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Mickael Pietrus helps the Celtics beat the Cavs in Cleveland tonight

Feb 28, 2012|

Mickael Pietrus joins Grande & Max after the Celtics beat the Cavs in Cleveland tonight.

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I don't think you back in Cleveland where the five game losing streak is over. They're a line drive to the box score so -- the bobcats tonight 86. 83 -- -- the start tonight about Celtics. About a possible lineup combinations that work and that means. That being consistent if you'll Beatrice in the first team off the also quick start with this is -- now talking about it with the don't. As -- basket that from the knee injury tonight practicing and rightly so that it takes a while to feel comfortable again. When you're coming off an injury you feel significantly more comfortable now that you did the first five games. The by the locals when -- -- between two bit peculiar weather drove him to the basket. And try to create for my team and I think that's what Fred we have from a -- -- -- you know if you're feeling better right now. -- things seem to have what was that you know with what you got lost that lead to just get turned the basketball over and that you didn't rebound. Lately game you guess what the what's more aggressive giving rebounds didn't stop making things happen in that last minute. If only we get in the union that it took. I would defense and I think tonight -- -- -- different and that's what we feel we should they -- the united you know -- confidence. That defense so we know what book -- we want with the important season and he -- he's been terrific before. When you mentally -- long you have now won a very enjoyable parts matches -- is watching young players sort of for that quarter and we like they start to really hit it and last ten games are still. We've seen April Bradley just take 234. Steps forward teams that would. But you know we we don't podium that we have seem to like them that venues in the NBA he went back. But you know I'm really happy to way to convince but right through sport and you know. Put it to him in the game boys like you we did to the audience whom we simply -- -- we knew that between them rookies with the public Booth and it's. Think -- that the budget Phillips on this is that. You'd never get the -- -- about what you get your buddies were report every for a -- -- its armed -- Not a guy that's not get that -- whether or -- -- numbers that you my. Equipment. That commitment we can keep. If we if an identical. He's. You. Who runs I think you know the political on you know that that's old school well -- As real as real old school -- on it and that's what it that that we basket yeah. And I don't I don't know about a vehicle -- He'll put it in about them. They'll expand them into it what you and Mikhail patriots at -- that I -- that and we love you let me and we've. My depictions that maybe we've you read the -- it is that we. You tomorrow night do what literature it -- -- between Brian Terry I mean. You guys. It's one of the time McHale we'll see on point and I've actor. Nobody's here to enjoy life when you get -- this Celtics do it's really -- thing Max when you're Doc Rivers who was not effusive with his race. The almost a surprise might just how much -- -- brought to the celtics' locker room. He really when he was when he first told -- about it. I've always like you know -- on on the record here I thought the future of the perfect candidate to replace to -- -- win after the championship season. But Beatrice has really been what we thought he'd be on the floor you've been watching war in the -- Well the word that you it's almost would beat you -- When you hear doctors talk about futures because he's talked about. You know his enthusiasm his love of the game. How for the place it's infectious. I mean it here's the gap -- while you know without all the features I thought he was like it or that would. Head receiving from view while looking far away like. It was more show that it was. You know what the last to that would show. But as I've got the speed cable or that way and get the beaches -- closeup. That is not flat. That that is what the show if when he gives you good harp about is that good -- Fowler he he doesn't deal with is album before people give up you're -- -- York. 8683 is the final the Celtics get the way they snap the losing streak may now -- -- would have game cushion. For the playoff spot and now it makes them more room for themselves by beating Milwaukee tomorrow and it can really Begin to get back evil car turn of the season. -- tried to give their climb up the Eastern Conference standings -- that's with the remainder of this season. Is going to be about Milwaukee's playing right now with like that I can have very hard time with Washington tonight still which should beat them Boston by about ninety minutes tonight. Second night of back to back 7 o'clock start here on network first of three meetings in the second half of the year. When the Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks up which survive the -- 8680 three's final thought you -- right back Gephardt in the meantime. Closing in now we go to the closer for the ninth inning that means John -- -- --

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