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Ryan Braun speaks to media, "I was proven to be innocent"

Feb 24, 2012|

The show listens to the Ryan Braun press conference and then reacts to his statements about his innocence and the testing process.

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Final hour -- elude ID 37 WEE -- pitcher Ryan abroad he takes the -- -- -- That Arizona there is -- Mesa, Arizona all these guys Arnold Theo is out there. -- Ryan brought connects from get his reaction to the appeal. Being held up in his direction -- -- joins us live. From Fort Myers has the Ryan brawn bonds today is he guys talking about -- media types talk and Ryan brought that halo. The media I think is a lot of people who have issues with it and how it went down and and how he got off instead of maybe a false positive or something was wrong. With a sample itself but the fact -- just procedural and it's a loophole thing bothers him you know what let's so let's go live to Ryan brought right now. Game today. Wanna -- my teammates many of whom are here today have supported me. Through this entire situation. I want to thank my family my friends. A lot of other players around the league who have supported me. Who have been there for me common who have stood by me through the biggest challenge ever faced in my life. Also wanna -- athletes in other sports who have stepped out on so on this important and in -- forming. I want to take a moment -- especially thank the fans. All the fans who have supported me as well as the fans who withheld judgment. As I respect the confidentiality of this case. You know. As I've previously stated this is without a doubt the biggest challenge ever faced in my life and it's made that much more challenging that had to deal with the public that. But I truly view this challenge as an opportunity to society every of the challenge I faced my life as an opportunity. Try to respect this process. You know the confidentiality of the process was -- early on. It's a judge to handle entire situation. With honor with integrity. With class. With dignity and with professionalism because that's who I am and that's not always live my life. So I had done this intentionally or unintentionally I'd be the first one to step up and say I did it. By no means my perfect but if I've ever made any mistakes in my life I've taken responsibility for my actions. I truly believe in my heart and I would bet my life to the substance never answered my body at any point. I've always had tremendous respect for the game of baseball. In part of the reason that I've kept quiet. Throughout the course of this ordeal. And part of the reason why won't be allowed to get into all the details today is to put the best interest of the game. Ahead of the best interest of myself. And that hasn't been easy you know there were a lot of times and I wanted to come out. And tell the entire story attack everybody. As I've been attacked. You know as money has been dragged through the mud as everything I've ever worked for my entire life has been called into question. There -- a lot of times -- wanted to come out. Tell the entire story. But at the end of the day I recognize what's actually best for the game of baseball. And I put that ahead of what was actually best for myself. You know I could never ever envisioned being in this position today. Discussing the subject with you guys. But I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. I learned a long time ago to stop questioning life. I believe that everything that's thrown at us. We're able to handle that there's a reason for it. I've yet to figure out exactly what the reason for this is ballot question that. I've always stood up for what is right. Today's about everybody who's ever been wrongly accused but everybody who's ever had to stand up for what is actually right now. Today is not just about me it's not just about one player that's about all players about all current players. All future players everybody who plays a game of baseball. Spite of the fact there's been many inaccurate. He wrote yes. And completely fabricated stories regarding this issue. I've maintained. The integrity. Of the confidentiality of the process. There's never been a personal medical issue never had an STD. Many of the company that many of the stories that were hero initially reported by the initial network continue to live on. And it's sad. And disappointing. That this has become a PR battle and people continue to leak information that's an accurate. I will continue to take the high road because that's who I am and that's the way that I live my life. We won because the truth is on my side the truth is always relevant and at the end of the day the truth prevailed. I'm a victim of a process to completely broke down and failed in the way that it was applied to me in this case. As players were held to a standard of 100% perfection regarding the program. And everybody else associated with that program should be held to the same standard. We're a part of a process where you're 100% guilty until proven innocent. It's opposite of the American judicial system this is not an innocent until proven guilty situation. So for held to that standard it's only fair that everybody else is held to that exact same standard. With what's at stake this is my livelihood. This my integrity is my character. Does everything I've ever worked for my life being called into question -- need to make sure that we get it right. You're gonna be a position where you're 100% guilty until proven innocent you can't mess up. And today's about making sure that this never happens to anybody else who plays his game. The system in the way that it was applied to me in this case. Was fatally flawed. The initial test results in question was on October 1. It was a playoff game I was made aware of the positive test result on October 19. At which point I had a conversation with the players association. I expressed sedan that I have not done anything they could have possibly led to this test result. I told them that I promise you on everything that's ever meant anything to me in my life. The morals and values of -- is about which I've lived for my 28 years on this planet I did not do this. I told them that I would be an open book I opened up my life to them. I told them I'd be more than happy and willing to take any and every test. To prove that I did not do this. You know the entire process is as has really been frustrating for me it's been. And extremely difficult -- challenging time in my life. But at the end of the day. I know the truth my friends family teammates the -- -- brewers organization and everybody who knows me knows the truth. At the point that I told the players association about the positive test it's only that the test result was three times higher than any number in the history of drug testing. We've had this program since I believe 2003 -- 2004. I don't know how many tens of thousands of -- there and then but the fact there's a single number that's three times higher than any number in the history of drug testing. Made me question the validity of the result. That point I was able to prove to them through contemporaneously. Documented. Recordings that I literally didn't get any single pound. When we're in Milwaukee -- when he and at least once or twice a week. I was able to prove that I literally didn't get any single pound. Our times are recorded every time we run. Down the line you know first to third first home I literally didn't get 110 of a second faster. My workouts have been virtually the exact same for six years and get 1% stronger I didn't work out any more often I didn't have any additional power or any additional our strength. All of those things are documented contemporaneously. And if anything had changed I wouldn't be able to go back and pretend like you didn't changed. I initially took a humanistic approach. And explain to them. 127 years old and -- century my prime have a contract guaranteed for nine more years. I've been tested 25 times over the course of my career. At least three times this season prior to this test and an additional time when I signed my contract. Including extensive physical blood test. Everything you can imagine I've never had any issue there's no evidence to suggest otherwise. And they said that's great we believe you infect the other side believes you none of this makes any sense to anybody. At that point they explain to me the way that the process works and that the burden of proof falls on us to be able to prove objectively. What caused the positive test result but what -- -- went wrong during the process that could possibly lead to the positive test result. So at that point we start looking into the process. -- states in the joint drug prevention and treatment program. That all samples shall be taken immediately to FedEx on the data collected absent unusual circumstances. The reason this is important is because after we provide our samples typically the only two people in the world who know who sample -- as -- us the donor. And the collector who receives. Are urine samples in my case there was -- an additional third person the son of the collector who just happen to be my chaperone and the data let's test. The data tests -- at 1 o'clock game. I provided my sample in about 430. There -- two other players who provided their samples that date within ten minutes of mine the collector left the field at about 5 o'clock. There were at least five FedEx locations. Within five miles of the stadium there were open until 9 PM an additional FedEx location that was open for 24 hours. There were upwards of eighteen or nineteen FedEx locations that were open between the ballpark in his house they could have dropped. They could jump the samples off that. What FedEx receives the samples that then creates a chain of custody. At the Cecil kisser he eventually brought my sample to it would have been sort of -- temperature controlled environment and FedEx is used to handle. -- -- clinical packaging. But most importantly do you then would become in a number and no longer name so we provide our samples. There's a number does no longer name associated with -- the sample. That would there can't be any bias. Whether it's with -- you know FedEx. You know what -- while it's traveling at the lab in Montreal or in anyway. So the campaign by a space on somebody's race religion ethnicity what team they play for whatever the case may be. As players. The confidentiality. Of this process is extremely important it's always been extremely important that's the only way for the process to succeed. This -- confidentiality. And the chain of custody toward. Why he didn't bring an end I don't know. On the -- they did finally bring an end FedEx open at 730 why didn't he bring an -- 130 I can't answer that question why I was there zero documentation. What could have possibly happened to -- at 44 hour period. There are a lot of things that we learned. About the collector about the collection process about the way that the entire -- -- them is very concerned the very suspicious about what could it actually happened. I want everybody to ask themselves this question. She does let's go to physical something you've done to 125 of the times and life. Thirty slayer they came back to you -- been told you that you were terminally ill with the disease. And it made no sense you -- so I feel perfectly fine nothing's any different than it's ever been this doesn't make any sense and you look back at the process and you find out. That your doctor decided to take urine sample home. 44448. Hour period there's no documentation as to what happened you know if you left and in the trunk of his car. Don't know where to have been but what could potentially happen to -- that period time. I can assure you that you would never go back to that doctor and you would demand a retest. What assembles its eleven Montreal. They literally handle them like it's a nuclear weapon everything is documented. Everything is recorded anybody who enters the room where the samples are stored. Their names are recorded they signed for the right it's time to -- there. The model of the refrigerator that story and has recorded the temperature is sort out is recorded every time they move it it's all documented contemporaneously documented. And that's important again with what's at stake. Being our livelihoods -- integrity everything we've ever worked for in our lives it's extremely important that there is there room for human there -- systematic there. Spoke to biochemist and scientists and we ask them how difficult would it be to tamper with somebody sample. And their response was that if they were motivated it would be extremely easy. That is right -- speaking. Right now in Arizona in and a very emotional Ryan brawn. Obviously guys is still following it down their look -- hear in the background. It is a situation where Ryan abroad is gonna come full board this thing and you can tell that he is. Swinging get MLB imprint in particular call the entire process fatally flawed as they SA player who's. Gonna be tested here he is saying that this thing has been. Fatally flawed and that's going to be the -- by people take out of this. -- -- correct I mean. With the way he sounded to me there I mean it was Rafael Palmeiro and paying in his is hand to the table wagon is tiger make that steroids in it's. It was pretty interesting when he did say -- you do hear a little bit more -- one main story that. You know there were. Places that are open 24 hours receives eighteen different places -- could -- -- often. And how the sampler -- together and actually had -- it was it was his -- any stake in this guy could have messed with it but. Here's -- thing it's it's too late for Ryan brought to -- can sit there and and in parent his chest and bang the table told reporters this but. Does it matter to the fans almost intercept and say yeah okay listen it was a loop hole. That's it you know it's a little -- at the -- trying to go with. If the guy definitely. And had an opportunity to mess of my sample is just ended at peace that we just heard. But for the most part think fan -- won't buy it in the coaches in the guy cheated and get out and -- Lot of -- lot of talk of tampering of evidence that seem to -- strongest -- you know again I don't -- right statement that arrived -- talking about. You know why is his testosterone no 302035. Times the size average supposed to be what you know ESPN's story came out he'd argue. Evidence of tampering in dispute the science the art of the protocol up and Paul that's a broad that's that is because that's the crux of the case. And say he's completely innocent exonerated and that's not -- he's going to be. The delivery of what the Hillary got it that's his case that's what he's saying is it is it. In the command there was a breakdown in the chain there's a breakdown that's what he's -- with the ice not in this particular go there and do this all day and it just doesn't fly. He kept he's an award motivated and talked about that tampering of evidence and I guess that's -- the next shoe to fall right the find out who this guy is. Is there a background check you know Ryan brought alluded to we found out a lot about the collector. In this case once it what did you find out what what what what a motivation be I don't know I'm with you guys on this that did the public. Perception is not gonna change much they'll be people that are just diehard baseball fans -- brought fans the you know what this is great good for him. If you look at it an NBA you don't believe that a guy would have a reason to tamper with that and you just understand it yet this -- screwed up why the hell they -- the FedEx it's tough to believe Brian Bronson. They say anywhere -- never -- in the future steroid tests at the beginning and not the part I've heard now the year that -- he didn't say that right -- no I didn't you know he did bring up the one thing that I I still. I still this day and when the news came on it was just a red flag it was care as it seems the most people took it because when you when you come back in -- three times. -- amount of most tests you know three times the amount and the ratio is absolutely ridiculous right. I took that is -- some could be going on here was this thing tip of the people said. While this -- just guilty he's super guilty. -- -- -- Argued all you need is a certain number for the beat three times you can look at that say okay what happened here want. It was this was that the best steroids and was ever seen their entire -- that's something he's gonna he's gonna stick with in the tampering thing is somebody's gonna stick with and he's gonna continue. And foresee for in the public perception that I don't much of the gonna -- We're gonna continue getting your reaction that you guys are stacked up we'll get your thoughts on what you heard from Ryan brought on this story work goes from here. We come back -- -- an opportunity Daniel Bard Cody Ross part of the conversation for my actually hear from those guys able to your thoughts and Ryan brought. Ninety seconds here on W media Daniel Bard de -- wanna get your reaction on the news of Ryan bronze suspension lifted. All I mean just. From what I've heard it's the first. First positive test you have returned so. There's reasons that that those. Those rules are put in in certain provisions and protocol for for taking care of and drug tests -- specimens that we give them and to see that you know they followed through -- and and -- a ticket to a point where they felt like they got it right I think he's a good thing instead of just send hate filled tests. -- its fifty games and they actually searched out so I think it's good for good for players and gives us a little more confidence in the system. Did your bar talking about Ryan brawn and his eventual appeal process that worked out its favorite baseball have been twelve and -- heading into these type appeals. Scheduled to go thirteen notes satellite for most up pundits they go to twelve and one you heard. A large portion of Brian bronze speaking in aaron's total get your reaction at 617. 7790850. To all free 88885250850. Ryan brought -- open it up to questions but I will tell you. He is not taking any questions are answered questions about the collector. On his urine sample because of potential. Litigation and so when you talked about -- the tampering he kept alluding to. Right brought to gave it a step further saying look I'm not talking about the collector because they might be litigation against this guy down the road. Yeah and you know the whole -- before the public perception and I'm not sure will change for me this whole thing is pretty it is just odd it's pretty shady you know and and and it's not just backing -- players it's it's more of just look at the history of it with him and -- not seeing a spike in numbers being pretty consistent in in having him through 25 tests and three prior and then the one time that if he fails. -- she's a procedural issue and they're the test results came back so high. Excel high I don't know it just leads to a lot of speculation that leads you to meet I'm thinking that -- this thing was messed up tomorrow. Odds that your reaction here Anthony is -- LA's on 937 WEEI Anthony. A guy in the morning morning and afternoon going to be. I I you know Ryan brought to me it is my new low ball -- explain what I mean by that. Genius tidbit on. What I would consider it would be almost fascist dictatorship in Major League Baseball would -- but -- Let's let's review the facts. During the ninety's -- Major League Baseball and led by particularly. Walking away not -- popular but condone the behavior of steroid era. In early 2002001. A little I think you were still in and are. The -- of the matter is -- -- leak that he. It was confidential. At all three that are a great okay. During the same period of time under hated behavior. Regarding the Boston Red Sox -- like the court situation merits of the situations for. And and now. We wish. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That went back it's popped the charge you know everything right for the Balco are the -- so have a read -- the career. That number of people. Which actually I wonder what could have possibly happened yet but -- sort out all the right. That it's the evidence -- war. And it's an obscure to stand by it like it's fighting. I think it's terrific and and it's much reasonable doubt here benefit and -- back off the show anymore. We'll see -- it your stand is reasonable doubt what you suggest -- today's TJ Quinn of ESPN points out Anthony is that the fact his sample was tampered with. Sources around this case all saying the same thing that all seals on the samples we all and the bag. All remained intact and nobody -- that argument during the hearings and now after the fact he would have you believe it was tampered with but during the hearing. That really wasn't argued at the Bronx Bronx team never dispute the science of it in that -- dispute the process that that the delivered this beat the science of it. Look the fact of the matter is that who came back that was pretty quickly resolve that as someone tempting. Steroids are attempting that type the -- doesn't score like that something happened. Between the time doing -- -- apple and that time it got to where we've got to compete you know in -- it just off the -- that does it doesn't make. Does that it did does. A little doubted it no question about it it does and you know talk and he hear from Daniel Bard in you if Cody Ross but a lot of the guys. Wanted to stay away from it lot of really -- know all the facts. But one players that you know. What they should really do what we should really do a name player you know go to Vegas and guys are comfortable talking about it. This process right now is was when it should be first come -- actually publish any you know because you peel. They should wait until the entire appeal process and everything. Is done before they go public with a you know let identify let let Ryan -- -- that he was tested positive. Go through the appeal process get to this point and and if he's found innocent that's never even brought up. -- rather than making -- public and -- in the play goal to an appeal process announced government seemed -- -- ever beat him but that should probably be the way it goes. So -- and mouse and if if if if he didn't. His appeal process to go to using -- been for fifty games you announce it right now. In any seamless -- -- held held everything Ryan is already appeal this he he did not win his appeal this has been an ongoing thing the last 45 months. And within MLB we've kept it that way in now already go public this probably the way it should happen in the future it was. Supposed to come out -- it got leaked Galveston that's what department part of Griese was so pissed off is that. The initial. The initial flagging they should never become public knowledge the guys keep coming back to this the SPN's story in his appeal. -- didn't argue evidence of tampering and didn't dispute the signs argued for a call. It not been -- And will be officials argue there is no question about the chain of custody integrity disable in the Iran's representatives did not argue that the tough test itself was faulty. They note that -- -- is the results of that arguing the process that the -- -- well there arguing that this guy with a sample 440 is now actor initiating yet and once again brought brawl was asked again about the collector and said he I don't know what happened of the sample for the 44 hours but I heard concerning things. About the collector. And the collection process so we. It it's it's tamper -- panel right -- Lewis said he better be right communities if it turns out he's like an eight he's Rafael Palmeiro part two. Odd days in -- today hi Dave. Hey good afternoon that. And I don't agree that little. I'm outdoors and to our Ryan Ron. -- -- Talent everybody you know. He can't do some 100% sure about the problem going on I mean we heard at twelve different times. That into an ultra on what's county. Now I'm not saying he yelled be right. He did impression that there is no break something behind because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just say you know Europe is saying you were on the potential for what we've found this. Now -- a question I have is. But that it took this sample what is taking notice by messing with -- he -- These criminal money he you know he. I mean it's important -- collected these sort and that there have been a problem with you know these samples. But he collected and dishonest statement that makes sense that they blame the guy an eclectic -- I don't see where he gets. I don't know that you know -- all what did you get out of -- tampering -- -- you know -- there's no quarrel. And ultimately don't know anything about the guy and I've I've no idea. Well it's horrible what Ryan said I mean there was what 1617 -- he can drop them off. And he chose not to -- and go at 7:30 in the morning when it was when when he could have dropped off Monday morning waited till 130 -- That's that's basically what they're reaching for. Right now and maybe it is a reach I don't know but I just think that's. Part of it it just count it just sounded fishy the first time I've -- I heard this thing because of the results were so high. And if people wanna look at. The results as far as what he does this season that that's wrong we look at because there wasn't even a spike. He is is years today this year -- past you when he won MVP it's been pretty consistent it was entire career. It's just what Ryan -- has been from day one. So if if the if -- isn't as -- failed any tests in the past. And if he is trying to find some kind of masking agent then I don't know what happened on this one because his numbers have been the same to his whole career meeting hit. Forty home runs you know he's with guys it's thirty low thirties he did again. You know it's just it's just a very odd situation. And and one that. You know I'm not sure it Ryan brought can talk his way out of it is people gonna feel the way they feel regardless. I would say right amber on you know. Is this is for full seasons -- -- ninth 2010 Q does Levin who I agree but you look at. Slugging percentage 5535515012010. Last year 597. When -- was -- point -- so PS one up. A 130 points. Yeah eight higher slugging percentage rookie at 634 Eddie did a 113 games I'm looking at from say 20091050. Those who don't dorm room argument. And I. Let's hope they're about to say when you look at when you look at the year 2011. Look at the area in 2009. -- 32 home runs at 320. Viagra don't know I agreed to -- looking at if if he's out of the prime -- is gonna hit eleven home runs at us like percentage of four point oh let's let's get this let's get a break we'll come back you gonna get all your phone calls in here and you'll hear from Cody Ross who commented. What happened here Bryant brought here today plus all your calls next.

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