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Bobby Valentine, Red Sox manager, on beer in the clubhouse, the Red Sox lineup, and Carl Crawford

Feb 23, 2012|

Bobby joins D&C live in Fort Myers, FL, at JetBlue Park to talk about how his managing style has changed over the years since he last managed the Mets in 2002 and discusses lineup possibilities for the 2012 season. Bobby still wouldn’t reveal his secret on whether or not to allow beer in the clubhouse, but expects big things from Carl Crawford in his second season with the Red Sox.

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Well what we rather have as our first guest of -- -- that Red Sox bring threatening their brand new digs manager Bobby Valentine -- and Dennis and Callahan on the Dessens seven W I FM 93 point seven. Good morning mr. -- and how are yeah it's connected me with the Eastern Conference if it's a measure where you -- -- wrote here. I don't know on the in my bikes here I will write it. Right in the dark most days I'm on the bike now -- power. Years ago. I'd be -- -- that you -- Wear a helmet. And a helmet that opening. Like they set cycling got me great -- and left there and I mean agreed helmet on CB them. That this could be great but -- -- mass half -- team. I have a team I have a team need. At the -- at the team to nine year sabbatical Bobby how is the game changed in nine years have you changed in nine years on. Trying to figure out how the game changed in -- ever figure out how I changed and I think it I think it changed says constantly I think they try to adjust to. -- situation that I'm I'm presented with you know and this is the challenge of my life and I'm sure I'm going to have to adapt to it. The end. Be that guy that is needed to. Get these guys so weird they wanna be where fans and the. It was a constant threat to -- baseball player from the fifties to the sixties to the eighties to the 2000 and -- -- one of the threads obviously is this the statistical analysis that. You can you can have to compare yourself. During those days in the others the grace here guys hang their only game and tell about the sixties and the seventies -- have a Louie -- come in and that it was mentioning the other day when I played. Against -- that in the seventies and he pitched fourteen innings you know and if you didn't think that was the mark Malone right -- pitched thirteen struck out nine. Walked eleven gave up eight hits in got a no decision -- Canada so I guess those stories of what happened in the past they think is that there is great. Lincoln everybody thinks that -- the ideal guy for this job now when they I mean there's been very little dissension and even though it was kind of came out of left field. Your name. You get the job everyone stands up and rejoices that this is perfect this -- perfect how come up how can a perfect guy be out of work as a manager for fifteen years. Well I was really -- I've managed into bed you know. Through two years ago and while I was there I was in control of the entire organization I wasn't going to just leave before I had a a suitable replacement you know I think every leaders have a succession plan in place and so. Once that basically was in place we won a championship and -- parades in the young players were older. It was tied at sixty years so I said hey let me get back and see if there's another gig and -- decided upon. We attempted when you were there and we look at an opening here in the states well there. Time is really attempted use actually in the convertible and one of our parades and call from an owner. Who wanted to meet me in Hawaii and offer -- the job and a you know is kind of halfway trip and you know the celebration was so much that. They could make it. They say he thinks outside the box what does that mean to you. Well that and -- that's what other question is do you actively pursue that or is that something that happens organically in your brain. I think it's more organic -- I think it's part and parcel. Think it's only way you move forward you know to get stuck in the mud and you think that. What you're doing is the best that that can be done and there's nothing else you can do to improve then I think -- they're going backward. In. You know I just like to keep moving ahead and I think that you know one of the things that. The human has a great right that he has he seal these debates that talk about the constitution and everything and I tell my players the other day that that. The greatest rated as a human being has to rate changes -- and you have to allow me. To change my mind it's him. They had something knickers they're in -- season that. Takes us off course I can get his back on course as a specific -- to the idea come from that you have video running on the clubhouse television monitor. When the guys commit on that day of something they're going to be doing later in the day as example pitchers fielding practice that you ready look running of great pitchers fielding their positions improperly. -- that's just pop up in your brain could steal that from somebody. No I didn't steal equipment -- and a no I spent the last month in Boston and and found out that we at one of our hardest working people in the manner. Our video outfit and Billy brought bad as I called right now because he puts everything together. For our our team -- the Internet there. And -- -- makes it all concise as the way we want it do it has work and you know endlessly. To put these different clips together so before the guys on the field -- -- Glance at it's not like -- study room great thing but there in the clubhouse for forty minutes they're getting dressed a ton of friends. There are always glancing up but the TV and so next to. The current sports show bullet there to take a look at that mentality and the in the bowl the first baseman or make the double play and I think it does. Reinforces. Them what the coaches say when we get to their particular field and how we're gonna do something and maybe then they can executed better. Is Saturday your data greet the team and meet the team and and do your your your pre season speech is a Saturday. Saturday's date for his first day everyone's here yet grind it you know John -- -- believes could be here and and Larry. The key you know maybe Time Warner and so the -- a few people that they're going to listen to -- that -- are -- a theme guy in if you are what all the theme be the tone and tenor of those comments. Well I don't know much being guy necessarily but you know I have -- none of the top of all of -- play a play sheets and our fundamentals seats -- You know word trying to build an expert team from a team of experts -- you know and I want them the players understand that night. Fully appreciate their. Their abilities I love what they can do individually and it's a challenge today and blend of those individual talents into a group that we're gonna -- plus the -- What's your favorite to speech pregame and halftime speech coach manager whatever. Leader famous speech from a leader whether it's real or or Hollywood version. -- I'd say it's a real one it would be a timeless sororities it's beat in 1970 and it went about fifteen minutes and I think there are three words that are allowed on national finals I think he's death. And that I don't think you could say anything but that you guys in does something like win somewhere there. There's an up and I think it was an angry that he put Eric Fehr got into yes. The just you prepared to do that if this team looks too comfortable. We -- you put the fear of god into them you. I don't know if I can't put the fear of god into it might they take a team might be able. Bring them back to reality if in fact it clouded clouded by some forms of of an unreal world you know I -- I think though that the director. If you will. The leader of the managers. You know has to control the volume of its too soft you gotta make it louder. You know it's too ID got to bring it down at the two comfortably got to make him uncomfortable and if they're not comfortable enough to got a smooth it out so that they feel better so that's that's all about. And I just say that we were very disappointed you're at one point me to he has ever decide what are we -- said that Josh Beckett has to pick up the pace we stood in the -- nothing personal. It gets TDs you know -- -- -- and analyst he was raked in the rules and dramas crazy apple one was worse and when you said. The pace which way to go Bobby you backed off that. Why they didn't totally backed off that what I did is they said the pace that he will be. Will be one that we agree is necessary to. Gave him a competitive advantage not give us -- the feeling of we need note goes it's going be. -- of the hitters job. Is to break the rhythm of the pitcher that timing and the hitters the hitters job is to -- the pitcher so you. Break the timing with pitches. Thrown that are different speeds. Which also can break the timing if yours. Waiting longer or pitching quicker you know as the -- Well. -- Breaks the timing -- pitching quicker. I bet it girls if you like -- and yes and and it just goes to the extreme -- that timing play making them stadium longer. -- Worry about it. But you know it's a rule that the big kids. That it's been -- talked about so much guarantee when the empires come and brief us on how we're going to player game this year which they do every spring. You know just the proudly called and say hey listen you have to pick up the pace. And -- woven gold ball well maybe you go bald and open up space so we might have that conversation and that might lead to me. A -- Obviously the onus is on the umpires to enforce that absolutely yeah yeah at -- -- back to this could be is it possible it in this four seasons kind of setting here. To make this feel like a Paris I have a boot camp is it possible that this these new digs are so comfortable. That is not exactly the kind of you know marine base camp thing that you -- look at. Lot of get out of -- -- It's really beautiful here on guys they you know. In me even more. In beard. Party and said that -- -- -- that yeah. It is nice but I think will be here long enough that the it tools and -- you know the great theater review here -- will be getting out of here will be fine we do. -- you specialist sort of few minutes ago who wouldn't baseball -- maybe not even in baseball taught you the most valuable lesson in this game what was that lesson. I wish there was just one listing guys you know and it's there's a lot of lessons those sort of was my first. Professional. Managers. I had that I youth coaches who taught me. You know about getting there early to tell me about the rule book taught me about. Gamesmanship. As well this team team and ship. Team placed but both sort of reinforced a lot of things that I was like in -- coolers. What do they do better in Japan -- take your eyes. Practiced better they take it more seriously they bring to practice into the game better. They hit corners better than a really balls better they. Make. All the all the baseball plays they they do a little better because they practice some more. And they eggs in the -- quicker to. Yes they think he's up for Daisuke they -- quicker and a lot of -- and and the kid did you honestly think Texas is real good -- wave fewer. And analysts still say you were sitting here is still on the payroll at ESPN. What would you say about this team would you give this team a chance to win the division to say 9597. Win team would you say they have a lot of work to do. Yeah I would say that I would. I'd like see what this team is allergic to that purity has yeah I would do that'd be on camera that it is good as they got some holes so let's -- -- -- -- If they public people that are going to be contributing members of the team and and contribute properly this might be a team to win 97 on your game. Think Ravitch would that you want the spots listen Bobby I don't not no more -- that and how many wins they cut them out with him any effect -- it -- It why is it's so important where a guy hits in the lineup to a lot of guys what what what what is what is that. You know I don't totally get it with my dad always got it you know when. When I moved there in the line up well guys playing. Whenever that went in in those old days. He called me and it eases you -- in -- -- but you didn't report in the six months in the second. At the difference in the league and one. Please them that there as a nice let's -- batted in the mightily. That is music -- and you know. Made -- average down broke my leg at a Dallas right is always a. Dubai -- do you buy into the Bill Parcells axiom that if you give an athlete. An excuse more often than not -- glom on that excuse and use that as a reason that they fail. Guess when. Yes. So the -- no excuses. We try not to make excuses. There are are often reasons that things happened and their true reasons and we try to stay away from those reasons things name isn't but we we take it. Accountability for what happened. And then move on we don't use it says. The reason that dead. You couldn't get down the road -- as it was only one way there. What I told you but if you told they told him within the -- in the club house cam knows. Every. Reason they're in the clubhouse and he knows. Why withhold that decision on the announcement that decision what goes in the view of a witness if they. Earn it I don't think it's night -- it definitely it's a big decision I just would rather tell the players in the world together. Resident had it at them so it's hard here and there there. It was not a big decision I'm assuming then they will be treated like adults and allowed to have -- I don't think it's a big deal woods but that that -- it's not that difficult decision for me and I don't think that did you ever have a -- during the game during the game. At home a couple times and never even in the Booth now -- -- that was Sutcliffe that it model question will be Bobby and and. -- bigger positive guys on the frame this in a positive manner. Of these three concerns. I'm not gonna ask you which one concern to the most under ask you which one are you most competent is not going to be a problem. The other settled shortstop situation Crawford's injury and recovery and in rebound from last year. Or. She was third on all -- for artists that -- transition to to the starting rotation if indeed that happens which problem if brown will not be a pro Carl Crawford will not be a problem. He's going to be in major contributor to this 2002 overs and avert. Interest so we can coolness and aren't going to be big. Hitting wherever hitting seventh I believe they contribute coach -- He has won its seventh. Wherever he's hitting an -- a little -- major contributor to opening day possibly. Idol well. He he wanted these -- yesterday -- me about take batting practice and Houston then you know that time it so he's ready to tried. To start to get to we -- -- Bob develop and get to meet face to face into a conversation thanks for much luck body I would Dennis and Callahan will be right back.

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