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Ryder and Flannery Continue to Talk Celtics and Other NBA News

Feb 26, 2012|

John and Paul continue the C's talk and discuss what moves, if any, they can make to improve the team. They also touch on the new salary cap rules, Jeremy Lin, and where Dwight Howard might land.

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Final hour this is odd for me this like a layup between our show armies to do of these like big extravaganzas. United warmed up yet -- -- -- This is like Kevin -- fifteen foot jump cut thirtieth and especially -- work what do you call. Paul flattery WEEI an icon does a great job any trade rumors Paul can address that. Now a pitcher and as well 617779. 085 people free 88852. Or right fifty and the taxi 5850 I get a to a better job in some of these -- is rolling -- like crazy. Couple of different scenarios here released one. As you Paula public rebel McGee from Washington young big man seven -- athletic last year of his deal could diocese trade may -- signed him to you know -- I actually like to velvety. A lot oil lot of people do these kind of -- He's kind of a beefy guy Hampshire people see the highlights of him you know running the wrong way way running the wrong -- as oh here's that it's Twitter all trio named Pierre who apparently does bad things let's. He's kind of a group. But that said he thought of really goofy that's instead I was gonna say -- Washington doesn't help we go now and so if you put him on a realty. With the real coach. That would make him do real things I think the comparison to him in the -- Jordan is really and if you look at what your country -- all he does is don't. JaVale McGee takes too many twenty foot jump shot well you put on a real team. And you say listen -- here's Richard in -- you're around the floor and get out of break you gonna catch -- you're gonna -- and you're gonna block shots not every shot. Try to do now your block shots and rebound. I think he would be -- really interest in it if you -- -- What about the the other two players that always are brought up one we already referenced Monty Ellis always been brought up a bunch of different times another guy that seems to get brought up quite a -- his judgment. And -- -- as well -- you left those contract after this. He's playing really well. And what sort of an all star prize foundation and all start at -- -- Alaska appears actually. One of the things that keeps like product that he and -- were really tight and wait -- high school and brocail. And that would be yet another interesting piece putter around if you if you guys like that. Who Josh Smith around a run in the four ala speaker -- -- bigger yes absolutely out like seeing that team personally mainly because I like weird basketball but I would like to see that has. If you look at though if -- east Miami is not going where the next three years Chicago is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. I don't know you can build a conventional team to play those. Debut built completely unconventional team based on pure athleticism. And despite these guys are just athletes who do not apply. I would -- agency that he shot. Really what. Well another thing is and and people are all excited well the Celtics have all this money and I'm sure the Celtics are excited as well but maybe not as much for the freeagent upcoming free agent class because it is really then once you get past Dwight Howard and Deron Williams. Not too much there there's a bunch restricted guys but that's difficult to get done our locker star to guys and the reason it that I think will be adjusting their -- more -- guys or. Which I think the league is now going to ripping it now seems an -- that -- resigning their own draft picks for five years anymore they used. So -- you can pick and choose their future if you targeted the right guy. That's why a guy like JaVale McGee might might be interest if you target the right guy. After you -- -- island but the unrestricted free agent market is pretty name the only guy really like he's in there after the two guys you mention is Gerald Wallace. But you know yup but you're not bring in a bank you're not exactly yet. But I mean this does what you tell you this is not going to be a one year process and I can almost care in less and less by some miracle -- between -- -- does not going to be. -- a one year process at all. So you don't break the bank this year you position yourself to be able to make moves down the line that was I was just gonna bring that up because that's part of this it's not as much. The free agency and all the money that you're going to be able to spend this coming off season it's also going Fortis also even for next year right with a potential trades and and having some some salary flexibility to play. And like I mean you know. It's very complicated in this league especially with the collective bargaining agreement by. If you are not only under the cap. Under the luxury tax. Which they will be you can do -- lot of different. Get more exceptions you you you can bring back more trades you do all kinds of different things what you get underneath both those lines which they would be if they you know quotes did not. Right again salute forecast and what's coming up -- which is extremely difficult to do I don't even know if the any age right now I'm sure there's some sort of. Plan in mind and people keep going back to the plan. Like Doc Rivers ended up staying here why in the world would Dockery stated. What was that more so that the plan was what was going on before the sees the potential may be land -- Chris Paul -- the building the team. No I think I think a couple things I think doc likes it here. And I think -- Gainey have a really good working relationship but I think I think doc is Smart enough and salvia has been around the league long enough to know. That's not always that easy to get a good working relationship with you could ownership -- and -- ownership all of that and so he likes it here and I think. You know I there's definite shades at those -- saying the last few years. There's a change -- him where the notion of being a Celtic became more important to him. This had been in the past. I think he's kind of bought into that whole battle well wouldn't we mention ownership I only mention that because of what's going on right now in Los Angeles gosh with the lakers. You know as much as we look at it right now for this season maybe the lakers are better off for the than the Celtics but going forward they're not some awful contract. But it Derek Fisher I believe as a player option -- -- -- -- dollar structure I think it's a player option. As does. Ron are testing might have to change his name back to runner attest the ways and right didn't. Their salaries. Terrible and also you've got all the infighting Kobe Bryant. Mike Brown really doesn't seem to be a fit right now there -- Mike Brown offense. Whenever that might be headed there is no Mike always give the ball LeBron and -- the the biggest issue they have right now is that. There's there's a change -- the ownership. And it's it's -- Leo it's fairly run. -- -- -- So to Jerry Buss is stepping is stepping away a little bit and his son stepping in. And -- -- -- people they fired a lot of people who have been with that organization for a long time talking trainers and front office people's doubts. And there's a different feeling around there right now it's not a good I think Kobe Bryant wants to we're both that's. Well he might he might. You know I mean it's you know at a Coby -- popular -- this Dem buddies are a little bit of that right to say hey what what's going on. What's happening well why why are we doing things -- So that's not a good situation I I feel like the Celtics are much stronger much -- position lakers are going. I would agree 6177790850. -- free 8885250850. Tech city fifty. 850 Kobe's been very vocal not only about team -- the in the trades. It did assault what's going on there it's really interest to now where. Last year heard all of that back and forth between Kobe and Gasol and there was some problems there and they're definitely were some breakdowns especially were to the way we saw them finish up against Dallas. Last season and now he's all for. Pao Gasol stayed there and sticking around there. But it's. This has nothing to do the lakers but it's even adjusting his comments talking about well five owned a team Arpaio and the team Sunday. In it and I had my scouts passed on a guy like Jeremy Lin -- fire the entire says scouting staff that's silly because. Every every scout every team in the league knew about -- wasn't -- Nobody knew he could do what he's doing it every team knew about them I mean you know it's made in this state is a basketball. Everybody knows everybody. And so -- he needed an opportunity got a great opportunities and a perfect system -- a point guard oriented system pick enroll orient the system. -- yeah I'm super happy for that he's done so well but every team knew about them you know I mean. You need opportunity. When an hour and fifteen minutes and proud of myself and I mentioned Jeremy -- could feel good couldn't hold back now what do you make of him going for. Too early to tell too early to tell but I mean I think he's a player obviously and -- autograph I don't -- -- Yet the teams the teams got a weird and they're at the figure some things out. You know I think he's probably starting point -- MBA and that's more than a knicks had. You open your start and anatomy star report cards though. You know good for -- mounties all star but you know we'll see how we'll see those returns them and use Zach in the curry -- -- -- -- -- upset. Our -- -- -- quick question I think it's possible that she -- -- right now. And told -- I trust it with Apple Computer Rondo -- They can do that nominee would they were probably have to require. Somebody like Ray Allen. -- to do that it yet and yet it salaries match I think just with -- how much present what's the percentage again it's like a 125. So it's it's it's easier than he used today. It's it's much easier than it used to be but I mean it's possible it's conceivable. I don't think you would wanna get Josh Smith. If you're gonna give up Rondo you know and I think he -- needs to them together. -- -- So -- opera is a guy like Josh Smith Rajon Rondo it's -- -- -- or where Matt hey and we are very quickly like I'd like you take him. No I do that's that's -- -- thought. I know and other allied and -- blog I vote that. China Russia where Howard where there aren't a YouTube -- -- -- go to our game you have other alliance of greater levels -- -- -- -- All right no problems that Atlantis is tough team to figure anyway they always have been yet. In what their direction is move important. Live they've always been tough and it's you know not the most well run team now. Lot of bad guys. Different points. Character issues. There's did their team that played better than I expected to out of the -- is now slipping up a little bit that's more so Joseph johnsons or an Al Horford injuries fire catching up to them. But they're just. Yet again with the east and I and I know we paid. Plenty of attention NBA basketball you and I both of agreed there were more interest in what happens in the west but because we just think the east. -- Miami and Chicago but a lot of these teams. Similar. Philadelphia Orlando Dwight Howard what do you think happens here with the way and now. Man it's so tough to tell me now is then more so the owner. Thinks that he can re signed Dwight Howard is there a -- is in there we're not him not out of business scares them I think I think they wanna convince his. From the outside looking in I think that two white is a guy who changed his mind. Quite a bit not talked people who fans say that's now it's so early that away you know India but he likes the attention he links to recorded. So. I don't know I really don't I'd like had a better answer for you John I mean I think New Jersey can't be counted out. And -- the lakers can always you know do the due to -- Gasol thing that they got desperate. And images to that now we don't know it will now at the going forward here with Dwight Howard because he could even end up potentially with the clippers as well there's a lot of teams and that's easy easy interest in the bunch teams but. Rate changes his mind consistently. No one days go on to the lakers one day's going to. New Jersey which will be Brooklyn the best place he could possibly go for him -- career and -- -- industry for Orlando. Chicago. They have pieces -- And from what matters you know by a Georgia baskets reported this is that it you just those who want -- for players in the same city which is something.

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