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Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin talk about the Bruins with the trade deadline looming

Feb 23, 2012|

Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin join the show from the Bruins team plane before they head to Buffalo.

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Biggest signal in sports -- great. They appear in Stanley Cup champion brand commercial and -- -- Maloney. He's responsible with his money. Those who always ahead of me and then later -- player throughout the review mr. thing inside your. That and he's very often shirtless so exe and how would be to bring in Malaysia and with -- Maloney on Sports Radio W. Job to the Shaq and hurt breaks it up were drawn once -- -- -- -- can't get a pass Barrett Jackman job. So large shiny stuff surround Bergeron it was Jimmy takes away from shocking. The shots. Look at golf for Brad -- last night for two movies over Saint Louis. In Saint Louis Brad Marchand joining us on the eighteenth the hotline -- conversation. Brought to you by Brennan smoke shop and drama hill Ford. Brad Mikey Kirk -- Boston today your first goal or goals since February 5 was a good. Maybe get the monkey off the back he would he would start to feel that vehicle there were dry spells a goal score. They remind me about that but. But the earlier looked up for a packet is in rural also let's go to. In terms of the game last night UT you score that first goal and you don't get the monkey off the back how important is it great team -- to get that first goal you scored that first one. They eventually come back. A who's that yellen who islander Brad -- If you don't. -- -- -- I'll say and you had a nice assist you -- about how important get that first goal was Brad. Yet. It's figured that you really feel very good the first -- and get -- get. Well you know I think that the commitment to work as a -- for all of try to build that level. You know I heard Jack never took the party call on that that goal right there Brad Jack last week on this very station set on the big show that the Bruins. Who are not going to catch the Rangers Eastern Conference the Rangers are going to be the one seeding in the plants. You agree -- Jack up now. Act cute. Fortune so I wrote it as well. Yeah you know coming out there in the area who couldn't boldly. I hear Sega reality here in the background talk about this road trip -- -- been one of those those bonding trips -- for the Steve. There's -- -- in the -- for a little the guys. Let's. And in in the air credit -- look at duke. We've. And you know there's joke and so that's what. You know that it -- a little more. You put signal to vote for second. Anchor we're gonna talk Tyler say he's right there. Tyler mutton Kirk near Boston -- you. Give us give us a good -- on stored because this guy you know -- we we like to get a modern house and on but he's. He's been he's been down on the show -- story give us so open on this road trip he's done to make you guys laugh. Something more so fundamentally flawed and it should not every day on. Not to say on air. You could say fabulous I absolutely anything you want -- -- People -- -- -- -- Definitely go through really sure or anyone to see you mean if you joked. Well all the has achieved so you Begin to do at your earliest. Last night against Saint Louis -- -- a little bit. -- It's in the eighteenth in the end up. With the -- that drew on. Picking. Electric I was here yet but if they had the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Does he does at least say thank you during the gay units that's second -- had last night was really set up by you he did nothing I don't care about the gold. But Soledad that the past stepping out stepping up disease thank you after some like that. If -- India. At that point I get to a we're so I put on. Portland me solo me feel a little further into. -- on the bench and I totally get them get my about a lot but not to be self. Patrick and Maricopa. Does get tiring having to carry this guy on -- -- -- year. -- -- on in her funeral equity at we have our. Career -- -- Tyler that whether any of the Bruins players you can get on the phone for a -- -- to -- to keep pessimist or or around anybody know I talked to Tim thomas' New Hampshire is you know you guys. I cannot at a critical piece look and feel you wolf. Let the -- popular enough. But Tyler we don't like the energy from you we gotta get you part of this conversation but we know you guys got a plane to catch you up put Brad back all rapid ups against give back to make a funny teammates. Auditorium at Buick or. All the different. Yet there we go I get I get -- number Tyler second part of the Brad -- odd conversation today. I like to see we just bounce guys around we get it we get Brad couple's past the follow up -- up nice assist there. To -- your Bruins GM what are we doing before the deadline Monday we have to do here. I'm Obama learned of two to get all caught up -- after the sailors and try to worry about it but I can control. -- it there. Yeah it was very is very politically correct your answer -- character definition the beginning I like that media answer are the guys talking about it Bradley get to this point the year trading down like couple days away are your teammates talking about the deadline -- what might happen. I -- thirteen. In old we we got to vote you know we've talked -- that should have happened to -- -- That the very thought well what. What. Layers upon the thirteenth at notre the remote out of control and I should look into it that's what treatment you're in so we have argued that is what it. We know what you guys Nathan Horton try to come back the concussion is slow him down a little bit Brad how's he do wanna be seen him. I try to come back and do some hockey related activities try to rejoin the Steve. -- and -- -- -- we lead. I thought the with the and that he feels pretty good but. Out of there and get it does so we've been on the road trip Altria. Though isn't its neutral. Last one for me go to buffalo now -- like buffalo is that is a row pitcher's spot Buffalo's kind of -- a boring town -- would. Eight yep -- -- workplace in the NHL all but duke says good -- -- You say buffalo -- the worst place and HL they get that I hear that correctly or where. I. -- we appreciate the time has always have a safe flight will talk to you next week. Is our guy Brad -- joining us are on the AT&T hot line. MR shot and Tyler -- today joining us on the eighteenth not lot of conversations with Brad and Tyler but do you buy bread and smoke shops the very best tobacco in tobacco accessories. At the very best prices in Massachusetts. Must be eighteen years of age or older and also by drum ill for visit -- hill Ford. Dot com to view their inventory drop -- Ford -- Is worth the drive you bet it news -- shot -- -- Today what are the fuel cobble played nicely you wanna talk to a some martian on the -- just one hell yeah I got the impression that Tyler would continued these conversations with us we can -- have a -- thing right Joseph this can be. A mix and match I did every week. It's a signal to drink the world to come on the air mix of good stuff come to -- Little bit but it really no way -- -- pick with the if you mix and joy they are reference we're we're good right to veto right and Hasselbeck wife who just got. Buffalo socks that's who we did hear that which -- -- just. -- -- -- Really no not at all it is awful.

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