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Sean Grande & WWE's Jim Ross

Feb 22, 2012|

Celtics play-by-play man Sean Grande sat down with WWE Hall of Fame announcer, BBQ connoisseur and No. 1 Oklahoma Sooners fan Jim Ross prior to tonight’s Celtics/Thunder game in Oklahoma City.

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Are we here -- Oklahoma City with the Celtics and the thunder are going head to head but we decided do something Eric I decided piece of the action for you guys because I didn't want to tweets. After the game JR's about the sitting with us -- -- for the operative lives sat in the second quarter tonight for the Celtics thunder game. And there's not a lot of time to talk about maybe you wanna hear us talk about because there's an actual game going have to be serviced him so you know this little idea. They are I can have our five or six minutes and talk about wrestling and everything you guys wanna hear him talk about because. The number of questions you must get on Twitter. For your blog it is overwhelming to me that's why. I tell -- which this is why I've chosen to remain so anonymous and successful the corner of the world so I don't have bothered with -- you or. Celebrities but people certainly Georgia commentary and so of course now it's artistic. People can log on your talk about what they wanted which is about wrestle mania coming -- that we could be wrestling business. And I was thinking about it and things are clearly you -- over the last couple days it's like. Playoff time in the NBA in the NHL had -- for the Super Bowl this is this is playoff time -- we -- believe it's clear what's them. -- come watch the March Madness another analogy but yes exactly I think everybody has a heightened sense of awareness that it's crunch time. And now I always say that every WW superstar -- maximize their minutes and a much like a coach would say to his players in the NBA. After Doc Rivers is that is gas and Gandhi -- -- -- got to maximize your minutes we need yet. And I think right now the time that these guys have got to maximize and gals enough to be chauvinistic -- to those who have got to maximize -- minutes and I think we're seeing that on the streets of Tel. Do we see or talk about the supplement that I would -- seen and with the undertaker Tripoli to put. So where are really notice that is the immediate outpouring for -- -- there who got hurt. Knowing that there's a good chance he will now miss wrestle mania people understand the significance of it so much that there's this. Rally of support like wow what a bad break that he might miss that's an awareness of how he uses looks like it is like a ball player. To -- like that maybe this is an over exaggeration because it would be locked on the that's one down. Super Bowl week. In essence you know you don't got to the play -- here doesn't look like there was going to be on the for a rough some any partisan incarnation. Now he's not he's gonna miss out on the significant payday because of the entry. Super Bowl analogy I uses me as well Wes Welker on that -- -- thing a couple weeks ago at that and then make me play. -- -- -- that makes ant would it must have been slipped you know slipped right off yeah. You all have a unique perspective now. Getting to -- your confidence when you were seven world that's just insane things happened so fast you have the unique perspective now not only all of your yours and your analogy you mission getting to watch the show. What was your impression of what my -- was an extraordinary problem let Johnson -- Public you're on the. Right on the money I I blob I thought it was the best from -- John CNET ever done because. It was obvious that he quote unquote went off script. As they say in the business wrestling it he went into business for himself. But he still told the message I think that needed to be said. And I thought as far as his TV persona was concerned he did more to enhance the positive elements of this TV persona. In that problem than anything that have been done for him or that he had done in quite some time. He made the promo very very personal. And anybody that's followed. Wrestling sports entertainment whatever you call. The big money you can call wrestling here and I can get through before they pro wrestling is of them built on personal issues. It's a -- robberies is it's the you know I think one thing that brought me back into the NBA it's a younger guy with the Celtics the lakers robbery. It re engaged -- I have emotional investment in that rivalry. I had fifteen. So the the issue there is I think -- Sina has created a an emotional investment in this issue with the rock. It's just not about to big stars having this marquee match it's getting personal and I would assume that on Monday. But the alive Mike in his hand the rock knowing him as I do. Will retaliate. Was something that. Very memorable I thought it was a just crowd wise and that's all anyone ever wants to talk about -- action -- against which to me. In this world where LeBron is the best player in the world that he gets all the negative reaction to me. It is very contemporary the reaction that seem to get that's of people act now to the big stars I thought it was his most. Positive reaction. Off the genuine problem that he has gotten people who wanted want him to quote unquote on healer of the you know. He's doing what he's doing in the fans just acting and it's great. A lot I think it was also -- I don't know I don't think I've ever hurting better. I which that we exchanged text messages after the program because I felt. Incumbent that you know I don't text John all of timer in the Gaza a lot when I see him do something. Really good. I feel it's my responsibility as -- as an old timer to say look at that was a good job. And I got right back to many he said he really felt -- in. And he he believes this whole thing is gonna get even more personal as it gets goes forward to the the rest of many on -- -- as we lose you know a lot of. In sports people sort of lamented the loss of fundamentals of these guys coming out of high school right into the NBA it would now happened or just a year maybe not having seasoning and experience. 1247. Nature WW -- isn't easy. With a lot of fuel being pulled in different directions marketing TV ratings to lose sight of the fact that it is still a ticket. -- business. All of it though it is and so it's all about putting a but talk every eighteen inches as the old timers would say -- And now with the social media and pay per view in the back with you know we're we are building to the biggest event it's still about connecting with the audience. The audience has got to care. You know it's like. If you're the Celtics fans care about their team. They -- when they lose they just can't stand there are some once or are they they're you worked on the get on -- -- or they go for a another ring. Insisted that emotional investment that you try to make. And a lot of guys just. Never get over the hump and that's why the greats of the game have been able to be everlasting. Memories that. We need you go to Billy Graham Marty -- right now. Part of -- and they'll talk about -- Brutal summer candles of memory of up you know that's -- -- postal box. And that's what the rocket -- there was -- -- made an emotional attachment to -- to -- my thanks still talking about we're going to view because we have today about going to all things. It's that that's a perfect segue for talk but they're great let's figure out a way to do it themselves. In sports they'll wanna compare what we see what we've seen before even if there's not a great comparison today. And we -- -- part of the summer that he had. If we're going to compare it to Steve Austin 96. When the reality is he did something in the way that it never been done before and because of social media and fans demand for things I don't think he could have happened. Any other way for -- IU is the C a month the promo bit. Established him. Was it the perfect time the perfect place in our society. Because that Romo went viral so quickly so aggressively. And -- and embraced the generation of people. And I think the thing that this aggressive reminder that fans of still poll was the fact that skillful as. Anti establishment anti -- man anti. You know. Blue blazer type guy and seal pup is it along that same thing he -- that same road but he travels in a little different vehicle now. -- Austin had the opportunity to back in the day. Because in 1996 that was a very carefully plotted out here. Really from -- in the ring in 96 go all the way to double time it was for a class match. And now whether people must have patience of social media whatever it is things almost nothing you don't you don't have a year to do that. It's it was it was amazing to see the instant reaction like -- it's going on right now with Chris Brown. And I guess you evolve or die in many ways of any elements of society and media but. Those that embrace what it is now -- going to be the ones that for the new. -- superstars. Right that they that they could be the fundamentals. Whether big basketball or football or any other entity acting. Singing fundamentals are gonna -- -- just how well do you execute them. And then how well does your personality outside your fundamental skill set connect to the audience and I think that that's something they can't be really taught you gotta have. So -- how did you discover Iraq we night I go see this charismatic. A user engaged. Very. Very good conversation list as a non -- And but I see it got a 645. To seventy in his third generation guy you know I'm not get the Bob -- figure out physically good which it got us in the scholarship. So we signed him up but. I had no idea that he was gonna do to relate it to read an audience to feel an audience. And all the greats can do that Austin probably had the best instincts of anybody that I could all. A club judging an audience and knowing when he did something well when he could do something better prints that rock -- along that same thing so. It's it's an art form incidents it's an instinct that you either have -- you don't. Well you put done our little mini -- so we can talk to JR. The legendary WP all favorites of Ross is about this and that we had. Eight or nine minutes to do it you are as active on Twitter you sort of figured out much anybody speak he has a very reticent reader myself. And -- do with fans know it gets overwhelming. Sometimes. There was a lot of you'll probably put him in that wanna be able to engagement -- and -- we can sometimes we can't buy. So we will only -- just they were to cap that they clicked on this but you write a blog an answer a lot of people's questions. I I try to stay. And where the journey that I've been off and died for those that may be wondering my journey isn't over. I still got some fuel in the tank and and you know -- because there's going to be a wrestle mania. Hell yeah I'm gonna -- wrestle mania -- going to be broadcaster and honestly remains to be seen. Certainly don't give part of access is our Super Bowl and it's -- players noticed the if you wanna be engaged in that environment. But I write blogs JR barbecue dot com and of course. You know -- on the world's. Worst salesperson of them causing some of our barbecue -- that that you shot dot com. I'm a killer yes. -- were having -- children you know there was no that's another pot that I was eighty -- for another time that's another I -- we've heard Max talk about the soft so there's no better endorsement. Then Max talk about the use your sauce I'm glad Jim thought this last year I -- put up -- on this issue in humans to carve this out. People who enjoy this you do it -- us and hanging out and only want to hear you talk about social media and all these. Great topics never enough time but there was I love it you know I played it last time we heard the heaviest of Boston in August Spencer all the time downtown and you never know march 5 premiere for you know what money not about Barack's gonna be back in the in the garden and have been interesting not being. That is Jim Ross as if you didn't know thanks for put them on a little impromptu mini -- And I don't know it will be able to this overtime maybe this guy out there that is already volunteered to join us for a quarter later in the year. Who would -- a real treat for all mankind. That's -- I'm Melissa thanks for Clinton --

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