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Josh Hamilton to undergo counseling after another alcohol relapse

Feb 16, 2012|

D&C talk about Josh Hamilton's interview with Glenn Bleck where he discusses his addiction to alcohol and explains how his recovery process is going. How does this setback affect Hamilton's future with the Rangers? If he does become a free agent after this season, what would he be offered by other teams?

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-- Josh Hamilton who. Had a bit of a slip up with -- -- alcohol relapse in Dallas recently. Appeared on television. With his says spiritual advisor his minister his pastor I suppose doctor James Robertson Robison. Hamilton's pastor with life outreach Christian ministry. Based in Texas. The slugger who told Robinson he's going to one on one counseling sessions when he had -- last relapse. Hum. Like number one shot three talks about that particular relapse and what it means and what it meant and what it's all about. Moving past it was OK I'm fine in our lives you know one night you know everything's over. And we didn't really move back towards well. What -- them -- Bloodied bodies ourselves in the sought to do this there and you know it happened again and so this Thomas not exist or can it happen we'll move past it. And maybe it won't happen again world we were found out. Why it continues to happen now whether things in my life for a straight answer. My home things are what are -- Libya. Those things might be a trigger or some things from a pass along time ago from childhood. The he's that is attending counseling sessions with his wife Katie they're both going to counseling sessions -- them. He's working on it. And going to counseling one don't want in -- you are also going together which has been phenomenal. You know is this really releasing a lot of things and I mean there are really didn't have put away and I didn't realize there are still there in Iraq and on. To me in my mind. In my spirit so you know there's about digging deeper and they're really looking. Take control. Who have things done and really I haven't really given at all and later don't feel cooler and just you go to him or taken -- and there are bits and pieces and try and hold on to a woman. About taking care settings -- you pay more authority over and strongholds in your life and really certain amount for. Satan -- yes it was terrible what Satan. Also insinuate -- That his relationship with his wife and his daughters isn't what it needs to be any work on that as well there are so excited about the progression and the things and I was gonna short tomko we spirit. So much good work. And done and I mean literally from. Similar sort of I look who are your. You know not a no better person before with you know communication was there and I always felt like have to be on. All the time you know -- more from home you know and that's part of jobless for a what I do. But there was -- from the retreat and shut down completely when I got home. And really you know and about it you know look at them are girls saying you know. You know looked around and think -- -- -- on how much I love him but really couldn't it would come out. And -- in my life and just thinking not so awesome I looked so most this is a beautiful but. You know it would come out and he comes out to everybody else you know strangers on the street. You know people at the ballpark you know people on my team. But I. It would definitely shut down. By the way he losses. Run and body. C. J. Wilson yeah illustrated -- stooges are. Who would go on a separate room when they won and -- sprite on each other -- because neither of them could drink TJ. Never doesn't choose today -- treatment but Josh. It's you know it's just fascinating cases these unbelievable count as talented as anybody in baseball could be. And MVP every year. But he's got demons he's -- Satan and he's going to be freeagent and you know what he's a better all around player in the Prince Fielder. He's younger and and and then in the public schools is the classic five -- -- right BC's Willie Mays he could be. Making 200 million next year and do you take a risk on him but he won't I won't I won't make 200 no way. But he won't unless she stays in Texas just cause he thinks it's the best thing form they're gonna let him get the free agency. Is that it's been a contract talks it's that's all done when you get free agency you leave right unless you need the comfortably warm environment doesn't always got that comfort they -- bent over backwards for the I really from hiring a personal coach hiring his father -- follow our court couldn't do it. Didn't feel comfortable doing those a couple of weeks and by the way we've known at least twice we're fell away and where there are pictures it's been all that. How many other times and then then his wife redeem your cup doesn't let him go out like alone in the cards because at this it is not a zone I don't think Santorum. She has given the keys and where you go and I wanted to get get launcher you know stop at the store she knows hello how precarious the situation is and and you just when and and that -- was that real sports summit it's just your heart bled for her and it is a daily struggle for her to. You know it is a -- process strings. News. And it's you know I'm not fix. You know I'm doing things right you know -- You know always in these prayer from people a lot of people and people know who love them. So I'm not fixed let's make the general managers lineup -- analog and credit these yeah these. -- Atlanta area so sort of mail with his pastor. And this is not in -- back. And on this is not real and view this there's respect to streaming video network and an album is the pastor yet his -- A guy who's trying to help on the that's good and will be interesting. This year this is a contract here but it's also another Euro in the redemption. Hamilton will be rooting for rumba this Theo ticket. -- feels Leo speaking of getting the shakes and yet but he hasn't given any 100 million bucks yeah -- know if I'm Chicago area nah he's just the first time he's gone like entire offseason without squandering I don't. Outlets pick it up and join us on the radio -- 93 point 77 in unison yes we opponent to -- and since you're a bad thing -- abandoning. Just and ship again going in Maryland today we bring commitment and we cinemas are not comfortable camera and Randy cold stone on your play Saturday. Today I held on to we don't know the -- -- -- you -- you. Yeah those Israelis got the look and honestly see him all the time on -- sports -- -- -- -- still it shows on his visit this huge. Sports -- with the I just -- your -- little plug -- dot will be filling in for minimum excellent XX. They're fun I was real name is that's definitely knows that no one. The final hour and see with the meter in its new playmate in -- and.

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