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Dino Laurenzi Jr, drug sample collector, breaks silence on Ryan Braun

Feb 29, 2012|

Mut and Kirk talk about the latest development in the Ryan Braun case in which the drug test sample collector said he did nothing wrong. Who do you believe?

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As players were held to a standard again and of 100% perfection regarding this program everybody else should be held to that same standard. Major League Baseball has agreed with the the process that's in place the program that's in place. Ultimately we were able to prove my innocence. And I was exonerated. As Brian Brohm last week not allude ID 37 WEEI Kirk went ahead in for a -- your phone calls. I'll read you some of the Dino -- Arie junior statement. He says he did nothing wrong says that basically he followed protocol to AT. That in fact the earliest the specimens could be ship was Monday October 3 because there was no -- location. Within fifty miles Miller Park. That would -- the packages. Saturday for Sunday. Calls been in place when Terry said it's 2005. When I start with CDT. Never other occasions when I've had a store samples in my house for at least one day all with out incident. The FedEx clinic pack containing mr. broad sample never left my custody. Consistent with the EC BP's instructions I brought the clinic pack containing samples home to my house. Rubbermaid container in my office located in my basement the basement office is officially cool to stir. -- distort urine samples. So he would have you believe there was nothing questionable. About this. US question for the break when what to do what the arbiter -- Shy and -- in this case is that the next shoe to drop meant as a the next shoe would be maybe Ron being sued. By the collector in this case but don't you want that. The findings leaked by the arbiter to see what the hell they saw what he saw in this case it made a rule. In the favor arrive broad -- Want to love to see that as a saint let's just something we don't know about. If we know everything he knows. Of what he looked at in this case is -- was to present to us you know. As you -- in the past couple months. Now get it and I don't know what he saw if if if again if all this is consistent on the what he saw it would make him say. Yeah you don't -- on this just doesn't make any sense because I mean. And again pure brawn. Don't you just the other day that was -- Friday it was a Thursday I was Friday afternoon 1 o'clock. Why make it such a big event wide piece oh. You know so positive -- your -- so you know it's. Just appointed. Comment because -- either Ryan broader somebody's camp want to make it pretty clear we don't believe we get often a technicality we believe we got up because we are innocent -- anybody look at -- this thing. From the initial reaction to it all up the same thing Ryan brawn got off because of a technicality. There's no explanation for why it was twenty times but testosterone and then there's no legitimate explanation for. -- -- to any that because he has no answer fort. Because deep down maybe knows he's guilty. What he knows he's guilty because he's guilty and clearly he knows he's got away with it. Why did you get away with a unique simple statement you get the hell out of there -- wire had he didn't do that. And this is why would please people's articulate crap out of the bureau of the next couple months deserved it because he went up there Friday. In the Milwaukee facility point this finger -- -- Paul Merrill all over again that's quite decrepit. Other votes almost 421. At FaceBook dot com. Slash WEEI. Where he can check it out -- tell the truth this game is at the collector is -- prawn and right now the collector for the one. Not even not quite as high as his testosterone ratio was 2030 to one up but for one you guys leave the tester in -- case you can vote and leave your comments read some of those. On the air here during the program Allen is in Maine next up on 937 WEE what's up -- Idea. I I don't doubt. You know your poll they are sparse and on the who's not tell the truth. But generally is irrelevant it's a process. That has to be pulled out of the service. In any given -- example there's a chain costs they expect change it is in broken bat ample goes unseen. From minute. Sorry it does -- is -- no repercussions at that point. You have to know beyond any shadow adult talk and both. You don't want slightly let millions of dollars you can't cabinet think sitting on guarded -- in a refrigerator. Well wouldn't have been a brick it if it's delivered a FedEx though -- analyst Kirk finish program. Delivered a FedEx is and it's sitting unguarded FedEx. It they are about to deliver it that way. In this case that's the chain of custody that he should have. According to broaden his lawyers. He he broke protocol by not bringing it directly to a FedEx now. The collector disputes that and says it is what I've been told since 2005. When I start of the protocol is -- it. When it's not open. I've got a store those samples in my house for at least one day. All with out incident itself the collector would tell you what the chain of custody exactly the way these guys put a four for the other six -- -- that year. Okay and navy the the -- is looking at the bit not a pro -- called for all processes Baltic. I I agree with a 100% to should be thrown out and probably at this is probably publish its rock every every -- has come so. -- do things -- existed Cree agreed upon hour call wasn't broken the arbiter here and say I'm doing this because I disagree that that's different that this was agreed to let it be by -- players and the only -- to -- just forget you know. We could talk about the that the chain that's fine perfectly legitimate I know problem these same. -- just ask you this -- when you look at cold you think that Ron is guilty. I don't mean you don't that's the thing everybody's getting sort of caught my and I doubt -- really -- look at talking about. In -- model sort of weird in between its final out I completely understand recovered from but innocent first guilty when you look at -- They -- -- and and I agree with that 100% but I I think he didn't start out I agree with the -- that's -- -- him. Yeah I guess that's the problem I have right now is because now you've got a collector. Had to work in the air since 2005. Has -- six. Hundred collections what are regular season post season what 2005 it was like 93 -- -- seven years ago seven years ago and it okay fine. Actually seven years without getting chastised by the prickly -- that is that. 57 years he's doing his damn job yes Andy's telling you when a statement. That oracle is say not open taken on school place never had the incident. That's the whole -- they hung their hat on in this case that that the chain of custody was broken. And I got a guy come on Ford and saying. At least in his opinion. In Canada for seven years. But or -- since 2005 and seven years because wasn't the oppression initially on the higher despite part time. Eight dollar an hour clown -- -- we saw this up that we were kilometers an articulate that was wrong that was wrong soup packets that I'm wrong. I was wrong. Iran about. The public about our department that last week with the right about that -- in Boston today Steve when he got. Good morning guys -- Steve. In my group two articles. But while I've been on hold on -- remote from my question. Or religious -- different angle here. I've been here doing their job because it was a Saturday. I'll weekend -- maybe that's why god god held over the weekend before they're shipped. Diluted in his drug testing it they don't -- you -- data that -- can't clean itself up. -- his coach -- all the because there was this Saturday. Good at these are these guys that you can't negate that -- -- who do they get into that the data leak. Saturday as an up and do what it is that no additional testing this Saturday there's always defined awaited initial -- It actually has done on Saturdays and actually the most use because of what we ended full full. The collective call. Steve I'll vote -- right here and I have that same thought it's a good thought and appreciate the phone call today because. I thought no maybe if they if MLB knew there work that was not gonna be a FedEx open. Why the -- they do it's Saturday Steve's right. You do you wanna add this to be complete surprise you don't want these players knowing -- these guys are worried about get a sample to a certain spot and time. I -- I agree with Steve aggregate that callers yesterday. I forget which show was that it -- they got a clean up the entire process I agree with that. But I get this he said he said back and forth or bronze pop in his chest while Merrill style you got this guy can afford it say look I did nothing wrong. And if your Major League Baseball and you read this year today you're stuck in the middle looks like a pretty. -- at least a pretty crappy -- pulled Ryan brawn took advantage. I'll say this OK Major League Baseball for ever. Was so silent on the storage issue was disgusting McGwire Sosa on the whole thing the whole bit nothing Canseco. Contaminate the zero. But since they started doing it. Meter dash X 65 home runs every year as -- seven home runs power down way down way down now. Now of this brought -- fine this arbiter last couple of what you see originally baseball past couple years and pretty damn good job in this whole thing I mean. Made a baseball busted brawn correctly I mean it probably is guilty in the Boston port. You know they can do with a guy comes and here's the third guy in when it's never happened before it is -- don't want -- for really no reason to kill Major League Baseball. How we're gonna talk to -- to -- about this of SI new -- we come back we get right back your phone calls Al Wayne Crist James Bruce. We get your reaction next 937 W -- media. Not reloading here on 937. WEEI. -- off today. Fight a little sickness. -- many hints here. K man sends in a tweet at -- WEEI. Says -- Bryant is innocent why doesn't he agreed taking a lie. Detector test you can. Another horribly inaccurate -- why -- -- what do you will be -- Ever due to do the question you can ask -- that that top dog -- -- Kostis. And -- -- -- shell. Lot detector test -- brawn would you air that prime done these people -- on Twitter. Yet to just start of -- an acute that came out of your group native. A lot of character tests don't fall on it don't file don't Paul Kirk or Kirk command KI RK MI and -- rock and Twitter handle house are right back to your phone. Go to the truck Bruce is their Bruce what do you have. Yeah I good morning John. I am a question was is. I I work for a company where I can attest that all the time in -- people who actually. Put things and clean test I was wondered could get something into a spot to so -- -- To a point where it was questionable like something most of the test let's -- Could he have done it himself and polygamy guys go and you take your -- and putting and you want it. It's coming and I brought himself as a I. What -- -- do -- -- test positive where well I'm sorry will all all you -- test positive you're saying he knew he was a test positive albeit he's cute detest that way often shot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By itself this I don't know that that's sounds are able law and order script where a guy had no doubt about it but every baby seat -- but it it supplement that I'm district -- that. You know I mean you -- test positive you knew you were. If you -- that there would say that's going to be. How far these players no advances again in past. How far far is it minutes right so Brahma then no he's getting minutes in advance to reduce something then walked in there and figured a way to do it. It did and you know sang it seems. That's he's pretty calm person -- -- where Major League Baseball you get that the pastor is not think staring at Ryan -- he's doing his work at. To put the sample and but a pretty close word I mean it seemed like out be -- it it seems far fetched to me and it's initially walker. I I don't get used to take. -- put -- on the pitching and -- and went in to protest that it didn't -- a cleaner test. So I mean. You knew that you -- to be tested positive. I I can legislate in the days and I'm sorry -- they would do remember -- No doubt they put like old each on the -- at least a couple weeks. We commend it would not quite sure publisher or. A year that's. It include exactly but he could -- on the same thing don't debacle it. -- -- -- -- -- the child right it would scratch -- -- and say that this is -- and nobody to protest that was return got the club brawl he's just. -- -- high level Clorox in the Aaron -- Bruce you may be a 100% right as I don't my best guess is that's not what Ryan bronze at Bruce's. Guys guys in the subprime deterrent -- -- wins here. Ticket that was it failed I'm curious -- -- elsewhere your work and to skirt these tests. Not that left means no that's want to. It was a restaurant so it's gonna avoid that place for a little bit of by no guys there but bleach and their fingers that it's -- That believes that sets a simple. He said pretty clearly bleach was here. Wayne is in Natick what are your many problems Turkmen and what's up blame. Keep saying I do not -- actually want you to guide to explain kind of what the point who gets me is. Sweet you guards and it -- -- was thirty times higher. And any other recorded that baseball history. The long taught me that that -- an act. You have no way here's the way by apple right so I'm Wayne. Will we heard was in its -- has since been refuted his number is actually not. Right might be inconsistent historically -- in its cap in baseball it is a high number across other sports for the test for testosterone and are you up to seven -- right it's not that ratio whale grabbed it first report -- that was the case but but no that is not the case. So into the highest recorded baseball not. And in baseball yes but another -- that it -- it's gotten gotten up to 72 once of the number is not that outrageous when it's looked at with other. I cheaters across other sports. -- -- -- And I made a pot luck but why you could literally see -- you're right that there will not alone is about narrow narrow -- -- -- I do. You know I -- still -- there but didn't. But so consider it -- -- immediate. -- -- -- brilliant idea by. I don't virtual L might try to believe he'd eat knock out the. Okay who -- -- late -- to your favorite name in half in the -- athlete. That has not been accused of the test has come back and you found out down the road against what the test screwed up or somebody screwed up that I was in on this far I can tell that. Athletes are all for what accounts is that right they have all lied there asses off in some way shape -- from -- go to Brady Anderson. These guys have ball lied. There asked is always not one of the comeback as it is at this the one guy for this little one guy Ryan amber asking for questions and to question -- I would like here at this point. You you know only like. Oh yeah. And they end up allotment right. Right. Now that we're going to -- -- let me say that's okay -- let me say this. Rafael Palmeiro and never had no PS higher than 963. Until 1999. Were aged 34 yet he slugger percentage of 630 by far the highest of his career. And -- PS of one point 050. By far the highest of his career at age thirty. War I did not know that I thought well how -- can hit it apple one up on our support but -- -- little late -- -- never -- way -- never had forty home runs to -- 3343. Page 304847. To be aged 36. He had 47 at age 37 he hit 43. Okay I'm on that political -- O'Meara and it was legal pretty. Face that you don't want you being million dollars. You weren't you want to -- in now. -- and it. Differ and differ -- I would probably give it a different era but I'm saying win and appreciate the phone call on the passionate and able c'mon. Well as an athlete been found innocent. You may god give me why -- upon merit -- Always says I was frustrated there's a monster spike did -- older which never have -- these guys listen. They've lost all rights that's the thing bumper on team with the prior generations just destroyed these guys. Palmeiro is your bonds you're Sosa's your Maguire Asia contaminate these name all the guys are or teases. Your man these are all guilty that's why -- -- are talking the other day I first values guilty that we look at the stats the numbers the facts there was a question was. -- James and Johnston Rhode Island today what's up James. Big I think to take Microsoft you're if you're afraid you don't belong in front can't be wrong is that over same. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could've been amended that -- this that's what I mean I guess that's a brawl would have you believe that this guy. West 600 tests under his belt the all the sudden screwed this one up and and decided this is the guy that. I'm gonna screw it then Ryan brawn. I don't -- your name it's only a number on this test hey. I'm gonna mess that this guy after 600 tests in seven years and MLB I don't get it. Right right well it hit my question and I apologize that I missed it but occasionally to get up to like your name myself. We can't the only test done -- that weekend. No we don't ever three or four tests by that -- collect it that. -- the other tests. So what -- do it right right he complained that it wasn't. That's where it felt there was an Arab if the other -- did not come back positive. And that's the curve ball here is that it never should it come out that brawl was tested his name's attached to as far as we know. -- -- to knowledge James we don't know anybody else in that group tested they came back -- similar. Reaction than that twenty to one ratio 31 ratio that was in bronze sample. Got it OK so he's. He had this very get a flimsy case. Extraordinarily sell me the the reason that he -- is because he got a little he walked that's the reason -- -- pulpit I mean it's not. Tell me if if if it is 30 vote he would of stood there might match Friday he been found guilty. Given the same speech he got off on a technicality I was trying to act like he is you know is exonerated incredibly this attraction not. -- a New Bedford today Al Europe with -- -- and Luke are winning hand here. I'll go lot of guys -- guys that they can be sold. -- -- The Portland police. -- -- at that point. Oh it's got different treatment postponed from clock. Saying that you possibly. -- nobody was going to be you know be out. No -- -- how we how we -- know -- so now we did not do that we we we we now we scoff at that that's not that's not be fair. Let me just -- insinuated let -- know making it more like a growing going to -- that it. Yeah I'd get out of the pocket when he got. We said at some place. We sit down on our -- we didn't agree with the caller rather we didn't. All right but also into the slot that a good just like you are like don't be don't overdo it and they -- by the medical information that didn't come out here and you never know about it. -- the public. Everybody knows god you you are always talking before you lucky he'll. Are better argument that's fair -- made it there this thing is is is Leakey is is is -- is that cop wasn't. Major League Baseball leaks like crazy never ends every every every time the steroid guys breaks and that's not fair to these guys wasn't. Ron's guilty that's fine he deserved to be suspended my opinion that's fine but the process the way the media fuss about the stuff early. About snatches as a snitch -- or not all the time I agree that that is a bad job. I began to look like they didn't trust back to back talked to Q for the Bennett -- it would needle on our -- -- broken. And they didn't so I'm nineteen you're not guilty web standard the process is completely solid and good day. Yet they tested for and they also tested it for temperature degradation are -- from Jeff -- Yahoo! an -- -- the other is -- appreciate the call out they said there was never. Got such an extreme temperature were held a kind of affected anything. And others to come out including the president water and said temperature is not gonna affect how testosterone synthetic testosterone testosterone grows and it you can't just. Open up a sample even you wanted to and the seals were broken in this case you can just open it up and it. Dropping and some that think with an eye dropper that a pastor says -- doesn't work that way. I see you being very nervous the year -- -- amnesty giving. Stage -- not an issue really are not an issue whatsoever. For I have a million other issues to see you states right now except populate the -- a trip -- back and spent like a step right up I don't care about golf work fumigate re able to point out older test right now right back your phone calls property GSI all things baseball at noon. But if you -- answer whatever Cingular to look cool is it you can only -- Passionate they are gonna win it do that. And you're gonna pretend that are categorical -- a product that bigger than any other public figure. I'm if you look at him as a permanent tribunal at the limit table I couldn't hurt your credit bureau a period and the second if you look at -- a private figure. You would have to prove that Ryan brought here. Published something by the way the company does that book and at a bar one night a publish something for the I'll put -- -- here. It was all in the -- talk about it. Clearly it is that this guy -- you to name -- that he tampered with and he lied about my they have all. Something. Be that bad fat but it does now. I have to proven so elated that happened. That is Jack for CBS legal analyst on ESPN radio. And that's -- frenzy. As the strong statement because that's what Ron did try to say tampered with -- about. Idea put this guys' livelihood in jeopardy and this guy's gonna have a case if he wants to move forward and -- I would think there are some sort of ground here in the reports are hired a high profile. New York litigation firm. And it could move Ford and left -- brought the. Case yet again you know bottom line is if you guys think -- Brian Bryant is innocent the year assuming that -- there went downstairs. Open the thing stopped testosterone and whatever element to close it and make it seem like nothing happened that your case. Went and what of people received the sample in Montreal values that were said it was not tampered with there was no tempered segregation it was the sample was taken that day. In the ballpark in Milwaukee. That was never argued by the brawn camp never argued so wise that's a question -- for those who say brought as innocent. What your case you what was your fills your occasional chain of custody. Acting go down that road -- on the Auburn did. Flawed that's fine you are going away that's fine I'm just saying it -- -- said the couple caller on my innocent or guilty. Don't tell me why it's ambiguous don't tell me why you understand why the arbiter vote that we tell me why Ryan brawn is in -- -- was the 101000 reasons why we think he's guilty. Give me three reasons three salt reasons why you think Ryan -- isn't. Backs -- Not Rem dog on Twitter says you don't know anyone's innocent. Because -- this result are not released until after the appeal process. Very good point that it got out in this case wasn't supposed to but as far as we know no one's been -- with. On any sort of suspension and -- -- the signal that you were found right the appeal process to get their boom -- -- as far as we know Remy said. -- was roundup 2006. On Twitter tweet this show. Stick with. Rick is -- out Rhode Island they would -- brick. And he got them are -- almost it's almost -- I think he's guilty beat. I. Contrast the fact that the chain cut you've broken the loophole is that it didn't follow protocol. Portraits or cut. That's again that's a fair argument in the and we can talk about that I think we agree that there's some flaws there but I'm talking about. Is he guy innocent or is he guilty began -- again get into all the other stuff but you pick he's innocent do you think he's guilty as anybody -- They've got will be. Built an industry that she'll -- -- broken. They've sort of want peppered with. The chain of custody who follow just not a protocol for the transfer of a cut. -- the loophole. Yeah I -- you say it's a loophole and but. -- keep going back to the statement that the collector doesn't think it was a -- -- he says he followed the protocol. Baseball for seven years so did did brawn team. Convinced this arbiter that there was a little pole and is if you're reading this if I if I read again. From the governor the Lorenzen here. The protocols been in place since 2005. When I started it CDT. And every other cases when I've had to store samples in my home for at least one day. All without incident. The Fed -- when a pack containing mr. bronze samples never let my custody consistent with CBP's instructions. I brought the -- than a pack containing samples to my house Rubbermaid container in my office in my basement. Basement office visually cool store they urine samples so isn't that. Rick I don't disagree that's what they argued but isn't the collector in this case arguing that I follow the protocols put in place for me. I would agree. All I guess what I'm suggesting is that the only thing that they can hang their hat on that it wasn't followed. Katrina cut that would not broken. Right you can say market there flaws within that agreed upon system that's fine you think maybe should happen to -- should be shorter. It -- they should be able to hold it all those things are fine. But it's agreed upon it exists in the meat you know. For your name the arbiter. -- am DOS DOS so to me DOS we have something there was -- degree that it does it hurt from straight. No and I guess that's in the next thing you look for is that arbitration ruling to somehow leak out. The packets out aunts and what did the governor seeks Villanova head of the official vote voted in favor of bronze appeal. Why did you vote that way yes we all get these sources close to. The arbitration hearing those close to it say it was because of the procedure. I would love to know the exact details of and last poverty which he rejoins us from Sports Illustrated your top of the hour 12 o'clock. Does he think that shy and docile ever let that arbitration hearing come out and what does baseball saying. About Ryan brought would get your phone calls but poverty UT SRI next.

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