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Andrew Ference on the NHL Trade Deadline, P.K. Subban, and Dougie Hamilton

Feb 24, 2012|

Andrew Ference, Bruins defenseman, joins D&C to talk about players' mindsets heading into the NHL Trade Deadline on Monday, February 27th. Andrew also discusses whether or not the team would accept Habs defenseman P.K. Subban in the locker room if he were traded to the Bruins and shares his thoughts on the Bruins top prospect, defenseman Dougie Hamilton.

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Our Friday conversation with Andrew Ference is brought to you by Verizon files -- network ahead and -- subway -- fresh Andrew joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning -- we're -- we're in a winner. Mean it where -- a flashback come from Fort Myers, Florida Red Sox spring training. Are you doing my friend. Doing get out of facilities -- It's beautiful it's it's it I wish we had this ballpark in Boston that's how good it is. But if it blows abilities -- the way it looks like Fenway only better only more comfortable. Hey did you see the win over the stingy. At home superlative blues in Saint Louis coming did you see it coming. Yes but if we. There a couple of frustrating. A lot of Florida or you know we didn't -- -- -- You know that the success we're directional so. Do we needed it it was just. -- Berkeley predicted it I said to them we talked to on the day of the game he said this is the night that that might be a launching point this might turn this team around messenger -- I -- they have the best goals against average in the league. They're very difficult to beat it always that this is just the kind of win that might change things do you think this is going to haven't ever last not an everlasting effect. But a positive effect going forward or is it based on how you play the next game. -- think it's -- India on ridge back it is an ego and look knowledge and I think -- we have in. -- -- it's always you know done really well. Those challenges get not so big games and and analysts like -- says using a lot of course in it's just. Or those here where you know set the -- certain certain level of and you know really do well trying to. -- is that harder to do against the team which are expected to beat if you're playing well because that's that's -- we look that's who you were losing two prior to the blues game. It. It's more frustrating sometimes I think you know I think trying to. You know try to suppress the frustration -- not etiquette here and and and try and that just stick with. In orchard game plan in the system and all that. When you're not score goals and when -- -- You know -- game where. You know you -- chances but there are things -- -- and and I think it's easier for guys mr. or stray away from what the game -- and you know not let it happen. -- against in that you know your your quote supposed to be even as he -- occurred in our league you know it's pretty toxic load any -- supposed to. Somebody. Pretty small differences -- special team unit is. Hey hey Andy the Saint Louis win aside does this feel like a team that. That needs. A shake up needs a deal and does it feel like. One is imminent domain you you know what it feels like when -- get close to the trade deadline is it Felix what was gonna happen. Really well but -- like I really know enough technical or work where it -- much in the dark. -- -- an analyst patent deal that was. They don't change that of Salt Lake. You know they definitely need an extra element -- need. A little -- just you get the ball under and we don't and aren't that good right now but that's. In that there was no matter as far as where where are you gonna get done. You know workers. You know we know we haven't is this chance is in better. I know. That has nothing to this -- just one of those things we we talk show hosts like to throw out there for fun but. Kevin DuPont to -- out there in the of the day eight it. Acquiring a -- If he had to come here and play for this team could he assimilate could be just a pride and and and let -- could you and him -- you'll just let bygones be bygones and and be teammates. Or if there's any sport it is. Leaving issues on -- in it and -- They caught in general there's pretty good with that -- to -- and you know Robert cheerleaders here so -- it's. I don't think there's an issue when it comes. You know. Things happening in in in -- in in me and several good good are accurate and we're under a reduction in -- you know whatsoever. You know it started -- good up and it is in I think that's the bigger issues is whether these -- good in the room you know whether he's gonna be a distraction for the team. You know kind of up and addressing her in look at -- start there are guys. Some pretty awful attitude in -- in the game and not knowing elect an unassailable or whether you know whether you are those guys such. But it all square. And and war. I mean first and foremost you walk it was great clarity and you worry about the attitude and south -- that's well but it assists and it was so there. Andrew you've already gone on record as saying you don't think this team necessarily needs a trade to shake it up and get a goal for the yet for the remainder of the season having said that. Is very fine line between looking management is saying yes they're trying to do something they're making a move they are committed to making this team better. -- saying I don't think we need any changes to you what happens all the time in Major League Baseball as a trading deadline approaches in baseball teams say yet if it management does nothing it shows to us they're not committed to making us just a little bit better. In giving us a little more edge for the second half of the season does that colorful -- of the exist in hockey. -- and so I mean I think that. I think everybody has a good understanding of how to -- The job would give -- is I mean you're that you really want to make -- Sometimes they're so while you're -- -- it's just. In -- with with a capital. The markets sometimes that the prices are -- than -- the -- -- -- hundred. You know say it's. Such as where you are so so far out of our control its dispute. It purely Jewish -- idiotic is this -- -- just so crazy and there it is completely out of our control. I think that. You know you really just a -- trust and in the fact that there are. A great great group because Serbs and not make it a lot and and eventually their job and -- -- I know that I you know personally I really. Really don't spend any I think about it Eric and I'm pretty sure most guns they are here -- -- -- -- look at the rumors. Oh yeah probably but. But there's really not chatter about it in almost because people. How great it would would beat out the director. It's just destroy -- You say you don't know. You know top prospects do you look at guys and say that is a sure thing or do you feel like there's no such thing as a sure thing. Know there's there's there's such a sure thing is it's just murderer. You know what there's there's guys that. That I played against you hear that I never automated image now and now that the other delete it -- -- And in the look what -- -- -- and it just never. You develop and never get any better ovals street corner. Eighteen year old so it is. It's a really where I mean starting and you know it went. You know consistently picked it clear that opens. Since then a -- but it really is still and that's. It's impressive that it and what you do with with the guys after you'd draft so for. So it who are sick. I don't I that was that you're are they not see a younger -- -- heart wrenching you know there -- the potential. Well. There's is where this is a buzz around Hamilton easy common. Fletcher challenge in training that -- you know watching some of the world juniors. It was a really great fighter. But. But etc. are still there. You -- the future. -- -- final question and you know you've been around a long enough to talk to -- brightest were good ones stupid question for interviews you're ready for now. Greatly Erica right now what is more frustrating was more debilitating what is what makes you more angry as a player and and as a team collectively to get shut out with. Lots and lots and lots of shots but none go in or to get shut out with very few good scoring opportunities which one drives -- more nuts. Or at -- or. With the league scoring operatives in which the system is breaking down right. -- that. Biggest thing -- do not heroin or a lot. The analyst in there and the crowd here's your game in Argentina and little legacy and lose and slaves. Really well and so that that's more important in the playoffs because complete creep in the playoffs lose. If you don't get through it and as angry about -- -- yourself or it is so. You know I I think -- It used up really concert -- in some of the goalies that have taken place greater. She gets put out there and wish we should open credit where we are those -- so. It went -- RC -- -- -- That was a dumb question was. Are pretty poor. We've had dumber ones right -- Without. All right this is -- the support the part of the unit group where we point out that Andrew Ference spends a lot of time getting back to Spaulding rehab hospital keep up to date for the most recent happenings by liking them on FaceBook. And follow them on Twitter. At Spaulding rehab and thanks for the time to -- a new week and talked and this week. Are under current. Thanks very much Andrew Ference and Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline will take a quick time out a week Ambac Will Ferrell will explain this write -- Ron. -- -- nation to us.

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