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Bruins acquire 3 players at deadline, how much better are they now? Breaking analysis with NESN's Jack Edwards

Feb 27, 2012|

The Bruins acquired three players at the trade deadline (Brian Rolston and defensemen Mike Mottau and Greg Zanon), we break down the moves with NESN's Jack Edwards live in studio.

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We did a pretty good battle to get away from his bed. There -- -- -- contact the momentous note John Paul come body itself job advice bad stuff. How was it. I was Jason Spezza we actually a wireless Mike ran on his collar -- Miami never -- game. Well let's just start it was the Russians are out of the year as the worst I've. It was I -- -- I thought. I heard reports. On live. The big sought yesterday. Okay and the Bruins replay okay brought into its broad. And then just figured out okay now that lets you look -- a malfunctioned and now we. The -- When I happened I I'm Mikey. Sometimes you DVR is up that's when I don't want -- arsenal they don't happen I spent a lot of time watching cartoons executed -- I was at a resort the sheer I didn't know it hasn't always try to appeal to the six year old up and why not the NBA all star game ended up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Records and David dollar you're he's realized his smile outlook. Look to see if there was a cost him want him to have its snow job off come off. It's our job advice that stuff. I -- it's gonna sing at the trading deadline has come and gone. So -- the rumors are out there that Brian Rolston who was that your late nineties early 2000. With the Bruins now 39 years of age. Will be coming to the to the Bruins. And my model also coming a left handed down shooting defenseman so it's serves your needs. Of one of these guys that are. Earth shattering but they're giving. Yeah and here's -- they have in common they're Smart. You know they're Smart guys. They're going to be good in the Rome. Models a guy who one little we baker when he was -- at Boston College. And back kind of a self made. Player. You know a guy who really was patient waited his turn. And nine is a very serviceable ducks defenseman and left shot which is something we desperately need. And now Ralston is a guy who's an X-Factor you know he's clearly near the end of the run but I'll tell you this great guy. Knows what it's like to play in Boston. Because of his previous experience with the Bruins -- still has a bomb of a shot. You might see him pop up in the power play. He's of first -- player you can put him up -- down the line up. And -- I don't think he's gonna merchant community in any kind of position. I don't know what they gave up. I don't know what they gave up but I can't believe they give -- much for either one of these guys -- -- you -- -- to -- wasn't -- there aren't great but does not -- I'm hoping it's not -- but it who was and now appears surely feels that that's what they have to do and that's what they have to do. Exactly ten years ago Ralston was considered one of the fastest guys in hockey and in handy. Was was give me a hard time after the break and that Ralston -- the good movies not anymore. He may not be one of the fastest guys knocking more but he can still move him. Yeah and don't give -- this you know the islanders don't want it is you know what -- the -- owners of the worst definitely or one of Yuri senior ask is there one of the worst intently. It's it's one of the word is certainly because you know they're one of the worst teams in the tournament that's it that's why is deceiving it everybody's thrown around Rolston minus twelve this year. Model is a minus ten do you want him. Ross is played 39 games models played 29 to play the bad team your plus minus is not going to be. Fine I saw I saw the other -- it just okay here's the opposite. Okay -- now. At that and haven't for enemy right now the other day -- you know great team with the worst customize -- team at that time was minus six. Of the worst on the team. In your minus six there's not a bad idea why do -- minus six because I did a good team that's why. Yeah and while -- -- David -- he's not having any at least you know he's -- -- -- out now crate G if you have them having this year on the islanders he'd probably be immodest. Right now hang on just said America's one of my favorite things to track in the NHL it's is five on five goal differential and looking here. Detroit's investing in league Bruins were for a long time until they get this mid season Malays Detroit's plus 46 this is going into Saturday night's game. Bruins second at plus 39 then it drops off pretty fast Saint Louis 32 Rangers lost 24. The islanders are minus 3420 ninth in the league if you're up plus player on the islanders you ought to demand like an eight million dollar a year deal so delicate -- -- plus minus and say. He's back you know because -- what are the islanders used six goalies again this year. Now Rick DiPietro is the most permanently injured player in the history the National Hockey League is something new every year. Today I mean that's a terrible team it's a terrible team I feel bad for John taveras is a brilliant young player a feel that for mammals only -- panic a certain extent is he just signed a multiyear deal. Is he's a really talented scorer but. But don't don't -- Alston with that islanders. You know what the gorton's fisherman. Orange there you know because she's I think he's still got some quality in his game and and now a useful player for the Bruins in number differ. I would say this that surely has had a pretty good track record. Cabral you can question last year but certainly Kelly and bravely get those guys at trading deadline. Were good deals at the time I don't think anybody. Was excited you said about capital if you remember yeah I thought he was going to be the guy. That was going to be India the puck moving defenseman that the team sorely needed yet he was a major disappointment the other two guys were terrific. And I it's I am I the only guy can recall having any skepticism. At all about -- -- -- it was Bob Newmark and you know knew he's a real god for hockey he's got a good night for courses in and he he knew that that -- couldn't run anymore you know I'm good for him for CNET but. I don't know anybody else who might. Mike Milbury did. No I don't overdo it overnight artillery hit setting it equal right off to -- yeah well before he should not about it is that he's strapped. Right the armour golf that -- -- disinterested. Are we talking like Arafat -- century -- of this Red Sox pitching what it's doing what it what do transition. Right yet amber all and I I know why they had a little problem today it -- with the postal. Room that Fenway generally yeah a little fire when you'll start a little spark. And so it dialed 911 up and running in the Phillies bullpen Nissen Holtz can -- your point. That the Bruins have one more deal. That is just waiting for approval right now dealing with the defense so there's one more deal apparently -- they're dealing with the Bruins involved with the Bruins. Which you bring another defenseman here. When you look at this situation right now. The Johnny boy -- injury yesterday if it is indeed a concussion and that's where they seem to be leading. You never know concussions Jackie could be back get a weaker till he could be back in three months yeah you don't know. Yup it's. It's not good it's a brain injury if it's. Officially been listed as say as a concussion. -- and re examine -- you don't like okay. This is Bob McKenzie Annette yes and reporting -- and -- Israel is incredibly welcoming India's. You know there -- trigger I think is is slightly more accurate but it's percentages there coming from Minnesota by the yeah and and -- OK here's -- history Greg sent. Guy with Nashville. Under -- trots really blossomed as a half is nails you know -- -- through the back of the head tight defenseman. Really really top solid reliable. And he's a guy who can he's a guy who can fit pretty well he's gone to Minnesota. I mean if you watched the Bruins. Wild game. You saw that he was giving no quarter and nine and taking on and he'll be a good fit -- the left handed yet. Yes and and -- left. -- shot and now it's been confirmed we're here for Andy and and that's another good mostly picked up model exam and and Ralston now what they give up. Now what they give. I don't think I don't think they give up and off like in the Minnesota's got a Minnesota's only got to pick. You know I don't have stands Carter infamous I don't know what is a contract situation news. But. If he's on restricted that's that's a -- -- -- -- rubble -- you know there there's a guy can help you to have the problem boy -- is there goes to one half minutes a game. As it jars right hand man and granted that was hit. -- yet. -- it was illegal but I really don't have to write a letter that was this as topic is you're gonna -- and that's where the big confusion comes in between between what is responsible of one it's not and I'll be the first to admit that I totally blew the call. On the on the -- hit on -- which I thought. Clearly was suspended -- obviously. I was wrong I was wrong and that but you know what did you do it one of those -- phony. No enemy I was I was pretty -- up -- in my blood pressure is pretty -- topic is from our -- -- it looked like elbow in the head from behind him in there or there were multiple. Bad things there are so I. I was wrong. This -- all admit that I was wrong and that but but here's the thing. -- All of all of the momentum was resolved yet -- gates come off the ice but it's natural when your pitching for got a collision speed of fifty miles an hour. They that your feet are gonna come off the ice ET aimed at the body he hit they had on the way through and Shannon hands. Statements and and his his decisions for the most part have been based on are you going through the horizontal plane going to the body. Or you going through the vertical plane and getting ahead. And Bruins fans Mike -- little mystified as Thompson Steve with a little -- certainly the -- now since late January until now. Did not get suspended and it seemed that he was going for and it seemed as if -- was going for -- and you know -- Maloney brought this -- -- you know are the pros being targeted I think there are I think it's two way too early for conspiracy. Theory there but. But it just trying to jump ahead Joseph Hagerty reporting it's -- can't. Yup and you panic Rondo great realize that it's beyond those of the two guys to go for Ralston. And I -- Stan says add in for Stephen cancer that's terrific airedale that's terrific because steaming camper. Had had children he was not -- you know he would hit his ceiling you know he wasn't gonna get much better in cloud system. Give a fresh chance under my Tokyo in my the only gets some some time and some improvement out Minnesota. He's a good kid Smart he would. You know played at Michigan and and be right at home with Minnesota cigarette and it that's what they gave up and you know on CNN on my blog here at the they that -- on net TS and dot CA so. Yeah if they got sand in for camper they're getting a more veteran more reliable -- stronger. And left shooting defenseman for camp for. And camper had been in province. For all the talk about Rick Nash over the last couple weeks including talk about him coming here Bob MacKenzie we -- complimented -- earlier. Saying no -- -- Ecuador and -- the -- seven point eight million dollars salaried about the loss and long term deal dancers now -- -- fan out for six years. Although other last time last time you were here not too long it's been -- That you've -- -- we're talking about Rick Nationalists like months ago I do what are ask you this Jack because you mentioned. With Ralston and motto -- -- Smart guys and and and good guys from the room. Don't you think that's pretty important in making a deal at this point because like hockey every. -- hockey and basketball at the same in the sense at this point a year. You're not gonna get the practice time that you really want you gonna need the kind of players who can come in and adapt quickly. And not need to be coached up to the nth degree just to figure out what the team's concepts are. Totally yep -- you need -- and he needs personal acceptance. From the teammates and and guys who want to fit in and I think it all three. All three players that the Bruins have acquired today you see that in in Brian Rolston whose you know. A cup winner his -- on that going to in Mike Monroe who is. Been plugged in and any number situations and by the wasting some power play time in his career as well. And ending Greg Sanders a tough as nails defenseman analog shots they pick up a couple upshot defenseman. And a -- you can throw in almost any position in your twelve forwards and he's gonna which is a. Shockley what they needed you know get back to the the possibility of making a big deal so much was made of -- trade what are you goaltenders what coach can't trade when he Eagleton is right now I think it becomes imperative now. That when the season is over even though he's been shaking here in the last month you're gonna have to -- to -- there's no question about that. The plan is still in place and you know again I've that I've made no bones about this and you know my fancy here is is that if if the Bruins should get to summertime. And they still have a kind of cap space that they're showing and I think the CBA -- collective bargaining agreement to come is gonna have somewhere near the same cap. Want to make a ridiculous offer for Ryan suitor in Nashville who's going to be in on restricted -- who's a left shot defenseman himself. And -- Elton is a right shot defenseman. Souter be the perfect -- tutor -- a perfect Teradata for Doug Hamilton he -- Seidenberg up on the Chara spare. Your third defense of -- ferrets in either equator boy chuck group whoever's left over from this season you know wow I'd take that I'd take my chance. The NHL trading deadline has come and gone the Bruins have made two deals they acquire three players they send mark can't. And yet agree endo to of the New York Islanders and get left Winger. Brian Rolston and defenseman Mike model and then they send Steve camp for Q. The Minnesota Wild and get another. Left handed should be defenseman. Re examine those are the deals Jack likes them. What do you think. Examined. Is the unrestricted free agent after throwing twelve mixed team borrowing one million dollars or you are going to -- and -- you. Did you stack up that you actually can go out and get. -- -- That that Jack the robot or Jack up 31 -- object. Arguing some food because around here. Notoriety -- tiebreak and food constantly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ben a producer does need. Andy you don't -- either so I mean these people Jack -- out. -- bring it all of these people in order bro he -- it put me -- think that's right I'm talking about day old -- deal were particularly is definitely dale. Daily Britney were just -- burtless says I don't think it was -- there was bright day of Friday Saturday or right JQB like their goods to it can actually be better. As a couple of days go by you know -- vital to the -- Jackson suggests that your guests were gonna make sure. That -- -- you're fed and well thank you write a place where no I think they can't reject. I listen to slice. On board as well as long as we're off topic by the way the Rangers according to TS sends. A trade clicker ticker whatever. Have acquired. Jon Scott. From the Blackhawks for a fifth round pick and Jon Scott doesn't do much other than Wear out his skates gives you 68 and punch people. In all bases there and listen to present there you are this is -- Derek -- guard replacement. And that is that is just state classic Johns quarter -- slash ones say the move and and that's great for them. And that's gonna be a little bit of insurance -- buy if they need some toughness in their lineup when they face the problems they face and twice more both of Madison Square Garden it's. Just out of -- phone calls you're at a big show at 617779085888525. 0850 years John in East Boston -- John. But -- our job was going. I reporter -- I can't help but look at withdrawal deal -- Mark -- Gilbert and which wasn't a bad move at all for the reward to it. -- -- -- Your phone is breaking up we got hurt our initial point and observed there's a pretty good portable points are at 39 -- guy yeah yeah -- and clearly there's only one reason good guy yeah and only one reason -- -- is playing and that is it yeah he is a great guy in the room he's gonna make the room even stronger. And he's he's useful in a number of different ways and an older guy. You can spot you don't have to rolled out there. Every single shift you can move a -- down in your lines a full Winger gets -- on your top six to control me in there and it'll be useful. Certainly doesn't have the blazing speed anymore but he's got to probably shot he's a Smart guy. He's got almost a hundred power play assists in his career so you know he knows how to move the -- with the man advantage and that's an area in which the Bruins can use some help especially a lot shot guy. And I -- I think off the top my head the number of people on this team that he actually played with. Not many current mantra think it was he'd gone by the time who's going off for all for what Thomas Thomas was in the organization. Eight. It. Not hell for it wasn't. Now that was an organization. Thomas was it was a guy and Andrew -- croft hold out insurance policy our little -- that's right so don't be Patrice Bergeron and that's Bergeron -- that's it yeah. He's played in Boston before he knows what it is but you know what it means but he doesn't know what it -- what you now but it but as -- sand off -- here Michael alive. Everybody in hockey knows Brian Rolston because he he plays the game the right way he's he's a total man up guy and -- -- the league he's still respected because of the way he carries himself on the way he plays he's. He is a classy highly skilled guy who gets along with everybody and and really doesn't have a lot of issues and that is. That is in a manner of speaking the rocky type guy that you want you know there's only one Mark -- bit but rules and yet you can see that you can cast him in that role -- -- where. Well he serves good purpose on -- talk about -- how good he was around the -- even in his. You know advanced age while you know slot shot you can look at exactly what -- brings -- he brings it a certain skill sets still going and he at his age what do you places where -- can help the -- right now -- now there. Here's Jeff Jensen that Connecticut you're on a big -- did you. And what's -- on we're on. On I got quite -- only because less summit site you'll you regulate the works -- consider that even. -- all of why -- -- action I just got to work I didn't even know any of these transaction that went down my initial reaction a practical and a whole lot of these. -- scanner from my area don't think the same same thing I did which was ought Christ he can't score law. Which is that and the problem. Actually I don't go to the last game were put Portugal Burnett bought. All fortunate that you're in honor dead on -- it. Eat -- the good I have or now you know all it. It seemed like you mean I you know you guys are art -- good -- it just seemed like they needed help on the correct side. Feel like guys get together you know what you're doing but. -- to -- is is yeah and where does this guy get plugged in because it to me. To me this is this pressure on them monopoly to start -- -- and Andy I'm going to turn the turned Anemia. I'm -- -- but nobody does not Montreal you couldn't stand -- if you waited when he got. Here he played well for awhile projecting -- plot so Jackie and Tara has been this has been -- the the problem with his entire career but you know what. Out I'll -- he he's a nice young man. He carries himself well with in the team but -- you to come around on that runway had. -- I only did not like -- on Heisman what's the latest on what -- alleged plot. Took a stupid penalty in Montreal in his first appearance there for the Bruins. They sat him down for the third period and say it don't do that again. Really actually think of one ill advised penalties taken since -- so -- -- gotten -- and away the no previous coach has gotten to home. But he still has plateaued. That the of its core role as he plucked out as well all the -- well let's let's finish up hopefully offers the bothersome thing -- fully -- is that. About a half a dozen games ago maybe it's more now you made a tremendous dangling move stick handling move where he went through the he he is -- got about twenty times since and I think it's worked once or twice. In all that the thing is it's like just -- you hit. The pitcher once doesn't mean he's gonna feed that pitch every single time. Don't go up there looking for if it's -- -- take it but you know what and maybe he's got older more growth to doing his career. At this point and -- being kind but I -- -- Montreal you also makes our roles separate assembled Rolston makes importers and and if he doesn't he's -- it's. It ought to it but it just ask one more question. Actually you. Viral and obviously just been. -- -- -- -- -- -- name I -- -- -- guy that -- was up gave Brent help our young kid dial up point did you know anchor hi good goal came in the league. Pretty high kind of let soul and now it immediately indicates -- well -- I forgot about me but I mean. What would you rather would -- a name possibly mixing your mind there was -- It wasn't me it was on the media I -- pop opera couple of different occasions this week -- It's funny -- is. As we are getting out of the elevator to get on the -- to go to game and Ottawa Saturday night. The elevator opens and there's butch -- unthinkable what you know this is weird but the islanders were coming in to play against the senators says the next night and and as it turned out brick and I saw butch between periods at the game. And nine he was speaking glowingly of -- as if you know. You can talk about his name if you want that the owners wanna build around a guy like that he's gonna fit in well. And also for its -- Is happy with calendars because it's a paraphrase which he knows he's gonna get his minutes with that team which is teammates. Really down adults and and night and he can build for but. According wants a way he passes the way -- split two defensemen with a passing and look fort. And before it's charging down nets seemed to give in the parking given the chance to shoot Syria I think the bros would would have loved to have had parental but the islanders and parental feel good about each other -- I don't think there were gonna get about it. Toronto gets mark Frazier yet to Anaheim -- dale Mitchell. And -- -- dale Mitchell you know and Toronto gets mark Frazier yeah in the in the latest deal. Brian -- can work yet because we haven't again we haven't seen a major. Player. Is it. The price too high right now yeah it's just too difficult and Disney is it a lot different now jacket that you're dealing with. Cap implications with these players as well. Cap implications as part of it but also one of the things that that's happening is a few years ago the NHL rolled the trading deadline forward by a win it used to be the first Tuesday in March. Now it's last Tuesday in February and it doesn't seem like a lot in the course of 26 weeks schedule but there's a big difference for team at six points out of the playoff structure in eleventh place. With 22 games ago or twenty games ago. And only sixteen or seventeen to go you know if you're in the same spot when you're sixteen or seventeen to go. You'd probably be a seller because it's not so much the points as the teams you have to LeapFrog with all the three point games and Friday it. I think that's a major dynamic that's that's come into play in the last couple years the team still see themselves as having. A shocked that they can catch lightning anabolic on nine and one and LeapFrog all those teams that are ahead of them. With those three or four more games and used to have it certainly is insulting it's encouraging them to make -- I quick break right back to the phone calls a lot of questions project currently Jack Edwards or could it works not a disease -- Jack Edwards or third man in incidents which.

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