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Former Patriots WR Randy Moss is looking for a job back in the NFL

Feb 14, 2012|

John and Gerry talk about the Randy Moss era in New England. Did they consider him a success or a failure during his time with the Pats? Is there any chance the Pats would be interested in bringing him back? D&C say no way!

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Do I have any regrets about how this New England. I've ever gritz I'll lift New England at average risk of I'll lift Minnesota and I got aggressive I retired. Randy Moss get credit for that yeah most guys -- like no regrets that's the biggest lie. The people -- On no regret just backed him tell it in increments uses for Denny has no regrets everybody has regrets and if Randy Moss didn't have -- to be a fool. He's not a fool I think he is. He was foolishly left wing and now know of course. What good that he had an -- is healthy. You can indeed run fast jump pardon no I think -- which is certainly -- lost some skill set that so you've been out of the year I know right. Prefix healthier today Randy Moss or Rob Gronkowski. Randy Moss -- -- well I think you sell a generally not I think he's it would be held to basketball. Right yeah he's been he's Duncan and he's running you say I can do use it Dubin and Ochocinco the year off had to have -- You think. The Euro actually have your -- infringed. Well I still worked out but not taken you know that he it's and I'll list the man gets my legs feel damn -- that really they really do. What to expect him to say be trying to get a job not just kind of sat around and smoke cigarettes and a lot bond and got -- punch -- I have worked -- haven't run -- -- insurance anymore and I used to we're just -- that that guy is that -- transition. And that's somewhat assignment I hope because he's on one let's just -- health -- let you wrap it up -- this is not something organically. Wrong with a -- his brain. Who gets run out of one town where Tom -- the quarterback sent to Minnesota and and does what he did the little restaurant tour. Who was yeah damn that's true food and try and his dead level best to make the vikings happy with the buff -- and he says I wouldn't feed this dog crap. My dog to the point where who sat -- Matt -- right there -- unless you're or hide the page and that's how you were acting and you think suddenly after a year off this guy is somehow. Organically changed into nice guy and not gonna be a pain everybody's out hoping -- note. Nobody knows if he wants -- job you know he has to get with the program somewhere. He can't go in wherever he goes say goes in New York considered him and I need seventy catches that's not gonna happen. He wants of paychecks so to get that paycheck he's gonna have that. You know -- who recently hired for some once he gets that paycheck -- incentive -- that he can revert to the Randy Moss the pitches and -- doesn't -- -- guess -- guys like Kim gonna find out he's gonna go from -- nine million and make -- about 900000. Yeah whatever them veteran minimum someone whose ages. He's -- sign a deal if he wants to play. It really wants -- can make. New units it may be -- and a half maybe it's going to be such short money's gonna go -- -- that's and over his agent. Is leveling with them but besides somewhere. It's going to be for like the money that. You know and less than like nick and -- making -- and he would try commensurate with the amount of money he's -- -- -- -- comic Kelly Shoppach money that's -- well yeah. I don't know I don't know and I hope he tries to what you enjoy watching him play. Make and one hand catches and men. Went there what do you do it's that he will not the favorite of his own mind being a number two now that's what it is only go to contender that would mind being number 20. Open to any team any team that's going the -- -- compete for the championship. I just wanna play at home and a solid Narnia Intifada -- 2000 -- and I know this may be missing a piece here and there. This one -- video entertainment I don't need. Number one receiver don't know if that's not asking me this I think the -- these things priceless art. Yeah this line peace football Smart. -- The -- -- savage yours chuck do you still go back and forth for the month Twitter well. Now that he did he block Q nine implement -- -- well he's told me never. Altria -- just -- Hamas is operated hotels. Outlets are Tedy Bruschi has to say we wrap this thing up on Randy Moss at least for the time being a Bruschi had to say about the chance of him coming back in the NFL in particular the patriot. I wouldn't say no I I don't think that's definite that he wouldn't come back he has a great relationship with Tom Brady of those who got along I think that -- the Brady to moss connection was was record breaking during his time there and also with Billy O'Brien now go into the Penn State to be the head coach there. Josh McDaniels comes in now he is probably going to be the offensive coordinator. And Joshua the offers -- corner that got the most out of Randy Moss when he set showed the mark I think it was 20/20 three touchdown receptions in 2007. Can Josh McDaniels bring that out of many months it could be a possibility. I love that. He got the most out of that he was the coach that got the most out of him so that will happen again that's like saying John Lackey wants to come here pitched in Boston because as -- from New Hampshire or report vacation on the -- During this -- said the quarterback got the most yes he was stuck on -- he would Dante Culpepper when he was. Pretty good. But then he and was it was -- content Oakland to debt levels a couple of quarterbacks he never had a really good passer to get to knowingly and we thought. He found stride we thought he he obviously gave money that was the last negotiation with the veteran. High -- that and remember that wasn't truthful knowing yes usually it's public it's painful to Ted he's brought about that but -- I I think he is about Brady loving Randy Moss is lover animosity 83 months. Not that we ever heard on our own all of them too -- asked them every week I mean he -- these football savvy -- Mike -- says is my belief that Tom Brady became increasingly -- with keeping moss on board to the point the became -- concern of the coaching staff. Well that was it was pretty obvious I was fortunate to forcing it to him to keep happy that was in 2009. Yes and no. And that was in the below last year I was I was and he was here in 2007. When he got when he protest correct I think that was a -- of failure he went okay for awhile but that's how it works. Would -- the price and Kim Kardashian talk and laugh it's not end well there. Christopher price as -- a long discourse on the -- gives five reasons why it's not happening in the first is the foremost one. He had a combined 28 catches for the three teams you played four and 2010. Promote receivers in their thirties that sort of stat line is a red flag and that was more than a year ago. History tells us that anytime a player on the other side of thirty. Takes that much time away from the game the skill set just isn't there -- they return. In his prime moss was a freakish athlete who did things on a field know when it seemed before they talked about 2007. But the 35 year old Randy Moss is it going to be the same guy a year away it remain a remains to be seen how he'd come to terms with his diminished skills and diminished role. And whether or not he'd accept a different job other than the designated deep threat. Now what immediately think about his designated role and is diminished role when you put the patriots had a chance to keep his mouth shut. Catch passes from Tom Brady and get a another contract he couldn't help himself he couldn't help himself right into so. Lot of that's twice to win this now -- he regrets it casinos so stupid that was to leave Tom Brady leave new England and he's watching the game like all of us and or they could use a guy like Randy Moss. On on you know we. In that in Indianapolis what they really needed them and they need to keep things but they really need that the guy. Who could step in and and and get deep and get outside the numbers and -- and take the pressure of Gradkowski. Most is on that team I'm -- and or even Reggie -- -- Brandon Lloyd to have a really good wideout. They can take crime comes off the field sees -- we don't need the Kuwaiti more you know we're done with that and and. Was the best deep threat -- here. -- then. And Hernandez -- -- is that a deep threat I'd say both both -- Would you tight -- you deep threat you know that's an issue and it's not. -- selling cars on the slot yes no great vertical passing that why or why not I haven't worked with -- all three were healthy why not. We'll have that component because you have that position right do you have. You know when Matthew Slater goes in the game and you could you need to try to go deep to try to -- defense as the -- on the line. Why is that a Matthew Slater -- in the game and make it. Reggie -- -- -- Brandel. Instead of Deion Branch went -- have. I got an idea Vincent Jack maybe not from Deion Branch and should they are usually out if you. -- replace the on Brentwood Vincent Jackson and it's injections not pitching like Randy about touches. Isn't that a major rupture and yes that is if they crowd the line of this two safeties. Up. Elect Baltimore -- say it in you know that Denver. At both facilities in the backfield one point ultimate free outs for it's in the backfield. Because they don't respected in any of that display where it's -- right. Might as well gronkowski and Hernandez like feature as well capsule is gonna have to do that don't you think. It -- he's coming out of surgery. He took a beat -- an unbelievable year but didn't can he do that every flick in years. Doubtful in the hits he took the back -- He's the grown much or any human being could take that kind of abuse were known for years on and it's Welker. Which is what the patriots probably president -- -- yeah he's gonna is gonna break at some point yeah yes. Our Chris Matta joins us at 805 up a lot of Ralph joins us at 830 in studio our favorite dead Jimmie that's misses just a short this is -- and being chosen as he joins us in studio. She's never favored Jimmy Fund kids just the site Yahoo.com and Celtics looked do we what it with -- attached to 7 o'clock -- -- that our economic while. -- only when when when we -- that now for moss definitely brought that he's such tees that's it tees quick thoughts. The harsh apple and pick up Randy pitches the and you blow you blow it all you rookies didn't blow teams come back yeah. It is a really really bad way to start the -- -- and here. He got. Taken to the cleaners by David Ortiz and his agent -- that the first big move. To -- Americans careers gentlemen it's bank was to get suckered by 36 year old DH. Who wasn't worth half that on the open market. Other than John Lackey is David Ortiz not the most overpaid guy on the team. Oh sure yeah sure he could be among the most overpaid guys in baseball and I mean other GM's other teams are looking at this Cohen. They gave fifteen million dollars to 36 year old. But they didn't have to do this in turn -- it was. All they had to do was discuss all the added it was a David. -- freeagent go make your money somewhere else and watched David crawl back to the Red Sox like Randy Moss is trying to do with the patriots.

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