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Bruins lead over Ottawa down to 1 point... cause for concern? Discussion with NESN's Jack Edwards

Feb 29, 2012|

Jack joined the Big Show crew as third man in and talked Bruins with us after a dissappointing effort against the Ottawa Senators.

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Aipac you're the big show at six point 77790815. We waited. On story. Jackets while Jack is sponsored -- -- I've tried several. New girls only orthopedic associates. So for any of those limbs -- organ for an -- to dig out of -- my mouth definitely got a place for you to go but whatever your sports injury NW always get you back in the game visited W always dot com today. In W away expert care made easy and -- know on some of those companies speech recognition software. Helps you get more done faster go to dragon. Get dragon dot com. At a course by shells pizza if you gonna carry out why not pick up the biggest of -- is that tastiest pizza around cells pizza now. That's a slight -- Janet Edwards -- Not you know out and sponsor him last week now this week you know when you do that -- pizza and look at -- and problems. And that somebody that's in the fast -- and outages are excellent. That's as I have got to slice but you know that that it is a subject that you'll sing in the software of getting to recognize your voice you what are the options as you can read Kennedy's inaugural speech. In to the into the program right and that it tells -- you -- you get about halfway through and this is that's enough and it's like that's not enough. Credit technology that's enough -- it does it puzzles -- -- I if I can't tell Michael about this company and of those companies -- the other positives series India. Inning I felt if you listen to W yeah I keep telling you yeah that's about the come don't I keep telling you to do so -- -- before you ask the question about. -- shut out in February how'd that happen yet. I really do what you answered that question how did you know how to you know so much about a monopoly game get out of jail free cards. How many there are. Because my twelve year old daughter is in monopoly shark. She plays to bankrupt in the first twenty minutes if she can't. Pleased with real money to. Mine yeah like I got to get get boardwalk and Gephardt placing. There's always a low percentage so -- real risk reward thing I -- five set out. A judge Johnson one month however never happened Brown's sister logic if you had to this day aren't you know these are the two reasons and there are many reasons it happened but. -- of the top two reasons this thing was shut out five times in February you would say what port and apparel. So it really is that -- -- is that simple David -- she disappeared since Orton got hurt he's disappeared. It's just gone like those guys gonna make five million dollars a year you know that's that's a setter. In your pay structure that's a senator -- got to play so well that he makes anybody who's on his going better. And he's in such a funk that they've actually shifted him to the wing and they brought Kelly up a -- And that that's not good that's not good and in all it. David's got to find a way to its help himself bottom this and and he's putting any effort and he yelled the last few games of the road trip. There was improved output. And a couple of points started showing up on a guy get paid that much has got to produce and. Both Jordan doesn't go back this year -- trouble. He said principle is that putting in the effort city he has. So is he as good as they thought he would -- because our our member when they had to make a decision about. Phil Kessel and it was really coming down to to have Tokyo sort crate -- who you would go a long term with and they were very comfortable with -- she. Heard he was gonna be a star do you think he's a star. Yeah yeah Dario -- our ability I think he's a star who's having a who's having a bad year and his hand and has the luxury. Of having another month to get it back together again. To bring it up to the level that he had in the playoffs last year. I don't think anybody expects David -- she ever to lead the NHL playoffs in scoring goals again which he did last year. You know he beat you are -- Yonkers school record the crops for for. Citizens of the Czech Republic and it you don't think you -- she is a goal scorer. He thinking of of him as a -- as a guy who sets guys up and when he's got -- teach on his left and Horton on his right he's got so much time and space. Because frankly the defenseman are sold freight -- rolling tanks that they're looking out for their own good Bankrate she's got a lot of luxury of of space and time any condition the park. But Horton goes down now the equation changes. You know apparently gets on it was line for a while. Apparently likes to carry the puck as well does make partly bad guy at just the kind of play areas screeching needs support gonna stick to the maxim only effective well that hasn't been there. Ever since Horton went down and David's got to find a different part of his game you know this is the same criticism that we -- Alex Ovechkin. I would contend it Ovechkin is no better player now than it was two days before Bruce Boudreau got hired. Because he's the same guy he's you know and and superstars. Has their careers go on. Improve their games in ways that their opponents are not expecting they find different ways to solve the problem. And it evil Sidney Crosby is only played eight games in the last fourteen months and that's too bad -- pretty good games if you're yeah but also think back to a couple of years ago when Crosby decided well you know this team needs me to score more goals so bang he leads the leaking goals. And then the next year it's like you know I need to get better face offs and bang he's in the top five in the league and face -- all year long. You know. That's what superstars do those are the guys who say I'm gonna change my game and away the no one's expecting an initial up. With the new weapon in my arsenal come September and and Greg Craig he's done at that level doesn't know he isn't but boy he needs to find a different way to solve the problem because what's happening now a's teams are taken away his time and space and that's worry he does so well where he gets into the -- of the flow you know -- The the the rapids charge on by am and splash over the rocks and here's great -- at the edge of the stream. Let that go on by any picks off a little -- hits the wing with a passing he's got a great shot. Warming infielder who likes water while Jack -- wanted to find the railroads don't -- the a -- swear I'll pose the Edmund FitzGerald. The show where I'm Brian Ross to -- what he was out of shape last night was is even playing for the islanders it's been playing but do you got to shape you. The island shaped him to put up for -- Molson in and Johnson played like 89 minutes last night but yeah. Didn't at all different couple different expectations different team. And again with a program and within a few weeks and I'm pretty sure will be we'll be right there for the pros he's got he definitely has some luck to contribute. These he's a terrific guy -- still has the skill set and -- get back and again this is the the luxury of having. The trade deadline six weeks before the end of the regular season and the Bruins are in all bomb proof position -- -- -- Raw like the Beverly and Olympic Games salty sea and we got all these water water references that I want it now. Likes war. It is like studying TS -- or something with -- light to unite the on the right we are arguing about hydration the other -- too -- -- another -- -- can be a urine collector it is an extra does next just questions. When this once it. Richard Wright ever run into -- out -- -- got to settle something for me I heard it last night and I thought you were right on. You're basically calling out of our Cheney Judd Charl. You're calling amount. Because he flopped. And yet I'm getting text your saying I'm full of it that you were actually calling out Gonchar for doing something that he should not -- I didn't see anything. That juncture did and a place where you call. That was sides in like which guarded and I said before I I said I understand what he's doing is trying to help his team but I still don't like I. -- line was something like there's no. Use for that type of late in the game the guys 69 and 260s with a strong baseman ever to play hockey and he went down pretty easily for -- what was rule book I believe I'd -- and it was a look -- one final but yeah if you get hooked. It's rare that you trip forward. When you get. If anything if it's really yeah heavy market pulls you backward on your the small back in your fans. By. But they were desperate times he would want handle and we've seen -- -- -- We've seen dives toward several times last week -- back call has gone away and the rough threes for some reason. Don't make that call and in fact they reward diving and that's not good and and you know again I understand what -- was still. To me that doesn't justify an and I wouldn't want my kid play and I'll play. And I wouldn't want somebody who's who's associated. -- or the culture or a general -- -- -- associated with my team behaving that way. UB deceptive in order to gain a man advantage to me that just that. That's not where I'd want -- -- you don't think the Bruins have have done that before. The court and that -- -- to be deceptive to gain a man advantage for not necessarily sure I -- but no not necessarily to orbit but yeah they have done it and and I think the American I've pointed it out on the -- before you know we not think it was called out because I've heard you before. Do the same thing for an opponent when an opponent has them tied it with bouts of making fun of it all Omar will never work again in it's here here's the thing it's. Mean there's just no place for that in the game this is idiocy inning credibly exciting game. You don't need to exaggerate you don't need to go down and stayed down after nine injuries that we elect -- when did in in Montreal all ovals getting Brad marsh on suspended for what was a perfectly legal hip check. You know and and in Marshall and ends up getting called for another probably just disease Brad marsh that was a flop as well. -- court -- down and stays down for five minutes after terse syllables him in the -- does get her suspended media probably go you know -- Eagles on the total doesn't play again in the game if what you can -- and you know basically carted off. As he does he get her suspect that's just not the right way to play that's not honest. That's not honest that's not why I watch sports -- watch sports is I think it. It reveals the character of the teams in the individuals are taking part -- anything to win no you know or anything you can do to win or whoever's in charge like that before. I've seen him down a couple of times. But. Probably not that obviously. I was you know I again I understand what he was still. The pros are desperate situation there were 29 to go in the whistle there on the power play for two minutes and as turner couldn't do much when fighting a music yeah. I didn't hear that right for them. And get. All sudden you know. We redeem themselves on face offs are being picked up in the third discount her legs and so I think that's a good sign for next payment. Certainly this was a game we would've liked. I want -- the imports of of these two points or what they call four point games with you know it's just couldn't Muster up enough to get that goal. Close to load. Let's clone after the game last -- looked -- the phone calls send. What you throw some stuff out here on the table at 617779. I 0852038885250850. Acres Mike in west -- hello Mike. That's -- I could. As Jack will be -- Little bit of a shout out air since I've been salt glows so long time and again of saying no disrespect intended to engage. Yeah oh yeah the guys -- valued at about play by play guy we've had since Australia and Tokyo opaque data. Disrespectful it's saying -- -- -- try to demand and you do an outstanding job. Thank you thank you my friend Greg cut down the trees were on the highway you know at at a he did the job. -- quick question about that too corrupt. All I think -- a lot of such bans all much to Boston but just fans in general and export rarely. All we authentic and or value while players who think that you know they -- aren't they actually are on it to -- school. Well you know they'll lot of during the trade talks all if you're gonna say the ability one trader on the radio blown -- what he should but he shouldn't. All I I think we all agreed -- two promises one but that does not the best goaltender in the league obviously follow the loans. You know -- -- -- ultimately very well hole. We didn't figure out chuckle out -- this fire as I mean would you consider it in what year. You could say it's without top five top -- The -- triggered that millions of -- as a goaltender from. Right now he's in the top third. You know which means if you consider the teams that that you played two goalies a lot that -- on puts him in the top. Twenty in the NHL I he's had some technique problems of -- Bob thousands. Join the Bruins during the road trip to work on to his technique and it says selling about how accountable Tuukka Rask is at a pretty young age. That he's. Talked openly about it on I'm. Jump and down -- the butterfly too soon and I'm given up the top corners. I've I've got to be calmer. And essence as worked on those specific things. I think that took his performance. More recently has been significantly. Better he's looked a lot smoother. Rests the strength of rests game is that he's so good at taking away the bottom of the goal. And staying tall the same time because he thrusts his hips forward so -- she can take away. A lot of the top of the goal while these eliminating the bottom of the goal. He annoys me you probably could not find a more dissimilar goalie. From Tim Thomas then to grass because of Thomas is brilliant glove he's -- Thomas has his go to glove as anybody in the game and and if you really. Pick and things apart you know maybe that's the thing that -- needs. The most work on to make the the glove saves as the saying goes -- a little -- a lot of baseball in Finland but but took -- -- is going to be -- star in this -- and I attempts I sincerely hope -- with a total all the mechanical problems get cleared up when you're playing the majority of the games and that's it and that was that's a -- whole lot in price thing in Montreal and everybody was saying how can they get rid of our -- a -- and I was one of the people screaming -- his -- because I'd just seen a whole lot. March Montreal right through two teams that never had any right to beat to get all the way to the Eastern Conference final. And addictive wheel lock for a Lars Eller and Ian Schultz I mean come off. -- what it is it's pretty obvious that the Bruins. Think an awful law. Of -- because that would have dealt them away because he presents a great commodity for them but I guess they're looking and it's and and to dumps cheap money next year so that's the problem Jack you've got to resign. Took arrest in the offseason here. -- jobless is cheap money next you do to keep him I would think we knew -- tunnel. More year thomas' five million on the -- two million actual payroll. Soul and also loses his no trade status as of July 1 so. It becomes a potential massive -- to move if the Bruins -- You know look for a draft pick especially what could potentially be very high first round draft pick. But I don't wanna get ahead of myself there that the thing with Rask is that like Carey Price in Montreal. If they say if and when they finally say okay it's yours you are the man you're the number one. Are we gonna see -- become one of the top three or four. Goaltenders in the NHL as I led the league in save percentage two years I I think he probably will. -- they haven't we had part of the answer. Part of the question -- force already. I know what happened against Philadelphia. And you think collected a game seven -- three -- and I think. I would have I would say the moment became too -- -- there -- of some soft goals in game seven vs the flyers but if you look at him the entire season. It's hard -- to quibble with with what he did there so I think we know. We have a pretty good idea what to arrest is going to be. If it's his job ended on the right -- 90% in February and into right and have done the right thing I think by holding on to a minute. You've got so much talent on the hockey team to Begin with. If Thomas goes south or -- -- loses at a whatever. You're okay for how many years because you've got another goaltender that you give the trust don't you just shot me -- look honestly at the moment became too big -- game seven disagree with the. -- little bit because I. My of opinion otherwise that yes so that was contributing factor but I he was wearing down during that series and Tuukka has gotten stronger since then. He was aware of that. The Bruins. Lost crate she Philadelphia got Carter back the Bruins were without Seidenberg for the entire playoffs. And two -- a lot of -- and and because of that because of the pressure that was on him. And the link to the series and more intense hockey than he ever played in such a condensed time. She wore down and he was less effective as that series went on the that's part of learning process with a young goalie and he was very young I think used when he -- so. Now that's that's a really young age be exposed that kind of pressure and yes. You gotta tip your cap the Philadelphia they came back just as much as the Bruins did collapse in that series. What if you'll learn from that and it makes you better and I think it did make took a better disease of very serious guys have very conscientious guy. Then you end up with a a stronger player in the long run. Here's Bobby's in the middle borrow here at a big show WEEI about. -- -- -- They have a question -- readers that I really liked it checks response to Greece's woes my according -- Do you think based on their information out looking into recession stand right now differential relative and not. That the trade deadline to propellers and after the finals. I think he did as much as he could all along Peter Shirley said he was not going to adding if he had to subtract from the roster. Because. This team does have the pieces in place and theoretically at least. Aided by your observation. Of this season three quarters of the season. Have to say that the team still has the bullet in the gun they have the chance to do it again. If these players can come back and and reach their potential. If they had to give up a roster. Spot if they had to give up a guy who was getting regular time. Not only are you altering the chemistry but not your play in the game of dominoes again that started -- important injury and then cover Lee's injury or guys end up being in roles and and minutes and and positions and situations. That have not worked before and you're throwing another X-Factor in their so. If you could pick up a Rolston and a model and get them into shape by playoffs and -- comes in auto and examines going to be a pretty good fit. Tough as nails guy and you know it doesn't fight a lot but but really accepts. A very low threshold of resistance from a opposing forwards it out but will play well you know -- -- example I think you. I -- because you're out of earlier in the -- early before the trade deadline. About the possibility that kid from Cleveland come in here. Columbus in the air and there was some speculation and up I'd really want to hear certain he'll respond shuttle weather because he's been -- -- what outlook. What was what was the price for national that's the question now and Bob we were talking the last time Jack we're not the last time it was. Several months ago actually. Now is talking about Rick Nash and and in -- to -- in Jackson you've got to be crazy why would you would you trade away. Either goaltender at this point but but to answer your question. That it realizes the setup to come back to me to realize I thought director doctor archer got a legitimate said he and a lot of is that -- don't look at it just started there but Bob. And well. In all seriousness I would say. He did enough because you view it if you're not willing to trade Hamilton. If you're not willing to trade grass if you're not willing to trade crate -- What else can you do I'm thinking you can you go out and get a favorite match you're willing to let let them figure out where to put those three guys on the table. What you're top you know. Top line guys go. We don't even if we're expecting to get so that you and helped shore without mortgaging the for. Well the only you can do is go on his word and that was that the price was too high in my guess it is. It was because notice none of these other big guns got traded away -- They were very few deals to rule -- fourteen trade's overall. Nash got a problem -- Columbus office he -- to -- trade off of its people and people are not real happy. At least all the roster because he did you don't work. I don't wanna be here companies to get my and fluffy stuff they are. Objective I don't wanna be there are apple and the fans don't wanna do my -- -- but he stopped there. And remember it's a high precedent that -- -- six years. Seven point eight million dollars a year Christ and I can't believe Columbus, Ohio. As a National Hockey League with this supplement our. He wears or Ohio State authorities again I don't know if I don't have to out of the problem the problem is. And I I recommend that you go to TS and dot CA and look at their video vault and and watch the press conference. Because it is painful and credit to Rick Nash for face the music may -- the team said you've got to go up there and take it. But whatever and the questions were direct. They -- there was no wiggle it'll kill both and they did kill him and and he basically reverses himself twice during the press conference saying. Well I thought it was the best thing for the team and for my career if so which. What she is it you wanna get back out here with this massive bomb of a contract you want the team to get what in in return. And Scott house in the GM out there who probably ought to get fired soon. It is is saying -- what teams are offered me for this gargantuan contract in this guy. Who potentially is a great goal scorer and has been a great goal scorer in the past. It's just not even close to the Value Line need to get -- shot so we stuck you know. It cuts both ways with these huge long term contracts he stuck there in Columbus. Is Bruce out of Martha's Vineyard were never snows at least one where there -- spurs. It's good episode just. I want to actually I'd never occur at this statistic. Given out as to. Deflection rebounds. Opposed to direct shots on net for goals. To serve percentage that you know up. I don't and it wouldn't surprise me if that's one of the the deep dark secrets. That oh Julian in the of the video. Analysts for the Bruins track very very carefully. But there is such a concentration. On creating traffic in front of the goalie it was a it was a factor and only goal again last night -- -- completely blocked and Thomas's view. And Carlson is a terrific young defenseman but that wasn't exactly a body whole laser beam was kind of ripped him last night into you know what -- did I noticed that I like -- -- Karlsson -- -- he's going to be -- what do you want to -- but he's a popcorn machine right now returns the puck over fifteen times gambling on the right and and that's great and let's save that let's. Let's not do what what the panel on TS and did which was not only to nominate him for the north the gimmick it's a favorite. The flick cult body's not one of the best three defensemen in the game right now you know the -- spectacular but he's not a guy you want. Guarding a one goal lead with thirty seconds to go in the game again. Slick and he's done so much for that team and that's what I think it is that you know his contributions to that team's success. Have been have been amazed -- what is brick thing -- you just never like a brick for brick glass producer that your relentless this guy's not a stud defenseman wasn't awful. He's not one of the top three in the -- what it would bring you. You -- orange brick is is is a very tolerant guy as he must be worked with -- basis and yet. But but like. The top three defensemen in the -- he'll probably right now tumor repair in national she whenever Ryan -- and now the only guys in the same division nick blitzer you know those are. If if you're asking me over the three best defenseman. While Carlson's not a lot I'm surprised. A guy who didn't we we talked about admiral -- meticulous tournament. Charges an outstanding to -- last night I thought he. -- -- Charts and dissect it get over the -- charts and in this six -- seven is that are that are right there but he's had a really up and down year and I've fiesta sensational last month. Then maybe he does get into the Norris discussion -- -- of the top three in the league right now. Aipac -- debate judge Jackie Edwards end up house. Right back to the phone calls let's go to American -- borrow what's up -- Aren't very good herculean. -- -- other quick question you can't double file what you were talking about earlier in your question about chart chart or the bad. Jack -- where Jack said no. We actually got. Usually -- -- -- I wouldn't -- -- for what you would say -- -- -- -- really don't really can't comment as. Make a point to ship worker. Way better this year well I want I'm wondering where is it -- It's that you're currently are pretty -- -- of -- -- a little maybe a little wet T. Where you want to -- goal last night. Account I don't know what you're what you're watching Eric the what it'll say about Jack. Is that he will beat up on opponents. Pulling out there was beaten up on a regular basis what he was an opponent okay. On the other hand he does take shots it is only team and he did so last night. On that penalty basically on your last night said -- was flop. What -- said. Yeah well I mean here's and he was right and an and I think as I just said a few minutes ago by adding charges. Definitely in the top six or seven in the NHL among defensemen but is -- in the top three this year I don't think so I just don't think so -- it and if he has a phenomenal final month. The -- -- a tonic names like you know as many games like does anybody Italy were just talking about it during the break how many times -- seen him on the last month cough up blocking gives up yesterday now Obama and the game last night. Well it's you know the stuff happens it's a game of mistakes and and Chara. Is still the best shot down guy in the game and it as he simplified his game is the road trip moron. He got better and better and -- peeking get to that level and cheap but there and take it through the playoffs so -- did last spring. Sensational that's exactly what the Bruins are looking for. That's Louis in a car no -- Without -- -- -- he was going on I just like Jack and your question for me I know that that -- policy contractors try to. This year what what it against the cap order to make this year. It's a well your your cap hit with the exception of those so called retirement contracts which have a little -- to them your cap hit is the average. Of what you're getting paid over the lifetime of the contracts at thomas' deal. According to cap -- dot com and the NHL players association is best we can tell from their disclosure. Four years twenty million dollars total that's a five million dollar a year cap hit but the way it was structured according to khaki dot com which seems to be the most reliable source for that. Eight million the first year. Five million the second. Five million this year which is the third and two million next year which means that a team that's on a budget instead of the cap. In other words a team that says Arianna -- 63 million but we're not gonna spend more and fifty. That kind of team can absorb to take 883 million dollar cap hit. That they're not really paying out they would pay Thomas two million and a cap that would be five desert Iraq and use all that space anyway and that's that's why surely built that flexibility. Into the contract so. If we needed to trade Thomas if he had to buy out Thomas it would only be a two million dollar pay out in the value last year the contract. Right I ERM I know greatly but I can go to traded him after one Stanley Cup line. I just think you would've got more form. But suppose you look at it in May you may be right. But suppose you look at your team you bring back. Virtually everybody. And you're looking at and say we can make another run. If Tim Thomas plays anywhere close to where he played last year in an historic season are on -- -- on -- -- -- I just don't think you guys are doing -- said. And I got hurt. He said he would have traded him -- can benefit. That is in in 7272. -- headline -- that's bold that's metallic yeah he said he would attribute to bully. -- we're here in the car. Over and why is going all and I -- driving the car don't work out the snowstorm it's all your you -- -- don't worry about it you can go -- wages. I am not even travesty an outsider go to double. -- -- -- pocket and it is not an article called the cold air is affecting Europe and what are you would have traded up after so. They -- -- -- Beijing Michael deflected that would be. Great eight it would balance -- excellent but I'm right about c'mon at the American values -- -- Maybe he he he gives up. Eight goals. In seven games and Stanley Cup finals to the best office in the NHL they beat the Canucks. I re on a beautifully. And the beautiful picture perfect sunny summer day this was before -- order FaceBook -- And and do as channeling -- -- -- -- there aren't well. Let's that was caused by the team on National Hockey League and we archery Tim Thomas -- I -- it would have been that would have been great value and it. -- -- -- Never in -- -- where. Our real well. Are -- let me give me let me give you about a one I even let you -- what you win the cup. And you tradable you'd trade a boy in the in the offseason. Yeah then either to harass does not play well or he gets hurt this year. And then this thing falls apart. What do you think calls would be like what would you be saying right now are talking about Peter surely what would you recent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I did you want that lowering of -- -- hours are during the snowstorm and you haven't it is really worry about that which you made this call at the Christmas break when the Bruins were just opening -- what -- on one team right after -- -- don't know but I don't know enough. And how do I do it less -- In the top of the show said. Couple things we haven't heard this year we don't have to hear about 1972 anymore we'll have to hear about Jeremy Jacobs not spending money nobody's but about it anymore but they had but it they have made that trade. Can't really wouldn't take the hit four. Surely would take that. Yeah and I call. I take up. One of Britain apart and crushed all about the care is the question what a great guy knowing just what a great -- -- debate Tuukka Rask at the end of this year he did not want a bull dogs -- unloaded a mile from. Well no I I think he knew there was no way that you win with that you can't win in that -- without golden. Here's -- a car Iraq. Big guys that's going on opera. Let's I wanna switch gears a little bit talk about Bobby -- practically don't shoot the yoga can bring it. What -- deck burst at all I mean I can't believe this guy. Let's look at the Ottawa let's let's not get Camara took to get too graphic. Tablet. Doctor sports -- brother. Iraq. Hackable at when he came here at the only person that they could find was John Hart who hasn't played since 1992 like bank. Just say anything nice about the guy talk -- I think are hardly let the negative thing -- it like any great mr. charity taught partly. So what does -- what does what -- -- -- you're you're -- issue with any other than being that disgruntled that standard. -- -- -- probably bothered -- as well but. He is not a supportive he's not a support network at all -- these players I look around this -- about my ticket guys that vehicle Bailey. Was coming all from the smallest markets seemed arguably one of the biggest market teams are in baseball he's going to struggle inevitably happen all that. The pressure is gonna get to a the difference between a guy like Bobby Valentine -- Francona is where Francona would put his arm around them. You'd have been right there form fought -- supported him you know he's gonna get. From this guy that corporate -- it's creepy it's creepy. But. Argue you -- tell your brother and I know people get emotional when it comes to the sports industry -- -- -- but it personal sounds. -- and his personal men prefer did you ever joke got to wrap. I couldn't. A little worse Boston Red Sox could've made less Francona walked. Rather than let it -- get it -- -- what is he saying what happens -- I would think 90% of the time what. Well let's I'll hold on I want it would try to engage in conversation with an inaugural pissed -- but let let strategist. I must tell you that I -- a little taken back by what he did yesterday. And I think that he's got to learn. And he's won -- set at two days ago when he was comparing himself to Terry Francona and he said he gets paid to speak I get paid to do things right. He should abide by his own words 'cause he's right in -- does that may be he'll be fine -- I don't like the fact that he's talking too much because in a market like this. He's so they're talking to the media they're all bobbing their heads down near Fort Myers and they're all smiling and are all laughing but the jokes and they're all last night. And that's what they were all doing. These the same media that if things aren't going so well they're gonna take all of those words and they're gonna -- him right back to Adam and thrown right -- -- -- -- You're gonna see that issue come up a lot of this is the guy the and I keep it. Right I worry about that I worry about now as a manager. A lot of people say that he does what what you just talked about. But that he still is a very good manager lets see how it plays out may be figures this one out. Maybe he backs off maybe he's trying too hard to please the owners. Like Mike Adams wanna beat up on the Yankees every single again an -- report from writer it's part of their make up they they think that they think like fans. And and you know I think he's got a real idiot I would agree with you. That this will be coming headlines every single day if he does this and -- don't want. Don't want. The manager professional sports. They don't want the manager or the coach to be that guy out for. It pisses them off what -- -- the team that's got a team you're a young team made a young team went out of their energy goes way right. They don't want him doing stuff like this. Because Google wanted have to pay the price for a right to say. The Yankees the way he does right or the need to do what they you know they like competition. Called the personal. There's something. Something that happened there as a packer zone map sub shop on some yet maybe in a -- accurate objection a college Edwards are third minute somebody texted us today. Gym or down vote -- third minute with basketball like Max. Friday at his very program third and the one and only Cedric actually addresses. And bill that's obvious something not always but usually usually dresses down for us and rose started you know. He's the two of us but he just there was like -- was apparently by the way he or use -- always -- -- the floor -- that now have an arena and I -- well it was difficult the job security was hard to. Part two it's gonna Larry I agree that. I Scotland and a lot of those guys are pretty easy -- it is like. Topic and I mean you know Greg kite. But actually your Friday weeks we've got to go find it again. Early on the game first quarter last night he's talking about. When all that's when it's very retirees he loves them when he was talking about women Eddie actually. Rotted -- as an analogy to what was going on in the game. He's talking about a player willing to be down there. Play with a win with a -- I went out yet the -- one he was talking about himself don't know he's talking about a lot but are projecting. I expect America because we know Max. Loves. Big when I picked up the plus I think he was the same time. In the course of the game but it was interest that we eagle flights for Friday Asia Asia -- Boston's next up -- -- Grip you gentlemen I would door gray matter very odd I wanna give back the -- -- excuse I to question and I. I direct question -- with the jacket because. Should know because he knows like you shot at thirty times as much as we do we are not that it took an -- I was gonna say -- -- drive. The advocate who are or should I see this street -- -- -- is that kind of what the game -- quite. I don't seeing that a team that is all of Adam G out there that sort of struggling to find the it's a New York. And some people would -- compete level to compete for sixty minutes or they're just about are important apart that. Could -- that. Maybe I'm just putting too much into that. Game or is why -- that each of these or is it the fact it did at the Betty champion to keep going harder against dumped and I've. I did shortening that -- he'd picked it up but you're -- its typical -- Not all those elements are factors. There are two games that have left marks on the Bruins this year the Vancouver game definitely was one of them. One of the reasons for that was a Lucic got thrown out of the game four minutes in for something that he should not have gotten thrown out of the game four and then Marcel legally admitted and then Marchand got suspended and officially got on the bad list because he when he was exonerated. For something illegal looked out later Brendan Shanahan through win the the one and only editorial comment he has made in the supplementary discipline hearings of I didn't like the hit. What in fact if you go back and look at the video was actually illegal hip -- OK guys upper body was bent over but he didn't make contact with his upper body in it was hip against hip. And then the other -- and it's left a mark on him was the Rangers the most recent rangers' home game. Where the Rangers were just simply the better team and more or winning puck -- you're you're right about the energy level and after bulk of those games we've seen and -- the Bruins energy level that's what these next two home games are about for the Bruins. Getting back to the point where they were in the third period last night. Yet but that's the big to Jack the Rangers. -- hear about how the media fiberboard smear because they ought. I -- -- and the fact each uncle relative come across the media aren't you coach he's like a maniac but I -- Seeing right now is. So that. The world will wait while you towards me. -- -- that that is and I think you're right they. Strange things going too far -- Because last year's Bruins didn't like last year's Bruins until. -- -- -- that's so good so I think. There's no reason to to fear the New York Rangers. Going into the playoffs. Based on the way they're playing right now there's no reason to receive a -- There there's no. For the Bruins -- really stressed gathers no reason for us and for the central Zardari are now. Well there's no reason for the Bruins players to fear of them but if there's a team on the radar that makes you say. Wow the -- are gonna have to play. Exactly 100%. To beat that team that's. Right now all the teams in the Eastern Conference the Rangers are at all by the way if Pittsburgh gets a helping Sidney Crosby back and watch out for the parents clearly important I can clearly because they have tremendous buying and as well but but I think what he's saying is that that the Rangers. Our deep. They have. Three good reliable sets a -- great -- I have they have the best goalie in the league right now I mean Henrik Lundqvist period I mean that's consensus is he might win the doesn't unanimously this year he's -- probably gonna get nominated for the heart to be the MVP. And and they have. A shot down pair in united Dan Girardi and Brian McDonough who are as good as anybody at negating. Anything any team control. Originally I would you guys but yeah you're just that -- which he's done which you absolutely stunned if the Rangers did make it to the conference on I would be stuck with anything in the NHL question Danica. I thought I'd be stunned if they lost in the first round. Because after the first round. You don't know what's gonna happen they could have if if Callahan goes down with an injury as he did late last season blocking Zdeno Chara shot. The whole chemistry changes if one of their top two defenseman go down. As you know it's earlier techsters in what was Claude -- doing mess around with a deep Paris while Johnny boy -- when he and a half minutes one away when he got can cost. On the Chris Neil hit and and when you got to move starts from third pair up to charge right Taurus -- left side. -- is planned right to left shots and they got confused at least two or three times last night and there were talking about it on ice in all. If one of those injuries happens to the Rangers. They got serious trouble and Obama -- you know the elephant in the room is if Lundqvist blows a groin muscle that. Go -- -- Israel -- -- wrong it's not taking of the probably dress all. There are certain players they can't afford to lose he's absolutely right but the Big Apple saying I disagree with you is as we got into the latter part of the season last year. We started to buy in a closed system because the players -- to. And the one thing you could say about the Rangers right now they are very disciplined. Stream we discipline when they play again. -- agree jackpot -- it integrated power like ruins let me go last year. David we're not goaltending historical data very similar to what you saw with Tim Thomas let's get some of the comparisons but afraid can't be afraid. As a former -- it's connected right to play in the National Hockey League mr. Edwards and tiger question. For.

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