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Andy Brickley on Jeremy Lin and the Bruins

Feb 22, 2012|

Brick joins the guys and talks about the reaction to the comments made about Jeremy Lin and whether the reaction was appropriate by ESPN. They also talk about the Bruins recent performance and possible moves they could make.

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Our conversation with Andy -- is sponsored by -- power equipment and -- a tractor visit morphin power today to -- money saving your -- -- deal days. Check out Norfolk power dot com for more and by McGee Chevrolet in rein them. The first place and the last palatial need to shop for a new or used Chevrolet good morning Andy Brinkley joining us on the AT&T -- -- -- my -- are. Good but don't try to tie together what we've been talking about with what we're gonna talk about it and sort of wade into the hockey thing as well out of what you've heard much of the last a portion of the show talking about the ESPN guys. Who were either fired or suspended because of a momentary lapse in judgment by using the phrase either on the web site -- on the air. Chink in the armor when referring to Jeremy Lin in both cases. It was determined that was not set as he racially based reference just an old cliche that you know this team this this this that -- team this particular player but a chink in the armor not trying to make some sort of funny thing about Jeremy -- What are you could share with us your experience or or or you're. Safety net you try to provide for yourself because you are and Jackie is and every play by play an analyst and radio talk show host is. Add living for to -- three or four hours tonight. You know drying up phrases from your memory bank to describe the actually sing and it does say it is a slippery slope out there for people who work. On the year and and trying to describe things extemporaneously. Yeah well as you know -- we make our living spy you are talking and what you're doing something live live sporting event. What you try to do the best job we can possibly do that but he used that listening to yourself speak you'd like to with a -- -- -- -- to react to what's going Oden. I don't have a problem with. What mistakes made. But what their repetitive that I have probably dead. I'm not so sure that. I totally understand or agree with what's happening with the dispute with the mistakes they're making but yeah I can tell you that -- it can be a challenge -- -- Two try to react to what's going on try to be good place to the point try to be accurate try to entertain. The educated seat had been it wouldn't make a living talking he's gonna make some mistakes along the way it's just a matter of how you reacted and how you handle the consequences the cup. Have you ever let -- -- were people Alaska's missile attack on cannot swim at the on the air and I just -- -- -- never swear anyways all I got on the so it's easy for me but W -- if you let one slip. I was I was at Dunkin' Donuts where I usually boast mornings -- to -- Cuba to the -- -- I went -- the papers said that they got a big kick out of swear word that I. -- had a political broadcast that -- before it actually what are you talking about nobody in the truck told the production truck will be anything about it. And I think they had a different fees that won't go over just over the year channels. And I -- just a little story to the truck during -- commercial but apparently that commercial was Ly a W we were alive and we were -- commercial but socially. And plus you have that rule who lived by that I gave you last week that. It doesn't matter what you say or do you are never going to be the craziest one in the -- that. But at at at at the at -- -- I like -- that second here. AM the I guess if you're struggling to score goals like the Bruins happened to be right now the saint Louis blues. Saint Louis is not the team the place you wanna play to try to break up your score -- Well I don't know that it might just be the opposite really. Yeah -- the don't think the league in goals against yeah but that that's that's the beauty of it. You don't going is that everything you get office to believe that occurred and I think that's the mindset of just -- team needs right now and I think the bruins' best players. -- quote his left that her drug like together Marcia Bergeron say it. He starved for goals he being pulled the team. As you pointing out that beat some gold and kept battling together again that he released rely on that Egypt and kind of offensive production. I -- that led to be real good today these -- -- -- be really good today you've got to get contributions from role players and when you're injured the way they are with two top export out. Those are the guys have to delivered in. If they would just gain to load retreated to Los glory. Fight for every -- the -- I think this could be a really good. Victory if they can poll voting is a real good cricket team and put have been a better free -- because right now they are gripping the sticks to. I I know for a fact that all that matters -- goals in the net pucks in the net and wins on the scoreboard but -- I -- -- brought it wouldn't take this approach is in it in in a strange kind of way the saving grace to all of this that the shots are there the opportunities through -- the chances are there is not like the system the offensive system has broken down. They're just not going in the net does that does that make you feel a little bit better when your statement and. I I guess if you look at it that way at I think the players themselves are right now they're just there are culpable in the yet scoring areas. I hate using that word culprits but they are confident. You know the coaches spark and actually get to the scoring areas and to get traffic in front of the -- -- you don't want this to -- and a great shot to dead center that just inside the post within probably be if you were relaxed. If your blood pressure was the race control food yet of the score years that's the stuff that you played as a player award to play this game with the pucks that go to the bit. That's why I say I think this could be. If it goes -- -- -- the way you'd like sequel this could be huge -- from Boston terms of just wouldn't he be getting a couple of people stability be one of the best efforts -- -- to. You know keep it by that they played Montreal they played when -- play it. They played Minnesota beat it seems that they should handle even if they had a 100% of their forward of these teams that they should -- the brutish period teams to the ski so. Maybe they calculated the of the -- -- maybe that's the psyche that they have to. We've heard a lot about Detroit's home dominance in home Detroit's 262 and one at home saint louis' 263. And four and a home. What makes it and tonight they ought to keep a -- so might make even more emotional. Hum what what makes it's a tough to go and places like that that in the -- the same size right brick that the rules on the same the -- the same right. Yeah it's 200 by 85 Shiites Davis every -- in the NHL. Nevada Bruce played for most of last year that's what people is like right now -- don't give you anything in the Hitchcock Hitchcock -- he'd been replaced David Spade. Brought their whole checking system is based school or -- can be the they're after it is just it is phenomenal little QB. I think that's the beauty got a bird every -- you know issues ice that you get. Based by the U defensively they're very comfortable in you know wonderful two -- games. They have altered so this is the difficulty they won't play at home maybe the ceremony today we'll take a little focus away from the bid the brute confusion they're -- Would you trade that. Doug Lee Hamilton for PK -- brick you can blame Kevin DuPont for this one did you make that deal. Now now what you would just get cable that has to bring. He has stuck you don't teach which -- size and skating abilities just -- need what he brings the Bruins finally drafted. A blue chip defenseman they have a chance to develop -- that -- think disorganization. Has needed to do for some time now. I would hate to see the -- a guy like that he is able to it to try to win right now like I think it's counterproductive. Ever come methods and devices are available to a coach and his staff to snap a team out of a bad patch and an obviously hard practices would be one. Changing lines changing pairings would be another are there any others baseball has. You know the manager says -- thought it wouldn't cost the post game buffet on the club house floor it better work because after that what -- -- gonna do to get. Yeah. That outreach can only be every now and then otherwise you -- fastball could sit at their two losses. -- -- -- was really really upset that that would have kept taking. And yet they've had hard practices he's try to get irritated he's given the tiny ball field -- at seventeen games coming up -- the -- the -- -- of -- can you really practice at this point this season. He did try to tweak the full glory -- -- to key players in the positions that they should play in order to get the most out of them. But he also he's getting second scoring lines outside of the Bergeron lighten the burden on line is they said -- you know that not filled that either. And what you try to take players and then you put a you know David creature groups that are right wing is that really gonna help your -- you don't take -- that -- have been a different positions. It's really Cherokee right now he hit poll from Providence that try to pull back from province but that's not weird beard -- is the organization. Your next week of television junior right now that's not available to -- so. That's why the pressure of the -- of the management team to try to add to this -- up the big -- not just for this year but for the future. How much this is happening because of the options apparently important in your mind. A lot a lot. If you'd if you don't like what you have you teams -- just believe warm start November December and had a healthy team everybody doing their job played a role play with people that they should be playing lift. And allows -- rules for -- You got goaltenders that are involved with the social media entered. There'd be focused on what they're supposed to be -- that we want to eat -- right without or without heavily that hurts. Our secure -- with the reverse psychology tonight they've lost to teams they should have handled this is a very good team who is even better at home to reverse psychologically this might be the night. Absolutely and I don't care what it looks like or how it up the school was -- -- -- atop a field goal long way to put this team back poetry. So weakened and we could put two down for you you like the Celtics in Oklahoma City tonight to pick it. -- -- But to go out but yeah I would think so are brick that conversation is always nice talk and you talked next week but -- edit that Dennis Kelly Obama AT&T -- brought to you by -- power equipment. In Kabul to tractor visit or the power today into a money saving your -- to deal days. Check out the -- for power dot com for more -- by McGee Chevrolet and random the first place on the last glacial need to show operate new or used Chevrolet. But your phone calls Dennis and Callahan will be right.

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