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A Special Saturday Edition of D&C Live in Fort Myers

Feb 25, 2012|

Dino and Gerry are live in Fort Myers for a special broadcast and kick things off discussing the new hero for all MLB players - Ryan Braun. After Braun's positive PED test was thrown out, Braun spoke yesterday and let MLB and Selig have it. John and Gerry are fascinated with how well Braun handled himself and we listen to some of his statement.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan this special edition Saturday edition broadcasting live from dedication day and is also the -- first full squad. Meeting which isn't that big of a deal because they've all been here for a while anyway it's not like waiting -- com and grow -- man I met his grandmother be buried again. Yeah many as guardian -- camp. Any smile and you know he's haven't Fonda I'm batting mix every -- smile he Max he brings joy to be Clooney's -- doesn't -- just -- -- Hess I'll pitch it Manny had. Any any clue as to what happened on the Ryan Bryant case he understands and from the it was. Two to may two whatever you said we have from that could put them whenever he's sad but he has no idea and then. Well. Did you watch the Ryan -- Press conference but more importantly the thirteen minute statement that he made. It appear to have some notes there appeared to be some notes in front of him. But it was extemporaneous to be sure he didn't refer the notes very much it was almost as if it were professionally done by eight teleprompter -- And -- -- value wait what it is he said in what you believe it and get into some of those situations but just as an overview. That was in my estimation I used the term performance art earlier about Bobby Valentine's beach and it will be today when he meets squad at 9 AM. That was performance art by Ryan brought and I don't mean I think performance art as if he was faking -- suggesting he was acting. That was the most I've never seen an athlete in any situation and certainly not one as uncomfortable an untenable and as some. Important. -- so thoroughly prepared. Have his remarks -- completely. Well written. Concise direct presentation. He was measured. But he was passionate and he was passionate without being anger angry. He was he was spit at and most of all he seemed extraordinarily sincere I've never seen an athlete with that kind of performance under those sets of circumstances. Pull off what he pulled off yesterday. I'm guessing his agent that we -- the union guys -- the player's teammates Aaron Rodgers were pretty thrilled that's the best they can hope for. Well I'll say this -- is two words to describe what we saw from mine -- yesterday. All in he is all in yes on proclaiming his innocence. Other than his little odd statement that if he did this intentionally or unintentionally. I'd be the personal stand up and -- -- confessed and -- did a much value would do that if you do unintentionally. Well it it took some if you took some substance that tainted -- New York supplements or vitamins some would say but that wouldn't be unintentionally. But whatever a million other than that. He was so definitive -- so clear and so you know I am an unwavering. And ambiguous that you he gave you if you want to believe -- man he made it easy for you. If you're a player -- Europe you brewer fan. And you just said please me in -- help me understand this or not understand it let me believe you let me back Q let me supports you. He made it very easy for you. He didn't answer the question and nor did anybody that I signed to the question of how you. And up with a positive test but -- have to mean he won he won. -- one -- one today and whether you think he's innocent or guilty or did on a technicality or with science can we not all agree that this was a major punch in the face from Italy baseball killer and their policies and -- a punt and a number of punches in the face. I wouldn't give Bud Selig that raised to twenty million a year -- everything that increase cricket. Because no I'm only in -- MLB. Did MLB lose in this case I'm telling them they lose going forward in the next positive test the first. In the second paragraph the next positive the story the next -- that has -- you'll see Ryan bras and absolutely. And the first. Question the next player who test positive is going to ask is. Can I win on appeal on the chain of command did this you know get to there and they're gonna find. A did they bring it to the closest FedEx office -- they've there was one closer. To the you know get there right away or did he stop for lunch coming. It is a technicality I disagree what will -- I mean obviously can be -- to be signed to can be the technicality is that technicality affects the science. But you tell me what what other word is it for the immediate collector guy not promptly bringing the FedEx -- Name is Dino by the way Dino Dino. Do you know Lauren -- junior is it like there is your villain there is -- all the frenzy -- mean there's no. Other way around and I'm sure is hard work and I'm sure is nice enough guy who works in the hospital and justice part time on the weekends he does a little. That's like an elusive quality yeah yeah. Mean this is an air that we thought it was an airtight system as -- -- system as there is in professional sports as will Carol pointed out to push yesterday but. You leave it to a part time weekend guy who's got things to do Dina yet and yet he had the -- police since October 1. He did to rape believe other things like -- -- was nagged him. And he didn't get it promptly and and pick what when Ryan Brown's defense team comes up with the five FedEx offices within whenever mild to. With it and open to an article are open including one open 24 I was does that sound like OJ's defense team -- Casey Anthony's defense team someone. You know -- the light bulbs and you know forget that positive results right. Look how close the FedEx Cup is so you get a juror that was an injury tonight -- in the Gaza. A Smart guy but he Senegal. So we didn't bring it to the closest FedEx off -- If that's called defense attorneys called it death by a thousand Paper cuts is not -- a little bit here a little drop of blood there got a little -- finished out the lead out exactly now what's -- you have an answer. Then to my question is how they get the positive and I think we're going to get an answer I -- I flip -- 180 from yesterday 180 I was with you and I were both attacking me to pearl who was standing up for only because he's Ryan -- not because he really believed that he was innocent. But having heard what what will Carroll who is you know the preeminent sports medical sports medicine injury performance enhancing drug writer of our time. Explain it to -- later in the broadcast yesterday. But also I'm getting the sense that sometime in the next thirty days probably closer to now the and its thirty days from now. You're going to hear -- house show I am Dawes. X explain what it is he found out what the process was to examine the process and how this thing went bad. Lester Munson have to source. Who said the collector -- Lauren -- junior. Put it in that in a Tupperware container and sat on his desk in his house for two days before it took Monday to the now I don't know whether opera where -- is down. -- -- doesn't have to explain. Why it tested positive aegis has to say what he made the decision followed the procedure correct. On -- it's like you know in in court. Like. Roger Clemens will almost guilt thing but these the prosecution was ordered not to use the stuff the testimony from. Andy Pat's wife and they put it up on the screen right. The first right. So it's like throw other Clemens is guilty or innocent is irrelevant. At that point now clearly he was open it would be a mistrial and they would be re trying to be retried thankfully. But. That trial ended. Not because Clemens is innocent but because. His prosecutor the prosecutor screwed up in this case he does it matter that he test I think it matters to. Ryan -- if I'm Ryan Ron that would not be good enough for me peoples' and oh he got off on a technicality he held the sample too late to 44 hours at his house. But it was probably -- it was probably a bad it was probably. Positive sample he just screwed up procedure that would be enough for me if I'm Brian Ron and I don't think it is enough for him. So I think he at some point is going to explain what their theory is and I think I know what's going to be. Let's let Brian brought with justice for sound -- sort of set the stage and if you haven't heard this performance art it was remarkable he talks about what this event what this press conference what all of yesterday was about in the big picture. I've always stood up for what is right. Today's about everybody who's ever been wrongly accused but everybody who's ever had to stand up for what is actually right now. Today is not just about me it's not just about one player this about all players about all current players all future players and everybody who plays a game of baseball. -- guys that check mark well done to check mark well done. And -- and Matt Kemp who you know we thought that screwed out of MVP has been in a plot and send you go home -- man Ryan is a stand up for all of us. Whether it's Manny Ramirez a guilty she couldn't line bomb ports and -- clean guy like well I think Matt Kemp. To -- now they all stood and applauded because this is for all of us and it was a really it was a master stroke because. They at that point players you know -- over the players that they forget meant to ask themselves. And actually -- -- they just say. It's us against them it's players against owners its players against testers and I stand with Brian -- and. And and if he is an asset and I have flip -- 180 on this because I think he is not innocent by technicality innocent because I don't think there was elevated levels of testosterone in his body just an opinion.

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