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Is Rondo the problem with this team?

Feb 20, 2012|

Should Rondo be moved since he is the most valuable trade piece?

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Please their ball nestled down -- Rondo. Now we'll go back to Detroit. Physical. From -- -- -- it won't go. Into the -- and again he doesn't know that you. Do you know ideas -- sports namely you know what it's now. -- double technical on Rondo he's been ejected. And now he's gonna get is what he's working with -- Washington. Before being escorted off the floor. -- actually at the radio broadcaster WEEI Rondo get tossed from the get immature move by Rhonda I mean obviously don't -- officiating. I'll admit -- -- but you don't want Michael. When Detroit is the aggressive team you out works in the NBA if you're the aggressor you get all the calls if you're passive. You get none of the call shame on Rondo shame on the team. Eating it calls did you didn't deserve to calls that you throw the ball like that at the official. Amateur there are times he cannot be trusted that's why I'm gonna go back to appoint. When I -- you're preaching to -- I absolutely agree with you Paul Pierce wasn't going anywhere until Danny Ainge brought in Kevin Garnett. And he brought in reality it's saving -- bodily I didn't get your immaturity issues remember him. Taking off pretty good on Indiana playoff game in rapid as head like Erica but do I was -- that he hit all wrapped up okay. I got. But you'll could build. Around Paul -- He can do it by himself an obviously Garnett can do it alone in Minnesota and and Ray Allen couldn't do it alone and yet -- all hall of fame players. But no no -- hall of fame players old school hall of fame player he said. Go at that guy he's gonna take you somewhere I guess you said about superstars. Superstars. All you need is one guy -- -- they'll win 5055 games. Those guys weren't superstars that -- -- it now. You -- with Paul Pierce. And Allen and and Garnett you're going somewhere. Can you built around Rondo if you bring in two guys. The equivalent of Garnett that -- think Rondo is years and you bring in Garnett and you bring in Allan. Is not gonna work on that guy. It's a great it's a great question and I that's why I I when people throw Russell Westbrook. Out there. He scores forty he's pissed off because everybody's talking about Durant who by the way scored. 51 so let's lucky carried away. Westbrook has the same problem he's a better outside shooter but he has. Immature issues. That I think if you. Didn't have to Iran that team that would be a mess you know what a mess and and you know they don't run the -- -- same same problem. He can't be your best guy he can't be the legitimate star you'd need to legitimate star above him above ground -- And you notice. Great players hall of fame players. Have had episodes of immaturity. Whoever it is you name -- -- -- at. About Scottie Pippen clinical higher than Scottie Pippen so that Magic Johnson yes. Minimum magic yes admission is where he didn't want to get coach fired and -- job he did it okay Larry Bird got into a fight during the playoffs. Okay injuring himself during the playoffs so. These players that we romanticize. Have all had moments. Where and they don't exercise the best judgment so with Rondo. Throwing the ice team yet the video machine -- when he didn't like the criticism criticism that he was getting from the coaching staff. It's showing up late for a playoff game in the Orlando series three KG was out and throwing the ball at the official OK those are all immature things and they're all unacceptable. But this is where I'm gonna judge Rondo and his immaturity. When a judge him by what he does on the court endemic. To between six on Wednesday. We -- a great point guard who can't shoot 70% from the free throw line -- -- at this point. Got to -- not I don't wanna hear about big hands. I don't wanna hear about lack of a routine you know addition of a big guys know what they say he would -- when you got big hands he got big it can ask for tickets. Name your favorite point guard in the history of the game and I'm gonna I'm gonna show you a guy who shot above seven experts -- Especially a guy that takes the ball to hold on a regular basis that the majority I see absolutely I don't you I -- I said this from day one. And I I love his game because I think he's game is so unique. And I've said this from day one I do not even believe he needs to develop a great outside shot to be a great point a warning that. A free throw you've got to make your free throws if you can't. You can't take the ball to hole it create a fracture everybody else because you become an easy. Opt out at the end of the game days eight. I could stop you. There's another problem developing here and I and I kinda understand why they're doing it but they're doing and and the Celtics Celtics management. Celtics coaching staff. The case is asked of -- -- it with Rondo and and the reason they do it publicly is because they don't want it to illustrate. They don't want people to think that he's a problem it becomes to the point where they need to move. So they'll say all sorts of nice things to bottom. And they'll give you little glimpses. Up of what he used to be that in quotes what used to be Ali I used to be a tough guy and his teammates didn't always like there's a history dating basic knowledge yet. But he's come a long way -- needs he's a Smart guy you know he's he's all that but some of those problems are still there right. And into fertility and for Danny -- got to figure this thing out when the Big Three golf. Is Rondo capable of the you know they deem me. And I'm not sure if the answer on that is is yes how do you how do you work with -- with mark price. One of the best free throw shooters in the history of the game. And become a worst free throw an organic wanna I wanna know the story on that crew I don't get this judge doesn't Somerville Rajon. Hopefully you know are you doing what you would think about term. The rebounding being derelict in losses because a best and I kind of been on occasion. I think it's more now everybody go grab our a couple of years -- -- -- I think you're looking at it right now in and these guys have been out the rebounding is not in good. When everybody's been healthy instinct here teams are getting second and third opportunities what did you -- -- yesterday eleven offensive rebuffed -- give the team. That they shot 38%. You're shooting in the fifties for the first half. And you losing -- to get upset happen turnovers. And you can't give the team's second. Third opportunities you know John on the broadcast last night Donny Marshall and and Mike Gorman we're saying. What Detroit they're not as bad as their record their seven and three in their last ten games and and Lawrence Frank has has gotten them out on the same page. OK at that statement is true of Detroit is not is as bad as their record says they are yeah which is questionable. Okay than the Celtics are not the fifteen and fifteen team that their record says they are because. I don't care what you say about Detroit and their talent and figuring out get on the same page. You should not be swept. By the Detroit Pistons in the matter in a matter of a few days it should not happen hole went home with the tried and you'll lose both. To me to me -- laughable to me that this witness told you everything about the steam. Because you've seen enough of this in the NBA. If you're a decent team. And they beat you at home the first time you are so pumped -- Jack there is no way. That the team is going to win when you've faced him a few days later on the road. I don't care if Kevin Garnett playing Kevin Garnett not -- sorry. That Timmy told me everything I needed to know about the team as a bad bad sign and the question is with the Rondo. Backed him. If he's -- key figure here time. Paul Pierce might be playing his last season as a Celtic maybe yes to more put his prime years are over. Kevin Garnett is probably playing his last season as a Celtic Ray Allen is probably playing his last season as the Celtic. You wanna talk about the future of the Celtics you would think that and includes Rondo and the question with him is how comfortable. As is he. At 26 years old he can't keep saying he's cute he's so young. We we saw with an F five years ago. It's when he won -- and NBA championship when yourself. Any deserved it and he was a big part of it. He had a tremendous game six set the tone from the start and just kept and kept pushing and -- game turned into a laugher but it 26. You wanna see something different one of my favorite stories about Doc Rivers when he first came to town. He had a meeting with Paul Pierce -- set to pierce. I hear your great shooter. -- I emigration. That why shoot 40%. Emigrate to OK but by shooting 40%. You're not a great shooter if you're shooting 40% from the field and Doc Rivers is first year. -- Celtics coach. Pierce went from 40% shooting a 45 and moved from 45 to 47 to 44 to 46 to 45 to 47 report. Nine so he bought in. Doc called him out he bought and I wanna see. I wanna see Rondo improve. As a shorter as eight. Unguarded fifteen feet from the basket shooter would you don't necessarily need I don't need about I don't intimacy to see him make and I Hillary's now. But there's something in his routine that is lacking right that is preventing him. From improving. In that critical area I don't know if -- their and then then I can see where you go I don't know what it is. I'll say this though the only way you gonna. Get something in return if you looking for something in return trading players away. It means pierce or Rondo wearable -- And we may see a totally different team personnel may be dramatically different top to bottom. Your next year that the heat is suddenly getting into the studio you are you feeling them feeling right now. That is does like -- influx of -- And I'm not feeling which if you could they could they've actually -- -- -- in -- misread the signals I am not in a feeling -- -- today Richard it's -- temperature feeling now. Palaces -- any of for the holiday this is an awkward moment our relations. The guess here in the studio and bandits and you're exactly right and -- telling me -- keep coming into the U. I'm Dylan -- I'm -- I just assumed it was Steve. Stay -- -- -- really that's dropped in order --

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