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Rob Bradford, WEEI.com, on Josh Beckett

Feb 27, 2012|

Bradford talks about his exclusive one on one interview with Josh Beckett. Bradford talks about what he took out of the Beckett conversation most and discusses the Ace’s approach to 2012.

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It's our Jim Butler not a 37 WE -- we see your phone calls will get right to them. For that we check in in Florida rob Bradford WEEI dot com a great piece up on the website today's hour long sit down. With one Josh Beckett rob but Lou -- you. It was probably a little more than an hour after actors might dyke show. So did you guys discuss catch anything we guess Christian beginner. Are not they can -- be catching that the fishing have gone out the window effects the idea that Riddick. -- A member any ridicule but just. -- minute -- -- -- what I'm not or yeah. When you sat down here's a lot of stuff to pick the -- the biggest thing for me rob is that the public acknowledgment of something that I believe people around the Red Sox and and some people fought. Is that -- his wife's pregnancies wife holly last year having their first child in his mind certainly affected some of his focus. In the month the symptom thirty -- it was just September was the say a season long thing -- back it was. Trying to figure out in a huddle I balance my time here in pending child coming to our family pitching for the Boston Red Sox. The object to give him up as a as a Tennessee went audibly I referenced in this story. When I sit down and limit in the log in taxes and that was really the first I didn't hurt him. Talk about how you can prioritize is barely able baseball helping to change. So I think it was it was graphical parity got a little bit before and you know one of the things. You want to get across was -- -- but I am not -- that got my wife my child I am not one that the Hamas as I'm blaming -- in the south. At the same time there's no question. The biggest problem here no problem but the issue. One is is being focused on his wife and his style and then yes you read the quote -- is that you don't want. Who have a problem you know could go themselves. So liked it here will say about the weight gain. Why you could come out and say hey you know what it was my wife my child that was the I do think it's only undertow were bet. This was part of the -- it was it was doing things they're doing a little bit different lifestyle home. Along with utilities. The ankle was part of it but maybe not the whole thing so. It is what it would jump on it. Opinion in and say well you should prioritize it. Like you are but at least one but you get out the article I think is that -- doesn't care that without the bill. Yeah I mean honest I don't blame his wife for being pregnant I mean it wasn't like. His wife is like calling him you know like before his starts and then you know like give it a point where you start to lose focus but. Even admitted that you know even when he was pitching his full focus might not been on the pitch. Well it to me that's that was to be the issue is that he you know you can -- of course you're curious oh year. You know you -- -- -- wife going through pregnancy you're worried about her going in the labor but to those 23 hours when you're pitching at the dreaded two of the new Candace who remain focused on your job. Or eighty and report it will buy it the same time because of -- of the year ago he knows that better than anybody. And reverend Carl Crawford got -- lefty -- gave negative impact instead. Almost -- that was in his head obviously wanted the same thing is just back it is like we're expecting a child. Well that you're gonna said it's at why he's sitting in the batter's box and was late on Wednesday. Just it like it -- -- they can watch. You know what -- part you forget about everything else. But I didn't they don't want that we've got to jump out of these instances jumped out to a -- docking was bella in the year. Regular season game you -- I realize this but. They want him to pitch in to -- play our game. And and you find out that his wife have gone into labor about power perhaps. I think before -- -- last regular season game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Audit trail Malia and all the chaos that was going on or after the game was not as. If if they win the acting does he -- the next night. Analyses flying home but he fly right back -- I -- that you guys talked a little bit about it maybe that you know what you look at it do but within the it was born on at new. That day so. I hear them absent he's. It -- and that goes back to say well you don't like your is orange -- it's maybe you basically like I don't know. But by me clearly would have been pulled out because -- this rapper I mean this was the guy who was fired -- I think one thing over the other. Rob there's a quote here when he gets into his conversations about Terry Francona that -- be expanded on outside this interview but he says quote. I love Terry Francona. At the end it -- difficult for me sometimes with -- go with him as the manager. That it goes on -- state and deserve the aftermath but that that would have got to be at the end make it difficult for me sometimes that Tito. With him as the manager. -- digging into what was difficult what what he's referencing there at the end with Terry Francona. -- get into it but I think it was good decisions you go to go to the typical manager pitcher players' decisions. That you probably didn't agree with. And you know you couple that with the mindset that all of -- probably in Europe Beckett who as he. You're going to lose they all they interpret juggling your priorities with with the heavily at your current -- poor eyesight. Was also thank -- Arctic to a certain extent the wire they -- my option. So a lot of things are all lot of guys aren't I think that when he talked about that that's part of it. Now Josh -- won't be pitching this year with a beer next to him in the rubber. Because they've they've pretty much banned alcohol from the clubhouse some wonder and over the weekend though yesterday may be walking around there any response from the players. -- yet if they I you I thought the back -- real quick QB is that likely to leave feedback number it was. It you know I don't get paid to make the decision that it doesn't matter of and I think that the that. Probably the right thing to say that if you want to be critical about the Google lot of guys do what beer club of trees probably want. Right now Lou you know they've ever look what got a good base that would have no problem was it. But if you get the -- is in there and you know I really worked at a beer this starter -- Here he'll get one they'll get. Well they'll get. You're you're sorry well they always do that's why say it's a PR move because I've been on teams -- they don't appear to club also a wanna be in the clubhouse with a cup gives them period. The big the big -- big Lou right though it at -- it has killed a bit difficult those corporate currently. Does it closer -- gave the go back dark -- restart but he he. He Britain in the hope that act of prohibition. That I can type ticket or that the -- and you're talking about a debate team. That is what got it away in your wedding is safe short of alcohol and got veteran people like credit -- -- yeah I agree. Up real quick when he -- is that the again that the stuff that Red Sox fans wanna hear about it talks about what you. His time on the mound and that that the amount of time between pitches in his. Et -- sixties explanation rob -- try to get that the timing down do you get the impression the first week camp. That he invalid -- have a conversation that will CA quicker working. Josh Beckett in 2012. But I think if you are productive Josh Beckett facing the New York Yankees. You gonna do exactly and they needed before. Because group Bobby I when he went to his -- New Year's Day -- that -- them and they talk more about this some more about this subject. It was OK you know Bobbie this is why I do it. Anyway what is in the article but it -- like Hewitt and he's the rock salt and if you're -- felt but how can you argue with the results. We what do you let them. Better against the New York Yankees that any pitcher in baseball so you keep know -- -- to do so I picked up so that you don't do what you. -- -- the problem with that though because last year he struggled against the Yankees that he pitched quicker or was -- health. Yeah packet inspection and struggle and -- two years ago. If forgo it -- you're under two. Two years ago here in a Teddy RA. Right so was my that they gave its exact same saying that same I just don't that you sell the used a better pitcher last you know beginning do with speed of delivering a pitch. You're aware of the criticism aimed at last year went during the -- executive Bobby do it and I agree to a guy create this -- the beat all adult life he. Current turn the tide against the New York Yankees but what it every bit but here against the Yankees get a bucket here. Think you think it's amazing. About the full stop doing this article looking at the number they've been out there you go up to Baltimore start. -- go away so focused the priorities everything. What it was. -- -- -- by any one until after that last help if you beat air but at any particular problems. Unquote collapse all the work starts when he gave up 64 unprovoked. Everyone respond if you would -- to get there will be certain that. You form your own opinion check out -- peace with Josh Beckett right they're WEEI dot com rob appreciate the time is always talk to -- on spring training. Marius rob Bradford no fishing involved but a great sit down. -- with Josh Beckett as promised right back to these phone calls Johnson a car he's driving around on 937 WEEI what's up John. Who are you bill -- you. On I'm on what brought that now that it won't you know I haven't really been a bit -- Jack up from the beginning they've made in 2007. They're attached all of the world and around the ball well -- internship in the sense that they -- Like that you have read it maybe different background here on that I've got beaten by that actually are unconcerned. Armed and lit -- now that Raikkonen made it up like that and I hit the at that point -- -- need to bring that up because it doesn't happen that anybody talking about. That it that it got that open and say yeah maybe that's why I was distracted but what I think you would. He's trying to put a potentially from. The chicken in the deal and and vote for them that it might -- -- going to be that aren't. You know an outlook that are -- to -- -- that Josh Beckett and yeah. -- -- Well -- that Josh Beckett on entitlement. Excuse -- -- and buying and you know you look at that think like the -- and I don't know how that happened while it happened and you didn't sit there and I -- -- happened. Extension after the Democrats you know a lot of -- And you know -- I'm became -- Josh Beckett you you have the attitude. Okay they are that it will Josh Beckett he kept on that isn't gonna -- you want and that's what I. I mean. Important and I -- come out with that populate sport that arrogant. Another group and that happened in the that Anaheim and he didn't English and -- -- -- anyway. And Bobbie Barrett stepped out that apparently is -- right to protect. And our members that elect. That shot -- that he. But I can't keep thinking. It out and -- that you can carry that back up steadily and I want you haven't earned it. Elect Barack that -- have a problem you can't patent and what they are incredible -- but -- -- -- every apple probably. You're putting them at the the and that brought back -- Josh. It doesn't really eat. You laughter and that that it is that contrite that they -- and I think that -- where. And right from the start and that Epoch that you know ironic that a lot lot lot. It was like you know that I don't think that it and I go back let thank you and I -- make it. -- -- -- You're -- -- -- they aren't the right to carry him out there that he thinks he -- It's interesting I appreciate the phone call John love the passion call back any time that I I've been a fan and an observer Josh Beckett who was liked Lou. That attitude that he brings to the game when it was on the mound Yankee Stadium game six with a recent Cleveland 2007 with the Red Sox I like that chip on a shoulder then. Believe you on the -- I'm gonna do what I want a minute news I'm going to be a guy my teammates can Leno what's bothered me about Beckett. Is the lakers' second half success there's now a track record not aid -- well liar but he track record of him in the second half. Really falling off the pace -- the for staff and to me that would signal a guy who at some point the year doesn't workers are no injuries -- part of it -- bring you that would injuries. But there is now -- consistency here -- respect in the second half. Not backing up first half numbers that part bothered me because for all that great attitude I love that that it at that eighteen is on the mound that is is is. For him so well. There's also now decided and that does he stop work in the second half -- wide we have this is first half numbers followed by got a second at -- just not think pitcher yeah edit -- -- add trend. It go back to area resorted to good years of what with those two good years are you know it's. Article five that he was -- all six's first year of seven is pretty good 09 is pretty good last year. He could say that you won he fell down the in the year but still have to wait nine ERA. -- the problem that I would have is I think -- instead want to Ayman radio with a big chosen you know when he has a little injury. They're mentally hasn't it over you can't external now the -- a major issue and yet -- couldn't pass through it ought to -- can't pitch -- The reality is what if we find out big you know it's like is pregnant again fit in Britain where are we there. You know we noticed priorities are that we will we lose him at the end of the year again. You know so you start to be concerned about just everything is going to find which you do realize that your one little. Nagging injury away from him pitching the way he has the last three or four years since September 6 when -- talked over it's a great. On the table for you at 6177790850. And toll free 888. 5250850. Will continue with your Red Sox phone calls not --

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