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Andrew Ference on Zdeno Chara, Rich Peverley, and Rick Nash

Feb 17, 2012|

Bruins defenseman, Andrew Ference, joins D&C to talk about Montreal fans cheering after Chara got hit in the face with the puck and Rich Peverley’s knee injury. How does the team replace Peverley and Nathan Horton if they are without their services for a while? Andrew also discusses the possibility of the Bruins acquiring Columbus Blue Jackets star Rick Nash before the February 27th trading deadline.

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Our interview with Andrew Ference is brought to by Verizon -- -- network ahead and buy some weight eat -- she joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning -- -- joining us from Winnipeg are you not. -- -- Actual focal word out -- -- -- I've I've never been in Winnipeg is is the lovely city in which to resides for a while -- a place you wanna get -- and get out of I picked Boston are sure yeah admitted it let it cold it is through the corner here or there. When you're part of Canada and prosper when the temperature dropped -- -- too much -- I also picture as gray and cold and windy is that accurate. -- -- away a lot more -- and great. -- -- about TrueCrypt great let's let's would you rather be there are Atlanta which is a better hockey town. -- -- That political play and not be here. But I don't. Let's go let's back up and go to Montreal where you'll send kids by the Canadian fans cheering when char took a shot the chin and stitches. I would there was -- -- so you'll play as well in order coming from fleeing. Kernel code. They didn't give very different story -- Arena for whatever they robbery capital the letter what -- you know. -- if not can Matt Cooke took what in the chops in Boston you'd expect the Bruins fans react just about like that when you. Well -- -- our business that they look at. Addition before no it's not open values. Shown -- like -- like that that I fully understand what you're just. When people talk about it is being issued a ground oriented people carry a lot of what it is you know sure it's not just go to -- word. You know it did you share a lot of -- that is the Serb. The other passionate and -- -- are huge. And so when when you're in a hole most bitter rivals and from the biggest damaging Gonzales -- Lucas said it thought I -- They are rich Beverley is back in Boston getting his knee looked at and I read in the Paper this morning he's not expected to rejoin the team for the remaining five games on the road trip. Obviously Horton has been out awhile and -- she feels that that -- can you talk about the domino effect. Of losing key players and how it affects other individuals games and and the consistency that you try to bring night in a night out. Notebook Saudi it is especially if you it's not important -- -- certain guys for a long time that -- And it's wonderful but. You know that's. Now that just comes don't shoot. You know something that's if GM you're looking at players you don't they wonder what our adaptable are well. Know how quickly they can -- -- Why don't you aren't either changed there's value we're change we're that they were certain players who format so you'll also know more people you have it can be our first. What -- better he can while obviously some good work better do learn such you know I I think says you know over the past there appears you know without. I think a pretty good. We're pretty good success with vendors doing -- -- mean it's -- pretty big guy. And it also I think is gonna concert during -- that's it you know Kyra all you review my level would displace there's. Won't know my image been out. I'd serious question Andrews there a team breakfast at some point this morning and we'll you make short -- Sagan gets there. I don't know any true rather than literally drives. I offered him this because caught my room last night assistant -- studied very. Look local issue that. Well you I mean honestly would you if you weren't there were times the breakfast at and then -- say eleven. Would you go up maquiladora make sure it doesn't happen again. Yeah waterway was caught on to assert. I mean we've we've we've. Somehow break into your room during a lot -- -- and then of course they had all sorts of people he had trouble -- -- last time. Are overdue where were strong but. It just -- up -- -- -- and in which earlier was you and there was this much go to our. This so you don't you sound like you don't expect someone that they haven't again. I don't know I don't think so. -- under the Columbus Dispatch reported yesterday that the Bruins are one of five teams for whom star forward Rick Nash would waive his no trade clause the others will be the Rangers -- yet they need him a lot. The sharks the kings in the Maple Leafs -- thing about Rick Nash joining the Bruins. Or you don't mean you'd walk -- renewed their car. You know but I think moving a player like better than the bloody users send them doesn't he know -- with the salary cap world. And all that goes without so I'm. Yeah I don't think anybody in the locker room districts and we'll hear what we're losers were especially bad -- candidates. In order except it pretty difficult to portray -- uncertain -- however I think about it more I didn't really what you like is here and players now compared to a few years ago. Breaking Boston's order chain them I mean. You know people wanna come Abbas now we've changed the culture some. You know where -- before I think pupil freeagent certain you've got to -- with the most current situation might have had intended for. While before criminal intent and power salute is a place where it. I mean we we -- in the -- all the top guys to that's. We're we're very attractive destination. You wouldn't trade to harass or would you. Problem look at Jim sort of what general asked that question has got a. Well let's look at me -- would you would you guess a young goaltender that is yes just a definite yes. Are you expecting some big deal that shore up -- team here. -- -- -- mean but I never expected anything like this that I think that you'll lose so hard to do for the GM's. You know I never expected and bigotry is never expect him recommended that he does. -- play with a guy that he got the greens are I think it's kind of silly to. To speculate group and a whole virtual. To wonder what's going on to console. And it's completely out of our control we're gonna -- your vote you try to play him. What do you hope happens to the Rangers how do the Rangers come back to earth. Or replace gridlock in Green who I think that's. Or -- -- chambers serve. You you know I think that when you and a biopsy he just. Will be going to -- this system -- -- -- -- it did its what -- I mean. It's. The -- big could consider is you know them against. So I think we'll be roster shooting in -- -- -- changing -- in our conference let's include beer. Won't know really you really curious. Are they better than -- thought they better than you expected when you play and the other day was that. No no matter army and I think it's because of the play very disciplined and -- and I don't know I think you know losses initiative so popular critical term elections. Something that we know although -- -- changeup looked good -- I -- really. Generated you know quite a few shots and some good some decent chance -- than symbolic show up big jerk almost want so symbolic resolution ought to look that we can -- serve. You know how how big -- of structure. You got shot blocking the core ultra can be moved indoors. Or in -- -- discourage you looked at it as. You push abortion abortion. -- your final question for me -- a local guy and Josh Hennessy is probably gonna make his Bruin debuted tonight he spent last year I think overseas and switch eleven and 49 games in Providence. What adjustment like to jump into a new team in the middle of the season and try to hit the ground running or skating and and what kind of player -- as far -- can tell. I'm also really don't know what term aquarius. Viewer input the first the but I I don't trust it Q. Well -- and conditioning coach does -- like I know the guys the best the Eagles are two problems a lot to me. You know guys' characters who are the work particularly important sure. You know who gets good trip comes up so yeah I know I mean immunity he. If you are working guy and and and Garcia's -- Kind of -- -- of you -- not a complicated game but just so hard work well honesty -- new -- a lot of our players so I think you know when you when you have a you know the same style of the Girardi played it -- saudis your assessment but I try to come and be complicated. Can't beat you can't declare ourselves like that certain. You know you have the lecture just kind of keeping it simple and of not straying too far the bowl game. They Andrew Sports Illustrated did a poll of all a bunch of NHL players. Anonymous and they asked this question. Which all star caliber player is the easiest. To intimidate and you'll be glad to know no Bruins were named. And no defenseman got more than one votes -- was -- defenseman -- Bruins on the list so you're off the -- -- but. Would you care to guess. -- could -- all star caliber. All you sell yourself short but we can't guess who made the list to who's number one. And harried. You're you've got to me Canada so it's possible to talk. Majora Winnipeg don't get the Sports Illustrated like three weeks are. -- do nothing nothing gets appear at a lower rated. Boy you got free all fronts in the top the list number one is Phil Kessel. Number 28 and to be they think they lump them together for the -- didn't -- assistant to sit at the. Would you been ordered a -- vote now -- would you would you know floor. I'm glad we did really get -- -- -- and now he got it now and back created. Well I am I am I'm assuming that a lot of people. -- also watching argued against those guys because -- yeah definitely a couple of factors. You know were -- when people leave her. Our own player believes such a pretty big factor -- and -- to the folks. I'll hopefully -- the last. Goose island well or not. Hey briefly what's the Serb National Geographic documentary thing all about did you go a little window that. Well hopefully -- a little bit more I caught the Kardashians. If it's basically. Developer wants all of them and check out some of the different environmental stuff that's. -- don't know that a revolver and and and doing -- and I think it is I don't wanna choose. -- -- and inside you know. What are overweight are you so big it's it's. I don't it's -- to -- -- -- -- video but also it will cost tortured -- not -- Is it the economy at the. A Bruins get involved in politics work -- go wrong. It Garrett. -- just featured in it are you the host of it what you role particularly in the show. Just preacher and yeah. That is so they I guess they it's more -- out. You know the -- character. That's going on what are you also of the marine litter. You know going Green and then some of what some of the project the league has been doing com you know whether it's got some live absurd or just below. But I would secure engines also -- so to -- me a little there -- -- a lot of what you're aware of. We ever get to see you composting banana peels and potato skins. Yeah I think America. But they don't want to make it -- -- -- -- okay good good to have you you have I think I saw you -- to work -- -- biking to work correct. Or yeah it -- the preview and this followed me around on cup date. So -- go over that. And then we have we we haven't even shot almost a bit but I think there's there's some stuff. They're disgusting like using one sheet of toilet -- there. I don't know I -- I try to keep it. Try to keep their assailant or if you this is on the National Geographic channel correct. Yes and who know web sites. I think just this week -- so. There who's going to be a short little. I think like five days -- -- -- so it was control whether sort of like Nicole. The socialite debt and we should also point out that as far as -- hospitals concerned twenty runners will you purchase -- the Boston Marathon on April 19. As part of Spalding is race for rehab team to read about the team members and support them at. Crowd rise dot com Spaulding rehab one of and whose favorite places. And causes near to -- with heart and a good talk and good luck tonight at Winnipeg -- talked to Donna -- a friend. Our -- guess Andrew Ference and Dennis and Callahan brought you by Verizon five also network ahead and -- subway eat fresh.

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