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Ian Thomsen, SI, on the possibility of trading Rajon Rondo

Feb 21, 2012|

Ian joins Kirk and Mut to talk about the possibility of trading Rondo and the recent Celtics struggles.

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Paul Pierce Celtics losers last night the -- one and got more game before the all star break Oklahoma City preceded by big birthday party perk is gonna throw. Per John Rondo it's -- and Maloney 937 WEEI Lewis. Working. In Fort Myers will talk to Lou later Ron Kirk and and hanging out joining us on the eighteenth -- hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible SIZ tops and Ian Mikey Kirk -- Boston power you. Great very good we have could pick -- way to these last couple of days kind of the the outlook for this Celtic team and and I guess we need to start is just that Rajon Rondo and the trade possibilities are we talking about Ian. 606570. Cents on the dollar at this point if the NEA decides to move foreign trade Rajon Rondo before that march 15 deadline. That's what ultimately come down to me he should definitely be looking to see what you can get Toronto right now and then if you can't get enough. -- and don't give away. What what that calculus like. That they need to get back for -- to work while. I think it and to lie about it you know -- Big goal in the country. It's just brought one. Let's say it was helpful and they were able keep -- wanted to. Whatever they individually. Until the lakers take up a -- Well. No idea that they -- worthwhile because now we're not going to be building would you welcome will be trying to extend. Blood. In the way because you're ineptitude of yours you can counsel and don't look they want you kind -- you -- not actually -- -- people's -- wouldn't get that -- Yeah and actually in a deal that actually makes sense -- it would it would be you know young player one of the big man traffic. Well not entirely different -- than you think about you wanna go in that direction so. You know train Rondo and they can do it as part of a bigger picture. And then that's going to set the mark on the chart for the next five years is it's really important decision to make. He's by far the most valuable asset on the team. That's why I'd have to think about trading he's the only guy that they really can't trade right now to try and started where. William is that your understanding though that that Danny's frustration with some of the stuff that Rondo doesn't -- frustration is boiled over to the point where they were consider making that that -- -- getting west back and is there. You heard enough that says it may be that just so frustrated and they may do that. Honestly I don't think frustrations can make it through this without being real cold blooded there. Where. You know. We're talking about the next five years he. Know where they're gonna go with this. It can't make it -- the fact that he lost his head through the ball correctly which -- we unforgivable repute and we've all you know I need leadership wants to be -- in the CI express that by being selfish. I love rumble. He's terrific players on the field of players we watched but that's just unforgivable what these. And said that they cannot make this decision based on. Being upset and frustrated with them. He's an asset he's very valuable guy. And they have to do the right and listening -- so. If they if they hold onto it because these players are not satisfied with the percentage -- -- again you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It can turn them into something that -- wanted them that you passed then I'm sure that's what we're gonna do. They can't be worried about the reputation partners but it seems like in other teams Ian and go on -- that oral history for second it seems like that the local papers there. Insinuated -- wanna do that deal because they were a little bit wary over John Rondo and his reputation and his attitude. Is back it'll affect his value to other GM's other teams look at him and say he is a great player. But he is a problem child that's gonna affect his value if they decide to trade him somewhere cross the -- Yes but -- that the -- every time wouldn't trade is made otherwise we wouldn't trade though if this this was not an issue. If he if you would users. You know. 100% leaders and why it was -- extreme to guide is age. You know it has talent and the ability to pull people together I don't think he would be available. Every time I get traded. It's because of that that was a focus always be available the guys want to championships. More greatly lost. And he's done it took away his physical because it's like Howard when it won here you people think you saw that. He chased down although offensive rebounds in southern beat Boston. -- very tough scrappy and decade. He's got all the normal world. But. Doesn't that it disappears for awhile and they and so you wonder about is that too easy to be hurt by these trade. Well great player doesn't allow that to affect. That's why didn't you deal or otherwise there's no way -- sort of can't let these guys can move as there's. Some weakness to. That. Enables seamless -- -- in the movement but the same with Toronto. But then you that you look at all the stuff he gives you. As a true point guard very one of the very few true groom players in the league it really -- -- the -- and others to create shots the other side. Consultant he'll allow people team. He has in the past when they were able could fall through -- allowed them play younger. How they almost won the championship a couple of years ago because -- will enable them play younger that's very valuable. Is a scenario Ian did you see that trade deadline passes and Garnett and Ray Allen are still on the Celtics. Well yeah -- it's really hard trade down. Now. Look what is this legal. If they if they all want Iran policy commitment to trade out -- -- them. Then. Why would you -- it up because -- louima -- get much through those two guys were on New Year's and you're deal. If you didn't truly about. Now all of a sudden -- -- keeping the other three guys popular says no intrinsic value this won't credits the franchise player. All that in the though did very well trade -- So but it makes what says. Salute to keep the other guys because no certainty doesn't. Now you don't have been glued told you all together and and because it enables them to have easy shot can be -- Drives and -- And open things up for everybody else. Now all of a sudden everything on the table and insult. And I think. You know if there was any sentimental feeling well -- break it really wants you don't score will that would be up a window and -- -- like now we really. -- rather that we really need to hurry up. Get things go. Can read only. So all all -- -- those -- change. If they do trade round. We're talking -- it tops of SI joins us -- and -- 937 incident is thirteen fast forty bring up a lot of good points about. Rondo on the roster and what Danny might do. You go to the off season summer 2012. Lot of NBA people looking -- -- a lot of big names are up you got guys are gonna opt out. If you handicap the Dwight Howard race in particular. The Celtics in the top three in your mind of a potential landing spot for this guy once the -- a clear and Dwight -- looking for a place to play next year. On loyal excellent -- he's he's made it clear. And other analysts. And I don't I don't think that's something he's thinking about. And I haven't heard any of the reasons mentioning bosses when they wanna play. And by the fact that they all. Doc Rivers is universally acclaimed but players in the week this. So. Let me go to the -- -- -- move forward. Is. To gather assets and sort of follow the game plan. Several years ago. Whether it's not create. These accounts it is a valuable assets trade. -- -- they can trade young. So. We'll have to build up now the next couple years and I used it until it is not making much money and they need to trade war. -- player. -- make a lot of money. Very very good player and then. -- -- you know -- -- -- -- that is. Right now. Going forward the mentality of the young stars -- his. Look at Austin as a way these. One at the sexy place right now. You know that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An avid soccer who signed up for the long term I think this is a big damage from Boston is Republican chance. Change the outlook about -- But nonetheless and street into your Caroline you know Chris Paul didn't have any interest in the blast in the -- content -- go to India. So I just hope he doesn't mean. Right now is what we know right now as this tragic and so it's -- region now. This year -- -- Ian Thompson -- best ice team on Comcast as well he joins us on 937 WE yeah I'm laying the ground work -- for potentially. A repeat of what got in the championship and a weight which is building up of assets over multiple years. Then to make those one or two trade the -- altogether. It's over sobering. -- that not Oregon ot not he was great it's -- compensation as a it's official yes. Tells with the competition would be well. But could be a radiate he's finesse -- compensation if you want it's a pitcher on the cubs yes -- name and the details next.

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