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Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo Sports, on the future of the Celtics Big Three and Jeremy Lin

Feb 16, 2012|

Adrian joins D&C to talk about the future of Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce. If and when Danny Ainge decides to blow up the big three, what can the Celtics expect in return? Adrian also talks about the NBA’s newest superstar, Jeremy Lin.

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Time to get some answers time to figure out what's happening in the NBA what's happening with Jeremy -- what's happening with the Boston Celtics the Big Three and -- Denny gained reconstitute this basketball team go forward. Nobody can give us the answer is more Yahoo! sports' Adrian announced he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE speeds up to ten times after the treaty. AT&T rethink possible according Adrian how aria. Abdul what happened well we're we're we're waiting for march to roll around and everybody is anticipating some sort of -- -- change with the Boston Celtics from your perspective what do you think -- its options are going forward. You know he's been a tough spot now because. I think whatever they try to really look and see what this team is what it can be. There -- more injuries. They take a step forward and and and you know like last night another back with a home loss to Detroit. And -- would be -- said in the earlier we are talking about it. Earlier in the season was -- all the Big Three can still really play. Individually they can also really polite but collectively can be the court championship team and I think that. Along with a round obviously. That that's the question he's got that I think. What he does is based on what he can do what. We all know that. Probably any big deal right now would be built around either Rondo or Paul Pierce more likely. Paul Pierce with two years left -- a deal over thirty million dollars who would take that money on and what can be any get in return to make it work that. With with Kevin Garnett ray I'll make a market cap at the end of the year. I don't think there's any deal that makes sense for them when they have expiring contract. But but Adrian -- explain this though other teams in contention we don't we don't think the Celtics are gonna win we're already resigned they're done. An -- -- so he knows it's not there's no point keeping these guys together wouldn't contending team -- that some contending team really use. A Ray Allen or Kevin Garnett on the stretch. That there's no question they could -- it would be a matter of how much would a team be willing to give up for them so if you're being any. You know of course there's teams will make you know would love them seem to think -- win now teams. We wanna bring them but can you get a first round pick. One of those guys I don't know I don't I think first round picks had become so precious. In his new collective bargaining agreement. Cap space is really important. -- the luxury tax changing a couple years here that I I think teams will pay less. Out for rentals waddle will what do. What happens if you do that first round pick for say Allen. Is contracts expiring. They get to the cap relief they get they still get under the cap at the end of the year and they have the the pick and and. Well the promised to you've got to take now you've got to take contract back to match you know race salary up or Kevin Garnett salary in a cabin making. You know 2.2 million dollars so that it's hard it just doesn't make any sense. Q are you gonna take more money on going forward the idea is to get the money off so with those guys that think they're gonna lead to cap it the end of the year you're gonna start rebuilding. And that's what you do in Boston's big plate free agency. I think they're going to be attractive when they have cap space. Because of the stability. Of the any run in the franchise people believe in him a billion champion. And guys in the league wanna play for Doc Rivers is when the best coaches in the league. In Boston itself is going to be an attractive free agent destination now they had they weren't able -- Chris Paul Dwight Howard on it. Go you know heading into free agency about the part that was. You know who might -- play with fear going forward not. I don't wanna be and bought so I don't think that. Any -- -- I think Boston has become again an elite destination for guys in the league so for for the Celtics. They're free agency play if they -- -- now or move him next year you know they've got to look to create two classes who they think they can get. Their big player rebuilding mean act on this summer may be sour. And and you seem to think that if there's going to be movement now it's more likely to be Paul and Rondo as opposed to KG and Ray Allen -- at the entered that is just a follow up isn't. Rate Communists Rondo a guy that makes Boston more attractive for free agents who wanna come and play with him go forward. If he does and as you see in this league this is a point guard league now -- in the that you look -- look look at what's happened in New York. And what Jeremy -- I mean who is this chairman Linda about a. You know -- good deal that I think might be there for Jeremy -- might be. Maybe bird and rustle. Up like it that Jeremy land deal done but vague. -- out for Boston the idea trading Rondo for -- I think is always been. If we get a superstar back or a great point guard Chris Paul. Somebody in that group they're not going to averages trade. Rondo trade Rondo it's just while his name has come up in the past. They're not going to move him and lots they're bringing back a truly great league player. So I think Paul Pierce to me you look around the league and you know their teens pierce could be -- god help put you over the top. Somewhere you know even after the -- you look at you know they need more scoring along with Derrick Rose now that would really. Upset his salary big you're gonna have to give back a lot I don't know the bulls are gonna make a big wholesale change. But it seemed like Chicago who may feel where one player away. You know from getting models. That's too. You know -- may be out there may make a run it appears between now and the deadline on the fifteenth to march. So wagering you think that there's -- fairly good chance to both KG and Ray Allen will be with his team to the end of the season. I think is a great chance the ball with a team to the yen began their expiring deal right they come off and if they wanna bring either -- eighteen and but I think this'll probably be the -- the -- group. So at what we had to we talked to Chris man X -- -- today and that we we we need people argue Adrian we are confused here I. If if you played out let these. It's and finished the year you let them walk Allen and Garnett you're well under the cap. Does it become a real -- just -- a real. Campaign to get Dwight Howard he could you get. Pierce and Rondo and and Doc Rivers the but the full court press to change Dwight Howard's mind and consider Boston. I think it's late in the game to do that I think Boston has tried very hard to get in that mix to be eighteen that he would consider. And I think there there's really two scenarios for him free agency one is going to Brooklyn of their -- was -- Williams and the other. Is gonna beat Dallas in the ballots. -- EC Mark Cuban -- but how great Shawn Marion is he's all defensive team which we know why is going to be appreciation on -- is trying to get contract off. The battle at the cap space to sign both Darrent Williams. In Dwight Howard they get rid of Shawn Marion dallas' in the game for both those guys and it and then you know -- -- Right there with the -- in terms of maybe getting both guys. What happens if he rule out Howard you mentioned -- B players treat it it's a destination it's not a bad place. If you have -- you're still here Allen and Garnett gone who would consider coming here if if Dwight Howard would not. Well I. There's not. There are not game changer in this free agency class passed. Those who many had to start looking for the following year is there any unique look at guys are restricted free agency. And they'll be some good players there but restricted free agency tricky because all you're doing is just setting the benchmark. For the other team to recited the players that great. Into the match salary. So. But the cap space then start to give them opportunities to do deals. Where there's teens who may want to look to get rid of a big salary and then you have the space to absorb the men selected the degree injured on the line. In Indiana some guys that that level of younger players who could score. We might start re. Building and keep we keep going we need some some -- here Adrian give us another -- -- another name more to come on give us one or two more names you're the expert. You know Eric Gordon will be the next year -- when he's healthy now now that knee injury you know he's had surgery in the world -- now will be some questions about him. But. You know their. In other the next the next great group is still a bit off today. The rebuilding may not happen fast in their habit that -- people -- In Boston but I think that. Again when guys become available the next. Dwight Howard the next Chris Paul the next star who wanted to out of a midsize markets smaller market. You know I've got to believe in my -- and having -- -- there having docket their will be attractive to people. As so -- Saturday gets well into its second week are the decision makers in Houston and Golden State taking heat or should they be taking heat. You know actually I think they should get credit at least they brought him -- persuade other teams who didn't bring him in and Houston. I thought that there -- more Ade Jimoh about it the other day and is that they look at we we thought it was pretty good. But we have seen it better than Kyle hollering we we had no chance that receive that. And nobody in the league could see this coming I think people -- is a guy who can make your roster could be the third guard. There's nobody in the world you can -- keeping guys. But until this guy got the opportunity and played forty minutes a game knowing there's there's nobody who knew -- believed this was possible. -- besides German I don't know Jeremy Lynn believed. This is possible this is just one of these things. This -- exports. Rate but at least those teams believed him enough to bring him -- And they they -- with him every day. And from what they saw it wasn't enough to keep them over guys -- guaranteed deals but accepting those of the two teams should get credit. And how about the other you know 320 division one schools who did offer a scholarship right -- impact sample life. They hear it if all he needed was a -- forty minutes worth of opportunity to prove himself and and demonstrate his skills as a stand to reason that there are other guys like him not necessarily Asian Americans but the guys on -- on the ends of -- NBA rosters and -- that would do the same thing or something similar given the chance. I don't know if anybody could replicate what he's done this is you need this is unprecedented. We may never seen anything like this but. There are a lot of guys have given the opportunity a lot of Smart players guys who work hard. Who don't have guaranteed deals and bounced around a little bit. They just end up in a numbers game or because people don't have the courage to play them and put themselves out there whether to coach or GM. Who can who can go in and give you quality NBA production. But so much of it it is about these GM draft of that guy and he's indebted to see that you know even that that and that guy to do well our coach. That he is there's so much of that in the league and I don't get a chance but you you watched. The drop off from the last 45 guys that purple guys and your bench for the guys -- Dili there's note. Like in the CB days that look as good guards in on the -- Right every every CB eight team that you drive and Jeremy -- time is my prediction for you can steal this Adrian. -- Jeremy -- some Eastern Conference garden which he's got ample blame the little hamstring. Again named Jeremy Lin to take his place and Rajon Rondo is gonna take hostages. And you're gonna have a stand brought Roger Rondell will not stand for that. He's playing angry right now that he's only gonna get angrier. -- -- ask you -- Ron can you explain to us why they would trade Rhonda what why would that makes sense why would change considerate. The only way to I think they've really can strongly considered it was it that you get Chris Paul if they were getting an all world player. They're not going to move him for. Two were three. You know what what straight to a three you know good players for our great point that it. They're not going to do that -- -- they can still rebuild this around him. And I think the any I think doc I think they have appreciation. For what he does how unique people talk so much about what -- doesn't view and I think. People decide on what he does to. And and that to run a team and he's just such a unique. Talent and it's just part I mean the knicks are so lucky. There's that Germany lynch showed up early on their doorstep. This the point guard -- so he he aren't going anywhere in Los again it's a Chris Paul. Type of deal and and -- it is you've seen. Those are very hard to to make. Is what we're seeing out of -- and -- game sustainable over the long -- Adrian. All it really is it really is he's not like like a home run hitter who came -- for the -- kind of you know what you did that big swing and -- some point here you know. He sees the war peace market. Is shooting has really improved -- -- -- defender and for my Indian Tony New York. You know he's -- pick and -- point guard he can play -- all night -- with a mare with Carmelo when he gets back. This is a keeper I don't know -- opened the scoring is gonna go down as the Maher is back he's Carmelo comes back about what he did last night and it pinpoints thirteen assists. He does that every night and in this New York team I think then moved up right and not behind. Chicago and Miami in the. Does Carmelo are just -- -- adjust. I think. Little adjustment -- -- left and even set a lot I've been shooting too much. -- -- they -- such scrutiny and a -- handled this. He's going to his he has no choice for the first time and he's been in New York Mike -- pony. His teammates they have some leverage on him now he's got to adjust to something verses what are was which was everybody just -- When he came in a mare he's not so much of his game. Is offensive game. With the arrival of mellow I I think mellowed out knows it's incumbent on him to do that and I I think you. These are very Smart friend from Yahoo! sports' Adrian awards announced -- -- the time always a pleasure talking basketball with different direct it to be -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE books and with speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T -- policy. It Danny Granger or Eric Gordon Gordon that those -- -- -- last night moon in the fourth quarter and KG got a nice our area and -- he's gotten that anywhere -- -- and KG and Ray -- and stay around billions. December and Gordon's or their card oh that's batter of the race issue he said Eric -- you know I was I was ready and Aaron -- -- very enthused will. Any grade he's part of the you know yeah. Here's the thing -- Could be Garnett could be -- could be -- The select -- rail way says who. This stay here in Asia and and you've heard other people say. Different I mean but -- used to probably due to bring back matching contract -- regret more like the freedom to slip these guys have run it going to be and that the concrete that expires. Maybe hard to pull off he said he will be able to do -- which isn't only that much. Do you really think is gonna stand and nobody better having heard about Maddux and network announced he said the same thing the KG and radio probably stay until the end -- -- maybe it's ballplayers who knows it appears that makes sense of saying to me about his seventies would love ambled prospectus to. To go to the whole. -- suspicious well -- no way -- Michael for the motions and pretend. But he went to -- tips get a lot of what the lakers. To get traded to the lakers or the bulls. And you know make a -- -- -- Islam and get out of this place which is -- These can atrophy and headed to Portland 41 hurricane before quicktime obviously right back with.

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