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When does Danny Ainge finally decide to either blow up the Big Three or trade Rajon Rondo?

Feb 21, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder discuss Celtics trade possibilities and Danny Ainge's mindset heading into the All Star break. If he were to start trading off pieces, who goes first? One of the Big Three or Rondo? The Celtics PG continues to have attitude issues on the court and needs to turn it around quickly if he wants to be the elite PG everybody thinks he can be.

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Will will win -- hot hot hot hot hot hot hot. -- have for a year a full night of Sports Radio broadcasting giant -- -- we don't even have to deal with anything we don't have to games -- on her way to know Celtics losses coming to wait and I don't know seeing games I think -- as rates. Those Celtics losses I don't know which senator I was brutalized by residents will what did you expect that -- expect anything there's still. I I had thought -- be worse really yeah I actually that they competed last night as opposed to what happened it was my revolver thirteen years in -- considering what their roster was compared to what Dallas and going at city competed in Dallas to play great either. No I'm had been you know. God I get I mean it is -- worn out. About one torn now between saying okay. Mystic blues group will be -- right now before the train delays go nuts and Oreo. Actually I never thought -- get that -- this group I and that you would either. But I guess we'll edit your limits and from the police there I'm area can for him I'm I'd like to hear from the and typically I get a lot of what I think and believe in from the people -- this radio station. Not all of them you know we get the drugs -- wants oil on them with our. Guys it's -- some of the drugs -- to what they're talking about the guy -- just takes longer tell us and think about but you know we get the guys Carlo open you know clueless we give up very educated intelligent sports fans out there called his radio program. You know don't give -- the wrong impression. It just has run at night get people were. Already had six Beers certain Lou -- lubricate and you know. Smoke and opened the car or any of that stuff -- -- mostly fan base occasionally we get those and that's okay we we welcome and that we you know we're kind of an equal in other words what is what we're saying we -- ever but -- opportunity -- two to express themselves. On this radio program -- that's really kind of what his radio program is all about. I've been a lot of shows in my life I think terrorist calculating and a couple of weeks ago John and as I hit an anniversary from idea might legendary radio career. And I've done over 6000 radio shows 2000 TV show I believe it and we let people from all walks of life. Every country in the world. Sometimes from other planets. That every country heavy it's what Colin from the Vatican yeah won just one that a city yet he spent Summers said about the Pope. We've had people calling from -- Bulgaria Tasmania we've had people call radio program from as as which established motivated by fear Canadians stop over point. That calls from their everywhere really. Guatemala we always like to bring attention affected you know sometimes we get calls from Alaska from David has -- from Medford before and -- Bridgewater yes estimated yes several several of them took everything we should talk about two things and -- -- this out here and and the baseball thing is is going to be an on going. Session for us obviously has now camp has started. Pedroia showed up today and read the red -- campus and open to open Torre gets there because as you know John he is my favorites where dozens are tomato Cody Ross gets there which she did today. And Cody -- here. Maybe your new right fielder. One of them. So if the Red Sox at all going on around them and I I I've had a committed to the one thing that. It really has nothing to do -- beer has nothing new chicken. Because as I told you. A different. Set of fortunes at last year's playoffs no one would care about the beard chicken. And I tell symbolic of the desire I don't but I'm tired of hearing about that I am too I I'd rather just -- they are still out there -- just realize that you got to each one of you has to work hard play as hard as you can will notice. And the winds will happen if you do those things. But add that to go back over -- Reuters Bobby Valentine is looking already looks older. I think you restart your desire to hours' sleep tonight so I think he was dying his hair when he was doing ESPN a little bit. Maybe a touch of gray or something he was thrown in there but he now he's got the white completely white sideburns I think you just -- ago les and older gentleman. Well I understand where he's now he's like Sparky Anderson did -- make it sound like I feel like it's Roger Maris at the end of his playing days something in the way he's it's -- he -- -- already already. Having taken this Joseph Garcia that -- so. Program is this 61779085888525. 0850. That's a toll free you can Texas at 85815 last name and our Hampshire we just will be targeted at. Some of the changes that have taken place let's get shall go into that because we only there's only half hour -- market. -- -- -- It's right symphony do death 7 o'clock 7 o'clock in the Oklahoma City we got our share for shows is reeks of we're given nighttime audience a chance to. To weigh in on Red Sox and Celtics now are already getting text messages about blowing up Celtics. I still. Writing to clean. Feverishly. -- to the concept that they can give this the final and we all know their final shot -- it. Okay now mirrors so many doubters there after all as of now there under 500. We've -- some problems. This team you know offensively -- most assuredly they cannot score. I think a lot of that. Tragically has to do with -- you know probably Jeff Green is going to be a part of the scoring machine this year. It had he not -- They'll probably run on the floor but. I think there's something going on there there's something going on between Rondo and some of these other guys some kind of bad and out of chemistry there's something that I don't know what it is but -- something. Well and then speak into the Rondo issue itself and you know I'm just thinking about it at what point in your career don't do you not know that throwing the ball the -- gonna cost you and your team. I would think that junior high basketball maybe. You know eight re an enigma might at all but I mean. It's gotta be the kind of thing with that just doesn't happen. I just can't have now. Do what I know and did you all watch a game yet we know the refs suck they suck all the time when -- Celtics are on the court. And -- called particular I think runner got hammered. It probably a good point but you'll make your point by throwing the ball the -- that's only gonna William -- -- cure was pressed first for screw rejection for around. I'm kind of surprised at that myself. Because he's become I think increasingly temperament over the years. These -- just got to be something he never does you aren't we perceived as a leader. Ours is all star or somebody that somebody would want on the team you can't do. So that being said you got. Obvious issues here and I'm not stunned by the offense around owed to them. This text are already says she's a totally arrogant know this is the first very first texts I get on the Rondo situation. Total arrogant deep bag he just expects peers by not getting him the ball. Garnett is fueling it by pumping Rondo -- tires too much. It has to be pierce -- -- Garnett -- -- all vote talented has terrible attitude. He's not a team first guy. In a few years in more maturity maybe he'll come face of become face of the franchise. All the Celtics need is a bang -- rebounder at the five spot that can run. Believe the seas are legit five away from -- you if you're gonna get a runner to get that five Ryder. And you're done and your point guard and a big way right or noted -- -- well you know what depends what is to us. What that was like. -- piece that text oh well me longer clobbered memory from the -- Direct and debt we wanna talk about the reds are tonight as well so -- 22 areas for you to complain about -- to offer your opinions on. The basic broad question is for the Celtics. Are you leaning toward blown up I would say 80% because well but you know what. You've got blown up anyway when the season's over so you blow you blow it up now. Posted then. You know. This is it's it depends what you're gonna get a return of course then of its its a simple answer but we don't know what's out there what's what he's working on. And and by the way used to working nonstop since 2010 this is something new yet but every state to do -- trading deadline blow to really kind depends on who's available. To a team that is not. That isn't that is ready to blow up as well whatever they're doing. Look it's -- never kind of have a cooperative partner in that who would you out of the Big Three do you think is the most tradable commodity. Of. The Big Three well of the new Big Three of course probably Paul Pierce. Are -- they won't trade him. You know I will not be joining his -- -- -- ray Allen's most tradable commodity. Yeah well because of low number salary number well that and every team is always looking for that shooter. All every team is -- definitely takes -- after -- -- they get a good they don't they get big credit on their salary cap next time around -- but the problem is get a matchup salaries and it's going to be difficult to trigger an -- because that -- -- probably the third team involved in Nolan makes that talk funny so so messy honestly that is the salary capital bankers really brutal. -- to try to -- through your mind through that mullah. Strainer it well and also now with a new collective bargaining agreement there's a lot of other things going on there too. I -- look Danica Patrick's on TV I think you're cheekbones and got higher. I just into the car just -- you're our very first caller on the set this program muddy planet Mikey show live from Brighton mass. Just didn't -- They just an ego Justin. God I act a couple of quick point on topics that I want to bring up yes go right ahead just yet. So one thing that that in about that no one really talk about is the fact that -- doctor and ought it is now on call. And stuck it. And I'm not -- issue and actually think that there is. Part of read and talk about that aren't you yell at navy at the -- he. Bought into and out -- that. It's certainly consideration -- you don't think that's the reason I mean that's a slight reason but I think there was a bigger plan in place. David bigger plan was what was going on this summer when they cut there're going to be able end Chris ball and some sort of Rondo deal then build from there. That was the plan. And you think there's any chance that they acted Rondo it whatever number one pick they could maybe get a I'd trading Garnett. He -- top but it and you're strapped. Allowances and don't they know again eat eat yet he got to lay out more details of that but he. Rondo can get. Yet acted up I've and it around -- in this year and accurate -- up. Well you know let's yeah I think about the people there than they were talking about so far in exchange for Rondo you've heard Rondo we've heard -- noted in the same sense of the Chris Paul -- the -- says -- -- pol gets all. You've heard of in the same sentence would Dwight how is all stuff is such bogus there's no way that's happening there's no way I I I I think it's hogwash there's no way. The -- and I think that happens is is doesn't but. I I also think that'd be extremely difficult to trade Garnett I think that they're getting used Garnett expired contract more than anyone else. Because of his salary on which you mix. And a lot but you're you're you're favorite -- just -- a loaded up right right now right now. Yeah I think absolutely I think you know given cheers like now you. Two years to rebuild and and you know maybe two or three years and another act under -- so you. Like Kevin loves that guy that's what they really of lofty an outside chance of some kind of playoff success this in order to accommodate this rate. Yet now where it's not -- it being sixties and and it -- term. Rob what even an eighth seed. Let's all right now we haven't had eight seeds are succeeds you know. Don't want it -- win the thing I just 96 to nine. At the last time eighth seed went well and I had up to look back but those know my recollection Celtics let's go to Bruce in Florida Bruce. -- no idea where you. Nobody I. -- -- -- -- -- well I'm done OK that's I was you can continue to eat there and it will be and I do it all the time I just don't think that there right now. The shop it's gonna get anything that is better than what -- I would wake will be in the I would look at -- And by the way. Way to go and make this team. Mikhail PP -- general. That's it uses to his got his new -- -- -- those that don't daddy that was -- pretty well against. New action that that was allowed. Such a simple price. That would bring back that are within the Celtics. Get them the opportunity. Going forward. I know that there role what I don't think it makes any sense that. Just exploded and at this point let him go. If it's something that's viable before march 15 yeah. Grab hold news but it's not deal with the -- you have I do believe that they could get in the top rate. And if they don't make it that's okay. What I'm really -- Now we are we being too quick to judge what this team is and because let's face it based on what we've seen so far this year where we've really seen a complete complement of players together all of them nobody you have them but will you. Is the question Seattle well well let out you can't I'm not sure you can plan -- season -- orgies are they gonna be how healthy. Have a -- -- are you can't just say they're not going to be in and say on this. Ever blown up -- this second in defense point a lot out and the ambient rights. That you talk about all of them. They talk about. What until the end and Ray Allen just running by people this second in the league so that's not all that bad because. Good but look at some of the other numbers. About it either -- dysfunctional offense and right now that's really the biggest problem and that in rebounding and the other parties ever talks about a turn -- great -- -- turnovers they've been killed by turnovers I put that near the top analyst. By -- turnovers and some of those three and unforced turnovers tragedy lot of -- I don't know all the big -- not scoring. You know that they're just not a consistent basis -- you're getting it yet you resign he's out of that from players got Garnett out for budget games and he got -- -- Rondo suspend do you what do we ever gonna get this c.s seem. In its entirety or not that's the problem -- this because there's always going to be someone once you know Jermaine O'Neal missed a game and Kevin Garnett and Paul I mean it's. It's been like this was so I don't see any signs of that. And I think you're right I think yeah. You're right about that Danny -- to get into anything drastic and listened to the is out here. Would. We. -- scoring off the bench. The -- scoring off there off the starters you did not know scoring that is that in a -- it's a -- -- nuts and bolts. The biggest problem Celtics this year has been that they can't score right. It loads so how do you remedy that situation how to get these guys in sync -- -- to get a pass the ball enough. And not just settle for three. You know I mean I've seen a lot of that or settle in for -- shot of the no but a lot of it too is you know Rondo a drive and the basket a lot of times you're expecting it to go for the three -- -- last night was such an easy job Rick Horrow -- coaching. I mean I -- that would hitting in. Might do is seal off. Now Ray Allen or Paul Pierce at the top of the key double them you cut that -- off news news. Not much ball movement there because there's no other school or so was so easy. And what what I heard earlier was you know -- it was a great great I think he's one of the top five guards. But in less -- bishop off the pierce and Ray Allen. Which he hasn't done. And I I think it's becoming a problem. I presume we gotta run to break your -- -- I don't know why that's happening. -- having him because they're trying to free -- offscreen so much Ray Allen isn't shaken free of a lot of those greens. We got a lot of issues of the Celtics team Red Sox too gonna have some fun talking about a man we get take -- -- regular sports flash or whatever it is for it would take almost sportswear brands. Updates at act. And -- got one line open as of right now get right back to your phone calls and -- and serious. Analysis and in depth sports talk on this program --

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