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Doc Rivers and Sean Grande preview Celtics vs Bucks and talk trade deadline rumors

Feb 29, 2012|

Doc Rivers spoke to Sean Grande during tonight's pregame show about all things Celtics, including recent trade rumors.

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The Celtics are presented by -- continues from TD garden that's right from way. From TD garden the first time in two weeks on the back of our home floor over a conversation with their coach remains the same brought to you by our -- -- health care. Making health care work better I don't know what to do when -- beginning by talking about the injury there's some I know this is really the first time man. I'm trying to -- at the same injury suspension news you know dislocated fingers that would ever missing the fonts. The first time I can remember you've had the same lineup going in that you need you're gonna have. There it is. Got to practice what they can play again and -- play another -- it's a trend for the second half I can go. Really it's optimism we have a lot that's. That's why I like being -- with these diluted optimism is who is out. Well there was optimism the first quarter last night and you've got to practice he said on Monday in Cleveland. Was some of the things that you he can practice on Monday is that what we saw him. There was great ball movement was was was fantastic the floor space. We had guys cutting and then we went back into our turn over vote and that changed the game -- -- the spirit of the game because. One of the things we talked about that smaller guys doing pretty good job in -- middle of a sudden it changed and I thought guys really got dispirited because they. You know it that the tow do one thing that's good they wanna do well and when -- when it wasn't going well for them in effect. You mean as opposed to teams that will check out what things are going good practice yes -- points in the -- last night that was something that solves Kevin Garnett is one example make you concerted effort to get. To get in deeper to catch and we haven't seen a lot of nights where does that particular category you Dominique. Yeah it was a a point of emphasis as well and Procter and for that game especially -- -- sleeping tonight I mean we have. Do what we did tonight offensively. Avery is even given what he did Jameer Nelson that night was that his best game laughed like yeah I thought it was his best total -- I think when leveraged. Before last night was he says some glory -- and legendary. At this position. Last Friday that -- you know -- -- -- and around the -- Mercury extremely well. He's pretty good. But what we did was he made it more difficult for curry to score and more difficult for the immediate answers that off. And more importantly he knock down open shots and he cut. When -- both the cut -- boy that was used. That's what I was gonna wanna get too because it seemed were starting to see the things. When the game slows down a little bit they slowed down defensively was always gonna do with what he can do when he found it figured out that -- -- skills but last -- there were couple moments. You can -- the team offensively just going a little slow for him and we talked but that's what second make all the difference in the world really. And he's comfortable he knows where guys are going to be there and so he's very comfortable. Tracy's in the NBA -- -- -- talking about it basically begins at midnight essentially the way this season is enough when you're playing with their times at the trade deadline is your name was sort prominently mentioned whether it's gonna vote. When you get a so no -- Obviously the only time that I -- I can remember every being in the -- The year before mystery. Right reported that line there's rumors that all of them. Break of the team and I mean nominee that you guys. You know had value and I was Smart and know what it means. -- -- and then I got that but it didn't really affect me. If there ever a time as a coach is there ever a time where it is something you dress with Hitler it's 12% on the world -- -- yeah there's time to me when you get so heated talks. I mean when. You hear about not only talks with injuries and how close they are. That affects -- in some weird you leave alone some players to auction rate last year. You know we really never had a big talk about it you know some guys we will. Is there a if they're -- -- is it different now because. Everything. Between Twitter and FaceBook and MySpace and every other possible social media outlet. There were -- there now and agents and or you know obviously heavily involved is it. Harder now or is it easier to say things register rumor because literally -- percentage of things that are made up is much greater. Well I don't know what it's it's harder. Now because some of the rumors are just silly. You know -- get into what the rumor was there was a rumor. 34 weeks ago that I can tell you it was never talked about in all our Sony's PU and I heard people talk him out of -- questions about those that while. It's amazing. I can guarantee you. It had been approached no one talked about it and our organization yet. It's new rules now. That it's a treat we're considering and I thought that that was completely under our real quick. On the books that obviously you know which again -- what Scott's house team on the other side by that one player that nobody they're gonna know the -- they don't know Ersan Ilyasova before tonight cancel singer Conan Nolan because he has not only has no. Have. That what optimism is pouring -- and he is the kind of player the year the is happening that is giving you. Well -- energy player athletic. Relentless. He relentlessly attacks that every room had a big chip in last right that's just who you isn't. He's -- he's still young I think people forget about him -- think this guy has been probably buy 427. Married at night and -- I thought when it recently for. Mean he's still very young basketball -- between people there I don't remember. 26 years ago. That's the head coach it's the Celtics if the Milwaukee Bucks and it's next WEEI Celtics radio network.

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