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Recalling the Jason Varitek vs. Alex Rodriguez brawl

Feb 28, 2012|

Mut and Lou go back to July 24th, 2004 and listen to the play-by-play radio call of one of the most memorable moments of the 2004 season.

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I'm happy to be struck by this looks out of the royal. Varitek to. With somebody of the stands. And now. It's. About skirts and taking him away available rebel attack would. Mirabelli and NASA literally get out. The village elaborate just got to get my bench. Royal. And then Varitek wore him down a lot of them had something to say. And whether it's. NASDAQ up above is by using -- -- -- -- years. -- the area to help lower numbers being pulled back -- Kevin Millar. -- -- -- -- -- always that Davis now one that a full that I hit. I -- could I could play that open. It was it was not a highway without a warning track shot from -- Not to use just deep drive way back caught -- I could play that Gabe Gross thing all day long been really good. In right field gross. -- enough -- joke -- stick to my new neighbor down Marsha. Let's start with this you've been talking all day about how loved you own Tanyon Sturtze. -- -- not be happy by experts in home primary -- and but I I just and I had to be exact numbers but I do have idea. Yep we got fourteen career home runs in your career and career home runs nuclear were done button. The only guy hit you off was sturtze and that light comes the top of the list your twelfth at 23 also up all week that simple -- third. Knew that about -- -- good guy too he stated. Is to actually hit it. Couple -- clarity is the catcher competent to step in music you know -- actually -- you right now because -- kick it out we try to figure this thing out and gets pissed off more but given it's a -- anywhere else. Local boy I insist it was well those things I don't know I love -- because you couldn't say around here canyon starts it was always twisters daunting it's dirt you couldn't. You could just say his name his name is full name basically became around that time western zone Tanyon -- we -- the rays yankees in public teams and there. At that moment July 24 2004 year you're playing somewhere mean for for those of us who were fans at that time. If -- there were wants a concert. -- let's -- it was a -- is Kenny Chesney. Country -- And we were sit in those red seats we got some ballot access to those TVs we already have -- that to the concert we're watching that whole game. And watch -- Bill Miller taken Rivera deep and I remember -- like it was yesterday. And that's kind of impact that that moment in time had. On the Boston Red Sox and -- it was not the -- was -- going on to win because the New York Times correctly points out you have that moment. And it's viewed as the turning point. But did take the Red Sox a wild game going three weeks after that incident mid August. They were felt a sudden down by ten and a half games the Yankees and and it was after that -- they really got going there. But it was a moment as a Red Sox -- that. You remember and it's a moment that. I think symbolizes Jason Varitek in what he meant to this team he was top. Wanna stand up for his guys as you heard Beckett in Saltalamacchia all these guys say today in Fort Myers he was always prepared. And you'll go down as one of the consummate professionals. In history the Red Sox Dan Duquette told us. One of the great Red Sox in history this French. Yeah and neo Thursday Hampshire will be emotional. After him which is. Which I think will be -- for a lot of his teammates to see is just never saw that side attack. I guess it didn't seem smile often into the game Zoller. And nearly -- all of them on planes on dinner but. It was business first it was always business so it ethic you know -- it's a long career I expect him just like everybody. You know to get similar emotional Thursday. To -- to be. Be hard to see because he's sort of said he'd ever seen asylum in terms of how long it took him to make the decision. Does that lead you to believe -- asking to speculate but you get the feeling that if there was a job somewhere. To play baseball he just would have played there was this. All the wanna play for the Red Sox a lobby you like gas like Ted Williams like Jim Rice -- fifteen seasons. And only play with the Boston Red Sox did take a little while -- surprised Indies that. As an outsider it took so long -- to make the announcement. I think that that's overcame doubts it out -- -- I don't know maybe there wasn't any offers that doctor dale start with target in early about it. It to -- have a perfect scenario a guy like mark -- there's gonna catch a 14045. Games. Your backup catcher. What did you give you fifteen. Any more valuable to have a guy like tech with this great young pitching prospect for an entire year into sort of move on that can happen I think allowed to do with Texas vision. Didn't wanna play -- why Golan play one more year with noted. Just one more year -- that I'm not streak and by an 0345 years out of it's a wide just one year. Wanna be able to set the example of in the big leagues which is one team poker -- -- -- too much to me forty years old. I love the timing and as for Jason Varitek adding that last year eight to 21 at times really struggle and it was a up perfect time to get away from it. People are texting and calling in about his job -- the Red Sox we have no idea reported in the multiple. Spots today. It is get a job with the Boston Red Sox if he wants it. And at the job was contingent upon his retirement on Thursday at at some press conference to be announced time to be announced. I'd be shocked if it ends up being in the Red Sox managerial. And coaching staff right away he wants to do that down the road that opportunity will be there. But to say he should be the bullpen coach of the PGA -- -- something on the big league club. -- surprise everybody. He'll have a chance to do may be a mile bad egg -- Gabe Kaplan game. He he went to manage you went to managing wanna come back and play not to kind of changed his tendency come back and point out and I don't mean it that way. Maybe he'll try different things in baseball maybe he'll try to managerial Ralph -- go to single a short season lol -- wherever. Give that a shot legal side that he wants to go of the executive -- I think he may have a he's got the mindset and he's got the work at the did you but it just assume is gonna -- -- -- coaching staff the Red Sox coaching staff right away. Now I -- you're asking a lot for the B. Well over every what do you realize I'd done it Wakefield finished up PO what do you think he's gonna drive the interest enjoyed life for got to move on with tech. You know I I don't see him doing anything -- coaching baseball. I just I thought that he was a a coach when he played he coached players up so idea fully expect him to be in that capacity now will -- be a manager. Will -- -- front office it'll be something worries involved. And teaching kids teaching guys to get the big leagues and what it takes in a work ethic and and in its -- some things that Hitler to make him play at a high level. I would be shocked if he doesn't decide to do something like that Texas for -- says is -- a hall of -- No I don't think years. You know listen hall -- favorites are tall favorite -- you should be yes I do put. Hall of fame we'll get another class now you know starts hall of fame players and I'm I'm not so sure -- I think it was a question and he's a Red Sox -- payment for sure. It can be great opportunity here played all his years at the ready fits the criteria it seems like they have. A pretty strict criteria got to play all -- that the Red Sox don't play for different team at that -- to be in the red sock tall -- he did that like rice like jazz like Ted Williams. Played his entire career with the Red Sox out was the catcher on two different teams that went on to win World Series two and four years. I think it's a lock key is a Red Sox hall of Famer. I'd be shocked looking at the overall numbers to -- got a sniff for the baseball thing. Maybe history will treat it well the -- treat a while but just based on some of the raw stats. I I find that hard to -- -- a Red Sox hall of fame and lock it up now would would bet on it today. Rhode Island Mike is there is -- 937 WEEI -- like. I quiet my little my. Wanted to -- I was talking to lobby against it I know you know something it -- backlash. After that year Curt Schilling. Goes on record it says -- Jason Varitek is the leader. The 2004 Boston Red Sox we -- -- you'll get that mantle just because you've been around a long time. You get that met the by doing some things that Varitek did that you're specifically. The situation where they rob the Yankees to go back to a team that they or flounder or else the Red Sox -- flounder being down three -- -- -- Yet Alex Rodriguez who is at that time the most hated. Non member of the Red Sox in all of baseball -- the most the most hated Red Sox opponent Alex Rodriguez and he gets it he -- his -- now. Urban legend would have you believe that Varitek whispered to -- that situation we don't throw it to sixty hitters Varitek said that ever happened. He didn't say so let's put that to the -- second. What he stood up to the big. Goofy Alex Rodriguez -- is the biggest bad day I don't I don't think he signs that picture. If people go up to him I don't picket signs a pitcher I think that there was a leader was a leadership move sure and it's Arctic team. I just don't think he's -- proud of it. Domesticated deep down -- might you be doing a portrait that leaders under pressure I believe it Connecticut said it I noticed folks I had a there's a photo of of Julius Erving and and Larry Bird. In that added a black and white photo of them choking each other. And I'm Ambien and a memorabilia show and had somebody say they're being somewhere and I'm saying. Of -- and -- won't sign outside an epic touch that makes cents. And that's the activate leader Red Sox wanna win that game eleven to ten and big want to make this furious comeback and winning World Series. The -- earned that right as a leader and I don't think you can just say. Well Pedroia is that a fact -- got to talk to him he's the leader now -- he's been there longest easily Lester. Tickets and leadership aspects that rotation he's -- -- there -- let's secure your bullpen leader the brand new bullpen back there. I think it's something that. Has to be earned one. And like you said they should not be -- one guy going for the should be on the Red Sox as eighteen. The collapse last year was so bad. To try to pin all the leadership on one guy this year is unfair to that quote -- that guy. We talked about when they when they. We're gonna bring in utility guys there were gonna look for goodwill eighteen the guys clubhouse guys we said at the -- the offseason that guy it's not going to be fairness case Nick Punto. Nick who does any questions like tag in -- -- the club -- good clubhouse guy. Minnesota they loved it there Saint Louis they lajunen. He's he's a good guy for that. He's got a can do that they're actually went out and find a utility player that has that kind of presence that clubhouse is -- replacing not every day. So they found that you know last year -- -- -- and nano we've heard this before government signaled. Tech as a captain last year you know good riddance because he didn't put his foot down he's a cap that's on him. There's I just really think it. The minute that Victor Martinez game and you still get that back -- role. It was awful to offer him the lead -- its awful difficult for a guy that has been your starter in your captain did albeit backed up. It's still lead the same way. Now. He's gone so it's easy to sit parents say good riddance because you delete music captain embarrassed himself that that's a joke. I you know I think the most those people people leave they wanna rip on them well. I look back more Dustin Pedroia last year. -- -- -- -- Is -- voice definitely have a team that's when you get yourself in trouble and I looked out of people that does put some of the blame on Jason Varitek because he won -- -- Beating Philly can be the -- the delegate lead that team anymore last year. As a party is saying Eric can't do -- did did it take to see up my Jersey if you can't if the captaincy means that. In your same means nothing and it doesn't get any of the blame because a leg up on our general Eric tech came in here as any that the one -- -- it for -- any of the blame. I think you're still everybody should have some of that blame. It to mean as have been -- the last two or three years last two years. Yzerman captain. What things go well it's because Dustin Pedroia speaks -- media. -- you know he's the voice she's the heart and soul. When things go bad in -- as we see he's the leader look at him he's leading this team is struggling peace will spoke up he turned everything around spoke speaks every time right. NASA when it goes bad nobody looks to have either. He to me I'm shocked. That and I talked to an interview you are you the -- guy that if you see something -- competition would you say some yes well did he do that last year. Mr. Jerry -- beat those hands. At the end of the year. You know I don't know. But as far as leading goes I think he's the leader of this team does need to see investors. And out -- getting these guys he'd see on the mergers and I think that your your basic point is the best one of your Red Sox been going into this year. You say it was gonna fill that leadership role. Who's right is should be on the team. He bought some it's gonna follow Bobby Valentine new manager here. Come -- what happened last year -- that manager Terry Francona that seemed to lose control of aspects of his team late in the year. In that from the manager showed a lack of leadership that for the managers showed what has talked all Pedroia throwing your hands in the air. You know those guys were closed today at the same feelings just like look we can't get through to these guys. Did Beckett quote to Bradford and that like BP's yesterday. When he says it got tough for me and Terry at the end with me is the manager. You was that a a little bit of a glimpse into Francona and maybe him riding -- and try to get him to do those things that he'd done. No -- all that weight during the year focused on his pitching. Which Beckett admitted it was not -- main focus at times last year. You all that comes into play for 2012. And I that's what -- -- the last real chance to kind of just say look. They shouldn't be captain here in my opinion. These guys to look in the mirror as a group and be responsible for themselves. You'll be responsible for ever regiment that Valentine and the training staff and Cloris the pitching coach and -- and as dating coach put in place for you. As a positional group or a player and a big big and I elected to what they've done spring training you know and we met Celestica I was there -- -- -- using the starting five work -- together. Weekly book what's that supposed to complacent sometimes you joke -- so much you know connection worked on. Will be taken Beckett. And they put him with for the guys have taken Lester in April for the guys that put book also barred the same group with three other guys. -- your group you're young guys in that club and in a group lead by example. Enough with the sit around your buddies -- joke around on field one -- burials on field to appropriate lead by example you know with young kids don't look it up to you show them something. -- in the position players. Now -- teamed up with a -- But it up there with you know Pluto and Youkilis its its younger -- so the -- to fundamentals of the game. Joy and lead some these young kids obvious lead in the group -- lead in another group. Shall these young kids what it's all about trying to promote leadership brought everybody rather just what are you guys. I think that's a good thing I think you need to everybody's got to step up. And I Valentine is instilling that honesty for 2012. We'll continue with Hewitt 6177790850. To all free 888. 5250850. Verizon cellphone pound WE yards a free call you can text us. On the AT&T text line and 85850. We got a very cool Bruins auction item. It's gonna close here this hour well that you can bit what's involved nine --

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