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Did ESPN overreact to the comments made about Jeremy Lin?

Feb 22, 2012|

ESPN fired an editor for a phrase he used in describing Jeremy Lins sub-par performance. Was it an appropriate reaction or did ESPNs response to the story generate more of a debate over the entire thing?

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Do you go on the hue and cry over the Jeremy Lin. Politically incorrect comments on three separate occasions. Our continued to rage. And oddly enough in in in some areas that pendulum is beginning to swing. But back the other way not off into the wild blue Yonder up he said what firearm tellem although -- happen -- -- yet. I think your reactions to how ESPN. Handled this in terms of suspensions and terminations. Making people question that we really gone too far not a bad thing. Up last week ESPN wet from the sidelines to the spectacle writes Jason fry. This -- the ombudsman from the pointer institute who is. I like an in house critic I assume paid by he has -- to criticize. ESPN and he deals with. All three guys wouldn't. That would be Anthony Frederico -- radios and Spiro deed goes Spiro indeed this. Who used the expression chink in the armor last week. Early Saturday morning as yes Begin dealt with the fallout from the mistake and it was the offensive and inappropriate comments that led to one -- dismissal. And another's suspension for thirty days. A chink in the armor which has no racial connotation in itself. But was a very unfortunate choice to say the least when used in disgusting -- on court performance. After looking -- the incidents the pointer review project sees one as a lapse in judgment by an editor working without a net. And the other two as terribly timed slips of the tongue. It's stopped right there because I did last night when I read this stop right there I read a couple times this is a review allegedly in neutral go journalism critic. A Smart guy that -- no thoughtful analytical. He sees one as a lapse in judgment by an editor working without a net. We agree without. I do I do collapse and judge -- yet step by an editor. Hardworking guy we learn he's been there six years he's 28 years old. In the news boss vouchers form this in a great kid. The column come. In a a Christian -- loves Jeremy -- he read German linchpin Knick fan. -- lapse in judgment. At 2:30 in the morning the way we got fired. He lost his job and by the way and just lose his job good luck get another one Anthony. To me is chilling and frightening and nobody seems to care that this kid this guy is twenty year old editor. Work. And branded punished for ever as some kind of races when I first saw this on the morning. It was -- I said. This is some punk in -- and Adam late night goof around August Marta says I'm gonna get a laugh but of this illness friends. And he wrote chink in the camera with that -- lynch story. That's not true. This is a conscientious. Editor work and quick no layer of editing beyond him because the other exposed me to do -- -- He ran with this it was on line for half an hour he felt awful he apologized. He apologized to listen -- not directly. He feels terrible about this. These all work and he's got no chance to get and work like this again because he had a lapse in judgment and my question of the -- Why don't care about this why this is just yet that's the price you play. A lapse in judgment at 230 in the more. Because we are all walking on eggshells in every aspect whether you're on ESPN weather radio or your. A public. Servant or you're an accountant or whatever the case may be. Of in the workplace or someplace for someone else can hear UN hold you accountable. For saying something that is mildly somewhere between mildly or profile athlete -- appropriate. No matter what your intent was which takes us to the next line of displeased. Anthony had no concept no awareness. That could be construed as -- potentially explosive. Headline. That's a quote from his boss correct the vice president mobile content ESPN -- any more meal. -- -- But just from the -- but just for the guy they said. Is there is creating more work for himself the -- -- -- -- other story but it was a big deal legitimately and lost the game right he said 230 in the more let's move up higher -- score up. Let's mullah pilots featured again I wrote a column about it -- feature that he -- headline on under the gun on deadline. That turned out to be a mistake a lapse in judgment so you know to do you say we take it down we're sorry we move on now that's not good enough. They want. His head on a platter so this guy. At 28 in the prime was like probably by all accounts -- good worker good editor of Smart guy -- golf is a big war. Because -- a lapse in judgment because they are so in feared ESP and by the way the whole place should be -- should be ashamed hole. Place should be embarrassed that they didn't have the guts to stand up to whatever criticism. They were gonna get on this in just said listen he made a mistake he sorry we move on it won't happen again well. They wanted you know they want a corpse of the cost for Anthony Federico. To the mob and they let him rip his his body insurance meanwhile. ESPN news anchor Max -- while not being ripped to shreds was suspended for thirty days. He had used the same phrase Wednesday night while interviewing -- analyst Walt Frazier. That brought another apology want also made on the air Saturday. The -- -- the phrase in connection with -- and came to light after that on Friday night knicks play by play announcer Spiro beat us. Had said it on ESPN radio in new York Mellon dessert in a shark. And we'll soon. So for the first time anyone has been remarkable too weak ones here we leave as soon as it -- -- -- That's just the key describing. It. What we used to be. A chink in the camera you know flaw means something otherwise. Well it's a weekly get a chain -- in the armor but it is an Olympics be broad needless trying to be funny was trying to be mischievous. Total racist self inherited a choice but they can't to phrase -- came to mind nothing's gonna happen to him he's not an ESP employee but they fire the editor. Basis -- the anchor in. Jewish ideas and he works for image chief spokesman said their evaluating -- additional comment later he make good luck Spiro. But ESPN Cantu in the hammock but ESP right. The gutless people audience yet. -- Anthony -- to the walls and then took X -- those. And said you know you know and when a fire in approach in the stocks and let them culture with tomatoes a month. Now Max parade what city ten years from now. And he'll use open will be on TV whatever of the new interview with somebody oh that's the guy who's had chicken Ian Cameron and get to spend a month that's the guy. So not only do they Pickens is job for a month. Pretty much just its latest stigma on him and brand. On him that will that is indelible it'll never go away. Bloody ticket -- purpose nobody. Thinks. You read this it they talked his bosses coworkers and he has his wife is Asian I'm sure some of his best friends arranged holiday -- that -- -- land. Nobody thinks that -- -- brain knows did this on purpose. -- -- Frederico is said to be devastated but understood the company's decision on Twitter -- -- apologized and -- his comment was not done with any racial reference. Acknowledge that the phrase had been an an appropriate in that context. And pledged to make every effort to avoid something similar happening in the future. Ask about fetus -- -- spokesman said Monday we're still of value and discipline and they did not suspend the designs come out now that what. Here's the editor who cares he's not in the XP and and and and get the sound that nobody. Just amazes me that it's just like no big -- yeah he's fired let's move on the stock or about whatever Jim England Tim Tebow. And this and because DSP and you won't hear any criticism from ESPN even Stephen A Smith who we're going to hear from mid ninety's says he won't talk about the specific case because he's in the Caspian guy and he won't talk about them. Although say his more -- again the editor calls Frederico a good good kid. He called mistake a momentary lapse of judgment that ended up being an egregious error obviously. As you have no balls. And don't stand up forum and prompt the wolves it's an egregious act in -- and customs livelihood. And is like -- whatever good luck we'll see it sit home -- -- -- -- I don't what what this guy is gonna sell insurance. He's apparently a really good editor. He's out of work because he was under the gun and had a momentary lapse of judgment this is madness here is Stephen -- mystic on this. Let me say this though at some point in time. The black community. Has to recognize. That we. Share a level culpability. In any kind of its. Like that trend lines because the heightened sensitivity that exist in our society today. We are and launched Paula I mean we have a lot to deal with that. As mom man skip Bayless and I've talked about over the use is never -- -- -- somebody. In the very derogatory fashion especially. To use the N word is just no excuse for no excuse we understand what it means we understand the historical perspective right. But there are a multitude of other things that we have classified as racially insensitive. Some of the leaders in the black community have done so and I'm not -- and call them out as if they won't understand whether your Reverend Al Sharpton reverend Jesse Jackson I was just what Maxine -- represented about a California usable I love -- The issues that they what they -- Up -- different Tom they lived in the different top and that the level of sensitivity that they harbor because they know what it needs and they've experienced some of the things people of my generation. Have not. Right however. That heightened level of sensitivity. Has had a contagious effect what other communities so suddenly. Everybody is sensitive about a lot of different things because. If they well the the black community gets to be ultra sensitive about any thing that could be worse. As a race may not even be sure all we might. And because of that it becomes something. Debt debt debt that generate the shrapnel criticism that controversy and ultimately with touching on and it's such a fashion. Then you have people from the white community speaking up and say wait a minute what about what we -- Eat -- said you know where's our compassion our sensitivity for. This guy you want an aim and positioning ESPN employee in Stephen is working Prius PM. But Anthony Federico as the name and he stuck the New York Daily News he's expressed his sympathy. Is regret remorse he's apologized he says he loves Lynn loves the next -- fan -- -- featured the story as a land. Says he's a Christian and and very religious guy who really. Is enjoying the Jeremy Lin and phenomenon. And yet he makes this one little lapse of judgment ESPN. Has doesn't have the balls to stand up for -- fires and and nobody not even Steve today. We'll come whose defense just I I I'm I'm just dumbfounded. That this isn't an outrage that Max burritos suspend the month even this. In this ombudsman says. That's a little harsh the -- misspoke by the way he misspeak. That he -- of that term the term applies. Her -- we'd used everybody used chicken armor is -- a common expression. And by the way this this -- this ombudsman says one think we could do was get to that term it's not because it's offensive because it's a cliche. So now we can't use cliche to say is that he says. It's not the fact it's a racially equipment a -- -- writers I know Israel doesn't roll and we we should get rid of his solution is to get rid of cliches because that's cliche -- Mean people just run around in circles instead dissent. This is crazy this is insane. He didn't mean it wasn't -- it tended to be racist to be offensive to be critical or even mischievous hasn't said it was an account to them points and it's even get away with this the guy under the gun type in a way editing it and just trying to get to shift. And now he's at the -- you know certain with the newspaper term fund work with your little more Steve placement on the compassion aspect of the story. We gotta be careful. About. Having an absence of compassion you can say what you want about me I sit on these airwaves across from my man here and we call it like we see. But it is -- in the day when somebody can look at my face and tell me there's an absence of compassion that I want somebody's career to be old. That I want to buy the lose their job what their ability to -- their family because Obama's state. Even a script for Steve and I've but he said at the beginning case you know wants talk specifically about that person. Because he's an ESPN guys in and we knew he has and can do these things and there is very little criticism. Because you're ESP hand you're tentacles are everywhere and and everybody's afraid. To stand up to ESPN and even though they know this is really unjust and unfair. I mean do you think Anthony Frederico is gonna say anything the height. Insensitivity. To steal a phrase that Stephen agent used is sole. So on edge in this country. That ESPN in order to protect their own ass and get the blow back on is hosting and saying. Clicking their tongue. This is the wrong thing we are not going to put up with this. We're not going to be part of this please don't criticize us we are going to remove this little abscess. It was this overnight produced our -- Iraq -- from our skin and and and get rid of -- and let the healing Begin it was a remote was this -- process that we have now cut out of ESP. And I'll keep looking in and around nobody. Expected on purpose nobody thinks he was. A racist nobody thinks. This was a racially based reference was -- you -- -- -- one person I I don't even have. References to the usual race hustlers out there Euro -- Jesse Jackson's and they got to fire the skewed the way they did with no like Imus -- Rush Limbaugh or whatever. This is just some innocent kid guy got -- -- 28. And the opponent to the world preemptively like like. Which your favorite prophylactic reflexively before someone comes knocking at the door that threat what are you doing about that although we don't that don't worry see that. Corpse out there that's the one responsible we don't get me on -- 92 timeout DNC right back.

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