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Golfer Brad Faxon calls in to talk drug testing in professional sports

Feb 27, 2012|

Faxon talks about his own experiences with drug tests on the PGA Tour and how it relates to the Ryan Braun situation.

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-- on the hotline. -- -- Jerry Solomon Islands are yeah we thought yeah. Yep but I just -- a little bit stuff but wanted to talk about because the PGA tour started. Drug testing a few years ago when with a source started talk and the USOC about golf in the Olympics. Think the tour had a you know starts drug testing we. I don't really think there's any problems out there -- and nobody's ever taken any but. The process is an unbelievable processes cut -- -- a millions of dollars a year to hire a company that can do this professionally. And the first thing that happens is you know it's random tests. You don't know what you're gonna get it which round you're gonna get it can be after a practice round throwing around her competitive round. They notify you that your -- your scorecard. You gotta walk to a room designated to do this where there's you know a few different people who work there there's. Plastic. You know -- that you have to -- but -- all sealed they're all numbers they're all coated you have to sign in you have to. -- you'd have to watch him on duty cop yourself you you don't get. Touch anything at first I opened one of the cup personally made me start all over and then every. Kind of a suspect that. I think it we're gonna let her. But there's no way. That a that I can see that this thing could have been contaminated in front you'd like that last -- -- -- called in the -- That's stuff can't happen if you're sitting there watching everything when you go to you go to TV guys over your shoulder you know it's one of those things we got to turn the water on -- Million regular do this -- got -- no no chance. You do us. Always you can add anything to a -- seal you'd sign it if you see this whole thing happened that it put into a boxes sealed. So for anybody did evidence to tamper with it it's it's a huge deal but it -- and there's no way it happened Friday whatever happened in front in the lab. I don't see how one extra day makes this thing all the sudden contaminated. That it -- What if perhaps once he gets to Montreal. During the transferring over when they're gonna test both samples is somehow gets. Contaminated that would make it up like maybe eighty not a purpose well let's let's get beyond the -- thing -- the numbers on the table all that sort of stuff at some point in Montreal when they're going to test the a and B samples but samples. It just come out of whatever container it's in Brentwood to another container and then be tested is it not possible that that container. Well the first auto whoever's doing the test wherever ends up. Yeah that guy doesn't know what's -- broader Brett back you know that's correct it's a sealed number you know he doesn't -- it is so. He can't be out that would get this guy can be don't know who's that it. Just why -- implied that the that Laura what's his name Lauren -- -- he was out to get them minutes is. This feel more frenzied -- NC. Is the conspirator here and and as Mike Lupica points on this call if your dealer Ramsey. It uses you sue me you -- this guy just doing your job I mean he screwed up by not bring it to the FedEx office but he wasn't out to get right in -- -- facts -- very few people we would dump you for to talk to gonna have to Kevin Youkilis just joined us you're the broadcasts like what doctors to look at bats. -- -- BJ hello good -- better about the consequences well let. It's about Youkilis talked about it cutbacks in Delhi.

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