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Jason Whitlock's "apology" for insensitive comments on Jeremy Lin is weak sauce at best

Feb 13, 2012|

National Columnist Jason Whitlock tweeted something pretty ignorant and insensitive after Jeremy Lin and the NY Knicks beat Kobe and the Lakers. His apology for those comments didn't hold a lot of water for us, and we discuss why...

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York. It's the -- here. Have no idea I know years but I don't really know who's going to Washington. -- -- Not aware of long -- It is I think he knows now. Let them up for a 38. On Friday united Madison Square Garden not 28. 38. Friday night for Jeremy let that happen what would it wide what happened. -- that party out party like the lakers for 38 because he's he's good. He's good -- and Derek Fisher peer pressure that's what did they -- hope they both go beyond them they they did have -- on every -- course flooding. You're able to him after he was doing some business but he didn't have -- and get Kobe for thirty well I get Colby for at least half of those -- that. Half of those are -- responsibility. Listen he's a terrific player I don't. Understand how Golden State -- Houston cut them no yup by the way New York was on the verge of cutting him. 34 weeks ago. And then with injuries to Carmelo Anthony and then Amare Stoudemire had a his brother died. And guys out of the lineup suddenly Jeremy -- who lit it up for the Nixon is suddenly given them a lot of good positive energy. -- open -- but you don't collateral he's a terrific player he's he's playing some terrific basketball right now and I loved the story at this think it's great it's it's a garage -- It is but you know we got we got five games of -- -- sanity so I don't know. What the next five games gonna bring you saw his last game. Will he start to struggle a bit and they were forcing him they were forced them to do that -- -- game where. Only did he did but if you but if you look at that game that was. Obviously the peak of this ride for him has been that Laker performance. But in his last game you can look at -- extremist thought are you missed or is it your. So pretty but I but I think it's going to be good for is good for him in as good for the team because now. He's got he's got Carmelo coming back at the end of the week in got Stoudemire corrales never backed -- -- -- I don't know as they said but then and you know what that -- as you know Glenn -- groin injury can be counted out much bother -- right. I'm sure it is. I'd ever that brings right back and -- and if you stick with you stick with your weight not program. You look at that brings me to my to my -- of the -- Because he's been a terrific -- can sell you one a bottom line are you guys talked about on this morning on the first day. And the some interest in stuff that will give it to that you guys were talking about. So Friday night he lights up as I said the the lakers for 38. And Jason whitlock. Who has been known over the years to -- All of us white guys when it comes to -- racial issues. Decided that he was gonna sit here and tweak and this was his week. After the 38. By Jeremy -- some lucky lady in New York City is going to feel a couple of inches of -- tonight. I here's my here's my problem with that. First of all it's stealing was a a stereotype. Penis jokes can be funny at times but not when they're attached to racial stereotypes. Had that been reversed. Unless you're talking about yourself. Well if you -- and talked about to. So I don't know what I hear you yes you. Is out I -- the UN John others I have a tiny penis that's yeah you can just don't happen to culprits okay exactly. I have baseball -- but when you're attaching. Vote the sweet. -- racial stereo type. There's a double standard here headed -- the other way. And it -- attached to an African American and how do you think Jason whitlock would have reacted if somebody else to twit and we know how he would've reacted after -- drama that's right we have many before you go and collect it -- you're re. And that elected you can join in the ring if you want you know on on where you can defend them if you'd like to talk about it now. The American defendant defend depart from. But I think something you set and beginning and -- -- that's part of the problem you said. You know he has lecture he would lecture people -- This should never be the purpose. -- -- academia mister professor got a classroom funny. I still think the point is to sit there it's harmonized people ultimately -- started dialogue so if you see something right here. Columnist commentator. -- you want to speak on it to speak on it from. You know from an ivory tower. A discount I think that defeats the purpose and that hasn't gotten out of and encouraged dialogues about what you're hearing from him in the first place. Then the mission has been lost because. I would hope. That's partly it's extraordinary try to tell people. They don't mean we're all in this country all struggling with different types of stereotype different type types of whether it's Rachel's -- types. Religion gender so no body really had city. The high ground to stand there I know everything on because if you if you take a position you're gonna find yourself. In the same situation Jason whitlock is today where you'll have some issues yourself. That you need to apologize well he's a hypocrite. In all of this and in the past he has written columns where he is. Lecturing me on howl. I need to understand. How African Americans get energized about the success of an African American in a specific sport. Specially a sport where African Americans had not prevailed in the past. And yet here he is making fun of what is that. But I can't remember what sporting was talking about what he's done this in the -- in the -- like yeah baby tiger maybe tiger can't remember but I'm remembering columns 'cause I do read it on a regular basis right. Have had many off your conversations about life. And just when you think -- watch going in one direction suddenly goes off the tracks in the totally different direction. But but he's done this where he's election just before. On how we meet must understand how effort at African Americans get energized by the success of an African American and the specifics. And yet you're Asian Americans being energized. About the emergence. Of an Asian American in the sport of basketball -- let's face it look around the rosters. There aren't a lot of them there are many of them anymore okay so that is I can understand how people in the Indy in the Asian American community right now are up in arms about this. What a swat. I'm not hearing it on ESPN I'm not seeing it on ESPN I'm not saying much about this at all it's flying under the radar almost as if he doesn't exist. And I'm telling you this is a double standard. That is a double standard and I think the reason you know here and on on ESPN. And that goes back to it whitlock history. With this place. And a lot of things he says they ignore. That's more behind the scenes. Some some political battles. That that he's that he's had with some of the folks here so I think that's part of the reason but it's gotten. A great deal of attention when you -- you know that. It's so much so that he had -- apology he had to apologize sport although the apology get to your -- that the apology over god this is not that this is a week. One more thing before I get to the -- apology could YouTube you guys talked about it today. On ESP at first they can if you missed Michael he's on again tomorrow between ten and and -- you guys were talking about how does race play. A factor in the win sanity and you claimed that it did play and I agree it does players -- -- -- part of that weren't known about it -- dollar so what was going into. He was playing -- of the race with a negative of racial stereotype. So what does -- do. He comes out between originally some lucky lady in New York City is gonna feel a couple of inches of -- now that was a week in which he sat there he used his fingers. And he rolled -- words out with -- Smart folders computer. Same guy by the way who was defending somebody for making an off the are on the air remark. And said. I -- I'm trying to remember his exact. Quote on it but he was he was basically saying I can understand sometimes. What a person on -- radio TV show out of the moment. References a -- grope or an animal doesn't necessarily. Bring in the racial stereotype but people connect. The two together and suddenly they chastise this guy because he's at -- off the cop and those people simply aren't thinking I said to myself I agree -- That makes some sense he said where he really has a problem. Is what people show their trial itself out there because they actually sit down and write it. And -- into it which is pretty much what you're doing when you're twenty correct. That's what you're doing right here was here's our apology. He claims that he apologizes and I get into one another part of my personality. My orange door and other tobacco and now now it's it's it's it's a lame excuse my guess is how immature. Sophomore. Comedic nature. Can be the nature this was on. Mike and my comedic nature funny how it's been with me since birth. On -- you tell them Dallas more than we need to know. -- gift from my mother. And a whole as a child listening to my god mothers Richard. Prior albums. I still wanna be a stand up for me. That's his lame ass excuse. Let me just say that yet more he'd had borne out -- targets of the for the rest of us here. Here's here's. My feeling about the Richard Pryor's. When I go to C Richard Pryor I watch Richard Pryor when we did. You know you were again. You knew that you were going to get humor that was going to attack virtually every single ethnic corrected nobody was was off went. So you know going in that it was comedy. Many of the comedy and that nobody was off limits that's what you expect when you're going into something like that. That's not he did. When he -- He's a sports -- Who's tweeting about it Asian American athlete who happened late 38 down. On the lakers. And he's talking about racial stereotype about the size of his nose at it any it's. It's not comedy show if that's the case then did he let Michael Richards Kramer are often 'cause that was probably shell. He was -- words downed Richard Price throughout all this comedy shows that's all Michael Richard was -- correct. Well -- if you one saint. I'm not saying I'm not saying at that what I'm saying yeah that sounds -- that's how lame excuses on its -- labor. I don't re read the rest of the the apology because it gets. I think it's a little -- yeah I don't -- I don't know I don't know the whole thing -- did you ever cover it but not at a haven't brought everybody was talking about I do remember. You know it obviously -- a gift from mom and and you know I wanna be a professional comedian Andy went on and on he said that the Asian the I think the -- that. A journalistic arm the Asian American journalistic associations. Association of journalist. Pointed out to him that he -- a moment. That was a pure sports moment for them and it was inspiring right for for a lot of Asian America. My point is why do you have. Why do you have to point that out of -- an obvious -- it -- that that's one thing about apologies that net now I don't like public apologies. Generally. If you have common sense. If you say something stupid. Insensitive. You know that you said something stupid on student Apollo absolutely. You apologized on your own local public apology has to go back and forth. You know sometimes it's like a back and forth on Twitter. There's a denial where this is what I meant there's a justification. There's a rationalizations. And then after some pressure. And organizations have to come in and lead on a little bit then you apologize perhaps an apology. Why does that sound like. By the way outside the lines is talking about wins. Success right now and they have people from the the Asian community talking about it I read something earlier. Where in New York City. Then -- there was a spokesperson for. The Asian American alliance. Who was compliant and saying why is this not getting more publicity out there. If that word directed toward an African American if it were directed toward a gay person as we have seen in the past the sports world is up in arms about it. And in this case Jason whitlock is getting a free ride and even without free ride is just not in -- go out. But it's not it's not wall to wall coverage and. What is global coverage when it happens against somebody who is African American or. A a slur against it we've seen what. Well. It is I think I think -- -- and I think as religious tribalism -- but stronger voices they're stronger voices they may have a better organization. As a special interest group they are stronger they have numbers the Asian American community apparently doesn't. I don't know that's it because I don't think there's any kind of up for protection going on of -- that's that's for sure. No nobody ball but Michael Michael the fact that he said it wrote it -- it. And then. I half ass apology. Usually on an African American. Committee hero. Eli and richer and -- Here is six -- you shot. -- -- -- Ever hand tiger at night I can just you know the Chinese don't win. -- -- -- and -- with two sticks has got to win. That's Richard -- He was paid entertained. You know what you were getting that's not Jason whitlock is supposed to do when a ticket corporate will open up the fault lines. And what you talk about -- action. I think his -- and audit everything don't need to. -- nobody plans to meet with the resident and my god what wrapped up. And jobs legitimate. I don't want Randy. As long as this. -- -- Fabulous job doing. Drinks hot. Says -- what I'm getting -- and get Richard -- know what I'm gonna dominate when I watch Chris rock and and I expect. And I'm not saying that I don't enjoy it I don't enjoy it but I know what I'm getting at that time when Jason whitlock after. Asian American player. Puts down 38 in the game the other night in -- Macon. Racial stereo typical jokes concerning the size of his penis and make of that or reversed. Asked Jason whitlock would be up in arms and we will get to with three columns on that about how somebody was you know. Throwing it back on late on a great moment myself as we think it's. A -- Wednesday. What has yet to Parse it comes or why is that -- it was not the first thing that comes in my lightly but does it to me that's more disturbing. And I'll go back to something he -- people can make a -- specially with the language. Lot of times people don't think people don't put two and two together. And then after the fact they say oh my god I can't leverage there's a guy consequences here what he's doing is he's consciously putting this down in a tweak the CC's thought process I think he learned far more about a person. When they do that as opposed to. A little slippage with the language. Yeah I guess the best the best way to do that is to say it was stupid I should have written it and I apologize deeply sorry that's it. I focused Syrian native Nigeria. Mario Williams was well let me up and I don't I'm still going on -- let let's. The -- And technical. What a little -- and equal the hard. There are groups that -- there are protected class. You've mentioned them. -- people minority status. Sexual orientation. All. -- that would use them. Rob to worry about one of the protected groups. You have that they -- -- would -- But -- free and say any thing. About people outside of those protected groups whether it be Asian Americans. Or -- Obama. The middle why aren't you do manpower. And protect perhaps. But you end. -- or anything derogatory it's protected collapsed. And -- who are protecting those people. The liberal -- you know stay in the I know. Came down here out of a hard worker and talk -- act like I can't hear you know I have on the vote. And to be heavier and. Little. -- you know he's gonna retire obviously I'm not here. -- how bad guys then pull -- a flag at half. Reprimand letter had. Don't think that's the purpose either that's not the purpose of what we're trying to do. I think if you guys are talking about a fifty year old bald measure forty year old bald -- yeah yeah. You know I think if you're gonna talk about any type of issues that can be controversial. It is not in my opinion I just don't think is very productive. Are very helpful to set up an us vs them they can do this we can't do that I'd say well let. What I would like the seat does remain. It's just constructive. Conversation constructive dial up so we'll keep going round -- round in these situations because. You know the reason I am hesitant at times to bring this up. Because we get this kind of you know again this kind of feedback -- -- -- but scatter like well. Of course of course they can say anything we can't say any crying and and it does that really take this in oh. I just think I'm not sure I haven't yet but I'm not sure I agree with everything he said but getting back to the original comment the the original. Tweet had that -- different and had been directed. As a racial stereotype. Of a black man he would Jason whitlock would be open arms and probably others would as well right. Yeah and I can't believe I can't believe you went there are really cat and I can't even explain to you. Why it's happening you want talk about the protected class not exactly and we've seen some. We've seen some examples lately. From African American commentators who have said some things some stupid things and they've been reprimanded for -- -- -- during Super Bowl week. No Roland Martin's and CNN commentator. He made some statements that the act gay and lesbian now organization accurate -- glad I don't know what the with the breakdown is -- glad. Was was very disappointed by CNN was disappointed -- that he has been suspended indefinitely. It is drawn a great deal of attention. And so. I've seen. Bill Riley talk about it has seen you know newspaper columnists around the country talk about it from Washington to Philadelphia the Los Angeles. So it's not that united he's African American -- and so like he cannot say anything once and that be criticized for I can't tell you why. It's not a bigger deal for Jason -- but I can promise you. That whitlock has been around long enough like many of you around long enough you can. You can talk about some of the fans you have and some of the enemies that you have because you've been around the block for a little bit -- he has. His share of enemies so a number of people black and white and Asian. Would be more than happy to go off on why it hasn't become a bigger story I don't know -- were a branded and Boston what's up Brandon. Good afternoon I -- it was -- body -- well the problem was right -- the last hour for example it. That's what the market probably hit it. He's thrown. At the very specific tone of what he says. Up against them this year the Jeremy -- thing. It. England but my problem is I'm sorry to call back again and can argue well what problem and you're trying to equate Jason whitlock. Explanation of why black people love black athlete so much we've. Jason whitlock making a derogatory. -- stroke which is classless I mean we're going to discuss how bad that is. Older -- completely I mean they couldn't be more to it. I noticed that you missed the entire point to point that I was trying to make was that he and past -- says has written and and lectured people and I think. Rightfully so I have agreed with him on these columns when people in sensitive. Towards African Americans because. African Americans are energized by what they see what they specific athlete and a specific sport what some -- no excuse for it but without -- vicious. Might hurt me this really Michael back to bite me let me -- problem is just -- Jerry is that you. I have been accused of saying stuff from the past that might have been considered biggest bigot and racist like Mary Ann -- and I have also I -- not include. They called on hold -- red granite granite dude no no no you held on dude I have not. I am not I I didn't know I have not been accused of them. Only watch what I said people don't -- don't you're back don't throw Beckett had me. I haven't done anything I haven't said anything if I do you'll have a right to call and criticized me. I -- should anything. And you're trying to put the drought right now because you don't wanna deal. -- Jason whitlock a comment so let's bring it out that's it that's rent cheap that's the way. The auto -- with a. -- -- spores were tossing a branded what what is what is -- been accused of I've missed this one obviously what what has he been accused. I don't I'm not gonna put accused in the public eye peeled glint in his demeanor everything he's. Is it specific like it's only -- have a problem just like other people I ever heard in his position. Whenever they hear a person of all the different color different backgrounds -- something that they cannot say because of the race but it is about a business community minutiae that the bombing. Let's want to deal with what's going on here today I have a problem with Jason with more -- I AMA reader of Jason whitlock. I have enjoyed his columns over the year this was to me embarrassed -- On it right. A friend who do not benefit him to -- and not to send it -- -- aren't listening to you don't let it considerably. -- I am assigned to reconsider. Let me try to make it let me try to make it clear because apparently -- -- Hear what goes on in your head you're not listening to anybody else I am telling you I am offended by it. I am offended by his apology. And I think it clearly demonstrates a double standard here. -- society right now I'm giving you my true feelings want to answer what I'm saying as opposed to making things up. About me that don't exist. Yeah you may come up you haven't. An allegation never -- You make stuff up because you can't deal with the issue Jason whitlock what Jason whitlock do here you have a problem with what's do you have a problem with what -- What do you have a problem with -- -- -- Glenn is gonna -- you have a problem -- -- look hard. And then -- that was clearly thought about and why they're. So you have a -- you'll have a problem with you let it weren't so you have a problem with do you have problems apology. I agree for wants. People bring a bill okay you I have to do. They thought it out of school. And now it gets moved. You know to most. It's. I know Richard Pryor and Jason -- -- know Richard -- Org lay in Ollie -- down at Bristol Connecticut and I'm part of our ideas and first at what's that -- -- on the Shockley got -- and realize. Such a horrible person. A lot like that while but I mean -- but I took a -- a -- that but that's cheap shot. And that's because when you can't debate the issue at hand. It's very simple -- churn the tables on the individuals say I know -- -- a -- Gardner and that's like yourself sensitive about the that's a chicken bully. -- debate the issue. Debate what Jason whitlock did that's what we're talking about I did find his entire second apology you were wrote referring to read right now. I get insanity of cried watching Tiger Woods win a major golf championship. Jeremy -- for now is the Tiger Woods of the India. I suspect win makes Asian Americans feel the way I feel when I watched tiger play golf. Should've realized that Friday night. -- I watched -- torched the lakers for Asian Americans and a lot of sports fans. Is nationally televised 38 point outburst was the equivalent of tiger's first victory in the masters I got caught up in the excitement. I tweeted about what a great story is and how he could rival in -- ball. I then gave it. To another part of my personality. In the shore sophomoric. Comedic nature it's been with me since birth a gift for my mother and hold as a child listened to my godmother is Richard prior albums. I still wanna be his standup comedian. -- couple of inches of paint tweaked. Overshadowed by sincere celebration. Of business performance and the irony that the stereotype applies to. Pot bellied overweight male sportswriters do. As the Asian American journalist association pointed out I -- -- feel good sports moment where that I am truly support. That was his entire yeah apology. To say it was stupid. -- -- You know we don't need that donated history lesson I'd just say -- screwed up and screwed -- done that shouldn't even thought it. Starter -- and it was a mistake. And at and and where I'm I'm I'm saying is a double standard had anybody out there. Written especially if they weren't African American had written that tweet that sophomore -- as he referred to it about sides. And applied it to Tiger Woods. After he had won the masters by you know eighteen strokes of whatever the -- we want -- that he would be open arms and rightfully so when he would be lecturing all of us and he would have a right to use. For one person might twelve whatever. It was maybe. I didn't show it -- in the Fall River I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At some point maybe not every show but he -- at some point. Repeat. He bought a home work is acutely. What are beyond our recent border. He writes a lot about race. What he does right a lot of calories he wrote three weeks ago. He was try to make the the patriots and the ravens game into a black white -- he writes about -- I would bet that. A problem with that -- -- that you think that. You sir Richard prior military getting. If you're getting that type of comedy and it's it's yeah it does not beat them. Surprised by it wherever the part that is equal order for the object like that. You shocked that you'll hear anything controversial comment -- -- look -- and ever. Based on based on the lecturing he's done over the years and I think in many columns he's written about race he's been right on. I I think -- agreed with a far more than I've disagreed with and he's taken -- Michael will attest to this. It's a very controversial positions that have just awful lot of people African American community. On. -- -- only pissed off a lot of people any African American community in my right. There yeah direct okay so yeah. What I wonder why I'm a manner that what I'm amazed that is that he slipped in. Soon this this whole a mode where he's throwing the winds out like that racially. A stereotypical. You know you don't want it to me. We're just we're just it's just that to vacuum openness -- -- the example that comes in my head as what time he was on Oprah. Oprah had Russell Simmons on he had on comments yet on Stanley Crouch the commentator writer. And they were if you don't whitlock obviously they were all talking about hip hop in the lyrics in. And whitlock was very critical of the pop culture in some of the music and a lot of the artists there. Just were not that were not excited about his presence or his commentary so yeah I mean it's he said a lot of things that. That haven't necessarily. Gone down -- what you think -- predictable path. That's what I like about a -- well what. I likewise my line of questioning is geared toward. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Surprised about this this is this isn't racially insensitive at the. You know -- I agree at all I don't want what is your -- that you know -- -- and you may. Consider. I guess that's true that's true okay but I'll I'll say this OK why are people surprised not take the the emphasis off him. An artist put it on the profession even though he is a columnist. He has been trained as a journalist. You know journalists make their living. -- make their living with their with their hands with their words and so when someone in this profession. Says something that crazy it is surprising although. People make mistakes people say wild things all the time insensitive they vote that. For a journalist to sit there watch that game and then tweak that. Is is reckless irresponsible and surprising even if it's a journalist. With a little bit of a history of questioned him. If we didn't talk about this and argue about at least. -- a little bit more specific here I mean if you think he's right Jason whitlock was right in doing it but that's fine go at it and -- -- be more specific has work. He's talking around it here's -- Georgia Ohio. -- -- -- Goodell solace and a great topic great topic. And let me try to an animal -- guys lecturing but it's my election. Okay if this would stick to mail us. It would be a bigger bigger deal than what it is I grew up not having said that it's not such a surprise that shouldn't be an outrage. This is basically I am surprised on all -- -- surprised let me explain okay we are. Here's why shouldn't -- this is. So you know I don't political sports media minority are minority crime. Okay this one you'll black guy -- and a joke obvious stupid juvenile dumb joke. About an Asian guy. That's two minority groups. To a minority minority. Offend offensive -- okay which is not as big a deal a pivotal white guy I table what's fair about that I'd say not that. But it is what it is -- same reason. Why none -- us army Yankee transplant from New Hampshire I've lived here thirty years what -- your great people here. But I could not stand up and probably two people and tell -- -- redneck jokes and make money like Jeff Foxworthy again and neither could even wanna you wanna be black and wanna use. You couldn't come down here and tell redneck jokes because of the numbers okay thought. Minority you know it's less -- younger less white southerners. That there is of anywhere else in America -- somebody from anyone else in America couldn't come down here until Jeff Foxworthy joke the way Jeff Foxworthy again. It's just. It's just the reality based upon the numbers and -- and a minority who -- okay. This says you know that's why this is not a big deal to be shipped to minority groups involved. If it was skip Iowa. It would be a bigger deal and again I hope that's not but I know that won't happen. -- I practice and it says that out of the -- I have to say that Germany Italy and right now represents. The smallest minority group in the end the day. It in immediately clear what but you know what you you're breaking it down to racial lines that and I might try to break it down there and I'm looking -- About it from the -- clarity as you just sets up and a glamorous and the NBA the smallest minority group in the NBA. Not hit it it especially. There are certain parts of the country where it is not the smallest minority groups -- be clear about that. In part parts of California forget so. Now it is it's not that. There is not Asian representation in the country you may be right you're absolutely right about your breakdown -- that big deal. And you said you know an officer or not it's not my god -- privately about a connects and now even know your explanation is correct I I just don't think we should just sit there and accept that. Well I I believe the Asian population here in Boston is larger. And the African American population but they -- -- usual in the country you brought up the parts of California certainly northern California. -- that's that's the case but. I'm breaking it down to Jason. It's not just a racial thing Jason whitlock happens to be black and talking about it individual. Who has on a regular basis lecturing people about being balanced. And throwing a racial stereo types out there and yet here what it involves a different race he throws out there. And his excuse is blamed it on my yeah my love and my godmother and grandmothers love for Richard -- -- -- Yes that's what that's what I'm saying stop breaking it down just -- at -- white Asian Jason whitlock. Cool throughout his entire career he has written about this stuff. And up callous people get here he goes and does it instead of doing what he should have done and that is. Now I can't believe I did this. And I know you're probably looking at me now saying if somebody's gotta say that at a quick to eat a -- that's probably what they're what they're all about what their life is all about. He should've thrown it out there and instead. He's making excuses.

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