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Mike Aviles one-on-one with Lou Merloni

Feb 23, 2012|

Lou talks with Mike Aviles about the atmosphere at Red Sox spring training and what the mood surrounding the club is as well as the Red Sox shortstop situation.

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Are you with the Red Sox in front of Mike Avila is -- you come over here last year to this team what was your you first take your play in Boston. You know was also you know I I. To -- given -- to play with these guys in this organization. -- tours for winning you know was a great great feeling and it was closer to home for me so I got some -- more often anxious. It was just a great all around scenario you know for me that's. Your New York kid -- used to some tough environment Scott tough environment can -- some tough things that they -- year. Here in Boston either way the media can react to it. Yeah definitely wasn't tough situation you know it's not something that you go through every -- -- -- it's it's just one of those deals where -- like. You know you turn page and move forward but I know in my personal you know life but definitely. Got a little bit of -- understand how all this stuff works and then -- got to look past and keep moving forward somehow some way. It's a fairly ties your uncle played for the Red Sox back in the seventies yet he did I actually clicked for him and when a ball past like I don't think 35 years -- put the ball so. It's kind of chemical have you know some kind of ties here. So they sent out to win a ball and try to you know -- comfortable maybe in the -- -- in right field and then. Kind of find out that Michael scooter to straight in the nation in position where you most likely of the starting shortstop is -- kind of -- being worked -- -- all offseason and find yourself back at short. All in all honesty even though I went to Puerto -- in the outfield I didn't forget about you -- -- -- so I was out there did my info Stephanie before going out there do built up as well. Just for the sole factor of I wanna be prepared and ready you know at any position if for whatever reason you called upon to do you know going to games -- with some much needed day off and you got to play second and or he -- -- they obviously second or you know. -- CC he's definitely out yet but it left for whatever the case may be. So I just I just you know went out there and play outfield every single dad's still the mental stuff because that it wanna be a the deer in headlights if I ever got put in the position and and I wasn't ready so. You know it's kind of cool I get back to. The competition in my -- my natural position in my favorite position so it. I feel like it all worked out in the end. You know I feel it's pretty common to come over here I think in mid season you can have that utility type role and people say you know he's starting shortstop guys utility player but. That hasn't been the case for you you came up with Kansas City made a splash first year and for much Ciurciu -- correct. Yeah I mean for sure a clear day in and mine and conine has Tommy John in 2010 I played every day just went second and last who's really the first. You that I played utility all over you know -- please please put. Those intensity I've played every day edges played a different position every day. So Australia's when people you know talk -- the so effective. Blew it on a team like this we have a lot of good veteran players you know come over and out here and her positions pretty much taken so it's. You know you just fill -- you do you gotta do to help the team in some way somehow. And I'm you know. Blessing or curse in my versatility I guess you know it's always well. You know he can play over there so let's put him over there he played here you whom over there. And you know I like it because I feel like at any given point time it it opens up the feel for me to get more about him I feel like that's that's a good thing to happen. In the -- against. Talk about this competition I guess you come and in the UN Nick -- we're going to -- so what is that like give you guys talked. -- -- -- I mean we we -- to normal but we've talked about and stuff. You know he -- cannon in a year over here we knows competition were just playing actually -- others. You knew where I think -- -- -- -- playing will be just fine with the team mean regardless of what you know some schools of thoughts being. Me personally I think one of mr. point will be just I mean this team this is week to. There's a lot of other good players on this team and it's only been oh so. -- will be fine if anyone missed it puts it it's like we're out there but we're trying to help others will get better prison -- and it's going to. Keep. Which you both just for joy before you Kimi and your thoughts after playing with the trash talk and second baseman and he talked a lot of trash it and know how much until it came last year. And it's it's actually do it could keep -- your toes and you just can't sit around wait and say something else just see him use like the media for a six something else and they got some payments -- something will come out with a two minutes to Florida full year -- that yeah absolutely and had a blast the last couple months you know deal with Newman. And you're ready in -- comics I've actually get a full season. You know guys here it's music locker room -- team. -- -- Our boys it's my Kabila's infielder shortstop Boston Red Sox -- Q.

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