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Minor Details Ep. 17: What Baseball America's prospect list says about the Red Sox farm system

Feb 13, 2012|

Jim Callis of Baseball America joins Minor Details to look at his publication's ranking of the top 30 prospects in the Red Sox farm system. This year's rankings featured dramatic changes, particularly among the top 10 prospects in the system, and Callis explores what that means for the Red Sox going forward -- not only in terms of the state of their farm system, but also from the standpoint of the team's ability to make trades and build its roster in 2012 and beyond.

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One minor details we are welcoming Jim callous of baseball America to like to discuss the state of the Red Sox farm systems or Jim -- the person. Who's responsible for the opera the arduous and remarkable task. The putting together of the top thirty list of the Red Sox farm system. Jim thanks so much for -- joining. I quite a -- out. Well this was this was to me up pretty fascinating. A pretty fascinating year to look at the the top ten in top thirty lists and I guess. Rather than explaining why I'll just actually go through the 2011 top ten list. And say where the guys ended up this year so. Lesser number one you had Jose Iglesias he felt number twelve this year and that he were not I was pretty steady he went from number two to number four. -- Britain had a brutal year on the mound for sale on ENT fell from number three to number six team. Josh Redick was number four last year he was treated this offseason. You XT Bryant went from number five to number seventeen. -- -- Intel also had a brutal year in along with -- Britain. He fell from six to 23 I think that's the biggest drop well now second biggest drop in the among former Red Sox top ten guys Daryn Daryn to -- as was steady at number seven so good for him. Lars Anderson went from eight to 28. Colbern Vick went from nine to nineteen. In Oscar to -- it went from ten to 24 now the thing that striking to me is that. Everyone on that list went down or into -- -- stayed steady Nolan went up on it. In in fact there was almost complete turn over you only have two of those guys on the top ten list this year. In the form over and Otto who again went from number two to number four. And in the form of -- in the form of a two Keeney who stayed who stayed at number seven otherwise everyone else dropped out of the top ten. So. And meanwhile the guy who's now ranked number one overall Red Sox prospect by you in by everyone else. Well made over six entered last year ranks number eleven in the number two -- -- Bogart's is up from number fourteen of last year and by the way. That was a tremendous see you know a valuation by you to have Bogart's as high as number fourteen last year I don't know that that many people. -- that much on their radar before he had his huge year. Even -- a ball in addition to in addition to it's a rookie level ball but. Probably. The fact that eight of the red side of the ten guys in the top ten have turned over is that a good thing or a bad thing for the Red Sox. I think it can be Alex and depending on the situation can it do -- thing or bad thing. That's taken the Red Sox case it's a little bit of both you AJ pointed out a lot of their best pitching prospects. Justin navigate years in Great Britain had disastrous years toll to Mattel has disastrous year. Coach Steve broad had a very disappointing year. You know which you expected to make people we are really the -- contribute completely club -- there's a starter reliever whatever they needed. And while the doing neither can -- standpoint you know cliches did hit. You do listings -- -- -- -- But the positive standpoint is. A lot of time if you have a bad farm system which are so expelled you'll get guys who are highly touted her high draft picks are big international signings -- Really just the top ten prospect of the previous year and they just stay in the top ten there's nobody to push about and so. Well they have got a disappointing years. I also look at as a positive. For the Red Sox out in terms of -- will build Brooks took steps forward. Peter Bogart's. Dude are you nobody I nobody really he figured he'd be able able to Begin with and he was very -- different have to cease and maybe that's why -- You know oblique swipe card and I really like a lot Matt Barnes and Jackie Bradley off from last year's draft are in the top ten. Rivals aren't away. It continued to hit and continue to improve behind the play. -- Jacobs took a step forward of their orientation waiting for for awhile embraced breast it was a high kick -- before -- had a disk putting pretty cute. Came out -- very its first full press sees itself. I think all that turnover is indicative of the fact that a lot of more highly -- -- guys. Did at this point -- in 2011. But the same time knew the Red Sox had to -- it has all the time and a podcast you know although larger revenue teams. No team is aggressive in the draft to the Red Sox and their aggressive internationally to. And because of that they applauded depth and they had guys to it would send it in the farm system. Rather and just do what they're really needed to -- physically he's back in the top ten and I almost did couldn't take his defense is as special. New event alien civilizations. It -- -- Draper and had a bad year he still has great arms are too many lefties back and arm. It is still put him in the top ten but the Red Sox had not talent. Then you guys emerged in and yet dictators that never looked at this back to get a match we have too many -- and to have had that much turnover of what music that. And you know even just thinking about it from a multiyear sampler and I mean it really is to my mind it's it's fascinating to see the trajectories of guys like. I mean how volatile these things can be -- on on year to year basis you know seeing that I don't think the middle Brooks was even a top thirty guy. For you guys in the in the 2010 handbook and he -- Actually I'd I don't think that's correct balance athletic. I didn't know Brooks stands yeah and I think he's got a list every year since he's been drafted -- debate about stepping down and it's. It's an irritation in his development -- do you just -- -- -- The 2010 we'll -- This approach is number nineteen on that list and then try to indicate I'm not sure as much as I'd like him if he'd ever been in the top ten before this year. No no I mean you know number Oden went number number eleven I think we send out we said last year and that was even with the Red Sox kind of peeling off. That top layer of prospects is that is that atypical how often do you see a guy jumped from you know outside of the top ten to number one in -- aren't -- See a lot. Not -- a lot of it has to do with the -- farm system and let it get missiles -- kind of -- -- and the annual actually talked with obviously had been Adrian Gonzales created. That ripped three guys out the top ten including a case Kelly does not want -- organization. And when we adjusted the book and we we took this street guys savage is mr. but he up three slots but. -- -- missiles that'll give you what you need to lists you we run to the top ten in the issue in the top thirty in the magazine. And they're guys. That sometimes you wanna make sure -- didn't sit up and what -- guy -- where. Maybe you don't wanna have in the top ten and even though I attend the guys' biggest boosters are up for just about forever yeah I guess on the media side. If we'd done a list from scratch today traded happened during the season. I don't think I would put like Anderson in my top ten he was originally outside my top ten and moved up into the top ten. Because of that trade and I got I'd kind of made this year it's built for him. For me a little bit in terms in being a top ten prospect at that point. And you know I'm not making excuses but if -- done a wispy if it unfold deflate the treated bed earlier. Well no Brooks might have been number ten like an estimated at number eleven. Yeah I think that that's side that that is an interest you have what you guys -- one -- kept kind of showing more tools is he was as he was progressing in the minor leagues. Whereas Lars kind of some deficiencies became evident even though. You know even though there's some some interesting package of of tools there in obviously Lars is always going to be a guy who gets high marks for having -- An excellent approach at the played in you know someone -- discipline to lead. The International League in blocks but -- this year your door isn't being knocked down for having left left Lars -- out -- outside of the top ten. In your in your initial rankings as they were last year when it was kind of a hue and cry when now when you -- number eleven before. That Padres trade took -- three of the top prospects. And I think I always touted in just about as much as anyone and you know this -- a prospect that means. He has played the big leagues I think he's got more -- leaked -- ahead of and he just. He's never really developed that troops first base power and you look at have a meeting should be able if more power in -- just really hasn't hit lefties that well it's. You know what Adrian Gonzales in Boston. A Boston you know it's harder to break in the Boston it is a good team most teams can expect to win every year. I still think its future is -- you know big guy that they keep on those change scenery guys that he -- get a chance to play regularly. Thought he wants up elsewhere which he almost did last summer and Rich Harden trade. But they'll pick it QBD I don't advocate it's just have a decent career -- -- -- he's gonna be you it. Well a lot of -- by the that a couple years ago. Right when people are saying well you know it's okay that the Red Sox didn't sign Teixeira because you know Lars Anderson is that far away which was. -- in retrospect that's kind of reminder of some of some of the dangers of describing too much predictability to prospects this. I think to do they were wishing they shoot it a -- times when you have prospered traits. And the reaction -- difference can't technically team keep up that many prospects are typically take it up that much or like -- -- Biggio Gonzales straight for instance this past season with the nationals gave up. -- -- to give to teachers in. In Asia -- Brad peacock who are trying to top fifty or so prospects in baseball the one against that are catching prospects and Derek Norris and then that. And -- lefty you know Tom Maloney pitched in the majors last September. Well -- -- technically they keep up that much in in my response I think the longer cover this stuff the more becomes apparent if you got to remember prospects are sure things in. Jim Malone is more kind of spare part I think in the long run but at the other three guys if the -- at these all three of those guys turning to what these folks. There are huge you know made huge that it won't tell you how likely that one of those guys will be because there's -- the one of those guys will be in a decent but not you know Max out the ceiling the other -- pride deep disappointment and -- that's sustained in the process that you can't. It's very they're very few prospects that are the even throw it to him mislabeled on any you just can't bank on everybody reaching their -- So I think that it's safe to say once again this year the Red Sox system as you alluded to is characterized by impressive depth you know the fact that injury Britain. As bad a season as he had balls outside of the top ten is probably a positive reflection on. You know not necessarily their top level talent they didn't have any guys in your in your top fifty for baseball America this year. But but at the same time there's kind of this you know there are a lot of guys in the system who still have. What the industry considers what you guys considered to be high ceiling potential even if there aren't kind of the sure thing future superstars. No panic it's very fair and Dalian is tough to rank up there their top -- the top the list I think you can argue. Just about you know the first step means I would put Ryan will finally number one but if you were to rank this was based purely on what's out got a preformed what they present. He's proven -- any thing. Don't think he did it like to have that that very clear cut blue chip guy is one of elite prospects in baseball I don't think they have that right now. Like you said I didn't have a single Red Sox prospect in my top sixty my my personal -- to do list and handbook and and we do we all too I've noticed that the use of baseball -- -- -- you write about because he spent so much more time on this prospects. If anything you -- over rate them a little bit compared -- rest of the anti -- More Red Sox and cubs prospects and I have other teams so that -- generally stand out at the same time. Right now we're working on our our overall top 100 prospects list for the upcoming issue. And for that that the -- -- baseball America we we are deep personal top 150 lists and then -- -- and spreadsheets director about them. And the Red Sox head I think every member of my top ten. He got at least one vote on the top 150. And I wanna say that I think. Everybody. It'd the first six players vote that's good in the top 100 and I want to say Ronald finally got top 100 excuse they do you have built on display at that a week. Bleak prospect but I think that their -- consecutive prospects is some of the best step in baseball and -- unedited account guys like Alex Wilson. I think is a little bit on help it can help the rest taxes. They're not even a top ten guy despite having you know very strong performance for the last year and now in double -- and a little bit at the end of the year in -- it. Betty I had trouble -- just give -- a way to get him in -- Iglesias. We'll be honest about what he's -- -- -- and -- out that there is a lot of options in the celebs at the Red Sox organization he's getting hit a lot -- It is very special dissenters and you know being in terms of -- best defense short stops in the minors and mean it might be hit seven you can make to these people want in the -- and you shut coral I think is a little bit on -- -- I think. Brit awards and a little heralded the minute they have a lot of guess he could sit there and it -- in the top ten. I don't think there's a big difference between Matt Barnes and Anthony Renato and I don't mean that as a positive I think there's got a very comparable. But age you know that they just it's all you have to put these guys and some order in. Not sure I got this question for president depressing experience can believe that rival -- ninth stated. You try to stack them up based on what you think your buddies -- the long term contributions are going to be in its. And not talk to some some teams that think Brandon Jacobs might be their best prospects -- -- there are definitely a lot of options. And I d.s -- a year from now you it would have this conversation -- Alex I think is a very good chance you know the -- systems -- look a lot stronger than it does right now. We'll get back to that particular point in a little bit because I think it's a real interest in one but I guess you know first a theoretical question. To your mind what would you rather have been a thin system that had a potential superstar to you know someone who is very predictable someone who had performed through AAA and just. You know looks like he was really coming. Or a system that maybe didn't have that top tier of talent so it's not quite as consolidated but. With a bunch of guys who have a chance to make it to -- significant contributors but without the one sure thing he's almost mutually ready. I think you went was stars. So in general -- -- -- I would rather have the system that may be a couple guys I can really hang my head of the economic contradict myself just he goes with the Red Sox it's it's not. You know I can start to pick out of incentive enough to -- there's -- really delicate here for now Zetterberg ours continues to progress like he did you know Bogart could be -- Prosper right to be a top ten guys hypothetically hang on to closing out of. You barely played Provo. And now I'm seeing here is Sally that qualifies -- -- I'm not saying he's gonna be this skit. But if you look at those tools like slide -- -- Buster Posey now indicated that he becomes Buster Posey. You know update and it's not like keeps you know 75% of you think -- -- -- he has that kind of potential so. In this case you know when you wouldn't George -- -- I think of the Orioles in the Al -- The royals have Dylan Bundy right handed pitcher in any childish perhaps were two of the ten best prospects baseball. Now that -- best prospect in securing jobs in scope who would be. I don't know prior racquet somewhere in the seven to fifteen range and respectful. I'll interrupt with a completely random thing which is I think that he had a ball further and not in batting practice featured at the futures game. Than anyone else I saw this year he I think that he might have been. The only guy who went who went upper deck at Chase Field. That's everyday but academies you know he -- he's not a -- -- -- might be its third baseman or outfielder meets interstate but he's not mean there's huge drop off in oil -- just plummeted after the it's highly -- ain't giving my choice between those two systems. I would take it any of that oil addiction to get to the top two prospects in baseball. I would take the Red Sox -- I think a year from now that they are gonna have some of those customers all tell you -- I think got a little bit of a bad rap this year. With -- we were not the kidney you know if throughout the ground strike out a 180 guys this year. And he would not very good and you live in -- whenever I talk to people summit July. They they they were on an at all but he but he he had Matt. Pitched well he's stayed healthy all season. Which was huge for him up for. He had been LT 23 previous years and I think what you suffers a little bit. It was huge draft it was that you don't normally do draft you want the best stretch you're gonna see especially terms college pitching. And the year before when we're not a double process LSU before he he got so that contract in the -- He went into 2010 is considered the best pitching prospects and potential number one overall pick. And eloquent candidate and any -- but I think also to be realistic. If it ups I was trying to number two starter the more realistically number three in last year's draft you had a budget guys the UK. -- -- -- on alkaline is projected to potential number one starter. And it help if if there are not a dead in that draft class. We would have been -- probably about the cemetery best college pitcher in that trap you Vera very couple I think I can support an apple aren't. But I think because people kept hearing about Gary Cole Trevor Bauer. You would see these great college pitchers and have it or not it was the it is supposed to be the best crop the year before. I just cannot talk to stand in part people baseball who you know expected it to or not has come out you know strict about what you guys -- gamers out -- and. She did in his first four starts in Greenville because it overdose just a little bracket and start where -- -- -- kind of men among boys but. Yeah his season I think -- is particularly interesting because when you talk to him you know when you talked to Red Sox guys of course they're always going to you know believe in their own prospects but it. You know he is just held in such high esteem for the way in which he conducts himself. The professions of first year of the professionals nation of him. They were impressed that even when he had diminished stuff at the end of his first pro season which. Happens a lot because it's a long season especially for a guy who was coming off of some weird injury years had done that weird injury junior year at LSU when it was kind of stop start stop start. You know they they thought that he you know just competed really well he adapted really well he learned really well. In showed everything that you know all of you know it's intangibles are intangibles so you know you -- They they are palpable which is by now which is by their summit devalued by. There is a great sense of confidence I think about -- three -- or not those future within the organization. It likely exceeds that you know the perspective on an outside of the organization which is normal for prospects. I had the kid had an idea the extent that the fans to you I just. You know if you look at numbers they aren't overwhelming. But have you considered you know how many innings he pitched he didn't miss -- start. You know like you said when it stopped like a lot that happened almost everybody in the first shall proceed stuff diminished wood into the year. It's got back on track and he was pretty effective in August I think he's gonna put it be his best foot forward this year. And I think you know I think there's another guy -- if you look at a lot of threats such prospects and I can think almost everybody in our top and have a chance to be held even hires steam. This year. You know that they are now. Is is were not so the guy who you look at who's not who you think might take the biggest leap forward in terms of overall prospect assessment in the Red Sox system or. Who's perhaps -- name outside of your top ten this year. Do you think could make a huge leap forward and really kind of established himself as as a potential top 100 prospect he's in the Red Sox who who may not who may not be in started. Who may not even be in the current top ten most that you had for 2012. Put it in the current top ten and I think the reason he has immediately forty's just had a couple looking to -- I think it's geared to -- access. Eight skinny guy who -- and in all likelihood first round pick two years ago. They had not been charity -- ACL. In in high school you're not you know and he's not a -- speed god it's not like. You know waited too concerned -- a long term his career the rest substitute in the fourth round. Gave about one point three million dollars in unpaid basically got the quote audible late first round pick that picked. Instead he didn't play that summer comes out last year goes -- New York Penn league which in the Red Sox they're. You know again because of the depth I think also the organization plus a lot console and high school got to depend lead in the first full season rather than -- little label. It's K what did he just played really well it's been closed 300 floats 500. He was walking almost too much he struck out. You know he's not a big runner but he even steal bases. And then get on the wrist in it -- kitchen Brooke is arrested indices and -- -- if he had been heard nude Gingrich keep plants open like a hundred or so games approach prisoners are right now as it is he has 32 I just think. It is but -- injuries to be kind of flipped on anything at that you know it shows -- injury prone and it's gonna be concerned going forward. I just think it's got do do what class a this year. And put up -- really this year accuracy and 300 plus for the budget doubles and be regarded news you know one at. What does this say best pure hitters in the lower minors they actually think he has that potential. And in fairness to him you mentioned that he that he didn't start the year in low class a the only high school -- the Red Sox -- starting here in in in full season ball was -- And in bed and you know the team I think probably. Would have been inclined to have to -- start the year in Greenville as well. But for the fact that he had been injured he had been injured coming out of the draft and so he didn't really have a full instructs experienced the previous fall. And in so that's why he ended up I think that they viewed his talents is being sufficient to have him start the year and not in Greenville. But they wanted to allow him to get his legs under him literally. And as well as figuratively before Avaya before they sent him off so little and and she did perform quite well I mean. He was I think older than and Ryan Westmoreland was when he tore up a little few years ago but his numbers were very much comparable to those of Westmoreland when he had such. I regard as a prospect. I had to do exactly right because Cheney to -- has the bat where he could handle low way I think because he had been able to make -- could -- -- the year before. That's why this -- so as a result could be barely played two years in the system. Yet he keeps several tailoring close did that I don't think quote it's that he would do as much. If you're talking about a guy who was nineteen last year. Went slow way and a batting average is WA 240 said and they. -- although the batting averages and supported on base percentage and -- 362 on base percentage Goobuntu walks. Actually slowed force 64 at fourteen dollars 106 games and I think it means that for the rest cycle that is make it could be gateways. -- -- it is -- by -- last you broke his jaw. They came back after missing just ten days and actually you know restated numbers in the second half of the season. You know after he got hit so yeah I think there's a guy who you gonna last keeps system would really jumped out the -- could really really hit. You have guys and -- was a third rounder in 2010 into Kenya fourth round herself. You know that was an instance in which the Red Sox where. Were able to flex their muscle before the news CBS it's a cold and you know I think -- they probably as much as any as much as any organization bemoaned. Some of those some of those new limitations on the ability to. Decimate slots slot recommendations. It's totally and like I said before I did it seems it outspent the Red Sox in the draft in the pirates and nationals in the royals. And unbeatable that's -- a -- -- so high in the draft in the -- -- -- given eight million dollars for the first round pick like the pirates did. Or you know are simply two million dollar major plea deal there -- topic like the nationals did. But I think I never can actually calculated that you actually looked. You know based on where the teams were picking and what the slots were I think the Red Sox world word as aggressive as anybody in the old system now. Anyone have extra extricate some money to play with this year effort into takes a lot jobs and apple. A company back they can have written it do you think the EPA. Potentially. You know hurt them as much as anybody when it comes to the drastic is that some lesser teams still can we kick it high enough to where. Double have my understanding you know the Red Sox and especially if there's a year over the respects our prime freeagent. But the Red Sox may be given you -- draft allotment of around four and a half million dollars in which is less and that's what they've been spending most years. We -- getting back to something that you -- raised earlier you talked about how a year from now or so. The Red Sox farm system could look very different image than it does right now. In that plays into an interest in question so last last season some teams didn't think the Red Sox had the high end talent. To make deals of the trade deadline for instance they were you know they were kind of outside of where the giants were in terms of making -- for Beltran because. They're -- because the Mets liked Zach Wheeler which is understandable. -- in that was that held true for some other potential deals that the Red Sox were exploring but they're just wasn't traction because. You know their their prospects for the highest and talent were necessarily attractive enough in some instances. How do you think the Red Sox farm system will be viewed by the middle of this season in particular trip heading into the trade deadline and then again next offseason. I think they'll be better position because you know last year they did they fired other bullets got -- during Gonzales and they really have that. You know maybe even had they want it to -- Mexican simply be named later in the eight -- if he -- he'd been tearing it out. Yeah you couldn't treat him right -- they wake you need to wait till a year after he signed the I can't think. Yeah I think a lot of countries China trades. You know it's safe to big time guy into the guided into the cornerstone prospect going the other way and deal. They -- like trading potential superstar. For a guy -- label you wanna kind double layer up and I do think. But I think -- artistic type potential superstar potential I think -- got some -- that potential. I think I really think we're not -- elected today to meet more of a number two or three -- he's going to be bad that classic number one starter. By dictate where I was gonna pitch very well double -- this year. And that's gonna make him attractive I think the fact middle Brooke propriety AAA this year and performing in a bill Brooks to me is more of I -- addicted player. The media. Seems like Georgia dependable cars I think -- per person the better chances of maybe being all star in the little Brooks. -- -- the better chances -- solid regular easy Fisher's thing. And the brits say that -- pretty good player but you know what when -- and AAA if Celebrex is -- to project is. A 270 Gator which 125 homers the defense its third if you get that done in Tripoli that makes it more attractive to use I think. If the Red Sox have you know one of the youngest art systems -- what the other top thirty's in that. I can't the higher proportion of their guys in any ball below they try have a higher number of key leaders of most top thirties. And these guys will be -- -- -- further advanced -- makes them much more attractive. What of the names they've -- the kind of stunned me I thought that the most interesting name on your top thirty list. But as I was at number twenty and that was Kyle's troop who was the last person taken. In the in the 2009 draft in died he was signed for -- 150000 dollars and I remember thinking. When he signs and -- me and I heard that the Red Sox had paid a 150 grand for. The last pick in the draft I was like well that's interesting in and into a pretty fascinating commentary on a team. Taking all of it's picks very very seriously in a draft but. That said he'd really didn't have much prospect standing entry he had. Virtually no prospect standing entering last year. But lo and behold. He got healthy he got the great shape and he developed a low to mid ninety's fastball and a pretty good changeup that he was getting swings and misses with with the possibility of a breaking ball so. He ended up crashing your list but even so. Before that was came out I did not expect seek -- -- in the top thirty for you was was stripped the biggest surprise Maine who leaned on your top thirty. Maybe the -- mean I'd I'd feel a little bit about that time I'm based in Illinois he's normally kids. -- a little bit about it and I really navigate year we have access to deal. Think we get this book to. It it's not like we just gay and you know there's not a -- we just start like -- it's October's time to start period up prospects mean boo -- or we do during the year. We generate reports on guys during the mileage -- it's positive report on and on and the guy who maybe a little bit bigger surprise. -- me then that he was. We will look at -- -- -- I'll admit I didn't know what it's saying and I have a pride butchering his name is it hectare hiker in the. I've been told how -- hacker. I can and -- And he sees it I did nothing about again. -- he's got twenty year -- -- guy who'd been hurt. You know you mean it is it like 223 people. Had never come up in conversations. -- did that three previous times he'd been eligible for the list. I'll make it with his numbers outside this -- sixteen did it in Carolina late last year. It was solid but not spectacular -- He is innocent thing it in Portland bit. If you've got you know much about he's he's a little or guy about 59160. Bit you know quick -- line drive contact. Think if you great amount meaning realistically -- prime or utility man -- a big league regular but I think -- -- legitimately. It could prospect he told Emeka he's got the tool to play all three positions it's -- Alex and utility men -- They don't have the arms when you played in the shortest third which really stretched out can he can do that in any -- -- second base I don't see him. It's taken Pedroia double layered or are pushing in Nash on oil level it back is going to be need to build again I you know lead to three years down the line he's really intriguing and and I and I honestly have never heard him before it started working on the list as well. Yeah his his performance this year I think was just kind of startling into it was a little bit available from the blue because I'm I have certainly heard of him but down but not to the point where would have I considered him anything. Really that you know anything that promising up until. He he just kept playing any attempts you know he can performing better as he was moving up levels last year by virtue of kind of you know shuffling around in the organization and that sort of thing. And you know he he had been okay -- Greenville but that really played exceptionally. In in Salem and then you know really held his own in even in double -- and it was just kind of a that that's not usually those aren't usually leads that that that a kid with no profile. I'm inches as young as him -- -- can make over the course when you're so yeah I -- there were some really interesting names at the back of your top thirty. You know guys with some people maybe aren't as familiar but. Him in media a catcher like Christian Vazquez who's you know a few years into his professional career no one's talked about a knowing he was never part of the conversation. About the Red Sox catcher of the future -- he probably won't be because they have some pretty interesting catcher prospects. And die with Lavar and -- close -- heart but he's a guy who. Gets raves for the work he does defensively from his pitching staff and to also showed some interest in power while music Greenville this year so yeah there there -- some I always enjoy seeing. As as you pointed out some of those guys the back of the top thirty can be fascinating. You had Freddie seeing guys like Freddy Sanchez there in the past and they went on to really important in good careers. Thank Nicholas was number 29 on my list is predate the UT -- -- -- -- latest typically a spot where -- putting. You're young guys to you have a high ceiling we have a good feeling about or in some cases he weird about like Anderson earlier Easter story and 128. Kind of you know okay -- it -- one more chance before we drop them off the list at this thing. You know like Oscar Decatur and -- it's been -- I doubt for the bottom of the list this year to hold the other dot back this year that it is orders that I -- saint with the top ten. It gets uploaded even if you have a bad -- system. If there's always choice it's probably a dual listed and I know whatever I do lists whether he would get sister -- system my wallet agonizing over. Could I know. Glad -- -- here he denies it lineup put on here you like Dick how Lyle and trade disasters happened it too late to -- good bit. What would -- out like it was to happen like weaker earlier concluded that you know not a guy on the list not gonna like how -- they just do we give me a chance to put another catalyst like. You know I like that -- Celestine -- for instance I I went back and forth in just barely left the mosque in. And we'll see you guys still like Jimmy hazel baker a little bit. In the last year's. Let's put an intriguing data last year's list. Game he going to the list after the dating Gonzales trade in any return almost obviously it was one Carlos Linares statement. Still feel like I have ever real feel for MTV played so briefly in the US -- And really you know kind of opened eyes about hot couple weeks stretch and there's an -- bit. You have but I believe -- I'll let you know reform Carla Suarez and you want to be a thing -- -- toasty don't want to be in any thing. Police in their god dealership does it push you put that on the list of. Yeah I was actually going to give you that opportunity by asking well you're number 31 name BI and the prospect handbook supplement was I was Cody to -- Bruce's seventh rounder they took last year and -- for. You know aside for a pretty pretty solid bonus but dot -- with with miles head it was number fourteen having been traded. While -- number 22 is out role Balkan terra. Who is at number 27 their outsell. So the three who you would have been able to sweep then had those trades happen in time for the handbook where do. OK okay a couple of than the next guy who like him and in exec I always joke with the Red Sox when I'm winning -- can we talked to Red Sox twelve to talk to other teams to about these players that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We added that there are so aggressive in the trap they always bring in about -- -- guy in the last year they had extra -- Edited bring you need -- can guide you wanna put on the top thirty list but -- -- do that every year he can't -- everybody could cut. -- left off the list with a little reluctant but you know -- project doubled and and then realizing his potential right now if she basically a blank -- lefty with a really get on this still figuring things out. -- that's it has to it to be you know very very good it would enable this for sure. I would facility stayed on the list he's a hard throwing righthander. -- starters you reliever in the long run the actually it's actually -- and -- you have to have a cannot technically input Celestine on the list and on the hand that. You know is very close I would put it on a list and you don't I don't know of the number thirty would've been able to that hazel baker writes. I don't think he has the high ceiling of some of these other guys out by deep thinking he's pretty interesting guy you know. The guy is not the highest ceiling guide but he -- I'm sure it topped the Red Sox about it in any tiny comes up. The red -- telling this guy's gonna pitch in the big leagues it might be quicker than you think. Is Chris Hernandez threw out that he might only -- a lefty reliever -- eight DH atomic Chris Hernandez was pitched in the big leagues. And at the end of this season. I can see that alien a lefty relief role and yes -- you -- forgot you if you -- forgotten it might make an impact this year you know but not actually be a long -- star. And you might have been hit but it but there's talk I don't know -- -- nears it got a great changeup that -- about a Miller's kind of -- -- that's right handed pitcher to get the job done. You know -- did you could go on and on and on -- -- for last year's draft is an interesting guy. You know mention Juan Carlos Linares solitary Ramos and Kendrick Perkins -- or you just can't can't squeeze them all it. So we've talked a lot. Because that's where the strength of the system is about to lower level guys I suppose it's worth asking who do you think that -- three guys are. In the farm system who are most likely to make -- meaningful impact of the Major League level this year. Well have a lot of you know that they can mitigate is that -- -- -- -- it -- because it. It would come up before the deal must account this country towards a world renowned too. You know -- the Red -- you know it was like beat the Yankees European affiliate did you start a lot of opportunities in. If you get up to me you don't -- right away again they're not gonna keep -- lot of rope and I can't think. The guy he's most equipped to help them this year is well far -- so well -- You know I LB honesty what -- side kill shot they can be used cars got try to rank because ten K that's his question to out just people. About little -- can catch on a regular basis in the big week let's say under intent 120 games a year. And -- get the answer always improve so much it's like why don't interest so much -- -- on a regular basis the fact they want out and traded for -- they can. They want a little bit you know how much the rest actually -- -- to catch on that gonna back up these is right now means he -- unbelievable improvements mean for a guy who. Who -- profiling and it was basically given a chance to catch you got a chance I just. That he's tough guy get a feel for the it would have been shop exciting I don't -- you're gonna -- area third catcher back to first base and back at DH but I think he's. The most equipped I think Alex Wilson. Hoop like a lot of Red Sox pitching prospect CP. I think he's got enough -- to start. But I think I had a feeling -- get I think -- metallic may be a little bit more suited for the bullpen you know had a very good like -- last year. And I think that's where it's perceptive and -- -- side I think our tools as a guy. Who can help on this season. And I don't know if they haven't gotten who's gonna make -- huge contribution or significant contribution. This year you know means. You have to plot may be paid -- -- -- to -- that the you know not to look at other entity you know at the forefront of pigeons stuffed it is considered important. Depth piece last year and came into account at the came down so. I don't I don't know how much you can count this year and I don't know how much not Kenny gets repeated a perpetual if we knew when he gets to the big. Yeah well he has to pitch really well kind of out of the -- because he's an out of options guy now and so. -- that Casey on the I mean we've both -- and immediately want to make any opening day roster that. You know he's spending. They're not they they -- any of them you pick up the reasons and the primaries and missed the playoffs last year. But I just think if you told the rep that I know caught in the last year they're really felt like if we need a starter. He can help us if we need a reliever he can help us any any just do it didn't come to camping great Chapin and never really gotten trapped. Yeah I agree I actually do things that the absence of all of Major League ready pitching depth was a very significant and overlooked issue in terms of the Red Sox problems last year. You know as they did get meaningful meaningful contributions from a guy like Josh -- Who has promoted from their system at a time when Brian Taylor who was basically lost for a year and by the way Taylor's is a guy who has seat. Maybe making a significant impact in the second half even though. He's no longer considered a prospect for your purposes because of his Major League service time in 2010. But nonetheless the Red Sox in a -- and wasn't able to step up into that role -- -- wasn't able to do it. As they had anticipated needs you know Andrew Miller didn't end up being a stabilizing influence after he signed his minor -- deal. By the result of which was that you know. Things fell apart for them in a hurry in September and that was the pitching staff and it was you know but as much as it was the major leaguers who were kind of you know we're kind of falling. And in just you know splattering on the mound it was it was also the fact that they didn't have you know they they didn't have the internal depth. It was ready to step in and take on a meaningful role which is something they've had in the past I mean really remarkable run of guys like Lester and Papelbon. In Buchholz and Masterson and are all coming up in basically you know this few year window that did not continue into 2011. Is -- houses significant shortcoming for them last year. Yeah definitely and it's so exciting that's why I think outlook when he's pressed about schools and what the first -- to -- -- call from pocket. Again Baghdad Egypt's security do as a starter but I can also see amenable tenure not union not Papelbon you know the definitive closer. If for the first time in years. In fact it's skeletal and you know you know day if you told -- to want -- being -- what Daniel Bard was as a rookie -- not quite that dominant that. You look at it throws hard part is sliders better of the Bard's it's predestined plot radicals can make a pretty big impact. Yeah I tend to agree I mean he is kind of interesting to to think about in in terms of a guy whose career path. Is a little bit Papelbon as you know someone who who bounced around between roles he notes at this point in his professional career. Who may you know who may see a debut as may be a spot starter. But who may ultimately graduate to the bullpen and you know someone whose whose personality -- makeup might well fit for that role even though he adapted well to being a starter last year but. Certainly he's kind of at the forefront of the guys who will become more prominent is the season begins less prominent on the top ten -- perhaps which. In some ways is a reflection of both the strength and weakness of the Red Sox system is currently stands. It. Jim this has been great as ever thanks so much for taking the time today just how the Red Sox farm system is shaping up and you know we'll look forward to to doing this again for the for the 2013 handbook but touching base well before then to check in non and on your take on on a number of things Red Sox. I'll enjoy this notes thanks again engine.

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