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Will Carroll, SI.com, on Ryan Braun's 50-game suspension being overturned

Feb 24, 2012|

Will joins D&C to discuss Ryan Braun winning his appeal of a positive drug test. Does this put MLB and its drug testing program to the test? Many people think so.

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There is nobody we wanted to talk more to. Then will Carol based on the results of yesterday's overturn suspension. -- -- -- Will -- sports writer specializing in the coverage of medical issues including injuries and performance enhancing drugs you currently writes about sports injuries for SI dot com his under the knife column appeared. On baseball prospectus for about eight years during his stint there's a senior writer you also contributed about -- whoever does well. -- perspective a spin off site he's authored three books on sports related medical topics he joins us on the AT&T hot line. Will Carol good morning John and Jerry in Florida thanks for taking a couple of minutes this morning how aria. I'm doing great. Excellent I think I saw you tweet this morning that the Ryan -- overturned fifty game suspension. Was not done on a technicality but science I need -- as a jumping off point to explain that to me. Okay. A technicality would be purely that they can cut to the issue was what broke down. But the defense team I'm told was able to not only show that breakdown in the process. What that breakdown in the process call it caused. The biggest the issue here is why did that. Asked to go bad and how did that test go bad because they were able to read replicate the results. They were able to convince the arbitrator. That this sample was not only mishandled. What was actually -- -- went and tested. The bad get the bad at the point it was tested as apartment that is confusing us will we know the chain of command. We understand the guy put in the refrigerated didn't take it right to FedEx. But that's not it completely clear either. We've heard four different reports on this and absent absolute -- -- -- what I do know is that the defense team was able to replicate the results. And that showed that kind of tells me it didn't go into a refrigerator. You know we've heard dark basement we've heard cool dry place. There are a lot of different things here but. What eight. That important remember it. The chain of custody actually didn't break out it was the profitably. We know exactly where that sample was. And how it handled and because the defense team was able to replicate those results. Especially using Brian -- own you're in it. I think that was one more convincing points. So you obviously have more information on the average bear here we used to the defense team was able to replicate the results you mean they were able to test him again and somehow when they went when they put into the process that went through the first time. The same thing happened where there was three times the ratio of testosterone to epic -- testosterone is that it would just went. I would much more -- much more than three times. Yes they're they're all sorts of numbers out there today people -- But what kind of Willy -- you can see the try to figure out what sources are but you know we knew that that brought have been retested. Virtually as soon as he heard the news that is so regional sample had gone positive. -- beyond that though there was further -- When when was the retesting the first retesting. I it was a matter of weeks afterwards. It was as soon that they were informed I don't know the exact date idea either of the -- or of the Rica. Could you be guilty on October 1 and an innocent on the retesting is that. That -- yeah. Telecom and I know you're reporter will in Europe. Affect you know you're look at the facts of the case but can you tell us in your opinion what you think happened here. Yeah well I yeah -- I don't have nearly enough back. Yeah I do between candidates and I didn't hear the prosecution in this case -- or whatever the correct term would be. You know his case was based on their testing and once that testing breaks down in east. The first thing to remember is on high burden it is to break that down I mean it is the gold standard of professional sports testing. And to beat that was thought to be impossible if he'd never been done before he didn't ever even come close before. And to do this tells me there was there was stronger evidence than just some technicality. So you were stunned when you found out. I was surprised that -- -- stolen. Because I I'd certainly been following this story closely. And had some indication what we're trying to do so I thought it was possible but I think he was very likely. -- will -- two part question for me does this open the floodgates. For the Manny Ramirez as the world to -- lineup and say the line forms behind me because I wanna have my defense team goes through and try to do what happened for. Ryan brawn and the second part of that question is and if that is a yes. Is it Major League Baseball compelled to sue and try to overturn the overturned to keep their their policies in place. A -- -- Dierker mill. -- there's really no next step if they take their own policy to the court. -- like up the pandora's box you'd expect pandora got have a good deal on that. I just can't imagine them doing it what I can't imagine him doing its tightening up the procedures perhaps getting into third party collector. Or at least tightening down what they view. For the -- Ramirez's of the world. Mill I think this. Situations that come up before. I'm sure that every single possible. Avenue was explored by these guys are no bid that several have appealed to including JC Romero. Who. To some extent. What wasn't. And keep calling guy Jeter when he took something. Unknowingly and I think being at this point we do believe that he unknowingly took a -- created. It was not on the left list it was called six -- so extreme. And the packaging trying to give -- indication that might not be there but it. No one's ever been able to broach this before I think there's some specific problems that happened in this specific case. I'm sure everybody's gonna look at it you know every time. We ought to test this is going to be brought up but I American protesters are gonna know. Yeah exactly what to do and every case going to be watched very very closely for that. Right now I'm I'm still sort of confused -- will who who screwed up here. If if not the the guy who whatever you put it this -- put in the Franklin was the collector who if it's not the collector who screwed up. -- -- it's not so much that he screwed up I think that happens and I'm sure he's not the first two or the last to screw up we all make mistakes. What broke down he was first -- the process. The lab accepted it. The lab tested it knowing that there had been a delay so the we call that we have a process a little bit. Mostly what happened is because of this specific circumstances. In this specific case of Ryan broad you know one of the things -- trying to find out is what -- the only one tested that day. In most cases MLB. These Detroit hit a group rate you'd have three or four guys at a time you send him into the lab. I would love to know whether the others that I had the same thing or whether there were others at all. Basically what happened here is to use a metaphor. Americans you have a recipe for -- -- if you follow that recipe exactly you should get -- in -- -- -- in the book. What happened with -- -- is that a certain set of circumstances happened. Would cause a certain set of changes to hit Europe. Being able to replicate that showed that the urine sample was contaminated at the time that the lab except that. And how was his defense team able to find out exactly what the circumstances were to taint the sample to replicated were are here they provide that information will. Absolutely. You know that the system worked. That everybody's attacking that today. Well the chain of custody broke out it's not like it was bought it it's not like FedEx lost and it's not like it was lost in the mail as -- like somebody handed off to a bloody. It was actually very very specific about where was the the problem was it was supposed to be there it was supposed to be on its way to be tested and if so who knows what might have happened. At that. So this is one of those where the system actually work including the appeal can't walk -- of things the players are very worried about back in 2004. What that they're right we're just gonna trample that they were going to be considered guilty. Right out of the box that the way that we're seeing people react to this. Teracopy -- process works and I think that's -- good -- So at the risk of oversimplification here it wasn't the fact necessarily that was a 48 hour delay is what happened to the sample and where was stored and how -- was stored. How was treated in that 48 hour period is that about right at the responsible negation. Correct. Right at -- we got it. What happens now does the it is MLB take this case to federal court to -- no. I don't think there's anyway and yeah. Absent -- -- a crazy day like turning the drug program over to you. That they really don't have one. You know they should accept that they had. They bought this case the vehement disagreement. I think another important thing to remember here is had did not leak. We would've never doubt. The prophet he's supposed to be anonymous and positive result and now those positive results under the new PDA. Will be there'll be even more heat pulled out of the substance of the Major League level which we didn't know before. And then Begin to win not -- begins this year. That the game this year and I remember -- tested last year and so had he been -- opted it would have been released. No it was already leaked to what the substance allegedly was so I'm told even that. Are you 100% convinced that Ryan brawn is clean based on what you know a 100% -- anybody. -- -- -- -- A big pot the thing is we've we've had so many people probably -- all the way back -- it 1998 we have to have testing baseball. We have -- -- baseball really strong testing program that -- is the strongest in professional sports they're collecting blood during spring training. And that -- story we hear a lot about. We have that now we have to accept the results. The results -- -- cases that Brian Brohm was not suspended the -- it was overturned. And I think we just happy except that. Hope that he clean and -- for the rest of his career CP remain that way. Final question of Major League Baseball has this information and they know it was the process that went bad and they know that something's happened that sample of the 48 hour period that created this positive for Ryan -- Why are they. Vehemently protesting this decision. -- you know I think they don't want to lose billions momentum of their testing programs had -- the biggest statement they don't think he'll whip. Is the next twenty people saying it's it's it's a chain of custody problem right. So I think they don't like that occasionally disagree with the decision I think he hit the strict liability. All these he should be in play here. The arbitrator -- that they agreed on disagreed and vehement I think -- support choice of words I can understand their position. But I think they also really. Meanders up the right word but they've made it tougher on Ryan brought to regain his reputation which is going to be the tough part for have. Will -- always a pleasure talking with because when we're done -- -- that we weren't before the interview started -- the time will -- appreciate it any direct. Will Caroline doesn't tell him on AT&T --

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