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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN, on the Celtics 5 game losing streak

Feb 23, 2012|

Jackie Mac joins the show to talk about the latest Celtics loss to the Thunder and what they are capable of.

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Fred Jackson would dribble across half court and a narrative poetry month -- that if you don't celebrate. Come through it and it was their second five game losing streak of the year. John -- with a call it's -- elude ID 37 WEEI Celtics headed to the ball star break and it team that needs the most. In the NBA joining us on the eighteenth -- hotline ESPN's. Jacqui McMullen -- Mike and Kirk met a hand -- Fort Myers -- overloading our U. Dad played Canada. We're doing okay fifteen and seventeen at the all star break Jackie is that what about you might have expected for the Celtic team here at the break. Well I expected more. Especially because of the it's only home games early on a schedule you had a right to think. That this team was going to be over 500 and you know listen they've been decimated by injuries they understand that the look around the league everybody's head. Somebody important today came at -- -- first significant amount of time because of injuries we knew that might happen. During made a lock out he didn't sell. I can't imagine anybody happy would it and I think them the most discouraging part for me would be. This seemed to be some lapses in cohesiveness within the locker room and you know these guys at the break they've got to make up their mind. What -- they wanna do this and are they gonna do it together and are they going to be able to fight through is an unusual situation for our guys who are used to winning. And that's I think in the world to -- we've seen this before I covered the demise of the original Big Three. And watched Kelly can then learn to deal with their own mortality in their own diminishing skills. And -- -- and their -- diminishing returns. As a team. And and then you know very well elaborate on a great player that ever leave lived that you're gonna work loses I've ever seen the look he had these guys -- Jacqui if -- to predict. Is Rondo gonna be on the scene after the trade deadline. I think he would. And let's and he you know he can do himself any favors with that suspension that's that's the kind of stuff that the 2.2 that's kind of stuff that makes you wonder. If he's never going to be the kind of leader that we all think he can be. But he's very very talented. And and I don't think the Celtics want to give up on now. You know -- it makes them a great offer and I'm trying to think what it possibly could be Chris Paul made sense I don't know what else makes sense. You don't trade Rondo just for the sake of trading him you know people keep talking about on -- sixteen. Well it was by design it's supposed to be blown up at the end of the year because everybody's -- -- that's sort of how it was designed now. The idea -- on the other end of it is that going to be an incredibly lucrative free agent class C we're gonna make a play for Chris -- -- we're delighted Howard and whoever else. Well that's going -- and so that's that's the problem you face. I guess that's that's my larger question I guess is it is not cross the point yet where the Celtics are so angry or frustrated with these things we hear read about -- again it just give my upper sixty cents in the dollar. I would hope that and they just wouldn't be Smart that would be Smart and you know it's funny fifteen. You saw evidence evidence of you know both the second half of that game last night. When -- -- you know when they played together and they still pretty good. And so I could suggest that you felt that that you know nine game winning kick early in the year with Beckett -- -- -- sub par opponent probably. But I mean like that there -- concerned they want to play good -- team again without Derrick Rose. But at some play pretty well like some pickle -- Christine that's probably the damage given them down to the wire so and McCain their championship contender I'm not I'm not. But I am -- McCain that if they got themselves together they got healthy. And these veterans. Dot you know and I and I put it I'm gonna connect Internet when it comes to this stuff. I think he's the guy that can pull together he's the one that I think has consistently. Not gotten caught up in Malaysia -- certainly has. Raise its Nike about marketing and shot. Rondo didn't -- Garnett the one guy that I've seen anyway they consistently had to let that affect what he's trying to do out there on the court -- -- -- get them all together. Can they still be a proud playoff team that scared people I think they can't beyond that. Come on guys we know how this is going to be -- Yeah we did and it was adjusting and reading your book with which Jack Jackie that this. The sensitivity that I sensed about Rajon Rondo which Jack made some of the comments in the book about how we took some things personal and it affected him. In your mind is that something that were -- run a can grow out of we with the eating consistency game to game the taking. Things so policy seriously but to heart and letting affected him as a basketball player. Well I think that's not I don't know if that is something you can change I'd like to point out Shaquille O'Neal at the same way and sometimes it was it sometimes that that. That idea with his greatest strength. And sometimes that was his biggest weakness and I would say the same thing about Rondo sometimes that resolve is what motivates him to play you know just incredibly well. And that sometimes is that you point out it really hurt the team could he get caught up in and the things that he shouldn't. I don't think run of the first or last NBA star. That react that way these -- hypersensitive. That the difference is. Most of them do a better job hiding it -- Rondo. So that's kind of when you look at it release and I'll look at Jackie almost seems like there. Almost destined for that MBA purgatory that hideous -- you might get in for years and years because assuming Dwight Howard's not coming here and I think we all agree that's probably the case. Additionally -- I don't see an end game for this team to get. Really good again at least a couple years doesn't seem like it's gonna have to be. Kind of you know 45 year period here the trying to figure things out. Well I agree that I mean again unless they can pull up something and entered -- trying -- it in the NBA we know the model here yet. You really good thing he -- get bad it could again be exceptions there are. You know places like San Antonio which -- to think that that's such an incredible job -- drafting. You know Tony Parker Manu Ginobili some of the players that they got in the draft late you know not not high in the draft I like to know and you know the lakers who they just have the star power so they can they can draw the freeagent. But for the most part you know you look at the pistons they had to go down to come back up and there's still down. And that's just the way it's always been and I don't think that kind of going to be that much different. So you look you you know -- probably have been in a critic what you're alluding to is where do you draft. If you end up in the eighth playoff spot or may be right out of the playoffs where does that put you and it puts in that middle ground. Tough to focus yet I'm not good when you're picking fourteenth sixteenth. It's hard to hide the key again when these guys all -- next year when you don't bring ray back and you don't bring Kevin back and I just don't feel either one of those things happened. You're -- going to be really really bad. Order you're gonna make some moves with the money you have like I just don't see anyone out there. Then you're gonna spend a ton of money on whose name is Darren Williams and you don't need him if you have Rondo. And or Dwight Howard sell. You know you can edit Chris Humphries let's say -- I think is a good player -- -- is going to be a free agent. But that's not gonna turn it around EEE patients but there's a reason. I think -- -- on dioxide that bad deal it's still blows me away it makes you think so much more than that he was willing to do that. But the county -- with a five year extension I think -- yeah -- give him. Yep there's a reason for that I think. -- -- I would guess so you know that bit that criticism of -- and I don't agree with that is all the people are critical of him say those things by these Mikhail that's why he's able to pull the deal off the sound that's fair point I think is fair. Jack uses last couple years you'd say is mixed at best as a general manager you completely confident with Danny having keys this franchise he's going to be able to pull something -- turnaround. Well I think what you're referring to -- the Perkins -- let's face it it was a disaster and it and you know. I'm not to be hypocrite I was in favor that trade -- made some sense to me because I didn't think they could -- kind Perkins. And the -- that the market value that they wanted to and so that's why the deal made sense to mean of course. It's jacket stayed healthy you know they might want another championship we'll never know I guess. So I can't turn and win game for trade that I thought with a pretty good one at the time. You know how we gave -- to know that kept Greenland and we will play -- all the here. But still that -- a bad deal -- no question about it that the Celtics you know you you to roll the dice on trade -- when he it was a late last big and they allot their shirts on that trade. No there's no way to sugarcoat that. But I think getting drafted pretty well. If you go back and look. I think he's done a good job and remember when he drafted Rondo everybody's like what Peggy Dolan right. This guy too skinny can't play he's moody and we couldn't get along with Tubby Smith what a -- -- -- So I think didn't really good in terms of the draft. In terms trade heavily body was a little impatient but -- described to me if I -- -- really get asked if he would get pieces. And then he would move the Milan and he he has done that -- pretty consistently throughout his tenure here. The guy wanna get credit for recently is Avery Bradley who at first I had the same questions every day bouquets at Texas young Q what you get. I can't remember Jackie a guy who defends the ball. Quite like Avery Bradley does when Steve Kerr said the other night he can't remember a guy and recent -- memory -- that that stands up when Steve Kerr gives you back on a credit is. Yeah I mean he really gets after it there's no question about it he's really. It's fun to watch isn't it it's really it's electric when he does that he gets everybody fired up because. You know -- -- that the makeup of this team as long as doc has been here -- Garnett those two guys it's been about defense. And and that's why it's so disheartening when you see -- give up whatever it was 72 points in the minutes after the god you know that's just you can't -- that -- doing that. So yes it's been telling you what you want Johnson if he figured -- get a little meat on its frame he government that's probably gonna copy down the line to. So it's not -- don't have anything but that they don't have the staff that's gonna make you contend for a championship that's that's apparent. Both Danny had just gotten Jeremy -- out Harvard Jacqui we wouldn't be brought it out. Well -- and you know from what we understand he was you know had he had a chance to -- pick them up on -- of course the -- random. The word -- he would have done that so that would have been -- did not afraid to take chances. You know you can you can agree or disagree with some of the moves he made but you can never accused him of standing pat but even in this case. I think people are saying well Healy said he would let this happen just like -- well it's it was designed to go exactly like that spilled contracts were all lined up to go like this. I'm to have to cap space but they're gonna have next year so let's see what he does that. Jacki great stuff is always appreciate the time enjoy your weekend -- the port talk in the next week I'd like next week thank Jackie Jackie McMullen always great to talk with. Are on all things NBA on the eighteenth -- hotline. ATT four GL TE with speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT. And T rethink possible. And -- will come and across here's your little bit in terms of the rebuilding of this team and mistakes he'd made in the Perkins trade obviously. But I tend to lean. Towards you on this one I liked the Perkins straights I was -- wrong about that I like Jeff Green -- back -- like yep but it's an all let's stop mate sent to you can't resign -- But he's gonna take some crappy here because you're gonna have. All these other teams locally championship contention for the next couple years we think the Celtic can at the bottom out if they're gonna be at the top of that thing and because of that he's gonna buy pebble. How much Jacqui I would just completely for the -- constricted time -- -- Perkins was that he isn't overrated player wasn't overrated player was not worth the money. Ultimately I'm dead wrong about it you know Bill Simmons writes about it today. He said the Celtics have -- 35 and 33 since the Perkins trade or 4114. And I think most people thought it worse co favorites to win the title. At that time a year ago my a year ago one -- crazy is that. One year ago we cut the slowest growing championship and it seems like twenty years ago sometimes now. They are nowhere near that right now -- his track record since he last won -- title is not good. It just not put a lot of bad moves bad move after bad move. Did a great job but that team together you can see Mikhail because they got lucky that's fine but he made the moves since then he's not done a good job. And Simmons also eggs on to say that his mind the last could move you made was was four years ago. Coming up your round of the PGA of -- years ago that I don't think that's fair I think you -- favored Bradley draft -- gonna be really nice PC and the key states -- capture any browser nice peace or he moves -- barely he's -- other young pieces at time. I -- want Johnson limited time he has played this year but -- -- -- If he wants to be seven or 8910 year guy. Off the bench in the NBA that's how we look at. And we look at a big moves big moves and he gambled. On Shaq he gambled on Jermaine O'Neal and he got rid of Perkins he actually destroy the chemistry that team. He blew it up the middle of the year that's it be that time I said who cares I was wrong. And that move is a bad move and it costs a Celtics he really good chance at a championship I mean -- -- can look at you can look at. Every Brad become immediately picks I want pose a little moves Avery Bradley at the end of the day is not in the big picture thing. Moving Perkins right now bad trade Nike but I'm saying the -- I was a good move is an absolute disaster. -- got Rondell on the table here as well the Celtics 6177790850. Told 38885250850. We get back a log into the Red Sox and for all the crap that we've given him. In ninety seconds maybe just maybe. Make you feel for the pitcher known as Bobby Jenks keep -- here.

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