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Jason Whitlock has begun to love Jeremy Lin

Feb 15, 2012|

Jason Whitlock continues to sing the praises of Jeremy Lin and the guys examine the change in his attitude. The obsession with Lin continues with callers.

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I actually Jason whitlock is more prone to getting injured in his. Backed up mole on Jeremy -- Here's part of his column today. -- as a true underdog succeeding in an environment where his failure was assumed. It took a rash of injuries and total desperation to get -- into the next lineup. Germany Italy and is the real Tim Tebow Jeremy -- is legit. -- it does not describe did he had with doctor Harry Edwards the cal Berkeley scholar and activist. Who explained to. Jason whitlock why his tweet about the Asian American basketball player providing too which is a pain for some young girl. In New York. Might have rubbed -- number of people in the Asian community and the black community the wrong way I also aware that there was this prejudicial. Situation going on between Asians and African America. Isn't aware of the six foot three inches and guys had the only two inches of a look at where that either there was a Dallas aware of that what you saw Hamdan ever strike you. That he was lacking and that. -- Yao Ming. Lacking in that area I don't think so not that I would know -- those things news to me keep trying to do these things he says doctor Edwards this is whitlock writing help me understand the cultural conflict. Between African Americans and Asian Americans that is most acute in California Harry Edwards Kerry Edwards got into -- talking and Jason whitlock quote. Latinos have taken the jobs we don't want. And Asians have the jobs we can't get he explained. Doctor -- -- -- to describe the tension between inner city African Americans and the Asian store owners. Who do business in the inner city. Doctor edwards' point was the inappropriate joke. I thought I was cracking on a stereo type I share with Asian and white men. Was really a tweak the touched something far more important and far more intense Jeremy -- he writes. Is performing and succeeding in a culture the black basketball culture. It is perceived by many Asian Americans as hostile towards them. At the time in my real Tebow great story tweet I was impressed by the novelty of -- sentient I'd given no -- to the importance of it. No he just -- himself and I think when when when Clark tries to explain away a mistake a an emotional spotless maybe even inebriated. -- and while watching the game he called Harry Edwards talked about the cultural implications yes. You know what Floyd Mayweather. Is how bad it was for -- we look forward -- Mayweather made more sense. He was half right. It is part of the story these Asian it's one of the reasons it's so big -- English but if the black I did this it would still be huge story. Would -- you are Rourke if a black idea. I don't care fruits you know carrier stop predicted this it's still a big story he scored more. Than anyone since the merger in the first -- in his first five starts. You know and and that includes Michael Jordan by the way and that includes magic Johnson and and that includes. Some great great players all time greats hall of famers of this guy from Harvard who's been cut was cut but I don't put this -- is. As I was following insanity on twit. Every run scored in double figures in in his starts. Before I -- -- games before this recent 46 that run but this. So much for that even if Herbert did this mean you you'd you'd think that he was would ascend to that thrown bingo -- a topic. This guy I was at the end of the bench this guy was just you know and wanted to do that and we're just that -- but if a black guy. And I came off -- -- -- did this it's still a real big deal is bigger deal because. In on the Asian -- part of -- hell if you fall. Like there -- Engaging in an interest in challenging the ratings in each -- and -- what about what about the implicated. I'm Asian and amaze me as an Asian. It's an early edition -- -- ago there's an album on the show it and so like Lynn while he's on the front to Berlin. Roland Roland Roland every day and a couple and a -- But in -- Derek -- Now questioning how much interest there will be in China. When you consider that China and so Taiwan now there aren't conflict. Andy's when he gets in his. So -- Taiwanese of the Chinese. It's so quickly only Mayweather so clearly if it's -- or China or not -- carrier if it's one Johnson 81 more. It's a big deal sure it's just not a big it is big deal because guess what would matter whether. They're not gauging the the the interest in China. 51. Maybe go to you know Purdue with a good Indiana it's it's a big deal is it is but China. That's a billion and have people right yes so clearly it matters that he's Asian. It's but it's still huge story no matter what race no matter what Spike -- tendency you wrongfully and so we're to believe that the Chinese people by and large are accepting and embracing this we're trying to determine that -- I say we have to determine jury I think it has to have to -- Harry Edwards announcement that business. This is Mayweather is quote Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he's Asian. Players do what he does every night and don't get the same race. I got a second point I think there are a number of black players on the knicks who were getting it done. I would point guard were able to ms. -- when he million right out of their stars bottom Meyer and Carmelo out there there were a number of guys -- -- Black who couldn't do idea black guys don't do it every night it's never been done what he -- it right that's on precedent and if they did they did they would get -- lot of praise again if if -- are -- or whoever a black I did this. It would be a big -- either for the knicks with Anthony and and Stoudemire it would be on the -- is it would no Spike -- would be tweeting about it then all -- the Victor -- would be tweeting about it. He has one -- to thinks he has -- with Tebow -- is that they're all very privileges and where on this sleeve and don't hesitate to give glory to god that that rubs people on the wet food -- my face again. You know. But the other thing is there are doing it. In the Twitter verse. There are people -- in Davis who haven't watched a game. There one followed on Twitter the fallen on sports your highlights on line and that. I don't think that happened when you know Jordan. The news is bull is NBA career. I was last watching the Bruins following. -- sanity. On Twitter twit America and on now where there was -- and counting is is turnovers. And the and they -- headline ready whenever it would be in crashes and then Europe and comes back to earth again -- lines ready for these little bump in the road. Not so much ahead so point seven points eleven oldest and antenna gain free like it was a layup he looks so comfortable out there. You know launching from three and take the fact that he's from Harvard has something do with the interest as well does not that -- what do you know went to Harvard degrees no. Division one school Adams goes right vision and a plan. Go to -- government -- -- expect our 677790850. Leader -- got to anything nice with the the little lady or. Opt out. For Valentine's Day last -- to do anything. I am. Games against such a point game I got flowers did you hear -- out -- And I should win until today because the opening it like eighty bucks right Buick when he barks than what about you diamond -- Gave her a couple inches of pain. IR. Do it's a sad she fell asleep in my kids' room put him to bed at 930 -- -- -- what's the Borough ads. I go in wake her up public that's -- and so that's what I'm done that was it that was that's the that was you just hours. I got a card -- flower that's that's cliche. And card that's -- over -- it's very fresh but will celebrate like Saturday yourself -- Israel confident that we should have done what he's addicted. She should it did. Nick Harper and Stephanie Morgan a couple in now Portland Oregon did. That little bit of trouble that's it.

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