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Kevin Youkilis joins D&C and talks about the upcoming season and his recent engagement

Feb 27, 2012|

Youkilis talks about the disappointment stemming from the Super Bowl loss and compares it to the 2011 Red Sox Collapse. He also sheds light on how he shows his emotions on the field.

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Kevin you close the morning as this -- a surprise usually -- -- I report for duty. Now orders here just Gannett the morning and the you know PR camp said that neither guy appears -- I came up things settling down selling nicely into the rhythm yet to have the spring training. Yeah well I don't know -- were -- and like so fast I mean it's it's a kind of a cool pace -- we're going to field the field and -- he -- -- -- the country -- -- -- golf course this year it's actually fun and contrast the -- early with your tenure with -- with with Bobby his style his camp what he's trying to do his methods -- teed off. All the easy method that would -- fundamental baseball and and and the key is. What we got away from a lot of times -- -- fundamental baseball. -- have the watchers having great players you candidates played you know to stated and his -- -- station station. What we're doing now is -- a lot of baseline stuff too we're going to be able score more. And by reading the ball better and doing the little things that a lot times -- runners often outs and we can't do them. Do you feel like you're in the last year to contract or does that that option he'll make it feel different. Are playing a contract. Now I I did I just play the game I don't worry about my contract because. You know the one thing is -- an option next year but I know my contract and all that stuff but I don't I don't I don't understand the plane for -- I play the game. I go out there every day and compare myself to play I don't worry about when my contract is in. What's gonna happen down the road because you can't control I don't control I'm gonna do today and little things like that and a lot of players like -- -- up for that you know contract year and all that need to be freeagent tested marketed. But -- a Boston Red Sox player so you know they tell me I can't be a you better -- Ryan Zimmerman. The friends that oh man that's a tough one. I don't know I don't know stats I don't know as you know the National League is a photo to see him alive so. Some say send a big deal. Hundred million dollars to the India to strike you when you saw arming -- see a much but. That's a hundred million dollar player. Who I know he's got a lot of tallies are very good defensive third baseman -- can head and I think he lives I think he's literally from there and long these from Virginia right down the street but. Yeah I've heard a lot of great things -- good character and you know hundred million dollar deal seem like it's Tuesday. We entered rehab in the offseason trying to get back from the injury problems and all that you ever say to yourself maybe play a little bit too hard for my own good I know you can play the way you play. If you think you were hurt yourself by. You know. I -- on the on the on the ground rule on the crusher but anybody tell us your shoulder. When we talk about the season they say he's gonna get hurt again because of the way place. Is that. A compliment to viewers that. We dads -- no I don't think yeah I mean I think a lot of it too is you know I had an injury two years ago that was very weird. My thumb you know did. Bases the muscle ripped off for that whatever. As this freak injury -- and his -- through it I would have to say I'm too hard headed and play through injuries. And that's that's where I get the problem. Play too hard I I don't think I can ever not play to -- because that's. I don't have the talent and tools and other guys have that play this game I definitely have some talent that I can play the game and it and do some things but. There's some -- 63 athletic are gonna go play footballers do whatever play basketball a little Brooks middle broke CA a.'s mr. quarterback I guess. I never was -- quarterback. I was I was on defense -- trying to get the quarterback but. Yeah there's a lot of guys there's a lot of guys are athletic but I have to play at a higher level and play well and that's how I know will you stop playing hurt. Playing -- well I think there's there's been hurt and injured and all that but I think you have to -- hurt you have to play through little things but -- also know like OK today. If I go out there today and do something rather be sliding I think one thing -- -- I know like one. I've learned now that I can't slide in my left more than that right. Because one thing is his eyes slide wrong. And if you mean everyone has seen him out of control sliding it hitting in the days as it's pretty gets it done but it's it's not a pretty thing that I have to control more. Truck with Kevin Youkilis and -- without rehashing September and all the soap opera stuff would you take just the emotions are you in particular and the team in general starting with the last day of the season into the offseason and now here I assume what we have coming back. Is at least a motivated baseball team based on the events of September. Wasn't embarrassed baseball team was an angry baseball team take it from September to now turned -- gamut of emotions. Well I think. This offseason was calmer reflective offseason for a lot of guys to look in the Mir and and what you want I mean do you want that ever happen again and I know I don't -- I was I was embarrassed and and it is very tough for me except sit back and watch I hated it I Ada watch and losing and all that and you just feel helpless and can't do anything insists it drives -- -- but this offseason was more about. Going out to get healthy for myself personally you know I don't all the other guys your your whole goal is to have fallen to you got to enjoy yourself even though that the worst thing that happened. With the collapse and all that you gotta go enjoy yourself because the season's long if you sit there and basically just you know. Cry about like this and that and -- in on this get a move on you got to get going to gonna work out you got hit you gotta figure out the goals to make yourself as for the next here. You you in the past we've requested you. And you said no one I know you guys haven't request mean tears just close guns he did it to our faces you said and not go on your show why. Have we gone soft zone as we just nice guys I -- Dennis Delano eyeliner now I think it's now I think there I mean that there's things in the past -- said in not agreeable on the lot of things in. A lot a lot of athletes are angry with you know what you guys -- in a lot of people aren't gonna agree just like they're gonna agree with you and it's you know I've moved past allot things and you know it's it's a New Year's going to be great years so why. You -- national. Pusher engaged congratulations thank you at least that's what we've read is that true yes it is accurate that that part was accurate how hard was it to hang out with that crew with the super bull hill was hard for. People sit in all of New England. It was an the in the law the greatest thing I got out the whole thing is I had -- and more it was humbling experience for me in fact that. When things become family you don't realize how much your family when you lose a game like my family has to be around after a loss like that we lost that game seven. And ALC gasses like. You know it was it was a bad moment you know you're upset you you were that close won the World Series and and with Super Bowl it's this it was a very home visitors see -- -- interact and how much they love being cared about yeah. And it eats them up to with the law so why I'd definitely have more appreciates my family when -- -- -- -- -- a suitable or. I'd -- yeah yeah unfortunately I've been accused of bubbles and I'm all for two miles -- triple. I blame -- -- blame myself after I game and I said I'm never going to -- I'm all for for in the playoffs that's I'm never going back and what the Bengals go. See that's the thing that's though that's the -- I -- for New England people it's going to be a bad thing for me in my Begin because I've seen pass was advertise in the playoffs but yeah out I'll have to -- the things because. We don't get -- chances much often go to playoffs and taxiway and so. We -- nervous. -- inlet. Marrying into the Brady family seems like kind of overwhelming. -- I mean -- guides that's one of the things that. Not -- You know that's that's when did that little stuff that personal -- Clears up and that the risk of opening will did you urgently get angry at us it is you heard that we see that you married up where you were beating up now. Is that we're told. And that's true that's discussed it with the lower -- -- -- away expressed her I don't get into as -- get this is that this is their stuff that was set off the air. That we talked about and it was for -- and a Frontline. There was something that vote one the government said it was the charity common. There's a charity comment. Made by a semi here we talked about this. That's it by -- Kevin Youkilis in the Paper one more time and is chaired you know an outcome that was made an accurate there you know from an apartment so I I think it. Pageants and that's the one thing I'll say give it credit for -- the Euro was then you're tireless and you charity work but I discussed that with here. That your ex wife we've discussed in your former that's at your former life that I was compliment you when you say look at this would you say John Henry married -- -- I say we married up it's a compliment to tell him hey if it wasn't -- -- what -- the last straw was about and I take pride in my chair that's my yeah I take a lot of pride and and trust me I don't want that to the one thing -- about like doing that your award. Is the media side have been taken pictures on that is wanna do charitable work and and and get out there and do things for kids and work with kids I don't I don't care -- I think we gave you credit I know I did because in the inside track and that you know where we read about your engagements and all that. You're always in there and it's always with the kid it's always some. You know tireless charity work with -- and and that's not easy now that that takes time that ranges some time. You do that we'll give you credit for that without a doubt but you were upset at the I thought at the comet that America. Known on a century and I think I was more really it's -- the personal life stuff like if you talk about my baseball stuff here and you tell me I'm terrible one day. Who's gonna the first got to say it you know me I'm the first one that's going to be myself but I'm Ellen. When you see me mad dog out. I'm on the myself because I'm so mad at myself for him miss -- -- and all that so I don't mind that based off of the personal stuff off the field as personal stuff and we all have stuff that happens off the field it you know what have you ever job you do -- totally off than ever seen anyone handle that better than Tom Brady. Tom chastened in the -- -- -- that don't I don't I don't ever I don't ever wanna be in his shoes but. The -- -- that we talk about all time as this is a different light to the pitchers got the good way ago where we have to we have to deal with it every day. You know it's a different thing where I think he talks on Wednesdays and Sundays and my mother summit as Jewish leaders -- thought it was we just talk -- is on it and it doesn't work. -- Nichols thinks the time move that would clear the -- good luck and have a great season -- you guys -- or -- what Dennis and Callahan will be right back.

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