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Dan Duquette, Orioles GM, on Jason Varitek

Feb 28, 2012|

The former Red Sox GM joins Mut and Lou to talk about his trade that brought Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe to Boston .

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I loved -- Or answer that part first. You know. You know and I never had a catcher. Before that I felt like cared more about you don't want me to be successful. You know even before you wanna be successful. Please give -- Mets lost. In the clubhouse and on the field. Red Sox starter Josh Beckett talking about Jason Varitek set to announce that to retirement officially. On Thursday -- and Maloney 937. WEEI joining us on the eighteenth -- hot line AT&T. Forgy LTE with speeds up to ten times faster than three G. Eighteen. The Baltimore Orioles former GO of the Boston Red Sox who brought Jason Varitek into Boston he's Dan -- Dan -- little -- Okay good guys or -- Good Danielle talk a lot about Jason Varitek and you're the guy that brought a -- we hear he announces retirement officially put on Thursday it looks like. But all you always remember Jason Varitek and talk about acquiring him back in the day. -- you know obviously. -- record courier and you know really solidified the game. -- were directed. And he warned if you guys. What happened in what you really earned that -- and it. By the way he handled himself. Opt out on the field and -- the leadership to. -- the pitching well. And understand. All game and you the strength that. Which is George courier in the dollar. Reverend -- there aren't got a in our record out during their lot. In Asia. The upper deck beer late gamers who -- -- and and a obviously. In healthy. And I had in the most in history and then be in there and actually. One. It's going to be great thrill and -- for. I'm curious about the acquisition part of it and it was a two time first round pick dance of Jason Varitek was probably on everybody's list as general managers who knew. Catching prospect but did you know. That the leadership that the work ethic was part of Jason Varitek made up point trade slocum their -- protect below. You know it was no secret that he had Great Britain. At five opportunities to side and -- all -- That's beside the Seattle. But you don't get covered. Was really great trait and character and I think one of the things and a lot of it. Order series -- as director got its -- to -- law a couple of times and then. What Seattle got -- late and I I think Elkhart where they video try to Russia they didn't -- -- deal. Go and its ability but you know -- was -- brought relief to ensure our. I can't wait -- it was -- to -- work out there are distributed via. We record and in our release sought heretic. Georgia -- in -- -- like in an ugly game where Omar and that. The Braves to play their first Guerrier against Georgia Tech and architect would have endorsed -- what I'll be exposed. Org and -- I was aware what is skills were and there we -- the perfect opportunity orbit on a more accurate answers and it. What did I was on the team in 97 Pataki when he made that trade and ever talking to Derek Lowe when he actually talked about it today and W I dot com any got a clear some up here because he's at the first conversation he had with you. He said the -- thought he was a left handed reliever. Is that true. But we're broke or under record. I was wondering you know -- still. I -- that dirt -- that are added yeah. I didn't know much out there are you about. And a area bigger and bigger and and Derrick Low. -- it would also. You obviously a question because. General manager Al Baltimore Orioles and -- may be Jason Varitek didn't want to leave organization's bottom wondered if you had any conversations with them in the offseason to get to -- seem like a perfect fit give a great young pitcher mark -- Maybe don't need Demi games were backed up but you guys go Taylor T guardianship if you have any conversations were tucked. -- -- Personally though I didn't but I thought it. You know update and had the opportunity this dreadful career there with the right art and it didn't have a thought -- -- the right thing and which was -- retirement and and I did it. The Orioles in the court correctly. Dan as a GM do you keep a scorecard of of the trade you look back on you most proud of and if you do. Where does that deal ranked getting Derrick -- and Jason Varitek for heat of the deadline in 97. Well they'll be great the very straight to a red start he could we get back to stabilize in the last. You know Derek -- one on your blog about what structures in the history. So are coming out you'd like one of those every year but those results on every day of the -- we've -- Yeah aperture is he goes. You know perpetrators they're her. -- of -- another great trade bring in Pedro Martinez and a free agent signing in. Manny Ramirez. A freeze again this offseason not exactly the high price salaries that he got here in Boston. I wonder what you think about Manning's what is gonna be like in Oakland and was there any interest possibly you guys bringing him in given your history with a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it is important priority Albany you know -- I think throughout the markets that you're looking for. It to be well. In Oakland we didn't quite do it here and ball. No dogs -- -- great trades like I just mentioned you actually -- repeat twice is that correct. You gonna saw some good solid assorted NC. -- that surely got it's your own -- euros or regatta in Boston but you know that surround. The house was very instrumental in. The figure Martinez straight. In Montreal and it was also very instrumental in the straight talk -- -- you'd be up there in Montreal. And the rest of extra. We're talking to Dan Duquette during the week that Jason Varitek is gonna retire Tim Wakefield. A week ago or so Dan he retired and in his storied course like -- Texan in you trading for him. Is very much tied to you is the GM of the Boston Red Sox a guy who tore up the NLCS and had his great run and you know you guys see something in him you bring in Tim Wakefield. And he goes on to have just an amazing career with the Red Sox. Well you know law. Jim field and -- incurred a minute war there. Solid guys that -- It won't -- on the plate and don't and the glow and a -- on the there. Better partner in -- they're the most dependable players -- -- And they go away eluded him more out and sister. Is through -- -- are more out and got more so. -- as those guys got a lot comparable or guys in its record. -- wondered you took over this Red Sox organization it's a -- -- the year's rate prior to that. Now you -- Baltimore Orioles and you look up in Toronto is improving and he got the three months is on top EU. How difficult will that be for you guys to kind of get back into that mix. Well we don't sell little but we got a pretty Google -- -- a lot of our position players are pretty though it. Readers and a party -- -- the middle market disturbance. And you know the challenge here really is a great -- started pitching. You know -- need to. Overall so leave your side a couple of its from its -- to -- lot of the other do in order. It is try to go with the -- ago. It's a target -- -- taxes and then that project area and then. Made a true it was a dark power out because there's Amylin. -- but the carpet you'll be better. An element of more. Here -- it's a weird landscape in baseball right now -- because of the steroid era in the testing in and how it's affected guys. Curious as a general manager in the league how you saw. The Ryan -- thing go down as his name is leaked out and then eventually. And Robert comes in and overturns it -- I'm I'm sure you saw or heard some a bronze comments on Friday and just the way baseball. May move forward with their with their testing process. Yeah you know who I don't really know that much about that. You know and you know I'm not gonna have much rather -- About it. You know obviously it was good for baseball or problems or or or or bad art well. Shouldn't you better Wear it well into that future. -- curious who you got of the game a little bit as far as general manager goes. On the job here now for just a few months and in the year one however was changed or has it changed the skin of. Love me. -- a lot. But war international dial or figures though. -- -- So here it -- require. Ball all over the world. Immensely popular in the civic -- And our long -- He's -- -- Korea this year probably. There are still being played and followed breaks actually brother and that -- Latin America. Cited in Guatemala had an accurate and are unaware of -- little this dispute. Margaret York. You speak English so bitter dispute that going to be in or out but I think that -- and two global on what. There it should be funny at least this year we appreciate the time and in -- -- memories on the trade that brought Jason Varitek here's retirement. Later on this week I really appreciate it we'll talk yet -- sometime near Boston during the year. Yeah -- -- pebble or is it regulation and hurt her. I did it look -- general manager Baltimore Orioles former GM a Boston Red Sox joining us to clear up a game we're gonna budget text messages same on a 5050. It did not draft you correct no cart -- moments last year. There was a four when you're predicament a year after your draft not people texting and aided Dan drafting its scouting report it was. -- Gorman who made that move and then was replaced him and captured over the following year. -- we're gonna continue with the baseball conversation with you Jason Varitek and lots retirement on Thursday or get a lot of your phone calls on what he is meant. Odd -- this Red Sox team will continue with those at 6177790850. Toll free 888525. 0850 Verizon cellphone -- pound WEE yards a free call you can text that's. On the eighteenth he text month and 85815. -- also want to let you know. We are auctioning off two tickets. To tonight's Bruins game against the Ottawa Senators the benefit Brad -- -- charity Brad brigade. And the Boston Bruins foundation. Also throwing in as part of its experience producer for a day much Maloney. Aid aid you get to come in here have wanted us hang Elvis during one of our shows that works for your schedule. We're gonna throw away and he got the Brad marsh on brute tank went T shirt. And -- tang -- poster. That are becoming very popular exe get the two Lohse ticket tonight's game but Maloney experience the teacher and the poster all the benefit Brad brigade. Bidding right now currently at 500 bucks for the package you can get a -- line -- 6179311850. That -- 617. 931. 1853. Your chance to go to which should be a great game tonight core holes called out terrorist would still be a fight early on. -- wants to play in his game tonight the new guys and action at your chance to -- help help rats charity. The Bruins game and hang out what -- the -- at 6179311850. We come back talk about this Red Sox team we know about the top three starters -- was the fourth starter. While the fifth starter in this first week that that music.

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