's on tap later on this -- big show at 2 o'clock we talked a lot about the playoff format. Adding a wild card team not the announced officially yet but. Total Red Sox players didn't comment on kind of a mixed bag how these Red Sox players feel about a second wildcard is some -- get your phone calls next.

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