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Meter Minute: Pablo Montoya crashes at Daytona 500, Danica Patrick's performance, and Robert Griffin lll at the NFL Combine

Feb 28, 2012|

Meter talks about Pablo Montoya crashing into a jet dryer causing a fiery scene at the Daytona 500, Danica Patrick finishes in 38th place, and Robert Griffin lll impresses teams and scouts at the NFL Combine.

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As they got have been borne out -- trouble the end of the back straightaway Juan Pablo Montoya this car has blown apart. Right with the jet blowers that would -- to the high side of the banking. Matter of fact Juan Pablo has -- one of the jet dryers and that -- has exploded. Right now the safety crews are on the scene to check into Juan Pablo Montoya is car did an unbelievable accident under caution here at Daytona. Jacob a lot bubbled on drive you consider it upload. A org about Juan Pablo in the Borg and the truck had to go to the hospital -- out some. Guys probably you know during the day he's probably like a sewer worker and out in Kansas City -- only collects urine samples from Major League Baseball help. I hobble across attract a lot of who me. That occur again. -- No wasn't Danica what a -- murder case you missed it those are just getting upload yours lover because you watched the Daytona 500 till 1255. I was born global. It was won by Matt. -- like John Henry and Linda presumably -- on a roll I wanna go to Vegas with them you should Gerri this is they're second in three years question asked and and there are 300. The NASCAR national series win. John Henry yet there's 3300 win their team as one nationwide. Go carts treasury truck series. Yes we currently does Hillary so this is sort of nine racing teams to do that -- all the superpower. Do you think they hung on them Google boys after the race she went went to Applebee's. What at a Waffle House if you -- smothered cover these shots that. Jack Daniels with the boys. This is a tweet from John Henry open jetBlue park Saturday won the league -- Sunday one Daytona 500 Monday Fenway sports group had an incredible three days. Warsaw to FL. Import Poland who wore -- and felt worse on that's what happened in Warsaw have no idea. Challenge -- she should look much bigger within the gutters are there -- to -- -- -- 100 I don't think a lot but I've -- jet -- Life like. And Danica -- I. I had yes three evidence that doctor -- crashed while on the subjected to second lap it up but did you see her get through the crowd like she she can tonight through -- through all these congress -- sideways and didn't get out banged up too badly but. And get back in the race and finished 38 which to me is amazing that's pretty impressive 35 guys finished behind early before the jet yeah. And yet another jet -- 3060 -- is that -- have let's hear from Danica. And a piece of that you know it's disappointing and out of love to have got a great finish have loved to have enabled her -- -- there at the end and I feel bad for -- disappointing my fans who are cheering for me especially on out so early but. I'll come back stronger. She started twenty ninth and promptly got wrecked on lap two that's the third time in three races the Patrick got taken out -- wreck that was not. Her all -- in -- never have evolved packet that they edit the I didn't -- into this meant and so kept this -- Wednesday but -- New Hampshire again. Cancer advocates and local -- and yet the bill. Experts. Cut the key really is still the meter items all gonna sell another Roush Fenway guys finished third and -- a nudged him across the -- teammate to teammate. -- -- -- Yes. That's what I did that light the other day when he -- turn Green that you would go oh. It goes to college have been a little bit yet what we don't Mike -- so the new Bruins from Quincy. The so we got two Americans in this deal -- so and role models of -- got right miles BC 2000. They'll. 2000 voted baker award -- -- Mike -- Josh is he any good he's wearing double what. Six. 60 that block. Ralston weren't well you don't take six at the Green -- just goes. Out. It's that that that is star crossed number someone's talent sixes of that idea. While which would take six and there's no. Super Tuesday grown up on and on our models models point seven and symptoms are. Twenties and that in each moment Jerry -- -- by product of all who's six. Thousands ahead in the lunatic -- from the puck is shot blocking out what's his face in photos shot on shots he's not afraid -- -- genius yes. -- I have learned that Robert -- a tremendous border of who have all the break loose and also a terrific student and had a great kid as well to one of the most impressive thing. In the Columbine in my opinion and we know Robert Griffin has had a great combined we know is go on number two was a soldier in December all they can pick in the draft. Andrew Lux vertically is better than cam Newton's. And Andrew elected a 469. Andrew Luck is a stud athlete. And is being overlooked because -- a better athlete. And their you know you there was excited about -- 43 whatever. Doesn't matter what it means you don't run you know supposed to run exposed to throw. Luck has proved that he's an unbelievable athlete and he'll be like Aaron Rodgers occasionally run for but he'll get out of the pocket to make athletic plays when he asked. You hear her Edwards description of what he says like is built up potatoes in the -- to cater to the but it. At that the talk about some of the once you feel like there is -- though there is no flawed -- look. Now they shave off that scraggly I guess I'll be there. Now -- -- that -- there's no. Political moves touching. Off off all of this all about like I could say there's no chicken camera this guy. The -- does not want what is the one with Robert -- -- -- -- -- there and I assume luck. Is a little more accurate on the that's that's big big big thing that's probably in their money available for good people -- yesterday addressed at running -- you talked about you don't running is that grass that he studies and stood -- the last couple grasp everything does everything it's that I understand it's much much out there to be running around and kill it but it's good to have the speed reserved. When you have to extend a plane get out of bounds or attic you know make the corner so very -- or from Robert Griffin. When it comes to being a quarterback -- Moscow said there's no quarterback in this draft that has the ability as an idea whether it's with. The -- and as a big play ability arm strength and accuracy so. You know looking at that where they say great things about ball to a smooth there's no one not that they can have on either of us and is a great player and I knowledge that but as far as among the best quarterback in this drafted. Believe blog -- on on that. But no other great quarterbacks in this job as well. -- the young man but he doesn't know why luck is rated ahead of him him or if he doesn't believe that if they tell. You know which is good these Carlson Andrea and he's. Working hard to move up to number two and which probably beat the Cleveland brown enjoy equivalent of by the ocean and that's good time. -- It detrimental I mean it's obviously it's a quarterback driven league and you need a great quarterback to succeed we all buy into batters he -- we co sign on that. If you get away to the first two seconds a third and fourth the next two or three years but that hamstring and doesn't that prevent you from. Getting any better than other the what what what RG three can do for you. Well it worked for the giants they gave up that -- cast movie food relief or Eli Manning and I'm pretty sure is good to Super Bowl under his belt. It does team that gets the superstar generally wins it worked that way for you know when Elway. The exception obviously is Herschel Walker. You know we know that that's famous or infamous but he'll think about stock superstars who get traded Helen and export the team that gets. Charles Barkley in room and instead of Roy Clinton wins the team that gets. -- soldier Bartlett hit a walk and Chris entries Christopher John -- to really do Elway you know Denver wins. And the team that gets this super still it's -- and expired. Especially -- quarterback and you know both times in those plants anywhere Manning leaf lets so -- the team that picked first. Made the right choice. This is definitely not what some are these both guys players -- -- -- -- could be probable will will be pulled Promos I agree with code that's all right. -- interest in the Dustin Pedroia said to -- its seventh note. If you really wouldn't want it separately Atlanta what he said. Funny ones. That you put it hit it where. -- is where where well well well one too. 34 to did it great for -- popular places and yet I don't think he's gonna. It's Sony's -- up first came up we must have been 98. And we can check but you don't mess with them really meant to. And alleviating results pre injury in the -- Crawford. Suck it up your seventh. That's where you had most of your most success last year. I think we should open performance and talk about what you think we got so much value does not at least you know no more no more -- -- you're in seventh okay. If you rank it seventh and someone gets served up the order maybe move but not. Right in case you missed it Jason Varitek will retire fifteen years whether it's -- Maggette caught four no hitters which is -- record and one hit him like Curt Schilling who shook them off all of it was yes. And does this mean no other team want -- we know the Red Sox were all says the catcher but wasn't looking for one more -- one more year. From someone I think he thought -- might. Right and that's good point Taylor -- garden was of more viable alternative so that tells you supplement their -- I just such weak and -- Muster only reached weeded. From somebody but great idea Tim Wakefield Jason Varitek opening day Wakefield throws -- the first that their ticket as human missed its its very best. Is there and this here's the dilemma they have the -- -- that to what you wanna get emotional sentiment towards Fenway it's a Red Sox. We still have to turn the page and he's too it's can't be all -- the -- Algeria all the time and they sometimes fall into the trap that Charles Steinberg back. I mean you have to move on. These guys had great runs great Korea's everyone loves them it's over if I I honestly believe they've won last year both guys will be -- you're not suggesting it's a bad idea to have weak through the outlets wouldn't get an oval.

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